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never forget the time that jackson came at scott and was like, “alright little man, where are you getting your juice?”

and scott just looked at him, in complete seriousness, and said, “my mom does all the grocery shopping.”

Why 6x05 is probably one of the best episodes

Okay, so I just watched Teen Wolf 6x05 AND HOLY SHIT THAT WAS AWESOME!

My thoughts and speculations: 

- supernatural can go through parrallel universe barriers, that’s awesome


- The radio talk between Scott, Lydia and Stiles. And it was so amazing because he didn’t say much, but he wanted, needed Lydia to remember what he said. (REMEMBER I LOVE YOU OMGGGGG) They talked to Stiles, they had conctact with him. This is the most progress we’ve made since season 6 aired. 

- No pack 2.0, thank you very much. I would scream if they wasted time on “How to catch a ghost rider for Dummies” But they didn’t, so yes!

- The wall scene though… I wonder if she felt his presence in some way, like his room, but what she didn’t know is that he was really there, sort of. Thank you Teen Wolf for showing their connection. 

- Claudia is so fucking suspicious. BEHEAD HER. 

- It’s interesting to see how if you get taken, you just think you got there by cab or something. Not only you get forgotten, but you also don’t remember being taken by something supernatural. (unless you know about the Wild Hunt, or have someone to tell you, like Stiles and Peter) 

- I do wonder what Peter meant with “It’s you. It had to be you.” Like what does that mean? If Peter thought it was “just” a train station, then shouldn’t he just be like, oh, coincidence, let’s ignore the boy. 

- Peter and the keys… he does care :) 


- When Peter got back, and Malia said his name, Scott began remembering. Their last battle in s4, when Peter was the alpha in s1, and so on. So… when do they start remembering (actual memories) Stiles? They have a relic, the Jeep and, kinda, that baseball bat the sheriff stubbed his toe on. When 2.0 decoded the library card, they started remembering te boy. But our actual pack has a relic but it’s more vague. 

- I wonder how Lydia realised that the Jeep was important (more important than the human brain which was probably an innuendo to the Nazi Werewolf with his pea obsession)

- No Nazi Werewolf… for this episode it’s good but I am interested though. Not sure if he comes back in 6x06 since he wasn’t in the promo.  

- I also wonder why that boy in the train/waste station was the only one that cared enough to find a way out. That knew something was wrong. Did he also began researching because someone from him was about to be taken and found out about the Hunt but then also got erased? 

- I loved the scene when the boy just died and Peter confronted Stiles. That he isn’t “special” or “extraordinary” and that no one will remember nor find him. He’s stuck. Usually Teen Wolf doesn’t go that deep on an emotional level, but know they did and it’s probably the best scene between Stiles and Peter from the whole franshise. 

- Why did the ghost riders let Peter be free? They could’ve easily pushed him of. Or used their lasso. Maybe they don’t care and it’s just their job to take them, but not to… let’s say babysit. 

- I like the special effects. Everything’s better than s1. 

- Human keys can go through supernatural barriers without melting or whatever. So relics can also pass through universes. Interesting.

- Did the boy wanted to die? Like Gwen? 

- I was so into the biology lesson that I was almost sad when the scene ended (geeking out, sorry lol)

- But… what did 2.0 actually do this episode? Where they on the hunt or like “lol nevermind I’d rather play lacrosse, baiiii.” (I know that’s not gonna be it but IMAGINE please) 

- And, are they still walking in slow motion? (I’m sorry but that was the cringiest thing ever shown on Teen Wolf. Use slow motion for special scenes, like 5x16 because that looked amazing.) 

- Personal note: I almost watched this episode before my exam Biology but then I thought: “Good grades or… emotionally unstable and bad grade… yeah, I’ll watch it later.”

- Peter though… burned… again. Like he was just recovered! (Can you imagine their sophomore year was two years ago? Six seasons in three school years. No wonder everyone is traumatised.)  

- I found it quite interesting that Malia called Peter her father, because in 5x01 she defined herself as a Tate, not a Hale. Peter was Malia’s biological father, birthgiver, so to speak. But he was never her “father”, on an emotional level. Maybe I look to deep into this but I liked that. Perhaps this season we will focus more on Malia and her relationships, since her mother tried to kill her numerous times last season. 

- My pudding was gone by the first minute. 

- The people Lydia saw were also the people Stiles spoke to… perhaps those people have a connection to Claudia? Maybe that doctor was the one helping Claudia with the birth of Stiles and the old lady a family member of Claudia. You could say “BUT HOW DOES STILES NOT KNOW HER?” Maybe he doesn’t remember her since Claudia died when he was 9 so they probably didn’t see her family anymore + you can just sometimes never meet a part of someone’s family if it’s so big. I haven’t met everyone of mine, so… 

- The timeline in the train station differs from the one in the actual world. Supposedly, Stiles was there for only six hours, whilst the pack was already searching for him or a week or two, maybe longer. Either the man was wrong and Stiles had been sitting there for dead or the time is different. 

