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The Recruit (Chapter 28) - Mitch Rapp

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “Day 105″

Characters: Mitch Rapp, Stan Hurley, Aiden Breen, Irene Kennedy, Ghost & Reader/OFC

Warnings: Excessive cursing. Stan is pissssssed. Some blood. Yep.

Author’s Note: Thank you so so so much to @dylan-source for allowing me to use the gif of Mitch during his argument with Stan. Your beautiful gifs really help to further bring this story to life.

Summary: The day after Mitch assassinates the arms dealer, Hamdi Sharif, but neglects to capture Ghost or the stolen plutonium, Stan assigns Mitch and Y/n with a new mission in a famous Turkish landmark.

Chapter Twenty-Seven - Chapter Twenty-Eight - Chapter Twenty-Nine 

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She walked into the bathroom with the first aid kit, placed it on the counter, and closed the door behind her. Mitch had taken his cut up and bloody shirt off and thrown it on the tile floor. Blood dripped from his right ribcage and his right eyebrow, and she covered her mouth with her hand at the sight.

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This is more so for me but also looking for blogs to follow so,

TV Shows

• Teen Wolf

• How to Get Away With Murder

• The Fosters

• Riverdale

• also open to suggestions


• Is this usually a category? I’m new to the whole fandom side of Tumblr. I’m lost

• I’m already here so

• Literally any Marvel movie

HOWEVER, i am currently in my emotions for the Captain America trilogy and Sebastian Stan

• that’s it

Oh Bands! Obviously

• Pierce the Veil

• Bring Me the Horizon

• You Me at Six

• Black Veil Brides

• Neck Deep (New to my list)

• also open to suggestions

Um. So, yea. I’ve been Jay.


“You’re not strong just ‘cause you can lift a lot of weight now. You’re strong because you endure.”

-Brett Talbot to Liam Dunbar

Gay Ship Prompts (for the ships in the tags)

I write gay ship Prompts because I suuuuck at writing anything… P.S. most imply angst because I’m a slut for it ……..


Carlie Casey


  • October 16, 1990
  • American actress


  • Mercedes [Big Time Rush]
  • Jessie [Murder in the First]


  • blonde hair
  • medium length/ long hair
  • brown eyes


  • playable: teenager, young adult

Going to make a Fandom list for all of the Fandoms I’m in/am willing to RP in. Just in case anyone’s curious or wants to RP with me in any of these!

  • Teen Wolf
  • American Horror Story
  • Once Upon a Time
  • Disney’s Descendants
  • MTV’s Scream
  • Gotham
  • How to Get Away with Murder
  • Any of the Arrowverse shows (Though, I need to make it clear I am not caught up on any of the shows. I’m like a season and a half behind on all of them more or less, so if you’re fine with a spoiler free RP, I’m totally down.)

I think that’s about it for right now. I’m sure I’ll end up adding some sooner or later and if I do, I’ll just reblog this post and add them in accordingly. Also, I’m likely going to tweak some aspects of Marcus depending on what we’re doing. So, like, in Teen Wolf he’s an Omega, so that might not be in the case in Scream, he might just be a loner boy. Who knows? I don’t mind adding/tweaking things for him to fit in a certain universe.


multicouples grow [TLC]

❝      —–       what  were  you  saying  about  aaron?        that  anuk——         that  he’s  what?     ❞            he  has  been  told  not  to  trust  PEOPLE  LIKE  HIM,        but  after  all  that’s  happened,        after  being  so  sure  that  there  had  to  be  something  else  wrong  with  the  bodies  he  had  hidden,          he  was  curious.      and  beyond  that,      HE  WAS  SCARED.         he  was  beginning  to  realize  there  was  a  lot  more  out  there  than  he  had  expected,        and  he  didn’t  know  what  that  meant  for  him.

                    ↷  @nctafailure.