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Lydia Martin and Stiles Stilinski are officially Dating. They’re in A Relationship. With. Each. Other. They Are Dating. They Are In Love And Together. Dating. Together. the #Established Relationship tag is Canon. Offically. They’re D a t i n g officially it is official they are Boyfriend and Girlfriend they are they are t h e y  a r e


Pretty sure I can keep re-watching this until THE END OF TIME.

I have a son. His name is Mieczyslaw Stilinski, but we call him Stiles. I remember. When Stiles was a little kid, he couldn’t say his first name. Not sure why, pretty much rolls off the tongue, but the closest he could get was Mischief. His mother called him that until…I remember when Stiles first got his Jeep, it belonged to his mother and she wanted him to have it. The first time he took a spin behind the wheel he went straight into a ditch. I gave him his first roll of duct tape that day. He was always getting into trouble, but he always had a good heart. Always. We’re here tonight because my goofball son decided to drag Scott, his greatest friend in the world, into the woods to see a dead body.
—  Sheriff Noah Stilinski.

Bromans is ACCEPTED🤘😈😂

That’s a wrap! Teen Wolf finished the last episode 😭😭😭

So wait, you’re telling me this:

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And this:

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And this:

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And this:

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And this:

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And this:

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And countless other examples, is just going to be brushed away.

You’re telling me that the girl, Stiles let an evil entity into his body for, is just nothing?

That Malia’s feelings mean squat to you people?

That the girl who loved and was with Stiles for a long period of time, that he loved and was his first girlfriend and his first time EVER and he is her anchor, don’t matter?

They don’t even get a hug.

For crying out loud, he hugs Liam, he tells Parrish ‘I love you’ and then again, to Liam and Mason.

But the girl that meant more to him than any of those people, gets nothing?

And yet, the girl who is JUST realising her feelings after years of making Stiles feel like crap, before they became friends, gets a big romantic reunion?

Forced or what?