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From the start you knew you had no key role in the McCall pack. The only reason they allowed you to tag along during pack meetings was because, you had accidentally found out about the supernatural, they didn’t want you to feel left out, and your brother Scott just so happened to be your brother. If these reasons hadn’t existed you’d never be able to be near them.

You thought about this a lot and it brought down your self esteem quite a bit. Then Theo came around. There was a huge possibility that he had been using you but the Chimera made you feel important. Theo requesting that you join his pack only made you feel even more worth while. Scott had never really asked you to join his pack, it sort of just happened. Theo however genuinely wanted you to be in his, so much that he practically begged you to change sides.

The feeling of being wanted was intoxicating. So much that you betrayed (it was a strong word but technically true) Scott by leaving the McCall pack. Scott was utterly bewildered by your choice. He tried everything in his power to make you change your mind but you stood your ground and stuck with your selection.

“Honestly Scott, I thought you and the others would be happy that I’m leaving. I never belonged in the pack in the first place” You grumbled with a roll of the eyes. You knew what Scott was going to say before he actually did. He was going to insist that your statement was untrue but you didn’t want to waste your time listening to such a lie. “You’re not going to stop me Scott. I’m joining Theo and that’s final”.


We Thought It Was Obvious // Isaac Lahey

Request: Hola. Could you possibly do an Isaac Lahey imagine where none of the pack knows your together but they catch you sleeping in one of his goodies and get suspicious and then they finally find out by catching you kissing or cuddling or something. Sorry if it’s weird. 
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It was one of the mornings where everything had gone wrong.

You couldn’t quite explain how, but you could definitely explain why. It started with you sleeping in past your alarm, and then realizing you only had twenty minutes to get ready. Continuing on, your makeup had taken you longer than normal because you were panicked and you hadn’t had time to make breakfast nor lunch so it seemed you were buying lunch today.

And to top that all off, you’d forgotten that your mother had taken the car this morning, meaning you had literally a minute to text Lydia and hope that she’d pick you up, or you were walking.

The only thing that had gone right was that, luckily, Lydia was more than happy to pick you up.

“Rough morning?”

“You wouldn’t believe it,” you sighed, shutting the car door beside you as you moved to pull on your seat belt. As you did, you continued, “I slept through my alarm, and then I couldn’t, for the life of me, do my eyeliner this morning, ugh, it was just a big mess.”

It was only a moment after you’d finished explaining, did you realize that Lydia had started moving the car yet.

With furrowed brows, you turned your head slightly, raising your eyes to glance at her only to find her already looking at you. But rather then meeting your eyes, she was looking at your chest. “Um…” You started, increasingly baffled. “Is there something wrong?”


Raising your hand, you waved it in front of Lydia’s eyes. “Hello?”

She blinked, registering and meeting your eyes. “Sorry,” she mumbled, shaking her head as she set her hands on the steering wheel. “Got a bit lost there for a moment.”

“Everything okay?” You questioned, with an eyebrow raised. 

“Yeah,” she said after a moment, slightly hesitant as she nodded her head. “Yeah.”

Once Lydia started driving, everything fell into pattern and before you knew it, the two of you were at school. And with time to spare.

Lydia said she was meeting up with Stiles and Scott before class started, and with a shrug, you said you’d tag along. The two of you talked about basically nothing, just as you had in the car, before the two of you reached Stiles and Scott.

“Good morning,” you greeted with a bright smile, looking up at the two of them.

Stiles and Scott turned to you and Lydia, their lips parted as if to reply, before they paused, much like Lydia had. You glanced down at yourself, pulling at the fabric of your hoodie in confusion.

Was something wrong with it?

“Is something wrong?” You questioned, voice hesitant.

Stiles snapped out of it first, slapping Scott in the chest. “Nope,” he shook his head adamantly. “Nope, not at all.”

Squinting your eye in suspicion, you turned to Scott; “Scott?”

He glanced back and forth between you, Lydia and Stiles before nervously mumbling a; “nope.”

You opened your mouth to reply, still suspicious before a familiar head of light brown hair caught your attention. “I’m just gonna go to my locker…” You explained, still wary, “i’ll see you guys later?”

