teen wolf theories

never forget the time that jackson came at scott and was like, “alright little man, where are you getting your juice?”

and scott just looked at him, in complete seriousness, and said, “my mom does all the grocery shopping.”

Peter's child

I was not expecting that whole ‘Malia is Peter’s daughter’ twist tbh
but i guess that’s jeff davis for you.

And it didn’t make sense to me, until I thought about who was coming onto the show next season; DYLAN SPRAYBERRY.

Considering Peter’s age and everything it could be Malia but it seems more likely that it would be Liam (played by Dylan S.) who is actually 15.

I also thought “no it can’t be Liam since he’s not a werewolf or were anything.”
But there were normal children in Peter’s family and if I know anything about genetics it is highly possible that Peter could have had a normal non werewolf kid.

To me it makes less sense to think that werewolf peter had a werecoyote daughter because they’re not even the same 'species’ if you will.

I read a meta by another tumblr blogger that presented the theory that Jackson was originally supposed to be Peter’s son until Colton left for Arrow and the writers had to change the plot.

And this makes SO much sense seeing as he was an orphan and the origins of his parents are unknown, not to mention his flashy sense of style and sassiness that he would have inherited from Peter.

But think about this, Liam has been described as Jackson 2.0,
[Sprayberry] will play Liam, an arrogant but big-hearted high-school freshman. With an enviable athletic prowess, he’s got perfect grades, perfect charm and is utterly unprepared to face the supernatural adversity of Beacon Hills.
- (http://tvline.com/2014/02/03/teen-wolf-dylan-sprayberry-season-4-liam/)

Oh and not to mention he looks a lot like Ian Bohen. it doesn’t take that much imagination to see them as father and son.

Young Dylan Sprayberry even looks like Young Peter (Michael Fjordbak)

Lydia also said that she didn’t know whether the baby was a girl or a boy and she didn’t know whether it was a were wolf/other creature or not.
But she might have just said that to throw Peter off and spite him.

Well there’s my theory, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Q: If everything is told from Lydia’s perspective [because the season is a flashback], is she a reliable narrator?

Jeff Davis: Yes. I can say she is a reliable narrator [Laughs]. But we will… when catching up to the present, it won’t be 5x20. It’ll be sooner than that. It’s a complicated season, but we love complicated.

Q: Has it been difficult, splitting it in two different groups of 10 [episodes] rather than having the usual 12?

JD: It’s been new to us, but it’s nice to have a different structure because we didn’t build the story up to 5x10 towards a finale but towards the big midpoint, which allowed us to take the characters to places I don’t think we’ve taken them before. Darker places, definitely. We have some big twists and turns coming up, especially in 5x05 and  onward that sort of split the characters apart. [About Scott failing as a leader] What has to happen eventually is that you have to learn to fail.

Q: When will will find out what kind of supernatural Parrish is?

JD: I won’t tell you when, but it happens in 5A.

Q: Where’s Danny?

JD: Danny graduated early. [Laughs]

Q: Can you tease Kira’s arc?

JD: Yes, she definitely has a lot of struggle. What’s happening with her is that the fox spirit within her is vying for independence.

Q: Are we finally going to get Stiles and Lydia this year?

JD: I can’t answer that question, we debate that in the writer’s room all the time actually. There’s some people in the writer’s room who find themselves saying, “Stiles and Lydia, yes,” and others saying, “No, never.” And then the “no, never,” people suddenly change their minds. Because there’s two different ways about it, which is that they’ve become friends and they’re beyond it — or, are they meant for each other? And we love stories where they’re meant for each other.

Q: What new character are you most excited for fans to see this season?

JD: I’m most excited for fans to see Theo! I said this at the beginning - I shouldn’t be saying this in an interview - but I said at the beginning of the writer’s room, I want a character we REALLY hate. Our Joffrey [from Game of Thrones]. [Laughs] Trust me, you’re going to hate him so much by the end of the season. It’s fun to have a character like that to hate!

Q: How is Stiles affected by losing so many of his friends this season?

JD: Stiles goes through a lot this season actually, he gets pretty torn up, and we take him to a pretty dark place I would say. Wait for the next 2 episodes.

Q: Does he [Stiles] still have Nogitsune powers, or any powers?

JD: No, the Nogitsune is completely out of the system.

Q: So Sheriff Stilinski went out on a date… but it was not with the person people expected!

JD: [Laughing] Yeah, you’ve got to pull the rug out from under people, right? [When asked if the Sheriff will date some more in the season] Not much. There’ll be more interactions for the Sheriff, with Melissa actually, so, I can’t say if it’s gonna happen [Sheriff and Melissa], but we’re fans of it too in the writer’s room. [Really big smile at this point!]