- There is a radio connected with both worlds… hmm… 

- Next episode they’ll meet a fellow banshee is a ghost town, where the Wild Hunt previously passed. That means everyone will be taken, so there are no particular people that get taken, you just have to be lucky not to be the first. 

- I think if there are no seats left in the train station, they will die(?) Because eventually it’s full. And what do you do when your garbage bin is full? You empty it. 

- Why are only Lydia, Malia and Scott hearing Peter howling? Or better, why are Scott and Malia the only one coming after it. There is more supernatural in Beacon Hills. 

- But then again, I’d rather not see 2.0. 

- No new information about Stiles’ real name, dammit. Peter threw his licence out of his wallet though, so maybe Stiles will pick it up and we’ll see the name?

That’s a wrap! Get excited for 6x06 people!

I’m wondering if when Lydia finds Stiles jeep if she’ll try turning on the radio or police scanner to try to connect to Stiles in some way, but there will be radio silence (hence the name of episode 6x05), and she’ll keep trying to get it to work, maybe with Scott’s help, and finally she does and that’s how she’ll be able to hear his voice and everything he told her before he was taken (”Remember I love you.” *SOBS*) and she’ll finally remember him.

6x10 theories

-The riff closes shortly before Stiles walks through it

-It’s Douglas not Stiles

-Stiles hears them/her during the whole remembering/trance process and when he hears Lydia He Starts running

-Stiles gets out but at location?

-Lydia is walking through the School for some reason and she hears Stiles in the locker and walks in then quote “I didn’t say it back”

-We definitiv get a locker room kiss and “I Love you” and I AM FREAKING OUT ABOUT THAT

-the bat Scene is the first time sciles see each other, they run to each other and hug SCILES REUNITES!!

-Malia and Stiles hugging and her at some point tell him that stydia is okay

-Theo is alive

- they get inside the train Station and search for Stiles but he is already out smh

-old cast members probaly gonna return

My Teen Wolf 6B Theory

Okay I got a few people asking me what I think will happen in 6B and I figured I’d put this together!

Okay, so I have a feeling 6B will start out a few months after the events on 6A, something big is going to happen in Beacon Hills that brings Scott & the other seniors (sans Stiles) back to town.

We know a new villain will be introduced in 6B and she is one of the teachers at BHHH. Her name is Tamora Monroe & Jeff said she’d be a sympathetic antagonist.

Given his statement from the new interview:

I have a feeling she was someone trapped in the Hunt who managed to escape when Scott freed everyone, and she’ll cause some trouble now that she is free.

I also think part of the “cause & effect” might come in the form of the Military finally getting involved in the supernatural. Months ago when they started filming 6B, there was set pics of men in military outfits interacting with the pack.

I also remember one pic of Malia fighting one of the Military men which brings me to what else Jeff said about the storyline in 6B:

He references Scott as the leader of a supernatural underground (that could also be nothing) . But he then mentions that Scott and the pack become Pariahs, outsiders, and the fear of the outsider.

I think the Military might come to Beacon Hills & try to capture/contain the supernatural. Hence he whole thing about something arriving that keeps Scott & the others in Beacon Hills longer.

I have a feeling that when Lydia peels the wallpaper off, that there won’t be anything there. Not even an empty room… And it’ll have to be the Sheriff who needs to look through the opening in the wall for his room to appear again since it is their family home and that’s what ties Stiles to him. That might explain why Lydia is completely broken down and crying on the floor. She probably feels panicked and useless at not being able to find it when she’s much closer than she thinks. The jeep will be the relic for Lydia to find and the room will be for the Sheriff.

So what if Claudia knows?

She looks so “I know I’m here only ‘cause my freakin’ son is forgotten” suspicious.

She saying she doesn’t want kids. Now, in the preview for next episode, holding Lydia by the arm while she’s trying to take the wallpaper off the wall? Smiling in the “I’m a BAAAAAAAAAAAAD guy” way?

What if, somehow, she made everything happen? So she could come back to life? I mean, yeah, it sounds crazy. But this is TEEN WOLF, this is BEACON HILLS. Everything can fucking happen. Stiles said it “it’s a myth. But like every myth in Beacon Hills, it’s not a myth”.

Am I going crazy? Probably.
Do I want to see Stiles? Definitely.
Do I need the next episode? ABSOLUTELY.

@obessedwitheverything1998 I have to post it as a text post as my messages are playing up

We have the episode titles for the final episode, which helps :) 


The first thing I noticed was this wasn’t in this weeks episode, yet Scott is still wearing the hoodie from this episode. I think this takes place on the same night.

All of these from the same scene maybe? Also why is Malia hurting Scott…

As the episode is called Heartless. I think we will see Theo suffering in hell and what he’s been through at the hands of his sister, which wont end pretty for him.

