reasons hayden isn’t a chimera:

• she healed from the cut tracy left on her arm (that was before the other 8 holes were found)

• it’s completely possible that she is supernatural by birth or other ways

• i think the romero’s know about the doctors and that was why clarke was so persistent on finding donavon

So a lot of people seem to be wondering why Theo’s eyes didn’t turn blue after he killed the chimera and I’ve seen a few theories, but I don’t really agree with any of them, so here’s mine:

it’s been said many times that a werewolf’s eyes turn blue when they kill an innocent and I used to find it weird because innocence can be subjective. What determines if the victim was innocent or not?

Then, when we got the story behind Derek’s blue eyes, I got even more confused, because he isn’t even really the one who killed Paige. Technically it was Ennis’s bite that killed her. So Derek may have caused her death, but he didn’t kill her himself so it’s kind of weird that it turned his eyes blue right?

So my theory is that what turns a werewolf’s eyes blue isn’t the act of killing itself, but the guilt that comes with it. This explains why Derek’s eyes changed after Paige’s death since he felt really guilty about it even if he hadn’t technically done it himself. It also explains why Theo’s eyes didn’t change in last night’s episode. He didn’t seem to feel guilty at all about killing the chimera which is why his eyes didn’t turn blue. It would also mean that Theo could have killed other people before (I personally think he did) but still have his gold eyes.

What do you guys think?


I hadn’t watched the episode about Derek in a while, but after re-watching it just now I realized that he does in fact kill Paige himself. My bad. However, I still think my theory stands since Peter says in the episode that the act of killing someone darkens the soul and that is what turns the werewolf’s eyes from gold to blue, but If you don’t feel any guilt about it then I don’t feel like it would darken your soul all that much.

Also, someone mentioned that Peter has blue eyes and it seems a bit weird that he would feel guilt about killing someone. It’s never really said in the series what exactly changed his eyes, so we can only imagine, but Peter is still ‘’human’’ so I don’t think it’s such a stretch to think he could feel guilt over killing someone completely innocent or someone he loved like a family member or something like that. 

inthenowandforever asked:

Hey so you know in the opening of teen wolf we see those bodies floating in some sort of liquid? Do you think those could be the dread doctors real bodies?

Nice try on this! I think it can be true.

The fact that his head and his face look like that (and he seems to be in this container since a long time) can explain the fact that the Doctors that we see everyday – the ones with their masks on and their creepy stuff – are actually a “reproduction” of the real Doctors that once were the ones in the containers.

In one of the trailers of season 5 we can also see one of the bodies from another perspective:

It looks like these bodies are in a sort of “sleep” and maybe the Dread Doctors take the skills, the energy and also all the knowledge they have from these bodies, that are their previous bodies.

This can also explain what Dr. Valack said in 5x05 when Lydia and Stiles went into Eichen House to talk to him:

Lydia: What are they?
Dr. Valack: Not entirely human. At least, not anymore. They were scientists once. Scientists who worshipped the supernatural.

So yeah, maybe they switched into these new bodies (like I said in the previous meta I wrote they look like they’re a sort of hologram) and this can also explain the fact that their voices are not “human”, like the one the Mute had in season 4.

Parrish and The Dread Doctors.

I have a theory that Parrish is a creation of the Dread Doctors. My first reason for this is because nobody knows what exactly he is. Both Parrish and Lydia searched through the bestiary and found nothing that could link him to any of the supernatural creatures found in there. Probably because he is a mixture of different supernatural creatures, not just one - which is what they are looking for.

My second reason is Parrish keeps taking the dead bodies and placing them on the nemeton. This could have something to do with what he is. Maybe the nemeton does something to the unsuccessful creations. Or he is taking them back to the Dread Doctors, this is far fetched seen as they killed most of them themselves but it’s possible they wanted the dead bodies back for some reason.

My final reason is from when Parrish was holding Lydia in his arms and she had a memory of the Dread Doctors. This made me think that this happened because he is linked too them thus creating this theory. 

That scene also gave me the idea that Parrish is a dread doctor (out of disguise obviously) and she remembered that memory through his touch.


Okay, so i’m pretty convinced that Allison is also a nogitsune. I’ll tell you why. 

