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can you dissect shumdario behaviour in that 'the rock video' please? i love your body language analysis! thanks :D

Hoooh boy. So much energy!

Harry’s eyes are on Matt as he suggests the Rock as his dream celebrity president, and his eyes shift back to Matt five times to gauge his reaction as he explains further. He’s looking for approval in a way I have not seen him do before and he’s also inviting Matt to tag in.

His body language is open and casual, chest turned to the interviewer to give her his full attention, but when he speaks directly to Matt, he turns his chest completely toward him.

As for Matt, upon brushing through his hair, he places his hands back to his sides on the outside of Harry’s body as not to interrupt or cut through the space between them. This shows a respect for their space and their combined energy. Not only does he agree with Harry’s choice but compliments the choice. He sways back and forth easily and comfortably, watches Harry’s face with an absentminded smile as he listens, and turns his entire body to Harry when he speaks with him, almost cutting the interviewer completely out of the exchange. Matt and Harry are also brushing elbows.

This is what adoration looks like:

Interestingly, Harry touches Matt’s chest with the back of his hand and Matt watches his face without a word (the interviewer is no longer there in his mind), but his eyes are leaping up and down between Harry’s eyes and mouth. I’ve noticed Matt doing this on several occasions which for him is usually a sign of intent listening. Matt focuses on the eyes when he holds a conversation, which is fairly intimate and shows he is someone who is genuinely interested in what people have to say. He knows Harry is directing a question at him, and in looking at Harry’s mouth, he is concentrating on what that question is, while trying to genuinely listen and show he is listening at the same time. Exhausting! But this is what he does with Harry.

Once they have both grabbed onto the answer of the Rock’s wrestling slogan, Harry is mainly conversing with the interviewer at this point while turning back and forth to Matt to keep him included. Hilariously, Matt takes a step closer to Harry and butts up against him arm to arm as he answers the interviewer. This in itself is telling the interviewer ‘Harry’s mine. He’s on my team. We’re a team, see?’ 

Look at it:

You can watch this entire exchange for yourself here.

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Your Shumdario body language analysis is my reason for being. Any change of getting your take on their interactions when answering the question about their go-to karioke (spelling? I have no idea how to spell that word!) song?

Well, well. 

Matt has a habit of clamming up when singing is involved, so seeing him immediately panic (above) because he couldn’t think of a go-to karaoke choice was natural. He held himself a little ways off and looked to Harry as Harry spoke, licking his lips, which was a subconscious case of dry-mouth nerves, while shifting his attention back and forth between Harry and the interviewer and quickly stating he didn’t have one. This could be observed as a ‘I don’t do singing, please let me pass’ response, getting in with a nil answer before the spotlight hits. Boy, he really does not enjoy the idea of singing publicly.

Matt was suddenly very happy and relaxed, pressure back off, as Harry sang along to his song of choice - Jefferson Starship’s ‘Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now’ - and took the spotlight. He figured out Harry was singing a different song to the one he was clearly thinking of and concentrated on his singing by watching his mouth like he tends to do, and Harry turned to him and kept going until Matt cut him off and suggested his pick - ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ by Queen - to which Harry immediately gave Matt his attention and then approved the song choice (and Matt looked to him for approval). Considering he didn’t have a song pick earlier, Harry’s choice obviously inspired him in finding one. It’s just a little bit cute. Either way, I approve of both song choices. Nice.

Matt reading Harry’s lips as he sings:

Matt looks for Harry’s response, while Harry approves Matt’s song choice:

Matt didn’t take his eyes off of Harry until he responded to the interviewer’s subtle attempt to get him to sing and he shifted his torso heart-to-Harry, right shoulder moving in like a blockade as he sassed the interviewer, to which Harry immediately laughed, amused. With the spotlight back on him (in a way he could now handle) Matt shifted closer to Harry until their arms brushed, presenting himself (as he did in a previous occasion on the same day) to the interviewer as a part of Team Matt&Harry, not as Matthew Daddario, open target for song questions.

Harry laughing openly at Matt’s sassy shutdown:

Team Matt&Harry, once again a united front:

See this interaction for yourself here.


I won’t be forgetting this any time soon. Brilliant powerful, uplifting and something to believe in.

This Day in 1D History - August 11


  • Louis and Eleanor cheer on Men’s Diving at the Olympics 


  • the boys perform BSE and accept Choice Group, Choice Love Song (Little Things), Choice Summer Tour, and Choice Single-Group (LWWY) at the Teen Choice Awards!
  • and he hasn’t since 


  • “everybody eats”
  • Where We Are Tour concert – Washington DC, USA