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So I was rewatching the new season 6 trailer (again) and something occurred to me.. During the part where Lydia crying against the wall while she and Stiles are back to back, you can clearly see her holding something in her hand that looks like paper. I'm thinking that maybe that piece of paper could be the letter that Aiden finds in Stiles' room in 3x18 that said "For Lydia." I know that at this point Stiles has already been erased, but maybe somehow Lydia still finds it? What do you think?

I’ve seen some people bring this up as a point before, but my favorite theory is one that was first told to me by @stilesbanshee. I will summarize it for you! (Also I know @hollandroden mentioned it in her big trailer recap analysis. And probably @deathcabjenny somewhere because she’s got a good eye as well). 

Lydia goes to the Stilinski house a few days after Stiles is taken and tries to convince the Sheriff that something is missing, specifically something that should be at his house. She ends up going upstairs, insisting that there’s supposed to be another bedroom (think in 3b where Lydia is sure Stiles is supposed to be in the Eichen House basement). Frustrated when there isn’t one, she attempts to peel off the wallpaper to find the room but starts crying when she isn’t successful.  

She probably manages to tear off a chunk, which is what we see in her hand. Kay (and others) have pointed out that what Lydia is holding looks too hefty to be a piece of paper, which is what we know the “For Lydia” note was written on. It’s also slightly yellowish, kind of like the wallpaper! Kay also mentioned that Lydia could be feeling especially devastated because some more memories of Stiles (Episode 2x11, anybody?) come rushing back because she’s in his house, in front of his room. 

And then (now for the part of the theory that I personally noticed after the first trailer dropped), later, the Sheriff will come up and see what Lydia’s done and peel more of the wallpaper away revealing…

What’s that?

Stiles’ empty room! 

For me, this seems a lot more logical than Lydia somehow finding that note, although that would make for an adorably heart-rending scene.

Stiles' Links To Lydia

I find it super interesting that Stiles imagined his foot caught in a bear trap. That links straight back to the scene with Lydia in the forest, and I’m pretty sure we’re meant to make that connection. Not only that, but there are other connections between them too. We have:

- Stiles’ foot in the bear trap: A memory linking back to Lydia, which, if I’m right in what I’m thinking, Stiles put on HIMSELF in his dream state in order to keep himself from harming anyone. We learn later in the episode that he fought himself to keep from harming anyone. I think this is one of the ways in which the real Stiles fought the Nogitsune. He literally anchored himself in his mind for a time, so the Nogitsune couldn’t lead him away.
An ANCHOR, guys, an anchor. Lydia was his anchor.

- Lydia is also hearing the exact same things Stiles is hearing. She hears the MRI machine, hears voices in the strings in his room, his voice on the radio, everything. Crucially, the strings she listens to are red strings, the very same ones that Lydia wrapped around her finger in Galvanise in her scene with him. Where the bear trap can be seen as Stiles connecting to Lydia, this is Lydia connecting back to Stiles. It’s a two-way stream of consciousness and I’m pretty sure if anyone therefore has an ability to contact the real Stiles, it’s only Lydia who can do it.

S6: “Remember” Trailer Breakdown!

(I apologize, the quality of these photos is truly horrendous. Blehhhh.)

Stiles running through the doors at the school, as seen in the page from the 6x01 script published in Entertainment Weekly. 

“Stiles BURSTS through the double doors of the Administration Hallway. Lydia runs toward him.”

Stiles (and Lydia) running to the Jeep, just after where the script leaves off.

Lydia says, “What are you doing? We need to go!” all panicked, probably just after “Stiles skids to a stop, still holding Lydia’s hand as he sees the Rider.”

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Wait! Are they the same person? The lady from eichen house and theos’ mom?!?! If so maybe theo and Dr. Valack are working together? I’m confused! Maybe my eyes are just playing tricks with me…

Stiles is something – or how agent McCall totally didn’t kill the chemist!

I’ve been saying Stiles is something for ages and I know the entire Meta Pack is with me on this. We’re not entirely sure what yet but I have a suspicion it has to do with belief

Some have perhaps already seen the promos and previews for next week and knows that Lydia adds Stiles’ name to a list (i suspect the one from her grandma’s code.) That just drives this argument home, and truthfully I didn’t see that until after I had spent a minute shrieking with glee for 10 minutes scaring my coworkers after watching episode 4x08. (Does that make me a BanGlee? Terrible pun I know, moving on).

