teen wolf paralells

A Crack In The Hourglass (Part Two of The McCall Pack Chronicles) by XProSkeith (Gen, Rated T, 57k, minor Scott/Kira, minor Derek/Braeden, WIP) Summer is finally here. The nogitsune incident, the War Of The Nemeton, and the Benefactor situation have all been resolved and the pack is looking forward to some relaxation before senior year starts for most of them. Things have been pretty quiet until, suddenly, time itself begin to crack and collapse on itself. Now the pack must travel back through time and through alternate universes to find out what’s causing this to happen. Can they find the cause and stop it before it’s too late and everyone and everything is wiped from existence?
from chapter nineteen, Back To The Future: 
“Dude, you’re like the werewolf president,” said Stiles.
“No way,” said Scott, shaking his head. “I don’t want that kind of power.”