“Yup,” Stiles grinned.

“See ya!”

With a short nod, you turned, heading off the other way. As you grew closer to your person of target, your lips curved into a bright smile and you practically started skipping along in the hallway, unaware of the eyes that followed you.

“Isaac!” You called, gaining the boys attention.

He turned to you the moment you called his name, his eyes immediately lighting up and his lips curving into a bright smile. “Hey,” he called softly, opening up his arms to which you promptly ran into. Curling your arms around his waist, you squeezed him tightly in response before pulling back.

“I missed you,” you whispered, voice low.

“I missed you too,” he grinned, before his eyes gazed lower. “See you’re wearing my hoodie?”

Glancing down at your attire, you fingered the material. “I fell asleep in it last night and then woke up late. I can take it off-”

“No,” Isaac cut in, shaking his head. “No, you look cute in it.”

With a soft blush, you grinned; “really?”

“Yeah,” Isaac whispered huskily, leaning down. “Really,” just as he finished speaking, he pressed his lips against your own, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you close. You immediately responded, wrapping your arms around his neck with a soft smile against his lips.

Then; “I knew it!”

You jumped, surprised as you turned to the direction of the shout only to find Lydia, Stiles and Scott all standing before you.

Pressing a hand against your chest, you sent them all a glare; “knew what?” 

“That you were dating,” Lydia exclaimed.

Glancing up at Isaac, you furrowed your brows; “we didn’t tell you know?”

“No,” Stiles shook his head, “no, you didn’t.”

“Oh,” Isaac mumbled, shrugging, “we thought we did.”

“What do you mean you thought?” Lydia screeched, turning her eyes on you. “That is some major information I needed to know.”

“Sorry,” you mumbled nonchalantly, “I thought you did.”

“You never even mentioned it,” Scott reminded.

Glancing once more at Isaac, you turned back to your friends with another shrugged. 

“We thought it was obvious.”


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Girls and gay guys what is with us liking the crazy killers

We like him

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And him

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And him

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Then we started to like his “twin”

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And we love him

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And him

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And him

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And him

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You what after looking at this list I understand myself now we all just need these babies

I now have some new ones to add

And him

Okay I can dead happy now


Cody Christian AU: You convince him to answer boyfriend tag questions 

You’re staying at his family’s place for over the weekend and you just come across those questions randomly, thinking that it might be fun to go over them with him. So you end up sitting together in his parents living room, discussing the questions and talking about a lot of things that happened in your relationship. 

Holy shit I didn’t think I’d make another Cody AU even longer than those I already posted, but oh well. Here I am. I hope you enjoy this one still, even if it’s been a while. :) 


So soft🌸

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That smile✨

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I just want to say this……

I love how Thomas

Is still a little cinnamon roll 😻😽

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And how Dylan

Is still a little lady killer 💋

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How Kaya is still

Super sweet 🍬🍭

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How ki Hong is

Still goofy and silly😝😜

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And how Will is

Still captain 😍😘😗

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God I love this cast

Perfect representation for Teen Wolf

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stiles in the car with scott: mcdonals! mcdonalds! mcdonalds!

scott: we have my food at home? why would you even?

stiles, muttering: i hate this family


stiles in the car with lydia: mcdonalds! mcdonalds! mcdonalds!

lydia: [pulls into drive thru]

stiles: [cheering]

lydia: one black coffee please


stiles in the car with liam: mcdonalds! mcdonalds! mcdonalds!

liam: mcdonalds! mcdonalds! mcdonalds!


Cody Christian AU: he confirms your pregnancy in a video

Imagine him putting this in his story 

MASTERLIST (ayyye I finally have one haha)

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Several times we all identified fully with Stiles motherfucking Stilinski

Yeah me too boo, me too…..

You know that thing? That totally ruined my life? Yeah that.

Oh yes can’t possibly forget about those fun things that tend to seep into your life and ruin every part of it it possibly can!

Literally me. To everyone. All the time.

Broken and miserable. Got it.

Anxiety, anxiety and more anxiety, like everyday!

Literally never related to someone more…