I know I’ve CSI’d this scene earlier and given a somewhat plausible explanation for which direction the bullet came from and why the bullet didn’t hit Stiles. I still think that could explain – or at least serve as an explanation that Agent can use when writing up his little report - that is what he see and hear him do in the beginning of 4x08.  But I don’t think that is what happened and this episode gave us the final proof!

Now, credit must be given where credit is due, because this is a joint meta pack effort and we have spent a lot of time discussing the shooting scene from 4x07 and we found some strange discrepancies.

Let me present them for you.

  • It is a miracle the bullet didn’t hit stiles. It is possible, but takes a VERY SKILLED MARKSMAN to pull off that shot. And we have no evidence Agent is one. He admits to Scott in 4x08 that he’s only shot and killed someone twice before. Not a lot of experience. The Sheriff probably have more skill than agent McCall. He did shoot the rope holding Deaton remember. AND agent was wearing full hazmat suit which would make it virtually impossible for him to do this with any kind of accuracy. Hardly ideal conditions for a Jack Bauer level shot.
  • The bullet wound in The chemist’s forehead is dead center, like a third eye. If agent made the shot, we’d think he’d aim more to the side to ensure the bullet had a bigger chance of avoiding Stiles.
  • The bullet wound does not look like an exit wound. First of all it is very small and second of all it has gun powder residue around it. Look at the black tinges around the wound. Entry wounds has this, not exit wounds!

  • We see a light go off at the same time as we hear the shot fired (see gif below), but it’s too bright to be from the gun. It lights up the entire room. Stiles is associated with flickering lights…
  • Look at this gif – we clearly see that the chemist’s head whips backwards, then forwards before he slumps to the floor. That indicates that he’s been hit from Stiles’ side and not the back.

  • Add to this Stiles’ bewildered comment to agent when he emerges from Coach’s office : “Where did you come from?” If this was the savior with the gun, wouldn’t he be exclaiming “Thank god you came!”

So based on this the meta pack concluded the shot came from Stiles’ side and we believe it was Stiles who caused it. Take a look at the gif again – he does look scared, but not as scared as he should be. He’s concentrating. Using his power, saving himself.

Okay, and now for what we see in 4x08 that I believe supports this theory.

We get a scene with Agent McCall making his report on the incident. We see him removing the bullets from the gun and putting it in a plastic bag.

This is his gun                                                        

This looks very much like the same type of gun that Braeden shows Derek later in the episode

Okay, not the best screencap, but we see it’s a similar handgun. And more importantly – she even gives us a lecture on it.

Braeden: You’ll like this one. The legal clip size in California is 10, you always will remember how many shots you’ve fired. Running out of bullets can get you killed.

Thanks for that Braeden. Now let’s go back to Agent McTall (snickers)

If the legal clip size is 10 and he’s fired one shot that leaves…. 9 bullets left. But wait a minute – how many bullets are in that bag? Let’s count them shall we.

Well, i’ll be damned! It’s 10 bullets! Agent McCall didn’t fire any bullets - meaning the bullet that hit the chemist must have come from his own gun - remember it was pointed straight at stiles’ head and he was in front of him. Somehow Stiles has the ability to make the gun turn on it’s master so to speak.

Here’s another shot of the bullets if you want to do your own count

Still 10!

You might think that sounds outrageous, but let me quietly remind you of all the other “impossible” things Stiles has managed. And if we do a rewatch there might even be more!

  • stiles streched a handful of mountain ash into a line of several meters
  • stiles managed to hold a paralyzed werewolf afloat in a swimming pool for more than two hours
  • stiles is shit at lacrosse, but managed to score numerous goals during the final game in s2
  • stiles managed to hold up a support beam and a shitload of shaky ground with a simple aluminum bat
  • he managed to overpower ethan - an alpha! - at the creepy motel when he wanted to take a saw to his chest
  • maybe he even saved cora in the ambulance because he believed he could? it was a werewolf infected by mistletoe and he saved her by giving her the kiss of life…!
  • Stiles fixed his jeep without having the first clue how to do it
  • Stiles seem to have extraordinary strength for a human - managed to hold on to the lacrosse stick with one hand while simultaniously studying his crime scene photos - Coach was yanking on the other end using both his hands. And also when holding down the werewolf Brett at Deaton’s he held his own. And also Scott in 3x01 when Derek burned the tattoo…

And now with Stiles added onto a list made by a banshee, i’m thinking things will finally come into light- and yes I use the word light deliberately - He is the light of Beacon Hills according to the MTV Character bio :)

Season 6 Trailer Breakdown!