1. Foreshadowing

  • The onis showed up at the Argent’s home as their first stop to check and see who’s possessed.
  • Allison is the only one who hasn’t been checked for being possessed by the nogitsune.
  • Chris was told that he will have to take out the nogitsune even if it is his own daughter.

2. Allison’s seemingly “missing” purpose and place in this season

  • We’re seeing Stiles struggle with the nogitsune
  • We’re seeing Scott trying to protect his friends and family
  • We’re seeing Derek rise to being a hero
  • We’re seeing Lydia learn how to be a banshee
  • What are we seeing Allison do?

Allison has been pretty irrelevant to the plot this season. It’s not necessarily a bad thing because I think she’ll actually end up being the main nogitsune, but it’s a clue. Allison seriously feels out of the loop. 

3. Allison and Stiles may actually be partners in crime, with Allison as the ringleader. 

  • Stiles is playing the roll as the noticeable “trickster”. He’s the distraction.
  • We have no idea when he’s actually himself, or when he’s possessed.
  • Stiles has everybody thinking that he is the one they all need to watch out for. 

Personally, I don’t think Stiles is the main big bad at all. He was revealed to be evil too early in the season. Somebody else is running around plotting something bigger. 

Let’s say that Allison is actually the big bad. Well, Stiles literally has everybody paying attention to him. Everybody thinks that he is the big bad nogitsune. 

Scott, Kira, Derek, Isaac, Chris, Isaac and the twins are all under the impression that Stiles is the nogitsune. They’re constantly trying to stop him and they’re spending their time trying to figure out how to save Stiles. They’re being stalled.

Kira’s mother is also being tricked. She thinks that Stiles is the main nogitsune, and she has the onis focused on him. But because of this, Allison has been left without being checked for possession. The onis found one nogitsune, but did they even stop to think that maybe there’s two?

While Stiles is leading everybody on a wild goose chase, Allison has all the time in the world to do whatever it is that she’s really doing while under the influence of a nogitsune. 

4. Frequency emitters

I highly doubt that Stiles was able to break into the Argent’s household to steal those frequency emitters. I believe that Allison (since she has easy access to them), stole them and gave them to Stiles. 

I think that this whole frequency emitter game was just another little tactic planned out by Allison and Stiles so that more time could be bought for whatever big plan Allison has. 

5. Framed for murder

I also think that Allison was the one to frame Chris for murder. I don’t really think that Derek was originally part of the plan. He was just caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

But why would Allison do that?

Well, because Chris is technically the only person who can really interfere with nogitsune!Allison’s work. With Chris out of the picture, Allison has the apartment to herself and she’s free to plot as openly as she wants. 

So, what do you guys think?

Q: If everything is told from Lydia’s perspective [because the season is a flashback], is she a reliable narrator?

Jeff Davis: Yes. I can say she is a reliable narrator [Laughs]. But we will… when catching up to the present, it won’t be 5x20. It’ll be sooner than that. It’s a complicated season, but we love complicated.

Q: Has it been difficult, splitting it in two different groups of 10 [episodes] rather than having the usual 12?

JD: It’s been new to us, but it’s nice to have a different structure because we didn’t build the story up to 5x10 towards a finale but towards the big midpoint, which allowed us to take the characters to places I don’t think we’ve taken them before. Darker places, definitely. We have some big twists and turns coming up, especially in 5x05 and  onward that sort of split the characters apart. [About Scott failing as a leader] What has to happen eventually is that you have to learn to fail.

Q: When will will find out what kind of supernatural Parrish is?

JD: I won’t tell you when, but it happens in 5A.

Q: Where’s Danny?

JD: Danny graduated early. [Laughs]

Q: Can you tease Kira’s arc?

JD: Yes, she definitely has a lot of struggle. What’s happening with her is that the fox spirit within her is vying for independence.

Q: Are we finally going to get Stiles and Lydia this year?

JD: I can’t answer that question, we debate that in the writer’s room all the time actually. There’s some people in the writer’s room who find themselves saying, “Stiles and Lydia, yes,” and others saying, “No, never.” And then the “no, never,” people suddenly change their minds. Because there’s two different ways about it, which is that they’ve become friends and they’re beyond it — or, are they meant for each other? And we love stories where they’re meant for each other.

Q: What new character are you most excited for fans to see this season?

