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We remember ‪Mohammed Abu Khdeir‬

During Ramadan last year, Mohammed was abducted outside a mosque in east Jerusalem and taken by car to a forest where he was beaten unconscious with a crowbar and burnt alive by ‎Israeli‬ settlers.

Here is the story

Video shows faces of suspected killers of Palestinian teen (x)

Kidnapped Palestinian teen was burned to death, autopsy shows (x)

Autopsy report shows Mohammed Abu Khdeir was burned to death; reports spread of other possible abductions (x)

Israeli court orders release of Muhammad Abu Khudair murder suspects (x)

And now it’s one year on:

Trial of Abu Khdeir killers ‘a sham’, says family (x)

Class of Palestinian teen burnt alive graduates without him (x)

Mohammed Abu Khdeir: Palestinians urge new new intifada one year on from teen’s brutal murder (x)

Mohammed was burned once. Me and his mother are burning every day. They don’t even burn animals, so how could people burn someone? They have no heart and no conscience.


ENTJs are natural-born leaders. People with this personality type embody the gifts of charisma and confidence, and project authority in a way that draws crowds together behind a common goal. But unlike their Feeling (F) counterpart, ENTJs are characterized by an often ruthless level of rationality, using their drive, determination and sharp minds to achieve whatever end they’ve set for themselves.

Stiles courts Peter by leaving him the heads/corpses of his enemies - Gerard, Kate, those in the Alpha Pack that dared lay even a claw on Peter, even Meredith for violating Peter’s mind and then dumping all the blame on him for the deadpool business.

Of course, Stiles is always careful, always makes sure Peter has a solid alibi before he goes and deals with whoever has harmed Peter enough to deserve Stiles going after them.

And Peter is confused at first, and understandably suspicious (is someone trying to frame him and get him locked up or killed?), but it doesn’t take long for him to realize what all the bodies mean, that they’re courting gifts meant for him of all people, an archaic tradition even amongst werewolves (most go with flowers and other more socially acceptable customs these days, which is ever so boring in Peter’s opinion), to show that the one doing the courting is both willing and able to protect the one being courted, and Peter soon finds himself flattered and pleased by the attention.  Nobody’s ever courted him before.  It’s an exhilarating novelty.

And when other gifts begin appearing on his doorstep - a delicious cajun chicken pasta one time, a drool-worthy coffee and peanut butter chocolate cake another, and - most memorable - the bloody heart of an Alpha, still warm when Peter lifts it out of its rune-covered container with reverent hands - all to show that Peter’s secret admirer can provide for him as well, Peter decides that it’s high time to figure out who is courting him so that he can start returning the favour.

Inevitably, he realizes that it’s Stiles, which is even better.  He’s always been drawn to Stiles, attracted to his loyalty and cunning and sharp biting wit, and Peter is pleasantly surprised and utterly thrilled to find that Stiles is apparently equally drawn to Peter and also has no qualms about courting him the good old-fashioned way.

It’s impossible for Peter not to reciprocate, to show that he too can and will protect and provide for Stiles, that they can be magnificent and terrifying together, and that the fascination and growing affection and the increasingly powerful pull of mineminemine between them are entirely mutual.

Stiles has his own fair share of enemies now, and it’s infuriating how self-absorbed and neglectful people tend to be when it comes to Stiles, so Peter will rip out the throats of Stiles’ enemies and lay their carcasses at his feet, and he’ll care for Stiles so that the boy will never feel lonely or think himself forgotten again.

Peter can’t wait until they can hunt together.  His mate will look beautiful under the moon, drenched in blood and triumph with Peter at his side.

Florida Teen Says Soul Eater Manga, Slenderman Inspired Her to Set Home on Fire
14-year-old girl charged with arson, attempted murder

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So now it’s the manga’s fault that these kids/teenagers are fucking killing their friends and family now?

Inspired to trying to ruin other people’s lives because of a novel?…

I watched Higurashi during my depressing bullying middle school days and I never once attempted to try the shit that these idiots are doing now!

First Slenderman, now Soul Eater? SOUL EATER?! You got to be fucking kidding me!

No, kid, it wasn’t the fiction that fucked you up, you were already fucked up in the first place!

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Shows like Sense8 and How To Get Away With Murder have pansexual orgies and guys rimming each other every other episode and Jeff Davis wants us to worship him because he created a show where where homophobia doesn’t exist, which is pretty easy to do when there aren’t any gay characters to begin with.


Lucedale, Mississippi - On June 2nd, 2015, the body of Christopher Wilkins, 17, was found buried in a section of woods in the Rocky Creek community. Police had been called and were told that they could find the body of someone who had been killed and buried there. Bobby James Vallum, had been told by his son, Josh Brandon Vallum, 28, that he had killed someone and buried them. Bobby Vallum and 4 deputies searched the area the next morning. After about an hour, they found the decomposing remains.

 DNA from the body, and blood samples from family members, were how a positive identification was made. Christopher Wilkins was a transgender teen, who went by the name of Mercedes Williamson. Mercedes had been picked up by a guy that day to go to the bay. People saw her get into a silver car, but nobody knew who the car belonged to. 

Josh Brandon Vallum is currently being held on $1 million bond and being charged with murder. He is a convicted felon who is tied to the Latin Kings street gang. He had been sentenced to 8 years in prison on a previous charge in 2011. He was paroled in May 2014, that parole has been revoked because of the new charge against him. 

There has been no motive released yet in the case. Family and friends say that Mercedes was a very friendly person, and she loved to go swimming, hang out with her friends, and enjoy the outdoors. She will be missed.

Killer reveals he murdered teen mum and fed the flesh to her baby

A cannibalistic killer has spoken of the moment he sliced a teenage mother to death in front of her child and then fed bits of the flesh to the tot.

Jorge Beltrao Negromonte said he could only remember blood spurting from the neck of Jessica da Silva as he savagely murdered her after the 17-year-old told him she wanted to leave his house with her 18-month-old daughter and go home to her family.

Negromonte and his wife Isabel Cristina Pires, and mistress Bruna Cristina da Silva had lured the 17-year-old homeless girl to their home.

Speaking of the moment he killed Jessica, Negromonte told the Mail Online she had told him she wanted to leave, but he was having a mental health episode, having been convinced by his mistress to stop.

He said: “After that I only remember flashes. Blood spurting from her neck, her lifeless body in the bathroom, then her in pieces on the bathroom floor.”

He woke up the following day and the house was clean, with tragic Jessica’s body stripped of flesh - which had been stored in the freezer - and the bones buried in the back garden.

Negromonte also claimed to have been inspired to kill by a book about satanic rituals and revealed he considered human flesh to taste like beef.

The killer was jailed last year along with his wife and mistress for murdering three young women, skinning their bodies and eating the flesh.

“Cabin in The Woods really doesn’t get enough recognition. It’s possibly one of the best horror films to be released in the past few years, but people hate it, ‘cause they just don’t understand it. It’s more than just a bunch of teens getting brutually murdered by supernatural creatures, y’know.”