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It's been too long since I asked you question right ? So I have question for you :) first: BIG HUG, My question is: We don't know much about Scott's family, like his grandparents or where his family come from really so do you have any headcanons for his family ? ( and are you going to develop it in frost bite ? ) BIG HUG.

Years and years ago, my mother sat my ass down and made me watch some weird romantic dramedy about a hotel maid in Manhattan, creatively titled Maid in Manhattan. Among other things, there was a requisite Cute Kid who drove most of the plot, who was the son of the titular maid. Who was this kid you might ask?


Bb!Tyler’s character, named Ty, often hung out in the hotel while his mom worked. This made it easy for him to run into a Senatorial candidate, who he wanted to interview for a school project. He tracked down his mom to ask for permission to help the guy walk his dog and interview him for the project - except due to a series of shenanigans, she gets mistaken for a rich socialite instead, and she and the politician hit it off. Of course, the truth eventually comes out, weird drama happens in the middle, and in the end, bb!Tyler eventually reunites her with the candidate.

Among other things, there was a subplot in which Ty actually dreads having to give the presentation for his school project, because he’s got a fear of public speaking. Turns out the candidate also hates public speaking, and the way he copes with his career being centered around it involves always holding a paperclip when he’s giving speeches, because he imagines it’s a channel by which all his speaking anxiety leaves him. The way bb!Tyler reunites the two characters involves crashing a press conference and very cutely asking some questions that makes the grown-ups realize their true feelings.

Of course, he was only able to do so because he was holding a paperclip - and it turns out he’s not the only one.

Incidentally, though, that candidate’s played Ralph Fiennes - aka M from some James Bond movies…and Voldemort from the Harry Potter movies. >:) He also played secret agent John Steed in the 1998 movie The Avengers, which was an adaptation of the British TV series of the same name, with absolutely no connection to the superhero team, or Marvel in general. ;)

Now, another fun fact: I’m a huge West Wing fan. Imagine my shock when I was watching Teen Wolf and President Santos’ assistant and campaign staffer, Bram Howard, showed up in Teen Wolf. Who is Bram Howard? Glad you didn’t ask!

Bram Howard was played by Matthew Del Negro, the guy who plays Agent McCall in Teen Wolf. In The West Wing, he was a campaign staffer for Congressman Santos, the guy who ultimately became the new President of the United States in the finale of the show - making Bram Howard a White House staffer.

External image

But how would this work with Rafael’s current job with the FBI? Well, I’m glad you didn’t ask that, either, because guess who was in the West Wing before the first Iron Man movie even came out, pre-dating the entire MCU?

Years before anyone came up with an ascended fanboy SHIELD agent in the MCU, Clark Gregg was playing an FBI agent in The West Wing. So clearly, there’s some precedent for FBI operations in politics (and/or SHIELD going undercover with the FBI somehow).

Now, Melissa Ponzio - the actress for Melissa McCall - also has a pretty interesting filmography. The Teen Wolf writers really passed up a great opportunity by making Melissa basically a damsel in distress for Season 6A. Given the Ponzio already has some experience playing a BAMF as Karen in The Walking Dead, they could’ve done SO FUCKING MUCH with a Hunter/badass Melissa in Teen Wolf.

However, this is more recent (in fact, I believe this happened after Ponzio started playing Melissa McCall). And, more importantly, if Melissa were able to handle a gun that well, would she really have ever worked as a maid? Probably not. But, let’s say that there was a period of time in her life where she really needed money. What might a young Melissa might’ve done, that she would’ve hated doing and absolutely been willing to leave to become a maid? Well, maybe she played the kind of character Ponzio played in Life as We Know It: a stripper.

As for Teen Wolf itself:

While I suspect this is mostly down to really shitty writing and lack of production communication, the fact is that we never really see any family photos or indications of an extended family in the McCall home. We never really saw any in the Stilinski family home, either - and we now know that at least from the Sheriff’s side, this is because of severe daddy issues leading to the Sheriff trying to keep his own father away from his family as much as possible. What if he’s not the only one?