JD: I’m most excited for fans to see Theo! I said this at the beginning - I shouldn’t be saying this in an interview - but I said at the beginning of the writer’s room, I want a character we REALLY hate. Our Joffrey [from Game of Thrones]. [Laughs] Trust me, you’re going to hate him so much by the end of the season. It’s fun to have a character like that to hate!

Q: How is Stiles affected by losing so many of his friends this season?

JD: Stiles goes through a lot this season actually, he gets pretty torn up, and we take him to a pretty dark place I would say. Wait for the next 2 episodes.

Q: Does he [Stiles] still have Nogitsune powers, or any powers?

JD: No, the Nogitsune is completely out of the system.

Q: So Sheriff Stilinski went out on a date… but it was not with the person people expected!

JD: [Laughing] Yeah, you’ve got to pull the rug out from under people, right? [When asked if the Sheriff will date some more in the season] Not much. There’ll be more interactions for the Sheriff, with Melissa actually, so, I can’t say if it’s gonna happen [Sheriff and Melissa], but we’re fans of it too in the writer’s room. [Really big smile at this point!]


Jeff Davis talks about Kira’s kitsune arc, Stiles/Lydia, the Sheriff dating, Theo as Teen Wolf’s version of Prince Joffrey, and more! [x]

never forget the time that jackson came at scott and was like, “alright little man, where are you getting your juice?”

and scott just looked at him, completely blank, and said, “my mom does all the grocery shopping.”


Let’s talk about these parallels for a moment. 

First off, can I just say how I absolutely love that season 3b opened with Stiles’ dream and closed with Derek’s dream? That’s pretty awesome. It’s like Stiles and Derek are the two pieces of bread that hold the entire sandwich (the season) together. The beginning and the end. Beautiful.

Anyways, in both of these scenes, we see both Stiles and Derek attempt to calm themselves down after experiencing what they both believe to be nightmares.

Stiles woke up out of his “nightmare” and landed himself in another dream, however, this one wasn’t as terrifying as the first.

As for Derek, it’s unknown whether he dreamt of Stiles, or if it was just Derek retreating to the safety of his subconscious after being shot by Kate. (theory about this). I personally believe the theory. It makes sense. 

Now, let’s talk about the best part. 

Derek dreams of Stiles and doesn’t realize that he’s in a dream. He actually thinks that he’s just having a casual and calm conversation with Stiles about something that genuinely terrified him. From this, we can assume that it felt normal to Derek. 

Derek stays under the illusion that he’s not dreaming even as he explains his entire “nightmare” to Stiles. Derek then asks Stiles how to tell if he’s dreaming or not, because the fact he can’t remember waking up has him worried. When Derek grabs Stiles’ hand and sees that he has 6 fingers, the illusion is broken. 

For Derek, being alone with Stiles was enough to keep Derek believing that he wasn’t dreaming. Stiles was enough to keep the illusion going. Derek didn’t stop and question, “Wait. Why am I even talking to you? This doesn’t make sense.” Because to Derek, it did make sense. 

With that said, let’s talk about Stiles dreaming about being with Lydia. 


When Stiles wakes up out of his “nightmare”, Lydia is right beside him. For a couple seconds, Stiles isn’t suspicious of this, but that quickly changes. Stiles stops and questions why Lydia is in his room with him. The illusion is broken here, and Stiles realizes that he’s dreaming. 

Dream!Lydia then goes out of her way to keep Stiles under the illusion, telling Stiles to come back to bed and forget about shutting the door. It doesn’t work. It’s too unrealistic. 

For Stiles, Lydia wasn’t enough to keep him under the illusion that he wasn’t still dreaming. Being alone with Lydia like that wasn’t believable. It was a dead giveaway. Lydia wasn’t enough. 

Exactly, what does this mean? 

It means that Stiles’ connection with Lydia is NOT as strong as the connection that Derek has with Stiles. 

Derek’s mind chose Stiles to calm him down when he was distressed over his “nightmare”, and it worked for quite some time. It worked up until something as obviously fake as having 6 fingers broke the illusion. 

Stiles’ mind chose Lydia to calm him down when he was distressed over his “nightmare”, but it only took one small double-take of the situation to break the illusion. 


