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  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: in the season premiere Lydia was shown in Eichen House, and we were told we would learn why she's there in the finale. Yet Lydia Martin was barely in the finale and the last time we saw her, she was lying in the woods. So do the Dread Doctors take her to Eichen? Why? Does the rest of the pack know? Will they be out looking for her? Why did Theo take her in the first place? Why not Malia? Or Kira? And Linden said the finale might have a stydia scene. But they didn't even talk about each other?? Also, will Sheriff be okay? What about Malia? Kira? Will season 5b pick up right where we left off? Or will it be a few weeks in the future?? When will the season even be back?
Teen Wolf Unanswered Question #8

How did Derek get his picture taken for his fake New York Driver license without the camera flash reflecting like it typically does for werewolves?

We are introduced to the idea in s1x10, Co-Captain, that werewolves aren’t exactly the most photogenic of creatures given how their eyes reflect the camera’s flash with such an intensity that the reflection obscures their face. We first see this in Derek’s mug-shot which has been completely useless to the Beacon Hills police force in their attempts at finding him.

We see this phenomenon again in s2x03, Ice Pick, when Allison and Scott cozy up in the photo-booth during their date at the ice rink.

It can be assumed that this reaction to the camera flash is caused by a werewolf’s tapetum lucidum, a reflective membrane behind the retina of the eye found in nocturnal, often carnivorous, animals. The tapetum lucidum reflects light back on the retina to help improve vision in low-to-no light environments. This effect is called eyeshine, and can often be seen in animals when a light has been shone onto their eyes in the dark. (It should be noted that humans don’t have tapeta lucida, and that the development of them in werewolves must ergo be part of the lycanthropic transformation process.)

However, if you recall in s1x11, Formality, when Kate is torturing Derek she holds up his New York state driver’s license. Derek’s face can clearly be seen without any reflected light obscuration.

Now, Jeff Davis has admitted that this license was a fake, but the question remains: How does picture not have the tapetum lucidum effect in in?

The answer might be as simple as the picture being taken without a flash (even though there appears to have been a flash because Derek’s face is lit up in the foreground, but the background appears darker). Or maybe there’s a werewolf trick to not flashing the camera that we don’t now yet.

On a side note, I really like this little tidbit of the Teen Wolf werewolf mythology. Mostly because, sometime ago I remember learning about an old werewolf myth that said that you can tell if a person was a werewolf if you took a photograph of them and they didn’t show up on the film.

This was because in the old days, when actual film was still used for photos, silver nitrate was often used as a part of the film development process. The belief was that the silver nitrate would neutralize the image of the werewolf on the film due to the properties of silver acting against werewolves.

The tendency on the show for the reflected photo flash to obscure the appearance of a werewolf in digital photography is, to me, like a modern day equivalent to that old myth.

I don’t know if this old myth and Teen Wolf’s own brand of werewolf photo-bombing are related at all, but it’s an interesting coincidence nonetheless.