teen wolf riddled


In which Derek is technologically inept and needs help clearing his browser cache and history, recruiting his new bff Kira to help him with the task.

Last Night's Episode Went a Little Like This...

Stiles and Scott on the Phone

Lydia hearing Stiles through the speaker

Papa Stilinski

Creepy Ass Mother Fucking Scare Crow Demon (pardon my french)

Finding Stiles in the Wolf Den

Stiles and Scott talking and the hug

Scott and Derek having a moment

Finding out that Stiles is dying

Demon thing is Stiles head… mother freaking shadow possession… oh wait it’s Stiles!

Lydia trying to avoid screaming in her car

Freaking Demon/Possessed Stiles

So all in all the overall reaction was

May have missed some moments too….

Teen Wolf : Riddled

AKA TELL ME AGAIN THAT SCOTT DOESN’T CARE ABOUT STILES. C'mon, this pretty much cemented the idea that people weren’t worried about Stiles because he was just a human Stiles. 


  • Scott told Stiles that he would give him the Bite. One of the tropes I hate in canon-compliant fic is where Stiles is all “No no I never ever ever want to be a werewolf.” Stiles thinks werewolves are great. He didn’t want to be like Peter. Nobody wants to be like Peter. We are still referencing Season 1 where even the Twins are like “Dude, DON’T BE PETER HE WAS A CRAZY ALPHA.” I like human!Stiles, but to be honest I would still be all about werewolf!Stiles – especially if Isaac dies. The new kid (if he has a real part), Danny and Allison can be the humans. 
  • Shit, they went there with “emotion” scenting. Please don’t take it to the extreme. Consider it like having the ability to decipher microexpressions. 
  • But can you smell the scent of Season 4 taking place? Derek confirming to  Scott that the Hale Pack used to protect Beacon Hills. Stiles lined up for a major change (possibly into a werewolf.) Lydia having a direct line to supernatural phone calls and pleas for help. The coyote episode letting us know that supernatural shape shifters are right there. Magical mercenary!Braeden and the Hunters let you know that there is a whole underground supernatural existence. “It will draw them here” suggests that we could see a lot more of the supernatural world next season. It would be an interesting change. 
  • Mrs. Yukimura does not necessarily have to have met the nogitsune in the internment camps in the 1940s. 18 years ago (~1994) the nogitsune was in Japan. That means its had 18 years to jump around to any number of different people. 
  • Well my theory that the nogitsune was not Stiles is shot, but I still believe there are two aspects of Stiles existing. One is completely oblivious, the guy who woke up in the “basement” with a trap on his leg. The other is the one who put himself in the coyote den and then purposely imagined a trap on his leg so he wouldn’t be able to escape and finish the nogitsune’s plan.This is the same aspect that struggled on the rooftop, and wrote “WAKE UP” all over Stiles’ notes. 
  • Stiles asked Scott not to tell his dad that he was missing and Scott soothed him and then immediately went to tell the Sheriff like he should have, A+ decision making very good choice.
  • Rafael mentions being drunk back in the day. He referenced Stilinski’s drinking in 3A. I think they used to be drinking buddies when they were fellow Deputies, maybe while Claudia was declining. I STILL DON’T THINK THERE WAS ANY PHYSICAL ABUSE TO MELISSA. She was very calm and almost amused about him being drunk enough to pee in a closet.


The camp referenced in Allison’s weird phone messages will end up being an internment camp that had a supernatural event occur and was covered up - which is why Mr. Yukimura said it didn’t exist. 

The nogitsune revealing himself as having Stiles’ face was actually him overcoming and taking control of Stiles’ shadow!self - an aspect of his personality. 

Allison still has to deal with her shadow!self, the unlocked part of her personality.

We will see more elevators. (Seriously season 3 loves the elevator set.)

At some point, Stiles visited Eichen House – where the nogitsune was residing within Barrow. Somehow the nogitsune jumped from Barrow to Stiles, bringing with it remnants of Barrow – which is why Stiles wrapped the nuts and bolts in a present and why the nogitsune showed him the Eichen House basement. It used Barrow for the bombs. Who it was in before Barrow is a mystery.

The nogitsune cannot control Stiles for long, even with its supercharged -by - foxfire power (something it didn’t have before.) That’s why Stiles’ body was shaking during the firefly scene. (When is the nogitsune not the nogitsune – when it’s Stiles.) 

We had another casual reference to Stiles’ name being unpronounceable. Although Lydia is very smart, we do know now that Derek speaks “many languages”. Also, although “Stilinski” is Polish and its been heavily suggested that Stiles’ name is also Polish the Sheriff mentioned that it was his wife’s fathers name – which means he did not choose it and may be uncomfortable saying it as well. It would be an interesting twist to love interests if it was his father’s love that helped free him from the nogitsune though.

Chris is all about stopping/killing the nogitsune. Stiles is the nogitsune. Derek is grabbing at Chris’s throat – guys I think you were right, Chris makes a mention that they should stop the nogitsune the easiest way (kill Stiles) and Derek (and Scott who’s probably right behind him in that shot) disagrees.

THIS ISN’T YOU. THIS IS ME. The secret to the nogitsune is it is bonding with Stiles’ shadow!self – a part of him that is tainted with darkness. It is not 100% separate anymore. There isn’t a clear line between “Stiles’ Time” and “Nogitsune is Possessing Time”. That’s why the nogitsune unwrapped himself to reveal Stiles. Scott is telling him that he’s just a vessel being used but Stiles is saying “No, I’m a part of this."