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If we’re this lucky and Jeff blesses us with a Thiam declaration of love I want it to be Theo and Liam to be separated in a big fight and when they find out the other one is save and unharmed they like jump in each other’s arms and kiss in a passionate way without saying a word because they don’t need it. I want it to be a powerful scene, with the right music (right like Gallows in the first Theo’s scene in 6b) and with Theo who grabs Liam’s hair and Liam who cups Theo’s face without hesitation because they need it after the stress they endured in battle without seeing each other and be sure the other one was well. But, from the sneak peek about the other half of the anuk-ite I’m afraid Thiam is going to fall apart, because Liam was so cold and Mason is the one is going to work alongside Theo and the Thiam dynamics works only when they’re together and they need to fight/save each other/figure things out ALONE. In the pack, their dynamics and interactions are at minimum because Liam doesn’t want to disappoint Scott and the older pack members.

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wait how do we know that Theo gets arrested early?? Did someone say that?

Yeah it was during the shooting of 6B, Cody posted this

The month is October too, which fits with this new year starting (If you remember 6a was set at the start of the year)

As you can see, it says no charges field at this time, so he hasn’t committed any big crimes, say murder, and at the top it says he is a Juvenile 

As you can see, they’ve probably taken him in to the Sheriff’s station because he’s been sleeping in his car and homeless, while being a Juvenile too. In California they have some laws against sleeping in cars

Read them HERE 

It looks like he’s been sleeping, police guy has knocked on the window and woke him up as he looks shocked. Also there’s a blanket half over him. 


There has born the rumour that this girl look exactly like Allison , and I was thinking that maybe is really her . Because if they had open a world to the other side that means that maybe AND PLIS BE A MAYBE a lot of people dead could came back to life , incluiding friends and enemies…AND THATS WHY GERARD TOLD SCOTT TO RUN !!!!!!

jeff davis watching pretty little liars
  • *aria says "i've always seen you as more of a cute werewolf type" to mike*
  • jeff: i think i found one
  • *mike plays lacrosse*
  • jeff: this is looking good!
  • *cody christian (who plays mike) is shown to be an amazing actor that can play both an antagonist and protagonist*
  • jeff: !!!!!! I DID IT GUYS I FOUND ONE !!!!!!!

I don’t want to be the fatalist of the fandom but if nobody dies in this season (Brett is dead and I’m not gonna be over it soon but if you follow my reasoning it will all be clear) this isn’t gonna be realistic. Sure, I want Scolia, I want Peter to be forgiven by Malia and be the father she needs and probably wants and I want Scott to finally talk to his dad and I want Melissa and Chris, and goddamn before 6b I didn’t even knew I wanted Jethan and Thiam and even Golan (and for the last one there was no chance to ship them before ‘cause they’re new characters) this much and I want even Stydia, and Derek to be finally happy and not being accused of murder (mass or not, to me he’s not a killer) and I want even fucking Deucalion to live his life in his apartment, still studying martial arts and act like a pacifist, but it’s war, and it’s not gonna happen. Brett and his sister died before the war was officially started, before Scott tried to have his own army, so we can’t count his dead in the final fight dead count. The last Big Fight was the one where Allison and Aiden died, and it was soo different from the one we’re about to see, because it was supernatural against supernatural, it was, somehow, fair. This time isn’t. This time all the “normals” are going to fight the “freaks” in a really bloody way. So I was thinking about the possible deaths, the ones that surely can break our hearts and how this possible death is gonna happen. Let me explain my theories.

Peter dies.

He’s a father, and since he discovered it he only wanted to be a father, he only cared for Malia’s safety and he only worked with Scott for her. So I can see him die to save Malia, who’s risking her life for Scott, so, in the end, Peter dies because of his love for Malia, who’s in love with Scott and is worried for his life. He’s gonna bring some hunters with him, but clearly his character arc is ended and he can’t do better.

Theo dies.

It kills me but I think Theo is going to die for Liam. I can picture two scenery, one is Theo dying to save Liam and the other one is Theo dying to save someone else Liam deeply cares about (Mason or Scott). He’s going to bring hunters with him too, but not as much as Peter.

Gerard dies.

I can picture Chris as the one who kills him, but after that Chris is gonna leave BH forever, because the place brings him only painful memories, or I can see Tamora as the one who kills him (and there’s various reasons why) and that’s the only way she seems to manage problems (how she became a counselor is still a mystery to me).

Jackson/ Ethan dies.

Because I know Jeff can’t resist to the possibility of a scene where one of them tells to someone else “we’re never gonna celebrate our anniversary.” If this happens, you can find me drowned in my own tears, because Jackson is an asshole but he faced so much painful experieces in his life, first of all the adoption (I’m not saying adoptes child are all gonna be like Jackson but we clearly saw, in season ½ he hasn’t took it well) to the fact he left BH and all his friends behind to have a new life where he can life without the BH and Scott’s pack drama and he doesn’t deserve to lose the only thing it seems to make him happy. In the other hand, Ethan lost his twin brother and before he has killed all his pack members to join the alpha pack and he left BH too, leaving behind Danny and the people he started to be friend with, so he doesn’t deserve it too, but, unfortunately, I’m afraid we’re going to see this scene, probably followed by an angry “this city brings me only pain. You *pointing at Scott* bring me only pain.” If one of them dies before the big fight, the other probably will menace Scott to leave but someone’s gonna make him change his mind because “if you go, Jackson/Ethan died for nothing.” I can picture Lydia say this, because she was Jackson’s first love and Aiden’s last. Whoever dies, is gonna kill some hunters, a fair amount, and the other one is going to be in full beast mode and lose his control on the battlefield.

