Put down the pitchforks for just a moment and let's talk about this

I read E! Online’s article about the Teen Choice awards last night before bed. As a 30 year old, I sort of got its intention, but it didn’t make me laugh at all. There were a lot of names and faces I didn’t know at the Teen Choice awards, sure. I understood that the author was intending to mock herself for being old. But it didn’t work out that way. 

I believe she intended irony, but what was conveyed was vitriol. Why? 

Well, if you ask the author, it’s because America needs a master class in sarcasm:

Oh good job! It’s a great idea to insult your audience! That goes really well for everyone who does it.
^^^this is sarcasm

Look, the article was a swing and a miss. Poorly used sarcasm that was not self-deprecating enough to be read as such. I could go into more detail about this but I hate to spend that much time breaking down the finer points of a buzzfeed style listicle.

It was badly used sarcasm aimed at a audience I can’t identify. 

That, I can actually forgive.

What happened next, however, was just plain stupid.

Now, many are writing this off to say that E! used the wrong meme and intended to insult Grace. I myself thought so and posted a tweet to mock this one in her defense.

But I actually think they were using the meme they meant to use… they are just idiots.

This tweet was intended to mean “Hey guys, our article was sarcastic. Of course we know who YouTubers are, we gave one her own show.”

It’s just used very stupidly. It’s just so easy to take it the wrong way. Who in the world thought this was a good idea????

AND THEN! As if that wasn’t moronic enough of a move, they throw shade Tyler Oakley?!?!? [the tweet was deleted, likely because they realized it was stupid and are hopefully working to clean it up - but they posted a photo of Tyler with the Straight Outta Compton logo, changed to “Straight No Chill” for defending YouTubers that E! Mentioned in the article]

No no no no no, E!!

The time for passive point-making was over before the stupid article came out. Drop the sarcasm and would-be cleverness and explain yourselves. Use normal words. Stop trying to talk to us like you know us. We’re pissed over here. Calm us down. Assure us you didn’t mean harm, though you caused it.

Do not call us idiots who have no chill.

We have no chill because of your ill-advised use of sarcasm, which, again… was intended for what audience exactly? It feels like you’re having a bit of an identity crisis. Or not. I don’t know! I keep trying to make sense of it, but I have nothing of substance to go on because you’ve only used sarcasm in response to people not getting your sarcasm!



Until then, you just have a lot of people pissed off at you and very upset.

You are wasting people’s time and energy.

Please clean this up immediately. 

And apologize to Grace for dragging her into your stupidity. Now.

Ok, back to your Pitchforks, everyone. Just want you to be wielding them for the right reasons :)


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