teen wolf seasn 3

In honor of the Jeff Davis Q&A

I decided to go through and pick out my favourites. He was pretty vague, as I expected him to be. We still have four more episodes left in 3a and 12 more in 3b so obviously we have a lot to look forward to and I have no doubt that our questions will be answered when they need to be. 

Also, amen to what Kate said about Jeff Davis knowing his characters 600x better than you ever will. They are HIS characters. Of course he knows them. The fact that people are even implying that he doesn’t know them is absolutely crazy. 

But anyway, there were some gems in that Q&A and I would like to comment on them so without further ado. 

1) lulz at this whole thing. 2) Jeff’s answer is perfect. Because that is basically how I responded to it when I read it. This fandom and Stiles’ sexuality. The whole idea of sexuality in this show is such a non issue. Homophobia doesn’t even exist in Beacon Hills. I just think it is hilarious that people are so caught up in Stiles’ sexuality because Jeff himself probably doesn’t even think about it. 

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