teen wolf rewatch

So, I’m re-watching season 3 of Teen Wolf...

That season was a fucking gift.

  • There was plenty of the original four
  • There was the twins
  • Erica, Boyd, Isaac, Derek, and Danny.
  • So many ships to choose from: Scallison, Allisaac, Dethan, Laiden, Stydia, Draeden, Scira, the beginning of Stalia
  • There was the Oni and the Nogitsune and the Nemeton

Can you imagine werewolf Jackson fighting for control over his body against the Kanima that’s still lurking in him and his body is in a half werewolf half kanima state and something’s trying to kill him and he’s curled up into a ball behind Stiles inside a circle of Mountain Ash. And and and Jackson is scared, and Stiles is scared but he’s trying to tell Jackson to breath through it and relax. Then he eventually gets a hold of it and he says in a raspy voice, “Stiles break the circle.” Stiles doesn’t skip a beat, he breaks the circle Jackson jumps out and he slams it back close. Then Jackson whips what ever it is ass. I’d prefer it to be an arrogant Alpha looking to claim Beacon Hills. And he just totally destroys them and shifts back to normal. And then when Stiles breaks the circle and kiss him he makes a ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ joke.

Do you know what I love about this?

Sheriff: “She left, huh?”
Stiles: “Yeah.”
Sheriff: “So is there, uh- Anything there?”
Stiles: “No. No, she’s in love with someone else.”

I love that Stiles is right, this is actually true. There could never be something there while Lydia was still in love with Jackson. And if there had been, Stydia would never have gotten this far. It wouldn’t be genuine.

Instead, Lydia starts opening up to Stiles and Stiles starts to see who Lydia really is behind the walls he slowly crumbles down and their friendship is born and blossoms beautifully through time. And eventually, it’s not just a friendship anymore.

Maybe the next time the Sheriff asks Stiles about Lydia, the answer will be different…

TW Episode 1.12 “Tempting, but keep talking.”

Anyways. This scene in it’s full context always amused me.

It’s the point in which Peter realizes he fucked up badly by biting the guy with the hero complex when he should have gone for the one with questionable morals. And it contains the hilarious comment about Scott’s username and password.

But I’m having way too much fun making shit up and everyone knows what the lines really were.

So here is what happened in ALT TEENWOLF verse: Steter Land.

PETER: You have great cheekbones. Look at those shadows. You’d make a fine wolf.

STILES: Mine aren’t nearly as sexy as yours.

PETER: You’re quite right, the shadows clearly outline my magnificent face.

STILES: And FYI, your mouth? It’s also clearly made for stuffing things into it…..

PETER: What kind of things….?

STILES: Oh ,uhm. Well you know. Adult things.

PETER: Teenagers suck.

STILES: Well, actually….

PETER: I’m Lawful evil, Stiles. Not Chaotic Evil.  But, Tempting, keep talking…

Women love words. You need to tell her how you feel. Just say it. Say it again. Say it differently. Learn how to say it better. Learn how to sing it. You know, just write it in a poem and a letter attached to flowers, carve it in a tree, in a sidewalk with cement, tattoo on your arm. Just tell her the truth. Tell her… Anything and everything you want.

Melissa McCall, 1x11

by far one of my favorite quotes

pevxnsie  asked:

Hi! I've recently been reading through your Stydia fics which are just amazing and just so well written like wow. I can't read all of them yet, because I'm only looking like halfway through season 2. So, I was wondering if you had any recs for fics that aren't spoiler-y or are in AU? I know about like, Alison's death and Stiles' real name and that Scott is a true alpha and stuff (I have no idea what it means tho) but nothing super in depth about what's to come.

AYYY i say this every 5 minutes but season 2 is my favourite season :) most people like season 3 better, though, so you’re in for a treat.

and umm thank you for liking my stydia fic ? ? you’re the best. I did a fic rec a little while back of some cute fics that you don’t have to know a lot about the show to read so CHECK IT OUT

Levi rewatches TW and cries in despair

So i’ve been rewatching season 3 (again) and I’ve decided to write down a few things I missed the first time I watched it. Maybe you all noticed them, maybe you didn’t. If you know the answer to one of my questions, tell me! This is the list so far:


  • Stiles noticed something weird about Ms. Blake after the bird incident (might be a reach).
  • He helped hold down Scott while Derek burned him (Scott was wolfing out).
  • The woman was Braeden.
  • Braeden said Deucalion was “afraid of him” to which Deucalion answered “Of a teenage boy?” and Braeden replied “Of the man he’ll become.” It seems like he’s talking about Scott but how could he know Scott could become a True Alpha? Other candidates at this time are Stiles and Isaac. Magic!Stiles hint or am I reading too much into this?
  • Also, Deucalion wanted Derek to kill someone (that someone the person Deucalion was afraid of) or get Derek killed.


