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Character aesthetic ➤ Malia Tate/Hale.

  “Try to remember I’m a werecoyote that murdered her own family. I won’t judge. I promise.“ 

okay but like when i was talking to my friend abt teen wolf gender/sexuality headcanons we p much agreed jackson was cis, but also i wanted a headcanon for everyone bc let’s be real all ur faves are trans and i just…

trans boy jackson :’)

trans boy jackson who comes from money and is able to present how he wants from a young age

trans boy jackson who always feels like he has something to prove, like he has to be the best

trans boy jackson who throws himself into typically “masculine” activities because he wants to make his dad happy

trans boy jackson who is nervous about coming out to Lydia not because of what she might think but because he’s so, so into her and he doesn’t want to fuck that up

trans boy jackson finding out lydia is a trans girl and finally feeling like he has someone to relate to even though it’s different for both of them

trans boy jackson figuring things out about his privilege and realizing that not everyone is as fortunate as he is, so he gets the school to start a clothing exchange

trans boy jackson being fiercely protective of his lgbtq+ friends because he knows no one is going to fuck with him

trans boy jackson (✿◠‿◠)

Scott imagine *requested alpha pack hurts you and scott has to turn you*

Me and Scott were on a date at the movie theatre. We saw a horror movie, it was possibly the scariest thing I’ve ever watched. Scott picked the movie and I was grabbing onto his arm the whole entire movie. Finally the movie ended and we were walking out of the movie theatre. “Scott you are never ever picking the movie again!” I said still freaked out. “Relax y/n it was just a movie.” Scott laughed. “Yeah that’s what the guy always says before they die,” I mumbled. Scott heard that with his wolf hearing and chuckled. He drove me home on his green motorcycle. I’ve gotten used to riding the motorcycle, my first ride I was quite worried. Scott kissed me and he left. I walked to my doorstep and looked for my key to my house. Kali jumped out of no where and started growling out me. She shoved me onto the pavement. My neighbors were nowhere in sight I was screaming for help because human me trying to fight alpha Kali was not going to happen. She clawed at my sides, it hurt so badly. I tried to kick her off of me but she was to strong. “Please, please stop!” I begged. Kali just smirked at me. Again she clawed my sides and slapped my cheek. Now my skin was bleeding from everywhere she clawed me. Scott came and tackled Kali to the grass. I was so thankful for him but I was getting a little dizzy probably from all the blood loss. I closed my eyes just for a little bit. “Y/n wake up! Come on I need you! You can’t die.” Scott said worriedly. I cracked my eyes open a little. “Scott I don’t feel well..” I mumbled while I closed my eyes again. “No keep looking at me! I think I might have to give you the bite y/n,” Scott whispered crying. Then I blacked out. I opened my eyes once in a lot of pain but closed them once again falling into Scott’s arms. I awoke to me feeling stronger and quicker. Scott was by my left side crying and the whole pack (Derek, Cora, Stiles, Isaac) to my right. It looked like I was at Derek’s place. “Wow big crowd.” I said quietly. They all chuckled and Derek stepped foward. “Y/n you were very sick and Scott had to turn you. I know what your thinking that Scott in not an alpha but when he saw you sick the true alpha part triggered and he turned you.” Derek spoke. “Well there is going to be a lot of training for you in the next couple of months but I know you can handle it because your brave.” Oh wow okay i’m a werewolf now, but I have Scott by my side to help me through. Scott picked me up and carried me to the couch and the pack started to leave. Scott started to cry again. “I’m so sorry but I had to turn you I couldn’t stand you not being here with me. I know it was selfish but-” I cut Scott off with a hug. “Scott don’t you worry I’m okay but promise me you’ll help me with the full moon and learning how to controll my abilities,” I asked. “Of course y/n,” Scott said smiling. The next few months were some of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Not turning was probably the most difficult but Scott promised to help so he gave me some tips. For example how not to kill somebody at the full moon. I am still learning new stuff everyday but I love every minute of it.

Sometimes, I wonder if Teen Wolf writers, who romanticized the Srydia kiss in s3, think about the high possibility that some idiot, who watched their show, will kiss someone during a panic attack and kill or send that poor human to hospital.

Accused: But…! But…! But in Teen Wolf Lydia kissed and she saved him! :((((((

Prosecutor: =_____=’

Defender: =______=’

Judge: =_______=’

Yeah, probably they don’t think about it :)