Celebs Play ‘Finish the Lyrics’ at the Teen Choice Awards 

I got Austin Mahone, Beau MirchoffJack and Jack and more young stars to play “Finish the Lyrics” with this summer’s hottest songs, like “Bad Blood” by taylorswift​, on the Teen Choice Awards blue carpet for Cambio. And it was SO. MUCH. FUN. 

I also got these celebs to show me their go-to dance moves and even their fave emoji faces. Check it out in the video above. 


austin and ally spoilers that i have found on  instagram and Why didn’t they take pictures together!? meaning Ross and Laura  @lauramarano @rossR5 - http://iconosquare.com/p/1066299064279579091_1401703533#sthash.BCuYvzKr.dpuf … sing you all know Ross confirmed his relationship that he is dating Courtney Eaton and posted of them making out this picture the one with raura was during the Teen choice Awards and they  didn’t take any pictures together!? except the one that maia mitchell’s friend jill posted one with everyone in the picture and yeah rocky was in it as well 

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What did Brett say?

I’m on mobile now (having epic laptop problems rn) so I can’t link the interview (hit lastcenturykindagirl for it) but it’s what you expect from Brett plus some new grossness. Another attempt at romanticizing the noncon relationship between Ward and Agent 33, weird implications that Coulson-Skye is problematic by comparison, some fresh Coulson hate by suggesting what he does is similar to what Ward does (???? also wow does Brett read every post by the SWWers or what? his attempts at villifying Coulson are eerily familiar). What is new for me is how he dismisses, makes light and justifies Bobbi’s torture. A whole spectrum of Teens Choice Award Winner grossness.

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Am I the only one worried that Jesse/treblemakers won't even be in pp3? I've only seen the ladies confirmed to be returning.

They haven’t announced the full cast yet. I’m sure Kay Cannon will find a way to get at least Jesse, Benji, and Bumper back, maybe not the whole group of Treblemakers. I would be really sad if the whole group didn’t come back, I’d love to get a background on the new Trebles. Plus, their voices are just amazing together :-)

A lot of the cast wasn’t confirmed until a few weeks before even filming. It would be really stupid if KC didn’t include them in the script… Skylar just proved how much the fans value him with his Teen Choice Award win. And it would be unfair to the actors themselves for already investing years in the franchise. Having them drop off the face of the PP universe would be unwise and disrespectful, unless they actually have other plans (like how Banks might be too busy to direct PP3). 

One last thing about CW’s announcement of TCA awards

I can only gleefully imagine the arduous decisive process on this one.

CW: [posts a random, congratulatory photo of Jared]

Meanwhile, in the writers room: 

[heterosexual alert wailing in the distance]

“Jeremy, it’s been a whole hour already since we congratulated Jared, we have to respond to the… other one.”

“For bro’s sake, Robert, we’re trying! But every single shot of these two is just, y’know.”

“Pretty gay?”


“What about season 4? They’ve just met, it can’t be too bad.”

“Oh, it’s bad, Bob. It’s so bad. It had been before we realised the danger. They’re like animals. It’s disgusting.”

“What about season 7? Cas can’t even remember who Dean is and then he’s insane, right?”

“Oh Bob.”


“I’d rather have you, cursed or not” is not exactly the epitome of straightness. Don’t even get me started on the Emmanuel fiasco, I told you, we should have let Eugenie and Brad handle this one. Maybe then we’d have some shots of Cas snogging Daphne.“

"And have Jensen watch it all with an even more crestfallen look?”

“Oh. Right.”

[angry heterosexual fuming]

“Maybe we should use the one from the burger da… meeting. Or something from Brokeba- from Purgatory. Or, you know, anything from season 8. They seem pretty straight to me.”

“You know what, Mysterious Intern That Should in No Way Have Right to Be at This Meeting, maybe you’re righ-”

“HAVE YOU COMPLETELY LOST YOUR MI- whatever. I give up. Just… crop them or something. No one will notice.”

"Yeah. That’ll do.”

Nuts/Trends 2016: Things you can believe in.

  • P&G Champs 2015, clash of the bendiest.
  • Civil rights leader Julian Bond passed away at 75.
  • Teen Choice Awards, the angsty grownup Kids’ Choice Awards that stays up late texting.
  • A bomb in the center of Bangkok killed 20 and injured hundreds.
  • Australia, the closest thing on earth to Jurassic Park.
  • Birds and, separately, bees. Really. Same day, too.
  • Studyblr, happy as clams to be going back to school.
  • Deez Nuts will lead us to the shining city on a hill.
  • Lots of soccer stuff: USWNT’s been down in Costa Rica. Sergio Ramos is sticking with Real Madrid.
  • The D23 Disney Fan Club elected Baloo to a third four-year term as Chairbear.  
  • K-pop is always big: gdragon and snsd this week.
  • In The Martian Matt Damon pretends there are none. Sure, nasa. Sure.
  • And Big Brother—he’s just so big!

Some fancy new Tumblrs, too:

  • Letters to President Obama (letterstopresidentobama): Signed, sealed, scanned, irradiated, opened by an aide, delivered, and posted here. 
  • Magic Wand Art History (magicwandarthistory): Sore necks throughout history.
  • Gecko Galaxy (geckogalaxy): Now on it’s fourth tail. 

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Who’s moving and who’s shaking, this is…

Television: Same list as last week, just a little jumbled up.

⬆ Teens chose the Teen Choice Awards to move up 13 spots to No. 7.

Sherlock fans are sleuthing for clues about the next season so it’s back at No. 19.

⬇︎ And it’s a bear market for We Bare Bears (No. 14).

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Movies: Several dazzling plunges in Movies this week, but you know it’s all CGI.

Thor (No. 10) gets some help from…

The Avengers, which returned to the list at No. 1

⬇︎ Beauty and the Beast (No. 20) is on the verge of no longer being our guest.

⬇︎ Boruto: Naruto: kaput-o?

Music: You’ll have to wait a week for the 1D fallout. For now:

Halsey, a perennial Tumblr fav, moved up four spots to No. 4—her best score yet.

Tell Your Friends that The Weeknd (No. 17) is back for the first time since June.

⬆ And Little Mix (No. 10) got a little love for a spot in the top 10.

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Misha Collins had a run-in with ruffians outside MinnCon but powered through for a spot at No.4.

Robert Downey Jr. (No. 13) showed up out of the blue asking for money—the last time we saw him was in May.

Video games: Tumblr likes what it likes, and it likes the top five right where they are.

Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 4 just came out, and the original series crossed into Fandometrics territory at No. 20

Web stuff:

Troye Sivan paints the neighborhood blue in his mysterious new film project.

☆ The bad boys of a cappella, Pentatonix, scale their way into Fandometrics with a cover of OMI’s Cheerleader.

⬇︎ Hannah Hart drops to No. 18, but this feels like a temporary setback rather than a trend.