Warning: this is super duper long, there were like 97 frames in the trailer, so. 

ominous tree, leaves rustling in the wind.. a precursor to the wild hunt/storm rolling into town?

a ghost rider in front of Beacon Hills High School at night

Ghost riders.. it looks like they’re running across the lacrosse field? after the game maybe?

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Bonus Deal Meta: Dead Pool and Number 12

Hold on to your hats, this is gonna be a wild one.

So tonight auntpol, superhappygenki, kannbrown, and technologykilledrealityxxxxx have been talking in chat at length about the Benefactor and the meanings of the dead pool.  The more we talked we started thinking about other theories we had considered before and came across things we had not previously discovered concerning the names and the lists.

Our discussion started by looking at how many possible deaths we would have by looking at the dead pool lists we were given.  The lists are below the break along with the possible meanings:

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“He’s talking about The Wild Hunt. About the Ghost Riders. Imagine a night like this, Kira. In storm clouds just like these, phantom hunters would appear. Riding black horses with blood-red eyes. And wolves and hounds at their side, baying and snarling.”-Noshiko Yukimura, “Creatures of the Night”.

Full Disclosure: Ever since this quote came up in episode 1 of Season 5a, I’ve been patiently waiting for Teen Wolf to close the loop and bring the mythology Wild Hunt into the show. My excitement about the potential in this storyline was heightened when hints were dropped that Parrish could be a Hellhound

And then there was this:

(Photo credit to @deathcabjenny, who also put together a nice reference guide for the Wild Hunt here)

Thanks to a careless extra leaking a script we now know that Stiles will be forgotten (presumably because he’s taken by the Wild Hunt) and the younger generation of the pack will be dealing with their classmates being “marked”. After the first leak, I did a search on mythical creatures who marked their victims and then returned for them later and came upon an Irish Unseelie (dark fairy) creature known as the Dullahan. However, I dismissed it as being too obscure. 

And then today, the call sheet was leaked. And I noticed that a “Ghost Rider” was mentioned, and his weapon was a whip. 

Let me give you that description of the Dullahan, which I have immediately revisited (Source Wikipedia):

“The dullahan is a headless rider, usually on a black horse who carries their own head under one arm. The head’s eyes are small, black, and constantly dart about like flies, while the mouth is constantly in a hideous grin that touches both sides of the head. The flesh of the head is said to have the color and consistency of moldy cheese. The dullahan uses the spine of a human corpse for a whip, and its wagon is adorned with funeral objects… When the dullahan stops riding, that is where a person is due to die. The dullahan calls out the person’s name, at which point the person immediately perishes.

There is no way to bar the road against a dullahan—all locks and gates open to them when they approach. They do not appreciate being watched while on their errands, throwing a basin of blood on those who dare to do so (often a mark that they are among the next to die), or even lashing out the watchers’ eyes with their whips. They are frightened of gold, and even a single gold pin can drive a dullahan away.”

So it’s possible that the Dullahan myth is being merged with the Wild Hunt, or there are many different types of Ghost Riders in the Hunt and the Dullahan is just one of them. The Dullahan could also be a scout for the Wild Hunt and may be marking people whom the rest of the Riders will then pick up. The Ghost Rider is labeled as “The Outlaw”, so maybe he’s gone rogue/in opposition to the Wild Hunt who are coming to hunt him down. 

It probably bears mentioning that Unseelie faeries in general really like to kidnap people and force them to do things (though not necessarily via supernatural compulsion). Oh, and if they took a particular liking to you they might decide to keep you as a pet.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go do a bunch of research on faerie mythology. 

The Changeling

My friend notenufcaffeine posted this image and did some break down on it. What caught my attention that I hadn’t noticed before was Malia and Liam- notice how their colors are basically reversed. Liam’s got blue with pink trim, Malia’s got pink with blue framing it.

She also caught how close their names are, again, basically the reverse of the other. 

Now, I’ve been saying since Sprayberry’s been cast that he’s actually Peter’s child. He looks just too close for him to be anything else. I believed Malia to be just a red herring. A decoy to throw the viewers off. Due to Malia’s nature, she’s going to take advantage of the situation, but I never figured it was anything more than dumb luck and simple misunderstanding.

And then I saw this picture and it suddenly clicked. She’s not just accidentally the inverse of Liam. It’s diliberate. They are plain and simple too close, and the costuming is calling our attention too it.

Liam is the lost child, who will be found. The pictures of him at the Hale house ruin’s assure me that his parentage will be uncovered. But then what is Malia?

