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Its Crackship Time!!

Puppy Pack vs Season 1-3 Cast

1) Corey & Jackson - well because they are both reptiles and naturally drawn to the other.

2) Mason & Danny - can you imagine how soft? Like I can’t even. Also: “i dont think i can date a werewolf” WELL! Problem solved Danny boy.

3) Theo and Isaac- Lets not start the “who tops” argument. We’ll be here all day.

4) Liam and Young Derek- I dont know why but it looks nice.

Fic Rec Friday

A rare pair this week, featuring Jackson/Stiles from Teen Wolf, with recs selected by @fangirlangela. Because even murder-lizards deserve love. 🦎

Teen Wolf - Jackson/Stiles

Come On, Try A Little by @dragon-temeraire​​​​, Jackson loses a bet, and Danny uses it as an opportunity. (Teen, 5k)

I’ll Be The One, When it’s Getting Hard to Breathe, You Can Fall on Me by jacksonstilinskis​​​​, AU in which every time a person falls in love, a red line like a tally mark appears on their wrist/the tally mark turning black if the love is requited/the tally mark becoming a scar if the person they love dies. (Teen, 2k)

I’ll Dissolve When The Rain Pours In, When The Nightmares Take Me by @clotpolesonly​​​​, When Stiles finally managed to contort himself the right way without causing injury, he stared at the words on his inner thigh. And then he stared some more, long enough for the water to grow cold around him, wondering if this was part of the dream. Finally he decided that it had to be real only because his subconscious was not creative enough to come up with this. There, in freckle-brown letters stark against pale skin, was the name Jackson Whittemore. (Teen, 38k)

It Creeps Up On You by 37cats​​​​, It’s not like Jackson even likes Stiles, he’s an annoyance that barely registers on Jackson’s radar. But Stiles just smells so damn good, Jackson can’t help himself. (Teen, 3k)

it fills my head up and gets louder by addandsubtract​​​​, Also available as a podfic; Derek doesn’t kill him, but it takes three days for the bite to take. (Mature, 16k)

You Complete(ly Irritate) Me by @rospeaks​​​, Five times that it was hate sex and one time it wasn’t. Stiles is pretty sure that none of this is his fault. (Explicit, 26k)


Day 5- Food/Forest

So for this one I chose Paulina and Tucker because I really don’t like how just completely shallow and sexualized Paulina was in the show and that being her entire character. I also really didn’t like how Tucker’s only character arcs dealt with him being jealous of Danny’s ghost powers and it constantly coming up in the series with no actual resolution but its okay because he becomes mayor???? That STILL baffles me! Anyway these two characters are different but they both have low self esteem and I feel in the right circumstances they could work out.. I guess think like stiles and lydia from teen wolf vibes..idk

anonymous asked:

Hi! I absolutely love your blog, totally my go-to for fics recs <3 Ive been having a pretty bad week and was wondering if you could recommend any Sterek love at first sight fics? Something super fluffy or smutty and filled with happiness please! Love you guys!

I’m sorry about your bad week. Lucky for you we have just the cure! Sterek fluff and smut. - Anastasia

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First Sight by Saucery

(1/1 I 1,310 I Teen I Sterek I Creeper!Derek)

Derek is either a die-hard romantic or a first-class creep. You decide.


(1/1 I 1,459 I Teen I Sterek)

Derek has to pick up Cora from school. He runs into the sheriff who is there to pick up his own son. Derek meets said son.
AKA Derek and Stiles meet the love of their life in a high school parking lot.

Town Fair by BOLO4Hagatha

(1/1 I 1,872 I Teen I Sterek I High School AU)

AU: 17yrold!Derek sees 15yrold!Stiles for the first time at a town fair. 