Also, I can tell you from personal experience that - while not all of them - a lot of women will often stay with really shitty husbands because that’s the sort of thing they grew up with. Their fathers were shitty husbands to their mothers (ranging from philandering to drinking to abuse, all of which we’ve seen at least hints of with Agent McCall), and so many don’t leave their own husbands because they think it’s normal (or they know it’s not, but it is what they’re used to - and better the devil you know than the devil you don’t).

Also, I won’t speak for everyone, but I do know that divorce is often a process, and there can be periods of time where your parents are separated but not divorced, and that when one of your parents finally leaves the other, it’s often long, long overdue.

So here’s my headcanon for the McCall family background in general (at least until it’s jossed in 6B):

  1. Melissa’s family was really, really shitty, and she left as soon as she could. She worked part-time as a hotel maid in San Francisco, and moonlighted as a stripper, because she’s hot af.
  2. This was when and how she met a young, up-and-coming FBI agent named Rafael McCall, when he was working undercover as a campaign staffer for a shady politician who was spending some time in the hotel she cleaned up for (and who once threw a party involving strippers, including herself).
  3. After the guy was busted for whatever the FBI was investigating him for, Melissa and Rafael hooked up, Rafael got her pregnant, and they got married. They moved out to a small town nearby, which was small enough to support their suburban family ‘happily ever after’ dreams (though also had enough crime that Rafael could find plenty of investigative work in town - dude, this is Beacon Hills).
  4. However, Rafael was neither an ideal husband (the philandering we hear about from Grandpa Stilinski in 6A) nor an ideal father (the drinking stated outright by Melissa in 3B, and the multiple vague implications of abusive behavior). Melissa starts nursing school in large part to get out of the house and away from Rafael (and with the vague hope that once she’s a nurse, she will be able to support herself and her son, and can leave Rafael if needs be).
  5. The Staircase Incident happens, and she finally kicks Rafael out of the house. He leaves quietly, because the reality is that if Melissa wanted to, she could at best end his career and at worse get him imprisoned for hurting and nearly killing his own child.
  6. (I also like to headcanon that the Staircase Incident is actually why Scott’s jaw is off-center. Rafael doesn’t know because Scott was too concussed at the time to express pain, and by the time Scott and Melissa realized his jaw was broken, Rafael was gone and Melissa had no desire to reach out to him over this.)
  7. Since Melissa was only just finishing up nursing school/just starting out as a nurse at this point, she got her old job at the hotel back for a little while to help support herself and Scott, now that they didn’t have Rafael anymore to rely on.
  8. Of course, that politician whose campaign was how she and Rafael met swings by, and now he’s running for Senate. He initially hits it off with Scott and Melissa both, even letting bb!Scott interview him for a school project and giving him some public speaking pointers. Unfortunately, he quickly revealed himself to be a racist (benevolent racist, maybe, but still racist), which is why Stiles called him Voldemort from then on. :P

For Winter Wolves in particular:

  • The politician in question was actually under HYDRA’s thumb, which is why even with an FBI agent undercover in his staff, no one was ever able to find anything on him.
  • Rafael McCall and Phil Coulson had crossed paths a few times in the past during Phil’s undercover stint with the FBI.

Shoutout to @redstringbanshee for arriving at this conclusion with me on twitter.

Scott and Lydia find the CV radio Stiles has in the jeep. Stiles explores the station and finds their old radio room (probably to monitor arrivals and departures).

The episode is called “Radio Silence” and yet suddenly I’m screaming.

This could be how Lydia communicates with the Wild Hunt, Stiles (and whoever uses the radio) comes it at a frequency only a banshee can hear.

Sheriff never wanted Stiles to be named after his dad.

Every time he said Stiles name out loud he would have been reminded of the abuse he and his mother suffered growing up.

There is an unconscious internal resentment imprinted on Stiles name. No wonder his relationship with the Sheriff has always been low key strained. It wasn’t just Claudia’s death, but his own father’s abuse.

And Stiles had fears of his father wanting to abuse him too.

I’m impossibly sad, and I’m fervently suspicious of Claudia Stilinski.