I mean, yes, trickster- got that memo. But it’s more than that.  She’s the ‘other’. She’s almost a perfect mirror image. Female to male. front to back, pink to blue. And that kind of symmetry doesn’t just happen.

So, immediately, my mind goes to myths and legends, because, it’s Teen Wolf after all. And what do we call a mirrored replacement for a lost child? One that is the same, and yet NOT the same? 

We call that a changeling. A creature of magic. A Fae or fairy, who’s possibly under an illustion, for what is 'different’ looks that 'same’. This is deep magic, some of the oldest stories that man has told man. This is taking a stranger into your midst, giving it shelter and nourishing it, letting it have access to you and all your secrets. This is how the fairies might learn your true name and gain power over you- all in the guise of a harmless child.

Now, a Banshee is a fairy too. In fact, the 'shee’ in it’s name is actually 'Shea’, the word the Celts used to name the fae. So we have fairy in conflict with fairy. Magic against magic- and isn’t it interesting that the storyline as it’s been presented so far, has Malia going after Stiles- the boy with the Spark. I do believe Lydia will be fighting for Stiles, not as his lover, but as his sister- but there will be a fight.

And why? That’s the third mystery- What is Stiles? What is his Spark? His light? The light that drew the Nogitsune to take him, in the face of a whole stable of powerful supernatural beings? Stiles is much more than he appears, and at least Derek Hale and Deaton have figured this out. (I’m willing to bet Malia knows too) cupidsbower had a great series of Metas over the weekend, breaking down exactly what happened to Derek and Stiles over season 3 and she spent a great deal of time focusing on that moment when the light suddenly went off for Derek and his hot blood ran cold- because something else was taking Stiles, and what Stiles has, away from him.

If this comes together as I’m thinking it will, Jeff has written a truly elegant conflict. He’s elevated a High School girl fight over a boy, and has turned it into a supernatural conflict of dire proportions. Light vs. Dark are fighting over possession of the Spark- one to build it up, the other to extingush it.

And don’t get too comfy with this status quo, because do you honestly think that after Derek spent all of 3B trying to free Stiles, he’s going to suddenly be willing to sit on the sidelines? 

We’ve always known that the show takes elements and develops them as themes over the course of the season- 1 was fire- quick, uncontrollable change. 2 was water- swiftly flowing emotions, tides raising and falling, flood waters destroying everything in its path and leaving destruction in its wake. Three was the Earth- all about who had power- strength- control. Who was literally the strongest, who could push or pull others to gain territory and land and the control that went with it.

Now we have a season of air. Air is knowledge. Its all about knowing, being about to see and perceive, and understand. And right away, we can tell that faces, and with that identities and names,  are going to be obscured. Secrets, and the power that they have, will be fought over. Because how can you know your friend from your foe if you can’t see their face? Secrets such as what is your name? Who where your parents? and Who do you need to stay sane? are all going to be crucial.

Suddenly Malia being a trickster in the hero’s midst makes perfect sense. The Boned-faced Berserkr that theonesarcasticchick and athenadark have identified could easily be Derek Hale (hidden faces, remember?) Liam being a lost Hale- they all fit together. Stiles, the boy without a true name and with a background of mystery. And oh yes, that other lost child, the nameless orphan- Jackson himself has even been in for a guess appearance.  

These are all little, random hints and unimportant whispered facts, but piled together, they paint a vivid picture. And if we peek far ahead, we can see that Season 5, when the element is Void, the big question will be 'What is real?’

So Aiden is back… He was is the code for the deadpool, so was Alison… what I’d she comes back too, but as a villain. Jeff did say two people could come back…crystal was ay paleyfest… Just saying…

teen wolf speculation: i’m thinking that the alphas can fuck with your mind big time. tempt you by giving you what you want (aka stiles with a girl who is supposedly his ‘childhood crush’ making out in what looks to be a basement and lydia getting with one of the alphas possibly???) and they can also warn you by taking away what you love (aka mama mccall being killed). which would explain why scott isn’t responding at the end of the trailer, because he’s stuck in his own head. (i’m also thinking that derek attacking his pack members is a part of a mental test they put him through to see if he can actually do it. and maybe that them shoving isaac in the ice water was a way of trying to wake him up??) i’m thinking that there’s gonna be a shit ton of mindfucking this season. they are gonna use the shit out of everyone, and tear them apart mentally, and then leave them be. 

basically this season should be called

teen wolf season 3: inception’d

Wouldn’t it be neat if we had it all backwards? (Post 5x09 and 5x10 previews speculation)

From the beginning of the season, the general assumption was that Theo was targeting Stiles so heavily because he wanted to remove him from the pack and take Stiles’ place. Based on the previews for 5x10, it looks like the opposite is true–Theo is alienating SCOTT so he can take his place as Alpha and get his werecoyote/kitsune/banshee/angry beta/morally dubious human pack.

