First, draw your green bean. (I use paint tool sai so)

Then add your colors.(I went ahead and shaded everything else)

Then I add some highlights that go along my aesthetic™

Add some shading with the multiply effect on because I can’t shade any other way-

Blend those hard edges. (I kinda do them randomly but don’t over blend or else it’ll look ugly and rude)

Change the color of your multiplied shading layer with airbrush to keep the color in my aesthetic™ realm. (I hope you didn’t add the layers together lmao)

Then add some basic lighting that is obviously just me being lazy onto the hair. (For blonde hair, just use white. Pls just use white or maybe even a almost white yellow to highlight hair for blondes) Also, make sure this layer is in luminosity.

Great! I’m almost done. Just cut/erase some of the white to make lil spaces in between them and you’re finished with shading!

Now we just color the insides of the lineart and we are good to go. A bonefide awkward teen boy.