I have a feeling that when Lydia peels the wallpaper off, that there won’t be anything there. Not even an empty room… And it’ll have to be the Sheriff who needs to look through the opening in the wall for his room to appear again since it is their family home and that’s what ties Stiles to him. That might explain why Lydia is completely broken down and crying on the floor. She probably feels panicked and useless at not being able to find it when she’s much closer than she thinks. The jeep will be the relic for Lydia to find and the room will be for the Sheriff.

Does anyone else ever think about how weird it is

that after over 5 seasons (because let’s be real, Season 3 was two seasons masquerading as one) of these two

constantly stealing the show

and remembering their dead family member

and watching tension build between father and son

and Stiles’ trauma taking center stage

and watching the Sheriff

nearly lose his son

in the worst way imaginable

and watching Stiles develop

from this

to this

and of both Stilinskis being terrified

of losing each other…

Does anyone else

ever think

about how weird it is

that after







Teen Wolf Season 6 Teaser Trailer Meta/Breakdown

You can read the previous meta Teen Wolf 5x20 “Apotheosis” Promos #1 and #2 Meta/Breakdown here.

You can watch the Teen Wolf Season 6 trailer here.

We start off the trailer with the Wild Hunt.

A Ghost Rider comes to BHHS and Stiles accidentally looks at him.

“Stiles is a big part of the season because a lot of this season’s mystery revolves around him,” executive producer Jeff Davis told Entertainment Weekly. “We’re going to see just what Stiles’s friendship means to Scott, Lydia, and Malia.”

A shot of the WWII. Presumingly the soldiers are fighting the Ghost Riders based on later shots.

A shot of Scott.

The Nazi Werewolf smashing out

Sheriff Stilinski looking at something.

Theo. Liam resurrects him with Kira’s sword based on later shots.

Somebody’s hand holding a compass.

Ghost Rider

LYDIA: Something terrible is going to happen.

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Teen Wolf season 6 ep 5 promo

Okay, so I just noticed something.

Cody posted this pic on his twitter yesterday and it caught my attention (x):

We all know that TW isn’t the most reliable show when it comes to birth dates, but according to this Theo is 14.

Now while watching last night’s episode, when Lydia is checking on info about Claudia, we get this:

No birth year for Claudia, which is odd, but it’s the same date. Both files say November 23rd!

Coincidence? How could they both be related?

The train tracks are all over Beacon Hills. They’re at the school, the Beacon Hills preserve, the hospital, etc. In the promo you hear someone (possibly Parrish after he snaps out of it) say “He’s merging the worlds so the ghost riders can cross over.”

MTV posted a spoiler-ish photo months ago that I felt was gonna be important at some point.

In the promo, you see some of the people that were taken “hanging out” in the library that has been merged with the train station and they erupt into the green-ish blue smoke. 

I think that’s Mr. Douglas changing them into ghost riders. And those ghost riders are the ones trying to get Scott at the Beacon Hills preserve, since Mr. Douglas says “You’ll make a fine ghost rider, Scott.” 

This is why i’m moving towards thinking that Lydia, Scott, and Malia failed to create a rift out of their memories of Stiles and that the person coming out of the rift is actually Mr. Douglas who created his own rift to merge the two worlds.

Lydia, Scott, and Malia will realize it isn’t Stiles and try fighting him and Parrish who is still under his control. They’ll be inside the train station for a minute or two, we’ll see Chris, Melissa, the Sheriff and others and they’ll all end up separating. Scott will end up with Liam at the Hospital where they will be fighting Douglas and Parrish, at some point Stiles will show up and knock out Douglas. Lydia will be with Malia for a moment, they’ll realize the worlds are merging and Malia will end up at the Beacon Hill preserve later with Scott. Lydia will meet up with Stiles at the school and feelings will be quickly talked about, possibly before he goes to help Scott and Liam and that’s when Scott and Stiles finally see each other and hug, and later Lydia will fight off either Douglas or the ghost riders alongside the Sheriff. And maybe they all end up at the Beacon Hills preserve and that’s when the showdown happens.   

ashtarasilunar replied to your post “Bitterly Humorous Experiment”

Can you elaborate on what you mean by “Post Season 2 Sterek” and “Stiles/Derek” vs “Sterek”? I’ve not seen much TW, though I read a fair bit of fic, and am not sure what distinction you’re trying to make, unless you’re talking about the characters present. As for tagging, I think that using the ampersand tags (Scott & Stiles) is really all you should need to do. If you feel like going farther, start adding ‘This is a Scott-friendly fic’ or something to the notes.