So what if most of our assumptions as the audience as backwards, and Lydia’s time in Eichen House isn’t the something the DD did, but instead something like a stop-loss put into action by Scott/Deaton/maybe Valack?

Maybe Theo gets what he wants and gains Alpha status. He’s gained a lot of ground recently in terms of replacing Scott as leader, but I don’t think he’s gained quite enough to really have control. Maybe as part of his deal with the doctors, he gains access to whatever frequency they use to make people forget they ever saw them. He wipes Stiles, Lydia, Malia, Kira and Liam’s memories of their loyalty to Scott, and he gets his pack.

Flash forward to Lydia in Eichen House, and Valack’s efforts to get at her memories. He asks specifically about Kira, Malia, Parrish and Stiles. Not about Scott, who would be the most obvious person to want to know about. Maybe because Valack doesn’t need to know about Scott (he’s working with him after all), but only about the other members of the new Raeken pack.

Lydia is in Eichen House because Scott was able to get her back from Theo. Valack’s interrogation is his and Scott’s attempt to either get more information about where the Raeken pack is, or to try and fix the memories Theo broke.

I'm On To You, Jeff...

I keep thinking about the episode and specifically about Malia and what exactly her purpose in this season is. However, the more I think about it, the more suspicious I am that Malia is tied very directly to this whole plot line and I think something very, very important is going down. Specifically, I think that if there is a second Nogitsune as has been speculated, it’s her. Let’s go over some things that I and people in the fandom have noticed:

1) This is a brilliant catch by alarmingstatue (http://alarmingstatue.tumblr.com/post/77850934349/just-adding-my-two-cents-into-the-malia-nogitsune-meta) that shows quite clearly the similarities between the Nogitsune’s eyes and Malia’s:

2) I’m still in the belief that some of the things brought up in the first episode are still profoundly relevant now, and one of the main reasons I believe that comes from the return of the hunter lady from the beginning of the season. She had kept Talia’s claws, and spoke of wanting to find a “she-wolf”. At the time, a lot of people assumed this meant Cora, but considering that Cora is irrelevant to this season and storyline I really don’t think so. So why had the hunter lady taken Talia’s claws?

Why does she ask Chris what’s going on with Allison? It could be a hint that the metas going around are correct and Allison is indeed also possessed. However, it also means that whatever she’s looking for, she suspects that it takes the form of a young woman. Therefore, Allison is a suspect to her. But she’s missing what the claws actually mean. When Lydia listens to them, she learns (or at least seems to learn) that Malia is Peter’s daughter. Or perhaps she has been able to find the memory contained in the claws and the hunter lady knows Peter Hale has a daughter, who would presumably be a young woman due to Peter’s age and, due to genetics, is probably yes, a she-wolf. She doesn’t know that Malia is a were-coyote and not a wolf, and if my thinking is correct we’ll get some insight into how were-coyotes come to be. However as is shown in the Hale family having a genetic werewolf trait, if she was after Malia, yes, she would assume she was a she-wolf.

3) Malia said she couldn’t shift back into a coyote, but yet at the end of the episode, she turns her eyes blue and walks away from the asylum after Stiles has been repossessed, smiling and looking as though she achieved something. This happens at the end of the episode, which means it’s not there as a throw-away thing, it’s meant to be dramatic and it means something. I would not be surprised if Malia has been lying this whole time. What exactly she’s lying about, I don’t know; she could just be lying about not being able to shift, but I think it could even be more than that. She could be lying about what happened to her family, lying about who she is and her connection to the situation, or something else.

Malia has been part of several suspicious scenes. When Meredith is on the phone and talks about “one of them” being behind her, it’s not only Stiles behind her, Malia is there too! She also very convincingly manages to form an emotional attachment to Stiles, but there’s something sinister about it too. When Malia punches him, he falls directly onto the grate looking down at the basement, where he was caught in one of Mr Tate’s bear traps ! Malia also wakes Stiles from his dream with the Nogitsune (seemingly!), and very quickly establishes a relationship with him that culminates in him giving himself to the Nogitsune to save her. That, combined with her change of eye colour and her creepy smile at the end of the episode, convinces me that there is something definitely up with her. Who smiles after finding out that their new love interest gave himself over to possession? She even kisses him after finding out his marks are almost gone.