I personally find Derek’s dream with Stiles to be really sweet. Not just because Stiles’ image was used to calm Derek down, but because it was so casual and believable to Derek. This makes me think that having conversations like that with Stiles is something that Derek wants to have in real life. It’s something he’s dreamt about more than once.

Usually when Derek interacts with Stiles, it comes with a lot of banter, disagreements, exaggerated sighs and eye-rolls. But I think we’re going to see conversations between Derek and Stiles that are more like this dream. 

Stiles has grown on Derek. He has grown on Derek so much, that Derek actually thinks of him as the first person to go to when he has something on his mind. Derek didn’t dream of Scott. Not Peter, not Laura, not Cora, not Talia, not any of his family members we haven’t met yet, not Erica, not Boyd, not Chris….Derek went to Stiles. 

So now i’m curious. Derek’s connection with Stiles is strong. Derek’s relationship and current standing with Stiles means something to Derek. So what about Stiles? How does Stiles feel about Derek? How strong is Stiles’ connection with Derek?

In the mid-season trailer we see a short clip of Jordan Parrish covered in soot:

Which leads me to wonder if he was the one in the burning sheriff’s car we had also seen:

Now that we had discovered that he is a supernatural. We have to assume that him surviving is no coincidence. My theory is that he is gifted in something to do with fire, like a phoenix. I just wanted to throw this out there.

(Not my gifs)

So ... on Deputy Parrish:

Yes, I think he is very important. No, I do not think he’s Peter’s son. If Malia is a stretch age wise, I really don’t see how Peter could have a twenty-four year old son. But who else do we know of who’s twenty-four, spent time in the army and is related to someone else on the show who also happens to have dark blond hair and pretty eyes?

Camden Lahey.

Let’s talk about how in the same episode where we are reminded that Isaac has no family, they give a new character two of the most important characteristics of Isaac’s brother. 

And now let’s talk about how much they actually do look alike. Dark blond hair, light eyes, similar nose, mouth and eyebrows …those two could definitely pass for brothers.

How hard would it be to say that Camden lost his memory and was assumed dead? Or that he was recruited into some program that caused him to have to fake his death? Maybe he’s really back in Beacon Hills to try and keep an eye on his little brother.

Teen Wolf- Shadow

Oh my god, i just realized, the guy who hung himself in Eichen House was saying something before he went over the ledge, something about birds and staying dry, it’s actually a riddle; ‘I’m the part of the bird that’s not in the sky, I can swim in the ocean and yet remain dry.’ The answer is a shadow, just like the 'everyone has it, no one can lose it’ riddle. A+ continuity there writers.

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WARNING: This meta is connected with episode 3x20 “ECHO HOUSE” of Teen Wolf, which I understand contained some very disturbing and triggering material. If this meta will make you uncomfortable, I suggest NOT reading any further.


I am convinced that Stiles was not himself when he made out with Malia. The nogitsune already had control over Stiles and was acting as him. And what’s even worse is that the nogitsune most likely sapped Malia’s guilt/pain/strife. Much like it did with Scott, except in a less dramatic, less noticeable way. 

Allow me to explain. 

When I first watched this scene, I wasn’t really paying attention because I was fuming. I legit started sweating over it, and not because I thought it was hot. (Yes, some may say that my reaction was a bit over dramatic, but when I get pissed…I get pissed).

Anyways, despite seeing red, I did happen to find it strange that the Stiles/Malia make-out scene ended with a close up of Stiles and Malia’s hands. Not only that, but the scene ended with a dramatic/ominous music sting. One of my anons pointed out that they thought they saw Stiles’ veins turn black during this scene. I personally can’t tell if those marks on Stiles’ wrist are black veins, or just the definition of Dylan’s amazingly gorgeous and extremely arrrrrousing forearms (*swoon*).

Nevertheless, the focus on their hands was strange, and I think there’s a reason that attention was subtly drawn to them. 