After Season 2, Sterek fandom developed its own narrative of the show, one which was only loosely based on canon at best, and basically rewrote the first two seasons to put Stiles - and often-times Derek - on a pedestal, at the expense of basically everyone else in the show. This narrative/pairing grew so popular that Season 3A started to actually lean towards this pairing, but because it ‘only’ leaned - and didn’t retcon half the scenes of the first two seasons in order to follow the fanon narrative - the Sterek fandom very loudly stopped watching the show.

Unfortunately, the fans who stopped watching the show tend to not mention it until you ask them, so you often have no idea that the version of Teen Wolf they’re thinking of isn’t the actual show, until you’re halfway through their fanfic, or realize they think the manipulated scene from a gifset is what actually happened in canon.

“Stiles/Derek” is the shipping of Stiles Stilinski and Derek Hale from the actual show. That’s what I do, and that’s what my fics are. “Sterek” means the fandom narrative, the one whose characters share names and faces with the characters of the show, but little else. Fanon Stiles absorbs all of Scott’s nurturing tendencies and Derek’s pack parentalism, Fanon Derek is a woobie who’s never really hurt anyone and has only made mistakes but needs to be cured by the power of Stiles’ healng dick or healing love, whichever comes first. Meanwhile Fanon Scott’s mistakes are the signs of a secret narcissistic personality disorder, and every instance of him helping people, or attempting to give them the space they needed, was actually just him attempting to manipulate people.

The double-standards listed in the original post are a pretty good summary of the issues which make Sterek fandom proudly proclaim themselves as “not Teen Wolf”. (They also summarize why I don’t ship Sterek, even though I ship Stiles/Derek).

The version of Teen Wolf implied to have happened in the background of most Sterek fic is really, really unrelated to canon. Sterek fic tends to: 1.) portray Stiles as a nurturing person (he’s protective, not nurturing - Scott is the nurturing one, followed by Derek); 2.) portray Erica, Isaac, Boyd, and Derek as woobies (apparently, the harassment, victim-blaming, and borderline abuse they engaged in for the first half of Season 2 never happened); 3.) Scott as being a neglectful friend (because of an instance in which he literally had no idea that Stiles was in danger, and thus ignored Stiles’ phone-call because he, himself, was in danger); 4.) Scott tries to make Stiles choose between himself and Derek (not only did nothing like this ever happen in Season 2, but Season 3 clearly demonstrated that Stiles was very close to Derek, without it affecting his friendship with Scott); among many other, smaller problems.

I’ve got a draft of a much-longer meta explaining how/why I ship Stiles/Derek but not Sterek, and I’ll drop you a line when I post it. I will admit, I wasn’t expecting to need it so soon, given how hard on the Stalia and Stydia buttons Season 6 is slamming on. o.O

And here’s the problem with the tags on my fic: that “Scott & Stiles” tag is already there. That’s why the comments bothered me so much - Scott hate has become so normalized in Sterek fandom that even though my tags and the content of my fic very clearly cast Scott as a positive character in Stiles’ life, some readers still expected Scott to be bashed in the story, because there also happens to be Stiles/Derek in it.

@obessedwitheverything1998 I have to post it as a text post as my messages are playing up

We have the episode titles for the final episode, which helps :) 


The first thing I noticed was this wasn’t in this weeks episode, yet Scott is still wearing the hoodie from this episode. I think this takes place on the same night.

All of these from the same scene maybe? Also why is Malia hurting Scott…

As the episode is called Heartless. I think we will see Theo suffering in hell and what he’s been through at the hands of his sister, which wont end pretty for him.

As he ends up in hospital it seems. If you look he is bearfoot which seems to mean he’s been in bedand it’s nighttime. His top and dark jeans match below

Over at the Stilinskis place, Sheriff is undecorating

Note the room is empty… More on that later

Then Lydia is there later with Stiles’ lacrosse top


This is the flashback episode, with Mr Nazi

Liam it seems picks up Theo from hospital, but it seems they will run into the Ghost Riders and have to fight them.

