teen room

edenziza  asked:

Hiii I want to make my room cozy but idk how. Any suggestions? Max budget is like $30 😬

  • Decorate with neutral shades and patterns - creams, grays, white, and pastels
  • An inviting and comfortable bed is essential. You can find cheap throw pillows and fluffy blankets at your local thrift store
  • Soft, warm lighting - fairy lights
  • Antique items (picture frames, lamps, figureines, etc) give your bedroom a cozy and nostalgic feel
  • You don’t have to spend a lot of money on new decorations. You can repurpose old items 

Some pictures:

Good luck!

themadsovereign  asked:

Suggestions for large, cosy bedrooms

• Warm tones, neutral colors (whites, tans, reds, and oranges)

• Lots of pillows, blankets, throw rugs

• If you have space, a seating area with with comfortable chairs will make things more cozy

• Natural textures (Stone, wood)

• Long, flowy curtains