As he ends up in hospital it seems. If you look he is bearfoot which seems to mean he’s been in bedand it’s nighttime. His top and dark jeans match below

Over at the Stilinskis place, Sheriff is undecorating

Note the room is empty… More on that later

Then Lydia is there later with Stiles’ lacrosse top


This is the flashback episode, with Mr Nazi

Liam it seems picks up Theo from hospital, but it seems they will run into the Ghost Riders and have to fight them.

I also think the Theo and Sheriff scene will happen here. This one confuses me, as it looks like Sheriff is standing behind a window, yet Theo is talking to him fine. Is it bars? I can’t see the pack letting Theo roam. Theo also seems to be wearing a blue to, which would match the top he wears in this episode

You can just see blue on Theo’s body above

Memory Found

I think this will be the episode where we say goodbye to more Pack members

Bye Mason

Bye Malia

It looks like it wants Liam too (Note Malia is gone) but it wont come near because of Lydia being there. This is the part in the trailer where Liam notes its scared of her

Liam is also fighting something here, I think this could take place earlier in the episode though.

Scott is freezing himself in the Bunker? I think this is what he needs to do to remember his friends. Once he remembers who is missing he talks to somebody and says he is going to bring them all back.

Scott telling somebody he is going to get his friends back, with Theo just behind him.

I think this could also be the episode where Sheriff finally believes in Stiles and when Flaudia is outed as a phoney. As we can see Stiles’ board now as returned to the empty room. His room seems to be coming slowly back, so I think the memory of Sheriff’s wife being dead is growing stronger too.

Riders on the Storm

Erm? This will be the Season 6A final, I think this will be the big battle to get rid of the Ghost Riders and Mr Nazi. I think he will go out with a bang so naturally Melissa will be put at risk. Scott and Pack will need to get rid of him, Ghost Riders AND bring back Stiles and the others.

Take your dirty Nazi hands off Mama McCall

Of course the above is all just guesses :)


Teen Wolf Season 6 This Season On Teen Wolf Extended

Predictions Teen Wolf 6x04

Okay, I thought an amazing scene that might tie in with the show and I really hope it’ll be along the lines of what I’m going to say right now. 

So, first of all, have you seen the promo? If not, here you go:

Ôkay, I think a scene will be that Stiles burst throught those doors

because he’s trying to find a way out but every time he ends up in the same place, that train station. (”all roads lead to Rome”, kind of. Only now it’s a train station) Peter will pull him aside and tries to get him to understand there is no way out and that they are forgotten. Stiles is stunned.

The scene flips over to Lydia slowly going down the hall at the Stilinski’s. She stops at the wall where in the last episode the old lady stared at. (promo) She starts scraping a little piece of wallpaper of the wall. Claudia stops her and tries to reason her. That what she is doing is useless, that they didn’t have a son named Stiles or whatever his name was. Lydia tears up and slides down once Claudia leaves.

She’s tired and devestated because she feels this love, this ache for someone who she can’t touch and it’s ruining her.  

The shot changes and now shows her profile in close up,

before slowly going to the right and seeing the profile of Stiles leaning against a wall.

Then the next shot gives us viewers an overall view:

He has lost hope, she is devestated. Yet they are so close. 

And then it goes to black and another scene follows. 

The train tracks are all over Beacon Hills. They’re at the school, the Beacon Hills preserve, the hospital, etc. In the promo you hear someone (possibly Parrish after he snaps out of it) say “He’s merging the worlds so the ghost riders can cross over.”

MTV posted a spoiler-ish photo months ago that I felt was gonna be important at some point.

In the promo, you see some of the people that were taken “hanging out” in the library that has been merged with the train station and they erupt into the green-ish blue smoke. 

I think that’s Mr. Douglas changing them into ghost riders. And those ghost riders are the ones trying to get Scott at the Beacon Hills preserve, since Mr. Douglas says “You’ll make a fine ghost rider, Scott.” 

This is why i’m moving towards thinking that Lydia, Scott, and Malia failed to create a rift out of their memories of Stiles and that the person coming out of the rift is actually Mr. Douglas who created his own rift to merge the two worlds.

Lydia, Scott, and Malia will realize it isn’t Stiles and try fighting him and Parrish who is still under his control. They’ll be inside the train station for a minute or two, we’ll see Chris, Melissa, the Sheriff and others and they’ll all end up separating. Scott will end up with Liam at the Hospital where they will be fighting Douglas and Parrish, at some point Stiles will show up and knock out Douglas. Lydia will be with Malia for a moment, they’ll realize the worlds are merging and Malia will end up at the Beacon Hill preserve later with Scott. Lydia will meet up with Stiles at the school and feelings will be quickly talked about, possibly before he goes to help Scott and Liam and that’s when Scott and Stiles finally see each other and hug, and later Lydia will fight off either Douglas or the ghost riders alongside the Sheriff. And maybe they all end up at the Beacon Hills preserve and that’s when the showdown happens.