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Did anyone else found this scene strangely added in as a clue? as to what might happen later on in season 4. Why would Stiles dad be hiding mail in his work office not only just any mail but a letter from Eichen House where Stiles was held in season 3 part 2. My theory might be that Stiles is probably going to end up in the Eichen House again not sure why but it probably is going to have to deal with what might happen with the killings or maybe they might just end up going back for Meredith remember who he met in Eichen House where Jeff already said that she was a banshee and remember Season 4 is suppose to have Lydia’s story involved somewhat. What about Claudia Stilinski being well and alive? Have we ever thought of that. I just found it weird that everyone skipped this really large clue that was added in.


link to video

The teaser opens with a shot of Scott, Kira, Lydia, and Stiles walking up the steps to Eichen House:

Followed by a shot of Stiles and Scott running into the sheriff’s office:

This is from 5x03 “Dreamcatchers”

Quick digression: We know this because the clothes worn in the promo for 5x03 are the same ones worn in this photograph:

Anyway, this episode’s summary is: “Scott tracks a new shapeshifter that’s threatening Stilinski; and Malia receives information about her mother.” That might very well explain why they are at the station. Also, note that Scott is real dirty and Stiles is already injured like we knew he would be in that sweater:

So the injury must not be very severe. 

After that, we see this shot of Lydia looking terrified in the school hallway (at night, again.They never learn):

Then we see a boy being dragged by the dread doctors:

That boy is newbie Michael Johnston (who plays Corey) and he is in 5 episodes this season (5x04 & 5x07-5x10), so this has to be one of those episodes. 

Then there’s a shot of Hayden and Liam behind the stage of, like, a movie theater/auditorium (judging by the rest of the teaser):

After this we hear Scott’s voice-over kick in, saying:

SCOTT: Something’s different. 

Meanwhile a shot of Malia (in the school at night, seriously, what the hell) plays:

And she is yet again wearing an aztec print. You cannot convince me that she is not heavily connected to Mexico.

And I’m pretty sure in whatever episode this is we will get to see Mason and Malia in the sewer thing because this definitely the outfit she’s wearing:

The voice-over continues:

SCOTT: Me and my friends

as this shot of Kira in the sheriff’s station plays: 

(I am dying at these screen shots haha). She looks like she’s losing control of her fox side. This is also from 5x03. 

The voice-over continues, saying:

SCOTT: Something’s changed. 

Then we get a shot of Stiles looking terrified and nervous in the library while holding a wrench:

Scott continues to talk (and is he in a closet?):

SCOTT: I think it’s because of me. 

Followed by a shot of Tracy looking crazy and barefoot in class:

And she must be in the wrong class because she’s a senior and that’s Hayden next to her. This is from 5x03 as well (you see it in the promo for that episode).

This is followed by Scott standing in the street as Kira is driven away  (that was shown at the end of 5x01): 

So many exploding lights and so much rain. 

Then we get:

STILES: Everything that’s happened, everything that’s gonna happen, it’s our fault. 

Which cuts to this gross shot of blood and some silver liquid:

Then Malia gets shove into a wall by on of the dread doctors:

And, again, this is 5x03. 

Then Kira and Scott run through the “screen”:

After that, we get Scott and Kira talking to Deaton in the McCall home:

KIRA: What are we supposed to do? 
DEATON: Protect your friends. 

From another promo, we also know that in this scene Deaton tells them, “when something like this happens, it shakes you to the core” and “the rules have changed.”  (Again, 5x03). 

Anyway, the “protect your friends” part cuts to a shot of Stiles being attacked:

He’s definitely being attacked by Tracy here and this totally happens in 5x03 as well (she’s wearing the same top from the promo). Since he has the duct tape and wrench out, probably safe to assume the jeep breaks down yet again. 

Deaton’s voice-over continues:

DEATON: Protect each other. 

We see Malia on the floor of the vet’s exam room with an injured wrist:

This is also 5x03. 

Then there’s a shot of Scott and Kira pressed against the wall in Eichen House while the lights go haywire:

This is from the same episode as the first shot where they walk into Eichen House. 

Then we get:

SCOTT: Kira, whatever you’re doing, please stop. 

KIRA: I’m not doing anything. It’s just happening. 

So she really is losing control. Maybe this is why she gets driven away (there is an exploding light when that happens). 

Then we see stiles running into the school with the wrench:

This is from the same episode as when he gets attacked by Tracy (he’s wearing the same shirt). His hand is bloody here and it wasn’t when Tracy attacked him, so it seems that he escapes her with just a hand injury (at least from what we can see) and then runs into the school with the wrench as a weapon. The shot from earlier of him in the library probably comes right after this (again, same shirt) and his hand is already bloody there:

And, again, this seems to be 5x03. 

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