teen woof

okay but like when i was talking to my friend abt teen wolf gender/sexuality headcanons we p much agreed jackson was cis, but also i wanted a headcanon for everyone bc let’s be real all ur faves are trans and i just…

trans boy jackson :’)

trans boy jackson who comes from money and is able to present how he wants from a young age

trans boy jackson who always feels like he has something to prove, like he has to be the best

trans boy jackson who throws himself into typically “masculine” activities because he wants to make his dad happy

trans boy jackson who is nervous about coming out to Lydia not because of what she might think but because he’s so, so into her and he doesn’t want to fuck that up

trans boy jackson finding out lydia is a trans girl and finally feeling like he has someone to relate to even though it’s different for both of them

trans boy jackson figuring things out about his privilege and realizing that not everyone is as fortunate as he is, so he gets the school to start a clothing exchange

trans boy jackson being fiercely protective of his lgbtq+ friends because he knows no one is going to fuck with him

trans boy jackson (✿◠‿◠)

okay tbh i get stydia month in a sense bc u guys have like….barely any fanfic at all, like close to stisaac or stackson in amount of fic which is ridiculous compared to the size of your fandom, but almost everything i’ve seen is gifsets and photosets? which tbh there is already enough of, especially stydia-wise, and its really frustrating as a non-stydia shipper because stydia is one of the biggest ships in the fandom and like you guys are getting that all over my dash for a MONTH with none of the content you ‘need’ and more of the content you already have

EDIT: to whom it may concern- 1) the question was why is it focused on gifs/photosets when there’s a lack in fic 2) this wasn’t intended as hate and idk how you see it as hate 3) someone answered my question politely and without malice, thanks

thanks stydia fandom for screaming at me and drawing out the drama, luv u guys 😘😘