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Thoughts on star dust

People say we’re all star dust, I guess that that’s true,
But what does that mean, for me or for you?

Elements that aren’t helium, come near the end.
A star’s dying gasp, fusion’s last trickle,
Before it implodes under gravity’s hand,
Makes everything else, from lead to nickle.

People say we’re all star dust, I guess that that’s true,
But what does that mean, for me or for you?

We are all made from death, that’s what it tells me,
As we look in the sky for an answer.
All things are decay, from the land to the sea,
And if stars could think I am sure they’d agree.
Though in cosmic terms we’d just be a blur.

People say we’re all star dust, I guess that that’s true,
We’re products of entropy, no more or less.
But what does that mean, for me or for you?
Though it seems so true, is this thought for the best? 

What is your description of love?

Lately I’ve been thinking what it means to me and while I’ve looked on the blogs of couples, it has come to me that everyone has a different perspective on what it really is. I’d really like to hear your input into it and even share stories of when you felt the most loved by someone.

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1. TheSecretNinja337 has been uploading all KINDS of full AFI shows from like 1994-2006 (mostly late 90s-ish) lately so if you’re not subscribed to that channel do yourself a favour it’s fantastic.

2. As a Canadian with very strong (yet oddly mixed) feelings on bilingualism I love the slightly patronizing way American bands will bust out basic French phrases when they’re in Quebec. Most will leave it at “merci beaucoup” after a song but I am LIVING for “Bon soir, nous sommes AFI.”

I FINISHED TEEN WOLF. IM SO SAD. THIS SHOW MEANT SO MUCH TO ME GOING THROUGH HIGH SCHOOL. I USED TO DAYDREAM ABOUT ALL THE SCENARIOS THAT COULD HAPPEN IN THIS SHOW. I PUT SO MUCH TIME & LOVE INTO THIS SHOW & NOW ITS OFFICIALLY OVER. Thank you to all the people who followed me because of this show. I’m really going to miss talking about this show & discussing theories & being part of networks involving this show.

this is probably gonna sound stupid but teen wolf’s end really hit me because when i started watching it, i was 16, and now i’m 22 and it’s like… that’s it. my teenage years are officially over. i mean, of course they’ve been over for a while now, but i feel like it has only hit me today, with the end of a show i carried in my heart throughout high school, throughout my undergrad years. despite the fact that i didn’t like 6b, it’s such a weird and sad feeling to let go of this show that was such a big part of my life for the past 6 years, to let go of these characters that i’ve grown attached to, to let go of the thrill and the excitment when new seasons were about to air. i guess it’s harder to say goodbye to a show when you’re also saying goodbye to an old version of yourself

So I brought this little plush toy to theatre today because it had been kind of a hard day and I didn’t mean for anyone to see but when they did, the whole class rushed over, saying how cute it was, and then they found out that I hadn’t named it yet and were trying to help me pick a name, so a girl named Izzy who I don’t usually talk to but who’s really nice leaned in next to me and said, really gently,

“Is it a girl? Is it a boy? Gender fluid? Gender neutral?” And I feel like she was sort of suspicious of my gender because of the way I dress and how I’ve had my hair, if she knew that much about gender identities, but she was being so nice and so subtle about it, and I whispered just to her “trans boy” and she nodded, and that’s the story of how I sort of came out to my first person today.

We named the plushie Ty.