Gabe/ Nolan dies.

Tamora, or her flunky for her, is going to kill one of them because they helped Scott’s pack/ they refuse to do what they ordered him to do. I really hope for the first one, because I want this two child to redeem themselves in some kind of way.

That’s all, let me know if anybody has different theories and if you agree or not with mine and why, I clearly need help with my insomnia but first I need to talk about teen wolf.

Mieczyslaw “Stiles” Stilinski looked the Anuk-Ite dead in the eyes and didn’t show a single sign of turning to stone before slamming that jar of mountain ash on the ground to kill it dead

never forget the time that jackson came at scott and was like, “alright little man, where are you getting your juice?”

and scott just looked at him, in complete seriousness, and said, “my mom does all the grocery shopping.”

Just some thoughts

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Please tell me I’m not the only idiot who fell for this dickhead him even at the 5th season. DAMN his cocky attitude had me hooked the second I saw him . I mean never truly trusted him , you know (cute, but I don’t trust this bae) but damn Theo (or well… Cody Christian ) is one freaking good looking son of b!tch and I an’t ashamed of saying it ! But I still get very fucking mad at him every time I watch an episode of that season!

My Teen Wolf 6B Theory

Okay I got a few people asking me what I think will happen in 6B and I figured I’d put this together!

Okay, so I have a feeling 6B will start out a few months after the events on 6A, something big is going to happen in Beacon Hills that brings Scott & the other seniors (sans Stiles) back to town.

We know a new villain will be introduced in 6B and she is one of the teachers at BHHH. Her name is Tamora Monroe & Jeff said she’d be a sympathetic antagonist.

Given his statement from the new interview:

I have a feeling she was someone trapped in the Hunt who managed to escape when Scott freed everyone, and she’ll cause some trouble now that she is free.

I also think part of the “cause & effect” might come in the form of the Military finally getting involved in the supernatural. Months ago when they started filming 6B, there was set pics of men in military outfits interacting with the pack.

I also remember one pic of Malia fighting one of the Military men which brings me to what else Jeff said about the storyline in 6B:

He references Scott as the leader of a supernatural underground (that could also be nothing) . But he then mentions that Scott and the pack become Pariahs, outsiders, and the fear of the outsider.

I think the Military might come to Beacon Hills & try to capture/contain the supernatural. Hence he whole thing about something arriving that keeps Scott & the others in Beacon Hills longer.


I feel like Nolan is somewhat related to whatever’s making the beacon hill habitants so afraid… I mean he was on the field when the wolf came and near the class when the mouses came…. Also he was in the same room as the two officers that committed suicide… There’s just something off about him

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How do you think they are going to involve stiles in 6B?? And what do u hope for?

So we know that he’s gonna be in three episodes, right? And one of those includes 6x11. So I bet we’ll see him (and Derek, another spoiler from Teen Wolf Wiki) discussing whatever reason it is for the two of them to hang out. Whatever mystery murder hits Beacon Hills either doesn’t stop them from leaving or he’s already left at that point. What I’m hoping is that after being driven to DC by Lydia, Stiles is skype/regular calling the pack to discuss how Derek just showed up because there’s something he needs to do in DC and how he’ll be helping them. The pack mentions the weird stuff that’s been going on but tell Stiles to stay there so he doesn’t fuck up his internship.

Stiles and Derek will return in 6x19, pulling up relatively early in that episode. It’ll be revealed that Derek’s little “mission” was something relevant to what’s going on in Beacon Hills. Stiles will have spoken to Scott’s dad and they’ll have brought some FBI units to help fight both the monsters and contain the paranoid/antagonistic townspeople. Stiles,Derek, and the FBI will work together trying to break into where there’s a rift causing the problems in BH. and that’s how Derek gets hurt.

I also want to see lots of little updates from Lydia on what Stiles is doing in DC. “Stiles said that Derek took him to the National Archives and they spent hours in the rare and ancient books section? I guess Derek’s mother had a connection to the lead archivist.” and “Stiles said he’s never heard of anything about spider monsters other than, and I quote, ‘his most freaking terrifying nightmares oh my god why would you tell me this’”. 

When he gets back I absolutely expect a reunion kiss, dammit. And if we get a more intimate goodbye scene then I will be thrilled (it’s what we deserve). I wanna see Lydia protect Stiles with her banshee powers. I wanna see Stiles calmly shoot a demon that grabs onto Lydia and tries to bite her.  I want the two of them back to back in the middle of a melee. I want them standing side by side with Scott at the end of the battle and for Lydia to grab Stiles’ hand while he embraces Scott with one arm. I want to see them survive and live outside of Beacon Hills, growing up into adulthood with eachother.