Love at first sight? by Sexonfire24

(1/1 I 2,259 I Teen I Sterek)

Jesus fuck okay so I’m a waitress at this restaurant that’s open really late and it’s nearly 1am and this family comes in and I’m so tired that I handed their BLIND SON a menu and he’s like “ah… thank you… I’ll just… read this” in a serious voice and I fucking snorted



I’m In Love With Your Words. by TimeWindow

(1/1 I 2,652 I Teen I Sterek)

Stiles was in love with Derek at first sight. Derek was just standing there in the fiction section, looking very seriously at Stiles’ book. Derek nodded to himself, before tucking the book under his arm and walking to the cashier. Stiles was in love.
Problem? Stiles has a girlfriend, and Derek has a fiancee.

Allies by gallusanonymus

(1/1 I 2,843 I Teen I Sterek I Soulmate)

Derek is being forced to marry. He thinks he won’t find his soulmate.
As you may guess, he falls in love at first sight

A bond between souls knows no bounds by cadalinda

(1/1 I 3,722 I Teen I Sterek I Soulmate)

If you dye your hair, your soulmate’s hair color changes as well and you swear the moment you see your soulmate you will choke them because you just woke up with your hair colored like a rainbow and it’s your first job interview at a prestigious company what the fuck. Oh, and your best friend just took a picture to post online and wait—what, how many likes is that?

There’s a cup with his name on it by hellodickspeight

(1/1 I 5,288 I Teen I Sterek I Soulmate AU)

The sight before him is breathtaking. Wide opened whiskey eyes searching above his head, pink lips slightly parted, tongue wetting them as he considers his choice, messy brown hair sticking in every direction, moles dotting a pale skin, Derek can’t wait to ask for his name.

A soulmate AU where people have the first name of their soulmates written on their body.

Teardrops on My Guitar by hazelNuts

(1/1 I 3,895 I Teen I Sterek I Musician!Derek)

anonymous asked, “100% straight! rockstar derek hale falls insanely in love & lust with a gorgeous, amber eyed boy, standing all alone in the middle of a gas station, at first sight ..”

Derek is pining and being an idiot. As usual, it’s up to Erica to clean up her friend’s mess and track down the object of the pine-fest.

Maybe by MellytheHun 

(1/1 I 11,474 I Explicit I Sterek I Infidelity)

Tumblr Prompt:

my fave overheard on campus moment of all time was the two guys who sat behind me in pop culture theory

as class was starting one of them was like “so… do you want a blowjob after this” in a rly bored voice, and then the second guy was like [pause][dejected sigh] “yes”

Politics of a Scandal by qhuinn (tekla)

(1/1 I 17,097 I Explicit I Sterek I Scandal AU)

Stiles Stilinski doesn’t believe in love at first sight.

He’s an analytical, rational person. He believes in research and facts, he knows love is just a chemical reaction. He can name from memory all the hormones involved and the way they work in the brain. He can rant about how love is just the way nature has of perpetuating the species, about the social and physiological aspects through the ages.

That being said, he can’t help but feel something completely irrational the first time he lays eyes on Derek Hale.


The one where Stiles is the hottest new media consultant in the business and Laura Hale desperately needs his services. She’s about to launch a campaign for Governor of California and her brother, Derek, is a media nightmare waiting to happen.

The Royal Omega by iamfrenchy

(10/10 I 22,602 I Explicit I Sterek I ABO)

When Stiles presents as the first omega in almost 50 years he gets shoved into a life he didn’t expect to ever experience. When Stiles shows up at the palace he didn’t expect to steal the heart of the Prince by just standing there!

Or the one where Derek and Stiles are soulmates and they’re quite the rare pair.

Don’t you want to claim my body like a vandal/You’ve got the cure underneath your shirt/Don’t you want to save this dirty little damsel?

Rare Pairs November: 1/???

A sort-of quick one of some other babies! Problem is my Erica song, for SURE. If hot interracial werewolf sex isn’t a thing that makes your skirt fly up, how are we even friends?

Introducing the new Teen Wolf Rare Pair Writers Network! 

There is a network for rare pairs, and a network for femslash writers so I thought: combine the two! 

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