Jeff Davis talks about Kira’s kitsune arc, Stiles/Lydia, the Sheriff dating, Theo as Teen Wolf’s version of Prince Joffrey, and more! [x]

In the mid-season trailer we see a short clip of Jordan Parrish covered in soot:

Which leads me to wonder if he was the one in the burning sheriff’s car we had also seen:

Now that we had discovered that he is a supernatural. We have to assume that him surviving is no coincidence. My theory is that he is gifted in something to do with fire, like a phoenix. I just wanted to throw this out there.

(Not my gifs)

So ... on Deputy Parrish:

Yes, I think he is very important. No, I do not think he’s Peter’s son. If Malia is a stretch age wise, I really don’t see how Peter could have a twenty-four year old son. But who else do we know of who’s twenty-four, spent time in the army and is related to someone else on the show who also happens to have dark blond hair and pretty eyes?

Camden Lahey.

Let’s talk about how in the same episode where we are reminded that Isaac has no family, they give a new character two of the most important characteristics of Isaac’s brother. 

And now let’s talk about how much they actually do look alike. Dark blond hair, light eyes, similar nose, mouth and eyebrows …those two could definitely pass for brothers.

How hard would it be to say that Camden lost his memory and was assumed dead? Or that he was recruited into some program that caused him to have to fake his death? Maybe he’s really back in Beacon Hills to try and keep an eye on his little brother.

Teen Wolf- Shadow

Oh my god, i just realized, the guy who hung himself in Eichen House was saying something before he went over the ledge, something about birds and staying dry, it’s actually a riddle; ‘I’m the part of the bird that’s not in the sky, I can swim in the ocean and yet remain dry.’ The answer is a shadow, just like the 'everyone has it, no one can lose it’ riddle. A+ continuity there writers.


First thought - boy they really will find any way to not give us Stiles’s actual name…

Just kidding (not really).

BUT I don’t think we should be worried that Stiles is now on the hit list, we should be worried that Stiles is now on a list of people who are already dead.

I think this is a list of the people who were killed in the previous dead pool because YES I THINK THE DEAD POOL HAS SURFACED BEFORE IN BEACON HILLS!

Remember the code we had to break before season four started? I think the word “decade” is actually referring to the dead pool. It surfaces every decade - but not necessarily ten years apart because then it’s too predictable, too easily avoidable. But say it happened in the 90s, in the 2000s, and now it’s happening it 2012 (I think).

So when did the last dead pool occur?

Well, Claudia died in 2004.

But then last night Peter says he was in the hospital for six years following the Hale fire. Assuming that’s true and only about a year or so has happened in Teen Wolf time (I think, maybe a year and a half) then the fire occurred roughly seven years ago, possibly closer to 8. If it’s 2012, then the Hale fire happened roughly the same time as the death of Claudia. Coincidence? I don’t know.

But then let’s not forget that the day Claudia died, the sheriff was at a car accident. A girl told him to go be with his wife, so this girl is presumably a banshee. That girl presumably died as well.

That’s a whole hell of a lot of supernatural creatures having died within the same time frame. Granted, we don’t know that Claudia was supernatural and we have a human cause for her death (FTD), but after hearing that Lydia’s grandmother spent time in Eichen House (possibly the same time as Claudia) then it doesn’t seem quite likely.

I am going to digress for a minute here and talk about Eichen House.

  • We know that Claudia was supposed to be shown in the episode “Echo House” last season when Stiles is checked into Eichen House.
  • Sheriff is very hesitant to check Stiles in there. We understand because he thinks Stiles is dying from the same disease that took his wife and what not, but it could also be pointing to the fact that Claudia spent time in Eichen House.
  • We know Lydia’s grandmother spent time in Eichen House.
  • We know Lydia’s grandmother as well as Lydia’s mother knew Meredith.
  • We do NOT know how old Meredith is or how long she has been in there.

And all of this together? I have a theory. We were told that the Claudia scenes were cut because it confused things, which may be true, but I think it’s because they didn’t want to introduce that part of the plot yet. I think Claudia also knew Meredith an Lydia’s grandmother.

Let’s not forget this scene from “Insatiable”

Stiles: Okay, will you just let me handle this Isaac. Please. I just I have more experience with banshees.

Isaac: Yeah and mental patients.

Stiles has a known connection to Lydia, but what if it’s because she’s a banshee and he isn’t human? I do think he is less than totally human but that’s another meta entirely.