CONCLUSION: I’m prepared to be wrong, but I think Malia Tate is our second Nogitsune if there is indeed a second one. She is helping the Nogitsune attached to Stiles, as is shown when it temporarily is shut out of Stiles’ mind in this episode (hence “let me in,” and Meredith mentioning “one of them,” as Stiles was not currently possessed at that moment, rather, Malia). The Nogitsune we’re familiar with, unable to get back into Stiles, jumps around between hosts such as Oliver and I suspect that officer who knocks Stiles out, but wants to get back I to Stiles, hence why he does give him the injection and so on. Malia helps the Nogitsune get back into Stiles by convincing Stiles to let it back in, by tricking and manipulating him (trickster spirit, guys!).

Also: what if Claudia Stilinski’s symptoms line up with Stiles’ not because he’s a nogitsune and so was she, but because she was also tapped into the nemeton? If she died 7-8 years ago, and the Hale fire was six years ago, and Derek was a teenager then, that would put her death right around the time Derek accidentally powered the nemeton by killing Paige. 

I've never noticed before....

look at the wall behind them.
Its a picture of a brain, now, lets all remember the brain scans Stiles had taken, and remember void and nogi being in possession of him.
I’m properly really late out, and I’m surely not the first to notice, but I just wanted to point it out.
(if someone can tell me what it says, please do so)

metamewrong or athenadark have any of you seen this? (just wanted to make sure… sorry)


Someday I’ll be able to do quick fancy screen caps and not take crappy iPhone pics of my tv.

Ok so it looks like these are the ranks:
Argent - knight
Allison - knight
Kate - castle
Jackson - castle

Derek - king
Peter - knight
Deaton - castle
Scott - pawn?
Isaac - pawn already captured off the board
Aiden - pawn
Ethan - pawn

That’s all I see. The camera angle isn’t the best. Did I miss anyone?

"Thanks Mom" Foreshadowing, Stiles and the Demons

I thought it would be interesting to look at the scene with Stiles and the demons again, this time with all the different brilliant theories in mind that the fandom has come up with. In particular, I’m really interested in what Holland meant when she said “thanks mom,” was epic foreshadowing. But we’ll get to that!

First and foremost, the scene begins with the Oni arriving to test Stiles. In this screencap I think it’s clear he looks scared, and he steps back away from them too. So we can assume here that at the beginning, he’s indeed Stiles.

Next, Stiles looks sharply to his arm when he grabs hold of the Oni. Again, I don’t feel that the spirit possessing him would do this; it feels to me as though this is a moment of the real Stiles being surprised at himself.

Here I think is the moment Stiles starts to change. He’s still staring at the hand, but he no longer looks quite as shocked. He starts looking pretty removed from the situation and this is where we lose the real Stiles (at least for now). Black smoke comes off the Oni’s hand at his touch; it’s not from his hand.

Next. The thing possessing Stiles must be the Nogitsune or something else. But if it’s the Nogitsune, I’m wondering why Stiles’ eyes never went white or the teeth didn’t show. If they wanted us to assume Nogitsune, they could have showed us this and it would be confirmation. Instead, they don’t confirm anything. He could definitely be possessed by the Nogitsune, but it could also be a red herring as people have said.

Let’s come back to “thanks, mom.”

We know Claudia and Stiles share the same symptoms. A lot of people are assuming that this means the Nogitsune is like a family curse, passed down to him, which makes sense with “Thanks, mom,” in a kind of sarcastic light. I really don’t think so, though, because if the Nogitsune has been dormant and in Stiles since his mother’s death, he wouldn’t have been able to cross mountain ash.
So whatever it is definitely got in because of the ice bath sacrifice. We know we’ll meet Claudia at some point. We know it’s going to be big and important.

I think whatever is possessing him has some massive connection to Claudia or else IS Claudia.


Check out the burst of light too. It’s pretty similar to Kira’s! What if this is Stiles’ famous “spark”? Some presence of his mother kicking in and trying to protect him from something else, hence “thanks mom,” being great foreshadowing?

CONCLUSION: If Stiles is indeed not possessed by a Nogitsune and that’s a red herring, Claudia is actually attempting to help him (potentially the state of bardo allows some degree of communication between living and dead because it’s between the two). Claudia is helping Stiles to fight off the demons literally and metaphorically.

I’m predicting the Nogitsune is in fact ALLISON.