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PLL has finally come to an end

After spending 7 years of my life watching this show I have to say I’m just as disappointed of this series finale as I was the The Vampire Diaries series finale. So many unanswered questions. They could’ve done better and Mona will always be the Best A of them all. Mona was the only A that targeted all the girls, not just two. They would hype up this show so much only for it to be a total let down. This show spent more time sorting out relationship drama than explaining the mystery. There were so many plot holes and no real answers. They either should have left it at Mona or came up with better reasons for Cece and Alex to toy with the girls. One of the girls should have died or one of the girls should have been A.D. It would have been more interesting that way. Ezra would have made a much better Uber A. Spencer could’ve never been Spencer in the first place. Spencer could’ve been locked away or dead for the past 7 or 5 years. Or there never was a Twincer, it was just Spencer. Mona deserved so much better than she got. Although, I did like her ending, I wish it was Mike who she ended up with instead of that fake cop. Because the only one who really loved her was Mike. Funny though, how he was nowhere to be seen at Aria and Ezra’s wedding (their relationship disgusts me). Mike and Mona will always be the best relationship in the show. There was way too much sex going on in this episode it was so unnecessary (sex scenes period were unnecessary) they did nothing to move the plot or help answer any questions. To be honest they should’ve done a while lot better but they didn’t. Hopefully, teen wolf does a lot better in their series finale.

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never forget the time that jackson came at scott and was like, “alright little man, where are you getting your juice?”

and scott just looked at him, in complete seriousness, and said, “my mom does all the grocery shopping.”

My Teen Wolf 6B Theory

Okay I got a few people asking me what I think will happen in 6B and I figured I’d put this together!

Okay, so I have a feeling 6B will start out a few months after the events on 6A, something big is going to happen in Beacon Hills that brings Scott & the other seniors (sans Stiles) back to town.

We know a new villain will be introduced in 6B and she is one of the teachers at BHHH. Her name is Tamora Monroe & Jeff said she’d be a sympathetic antagonist.

Given his statement from the new interview:

I have a feeling she was someone trapped in the Hunt who managed to escape when Scott freed everyone, and she’ll cause some trouble now that she is free.

I also think part of the “cause & effect” might come in the form of the Military finally getting involved in the supernatural. Months ago when they started filming 6B, there was set pics of men in military outfits interacting with the pack.

I also remember one pic of Malia fighting one of the Military men which brings me to what else Jeff said about the storyline in 6B:

He references Scott as the leader of a supernatural underground (that could also be nothing) . But he then mentions that Scott and the pack become Pariahs, outsiders, and the fear of the outsider.

I think the Military might come to Beacon Hills & try to capture/contain the supernatural. Hence he whole thing about something arriving that keeps Scott & the others in Beacon Hills longer.

i honestly dont see how people hate stiles like he’s just protecting his friends why do you have to hate him?? Is it NOT obvious that Theo is evil yet christ…

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I just realized something What if Peter had never existed or at least hadn't killed Laura?

He wouldn’t be an alpha then he wouldn’t bite Scott
Scott would never hear Allison say she needed a pen then they wouldn’t know each other apart of being in the same class maybe.
Scott would continue to suck in lacrosse then Jackson and Lydia would continue to ignore him
They wouldn’t met Derek either
Lydia wouldn’t be a banshee since Peter couldn’t bite her
Derek wouldn’t kill Peter and it wouldn’t be an alpha, so he would not bite Isaac, Erica and Boyd or Jackson which means there would not be a kanima
Scott could not be a real alpha, alphas’ pack wouldn’t look for him and Jennifer would not follow them. Then no Darach, no Nemeton and no Nogitsune
Allison would be alive just like Erica, Boyd and Aiden.
Cora could possibly continue with the alphas maybe nobody would know that they had her since the pack didn’t have a reason to take Erica and Boyd, so no one would be looking for them.
I do not know if Scott and Kira would ever talk, I didn’t find relationship with Peter in that, but her family wouldn’t help because there wouldn’t be a Nogitsune.
Peter wouldn’t turn Kate so no Werejaguar and no beserkers, Allison might follow in the footsteps of his family and be a hunter.
Also if Peter does not exist Malia either or if he never bit Scott then she would still be a Coyote.
Scott is not even a werewolf so Liam either.
Meredith wouldn't  take the idea of ​​Peter then there would be no benefactor.
Theo, the Dread Doctors, the beast and Mr Douglas also wouldn’t make it to Beacon Hills as there is no true alpha and there is no supernatural pack.
The only thing I do not see related to Peter is the Ghost Riders so…

In conclusion many people died because of Peter, but without him Beacon Hills wouldn’t exist (because of the ghost riders) or at least it wouldn’t be the same.
So … thank you Peter! … I guess

as much as im going to miss this piece of crap jeep, stiles might get a new one i mean he was dying to change his jeep right??


Stiles and Lydia have been said to be “two sides of the same coin”, and no one can deny there’s been boatloads of parallels between the two. As Stiles continues to achieve more and more impossible feats and has become increasingly questionable in his actions, I’m starting to see another big parallel Stiles has to Lydia. 

He's something.

Is he psychic? Actually, quite possibly

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