So what if Claudia had the same connection to Lydia’s grandmother?

And what if Lydia’s sister is the one who died in the car accident that the sheriff is at?


Why is Stiles on a list of presumably already dead people?

I have a theory that Stiles actually died already (possibly as early a 3a). We have been shown plenty of evidence. I will expand on this a little later if people are interested!

Everyone has one, but no one can lose it.

So Allison’s shadow is freaking me out. A lot. Thanks to some lovely nonnies, I’ve begun to consider what could be another plot reveal in the last 5 episodes we have left in the season. 

The nogitsune possessing Stiles continues to use the pronouns we and us. What if he’s not referring to itself and Stiles’ body, but is instead talking about itself… and the nogitsune in Allison?

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Stiles and Lydia have been said to be “two sides of the same coin”, and no one can deny there’s been boatloads of parallels between the two. As Stiles continues to achieve more and more impossible feats and has become increasingly questionable in his actions, I’m starting to see another big parallel Stiles has to Lydia. 

He's something.

Is he psychic? Actually, quite possibly

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Did Claudia Stilinski drown? Or did she drown Stiles?

Remember in 2x11 “Battlefield” when we got that really weird conversation between Morrell and Stiles?

Stiles: It’s like no matter how much you’re freaking out, the instinct to not let any water in is so strong that you won’t open your mouth until you feel like your head’s exploding. Then when you finally do let it in, that’s when it stops hurting.  It’s not scary anymore, it’s – it’s actually kind of peaceful.

Morrell: Are you saying you hope Matt felt some peace in his last moments?

Stiles: I don’t feel sorry for him.

Morrell: Can you feel sorry for the nine year old Matt who drowned?

Stiles: Just because a bunch of dumbasses dragged him into a pool when he couldn’t swim doesn’t really give him the right to go off killing them one by one. And by the way, my dad told me that they found a bunch of pictures of Allison on Matt’s computer. Not just of her, though, I  mean he photoshopped himself into these pictures. Stuff like them holding hands and kissing. You know like he had built this whole fake relationship. So, yeah, maybe drowning when he was nine years old is what set him off the rails, but the dude was definitely riding the crazy train.

This is interesting for a couple reasons.

One - Stiles knows a whole hell of a lot about drowning. What it feels like to refuse to let water in, the peacefulness that comes with letting go - almost like he’s experienced this first hand. Or someone who went crazy researching the hell out of it after his mother died.

Two -Stiles seems to adamantly want to focus on the fact that Matt was already “riding the crazy train” before he drowned - the drowning only “set him off the rails.” Why focus on making this distinction unless Stiles is trying to separate what happened to him from what happened to Matt?

Also, the show took quite a bit of care mentioning that Matt was nine years old when he drowned, in more than just this scene. Stiles would have been 8 or 9 when his mother died. 

Then in 3x6 “Motel California” we get this:

Lydia: Oh my god. She’s drowning the baby.

Now, I don’t think what Lydia hears is the same thing that happened between Claudia and Stiles, but I do find it interesting that he was right behind her when she heard this. It could be significant.

ANYWAY, I originally had this thought because I was thinking about the dead pool. If we assume the dead pool has in fact happened before (I’ve already speculated that it happens every decade) then what triggers it? I think it’s every time the “supernatural reset button” is hit - like with the ice baths.

So what if Claudia drowned herself via ice bath ritual? Or what if she used Stiles? Personally, I think she used Stiles. It would explain a lot.


Other meta writers have pointed out the connection between Stiles and water and I am 100% on board with the fact that we should be picking up on something there.

One of the key things I’ve seen discussed - water often represents danger in this show. But when Stiles enters the picture, it becomes something different.

Of course we have the infamous Stiles and Derek scene first. The water did represent danger, obviously, since Derek was paralyzed. But then enter Stiles, who treads water for hours to keep Derek afloat.

Then we have the scene where Boyd dies. The water did represent danger again - a fight that ended with Derek being used as an instrument to kill Boyd. But enter Stiles and it’s transformed into a scene about comfort and unity.


If it’s something that happens after the “reset” button is hit via ritual drowning and Stiles was drowned when he was 8 or 9 then BAM! WE ARE BACK AT MY ORIGINAL THEORY OF THE PREVIOUS DEAD POOL HAPPENING IN 2004 (x).

We seriously keep getting references to 2004. Claudia’s death. The banshee who told sheriff to go be with his wife. Possibly the Hale fire. The Tate car accident. These cannot all be coincidences.

Hell, maybe this is why it’s called the dead pool.