teen wolf rp confessions

I just want to let you all know, even though you don’t get a confession on her, that doesn’t mean you are not loved and your writing is appreciated! No one should feel insecure about their writing, because everyone has their own style and each and all of you is amazing on their own way! There is always someone out there to love you and stalk you! Please keep that in mind. This goes out to all of you! *blows kisses*

I've got a challenge for you guys.

I want to spread a little more positivity around this fandom before the episode tonight so here’s a small challenge. 

Reblog this onto your blog so more people can see it and then send five of your favorite RPer’s a message about how awesome they are!

Oh! And stay off anon. I know some of you guys like to hide behind anon so they don’t know who you are but trust me, no one’s going to think you’re annoying for praising them. Keep off anon and tell them personally how much you love them.