  • Peter has done the memory thing before. Maybe he was bluffing but he certainly knew how to do it.
  • Stiles helped held down another werewolf.
  • Were the thunder and lighting added for more #drama or what?
  • Morrell did something to help Allison hide. Magic? Or was the bleach the thing that helped?
  • Derek still believed Erica was alive.
  • He was willing to risk his life to save both Boyd and Erica.
  • He also wouldn’t blame Scott if he bailed out.
  • Allison broke the line by hand in a really messy way.
  • Lydia screamed. Was it for Heather?


  • Lydia screamed for poolboy (I don’t know his name).
  • Why didn’t she scream for Heather?
  • Blake was at the high-school. Was poolboy killed earlier? Ok, I now realised Lydia waited some time between screaming and going out.
  • Peter tried to manipulate Derek into killing his pack or did I get it wrong?
  • Heather was the only link to Stiles’ life outside the pack and now she’s dead. 
  • He figured it out.


  • Scott doesn’t believe Stiles re human sacrifices.
  • Cora heard “rumours”. Is there like a secret twitter for werewolves or something? 
  • Was Allison’s vision of her mother normal or caused by Morrell?
  • “Wither up and die”. This felt important.
  • Can everybody hear that noise?
  • Harris seemed to hear it later on.
  • Why did Deaton want to leave the druid business behind?
  • What happened 10 years ago? I don’t know what the timeline is or when the Hale fire happened. 
  • Harris was working witht the Darach.
  • He knew about the supernatural. What?
Episode 1.12 “I don’t want ...”

This scene. I have a lot of things to say about this scene but I feel it’s probably all been said before over the years. I really thought it was weird that Stiles refused the bite at first but then it really came to me why he didn’t. I think he saw how much Scott suffered at his first full moon. But I don’t think he refused the bite because of some moral high ground.

I personally think the only reason he refused the bite because he was genuinely afraid of being under Peter’s control. Of what it might do to him and of what Peter would make him do.

I think he wanted the bite but he was more afraid of Peter than the bite.  I can’t really blame him, Peter was fucking scary sexy in Season One, also in all the seasons.:) Don’t think I didn’t notice the red shirt and black leather coat were just like the outfit that Spike from Buffy used to wear. I see what you did there, Teen Wolf.

This was ALT Teen Wolf: Steter Land’s scene:

PETER: Whelp, I have to go murder someone. Later!

STILES: No…wait! What about me?

PETER: Bae, I’m confused. You want me to murder you?

STILES: No, Um. I…. I want you to do Other Things!

PETER: Define “Other Things” Stiles, I’m a Werewolf not a mind reader.

PETER: How about I help you say what’s on your mind, Bae?

STILES: He’s touching me, Shit! Think Brain, think.

PETER: You want me to bite you Y/N?

PETER: No response, so let’s be clear. I’ll happily bite you. See my teeth and claws, Bae.

STILES: No! That’s not where I want  you to bite me. (er…)

PETER: So close…

STILES: It’s not that I don’t want you to bite me, I just don’t want you to bite me there!

PETER: Make up your mind, Bae. I don’t have all day. 

STILES, can’t think because all the blood is south again, Stilinski

PETER, No time for this shit, Hale.  “Good bye, Stiles”


Episode 1.12 “That didn’t sound sincere”

No, it really didn’t. She deserved to die and stay dead. IMO.

Peter deserved this revenge.

It did not escape my notice that Peter just took out Chris first, he didn’t kill Chris.

He then takes out Scott and just ignores Allison. He grabs Kate and tosses her into the house.

This is a weird scene. There’s a lot going on here to suggest that Peter had completely lost it. Especially if he was going to kill Allison.

Then Peter just decides: Fuck it, I’m killing Allison too. He’s really lost it by this time. He’s killed the person responsible but that’s not enough. My poor baby’s completely psycho. There is no reasoning with him. Not anymore. He wants the Argents dead. I’m not even sure that he wouldn’t have gone out and killed Chris too and kept killing.

See, at this point we know. We know Peter is psychotic. If he had stopped at Kate we might have been able to say, okay. He really is just going to kill the responsible ones. But he didn’t.

There really is no other way to handle him now other than taking him out.

I honestly think TW didn’t believe they would get a Season Two or they wouldn’t have killed Peter.

I’m still behind him 100%. Every action he did? It was because of what happened to him. He was psychotic. Even killing Laura. Had he been in his right mind? That wouldn’t have happened. Had he not been left alone to fend for himself? That wouldn’t have happened. Six years alone in your head is going to break anyone.

Peter Hale suffered and was broken and insane. He deserved his revenge. He also deserved to be written better.  He deserved a better plot line then “I’m going to kill my niece to get power and my only motivation is Power and I’m gonna leave a paper trail any idiot could find.”

If Peter was truly smart enough to prepare for his resurrection you’d think he’d know not to leave a fucking paper trail.