teen murderers

On August 3, 1962, 16-year-old Dennis Roger Ottoson murdered a neighbor family of five in Brookings, South Dakota. After waiting more than three hours for the Paulson family to return home from a shopping trip, he forced them at gunpoint to lie on the ground as he bound four of their hands with clothesline rope. He took the eldest girl, 13-year-old Karlyn, to an upstairs bedroom where he made her undress before she was also bound. Ottoson went back downstairs and killed couple Hugh and Lorraine, along with their children, nine-year-old Anita and six-year-old Leanne. He then returned upstairs to shoot Karlyn. All of them were executed with a shot to the head. Ottoson confessed to the murders, but he didn’t provide a reason other than, “I just had to do something, that’s all.” When an officer asked why he shot the family after binding them, he responded, “I just couldn’t leave them lying there, tied up like that.” Ottoson was only charged and convicted in the murder of Lorraine Paulson, and he was sentenced to life imprisonment.


Jiří Straka is a Czech serial killer who attacked several women between February 17 and May 16, 1985 in Prague when he was 16-years-old. Three of them were raped and murdered. His first victim died by suffocating on the dirt shoved down her throat, and the others deaths were caused by ligature strangulation. Straka was convicted of three murders, two attempted murders, five rapes, three robberies, and five thefts, but due to his age, the severest sentence he could receive was ten years. After prison, he was institutionalized where he participated in therapy and underwent castration. Straka was released on December 24, 2004.

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On March 16, 2013, 19-year-old Michal Kisiov (top right) murdered a 15-year-old girl with the help of his two friends in Jihlava, Czech Republic. After meeting her at a club, he took Petry Vondrákové to his apartment where he claimed they had consensual sex. Kisiov reported she said she was going to tell the police he raped her, so he grabbed the young girl and pushed her out of his fourth story window. He retrieved her body and carried it back to his apartment before employing the help of 19-year-old Tomáš Zavřel. The girl was still alive, so Kisiov attempted to manually strangle her, but when that didn’t work, they both tightened a computer cable around her neck. Afterwards, Kisiov put on his biker boots and stood on her chest. Jakub Doležal (top left), 18, arrived once she was dead and helped dispose of her body, which they dumped in the garbage can outside Kisiov’s house. Her remains were later found in a landfill. Kisiov and Zavřel were both convicted of her murder and Kisiov was sentenced to 25 years in prison, while Zavřel received 24 years. Doležal was sentenced to four years for his role in the crime.

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