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Oh I can't wait for Haley Webb's interview, really! I think she's adorable and I'm super excited... Not to mention I ship Dennifer like crazy and I cross my fingers that we can keep Haley in the cast... her twitter is so funny! Will you be able to post the interview before or after 3x09?

Oh yay!! I actually JUST finished listening to it back and I think you’re going to LOVE the interview. It’s so so good. Haley is a delight!!

Anyways. Yes!! We’ll be posting the episode before 3x09!! (Probably Monday) But be on the lookout :D

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If this next ep is all about the wolves facing their fears, then it only makes sense for Scott's WORST FEAR to be Mama McCall dying. But given the trope of the "hotel where your worst fears come true", chances are it's not an actual, permanent thing. At least, that's what I'm banking on. Cause otherwise I will not stop crying.

Yeah. For now I NEED to believe it’s all hallucinations.

1). I truly think that’s what it is.

2). I honestly can’t entertain the idea of losing Scott’s mom. No nope. No. Can’t do it.

Ms. Morrell

All of this talk about Ms. Morrell reminds me of what she said to Stiles at the end of season two. “If it’s about survival, isn’t a little agony worth it?” The only other person who’s main goal in the second season is Gerard. “If it’s about survival, I’d sacrifice my own son.” Perhaps Morrell is motivated by a need for survival, like Gerard. So, even if it means locking up Derek and Scott with two rabid werewolves, and teaming up with the alpha’s, she’ll do what’s necessary. Building off that last meta, perhaps she sees herself as a grey character. She seems to look down on Deaton for his “sentimentality”, his willingness to help others, despite the danger it brings on himself. For Morrell, survival is key, even if it means living in shades of grey.

Well we know for sure she’s a grey character. Jeff has mentioned that before. Which means she’s technically not good or evil. 

Before we can trust her though (even semi-trust) we have to find her motivation. For Gerard it was himself and power.

For Morrell we really have no idea yet… If the motivation aligns with our heroes agenda then she might be useful. If not? Then she’ll probably be a threat.  

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for all we know, peter could have been on his list, originally, but he could have had an alibi, etc. and gerard is presumed dead by the mains, most likely.

Yeah, that’s what I’m wondering.

Because you know Stiles has an elimination process. I’m just curious as to what his logic is.

Because sometimes it’s on POINT. And then other times its just like ‘I don’t like that guy…’

And so many times his gut reaction is RIGHT!! I just need to know how and why good sir. Lol

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maybe the motel doesnt just affect wolves and their worst fears, the wolf in the promo has been said to be an argent on IMDB. if that's true, maybe his worst fear was becoming a werewolf. so the humans could be affected too

I’m not sure the Argent wolf is attached to the motel story though. That may be a flashback of some sort.

But yeah. It’s really hard to tell if the humans are freaking out or not. Because in the trailer we pretty much only see the wolves affected

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I don't know if I've seen this brought up before, but has anyone gotten weird feelings on the lighting choices this season? Nearly every daytime scene feels like it has a late-afternoon sunlight effect going on that makes everything feel like a faded photograph or newspaper. Even the sunrise in "Fireflies" looked more like a sunset and the daytime hallways in "Unleashed" looked like 5 PM to me. Every scene feels like they're running out of daylight--running out of time--for something. Thoughts?

You’re definitely not the only one who’s noticed this.

And I’ve actually seen quite a few pieces of meta going around about the lighting and stuff. Maybe check our TW Meta tag?? :)

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Okay so repeat Darach over and over in your head. It starts to sound a lot like DEREK. So I'm thinking maybe Derek is doing the killings. After all he already wants the alphas dead. But, maybe he doesn't know he's killing them similar to the way Lydia shows up to places and has no clue how she got there... Does that make sense?

Like maybe he’s being manipulated or controlled? Maybe, it’s a possibility!!

Someone else was making the connection to the two names.

My personal opinion (Brook) is that it’s a small element to base a theory on. But that’s just my two cents. The other girls may think differently!!

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Why did Dr. Deaton say 'Not here you wont' when the alphas threatened to kill Ms. Morrell? Is it because he knows they wouldn't or am i just over thinking it telling myself there's more to it?

Naw, I don’t think you’re over thinking it. Because I’m sure he had a reason for saying that. Though what exactly Deaton meant. We’re still trying to tease that out.

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Good point hmm i honestly didn't think of it like that. And it would be pretty cool if Cora made some sort of connection with him. and i was also wondering, could Cora possibly be considered part of the pack? or is she just a loner tagging along for now? hmmm hopefully she doesn't have any other plans under her claws... (see what i did there? Lol)

Cora is Derek’s sister and a Hale, so I’m sure she’d fall under his pack considering he’s an Alpha.

I think of it as a default setting or something. Lol

Also, you’re adorable <3