I also think the Theo and Sheriff scene will happen here. This one confuses me, as it looks like Sheriff is standing behind a window, yet Theo is talking to him fine. Is it bars? I can’t see the pack letting Theo roam. Theo also seems to be wearing a blue to, which would match the top he wears in this episode

You can just see blue on Theo’s body above

Memory Found

I think this will be the episode where we say goodbye to more Pack members

Bye Mason

Bye Malia

It looks like it wants Liam too (Note Malia is gone) but it wont come near because of Lydia being there. This is the part in the trailer where Liam notes its scared of her

Liam is also fighting something here, I think this could take place earlier in the episode though.

Scott is freezing himself in the Bunker? I think this is what he needs to do to remember his friends. Once he remembers who is missing he talks to somebody and says he is going to bring them all back.

Scott telling somebody he is going to get his friends back, with Theo just behind him.

I think this could also be the episode where Sheriff finally believes in Stiles and when Flaudia is outed as a phoney. As we can see Stiles’ board now as returned to the empty room. His room seems to be coming slowly back, so I think the memory of Sheriff’s wife being dead is growing stronger too.

Riders on the Storm

Erm? This will be the Season 6A final, I think this will be the big battle to get rid of the Ghost Riders and Mr Nazi. I think he will go out with a bang so naturally Melissa will be put at risk. Scott and Pack will need to get rid of him, Ghost Riders AND bring back Stiles and the others.

Take your dirty Nazi hands off Mama McCall

Of course the above is all just guesses :)

Sheriff Noah Stilinski

As I was thinking about “Sundowning” at work today, I realized that we learned far more than his name in this episode.  In my opinion, Teen Wolf answered a lot of questions about his character in this episode.

What it didn’t do is convince me that this was planned from Season 1.  I get the feeling that this may have been a “fix-it” episode.  In other words, they realized that the Sheriff’s characterization had been all over the place, and scratched their heads to find a way to explain it.

I will write this post as if this was intended from Season 1.   I simply find the more positive possibility the more attractive.  Call me a Pollyanna.

Elias “Stiles” Stilinski gave us a model for how to look at the Sheriff’s actions.  Elias was both a war hero and an abusive husband and father.  How often does this happen in real life?  The answer is – all the time.  No one is either all good or all bad, and that has been one of the main themes of the show.

The sheriff’s relationship to Stiles which has been described as neglectful, distrustful, and yet protective, verging on over-protective.  It seems that one minute the Sheriff “hasn’t believed a word he’s spoken since he learned to speak” and that the next minutes he’d “burn the sheriff station to the ground to protect you.”

I believe that the show is saying that the sheriff has a deep fear of turning into his father – thus, we see a reason he can be furious at Stiles and then suddenly forgive him or walk away.  Stiles got him fired and he just brushed it off – he didn’t even ground him, after his fury at stealing the prison van in the first place.  He repeats this behavior throughout the seasons – the Sheriff grows angry with Stiles and then suddenly relents and does what Stiles wants – in “The Girl Who Knew Too Much,” in “Echo House,” in “Smoke & Mirrors,” and in “Damnatio Memoriae.” It’s as if he is ready to ‘put his foot down’ but then he is reminded of his own father, who went too far, itching like glass under the skin trying to works its way out.

The show is seeming to say that this has set up an unstable dynamic in the Stilnski household.  Stiles knows his father’s behaviors and pushes to do what he wants (he does) but Stiles always fears that one day he’ll go too far and his father isn’t going to pull back at the last moment.  

I really wonder – has Stiles ever met Elias Stilinski?  I’m betting not.

Teen Wolf Ramblings

So, I have a trillion ideas and theories concerning season 6 right now and I have to spit them out so here you go! 

-I don’t think it’s a coincidence that there is a Polish family and a Nazi werewolf in Beacon Hills. I think this is actually extremely significant.

-It’s also significant that the alpha werewolf, aka Mr. Douglas, was badly burned before being taken by the dread doctors. It’s why he uses Helium to aid his breathing. It’s called Heliox therapy and is very effective in treating things like asthma. It’s also used to ease the respiratory system after someone has suffered severe burns and smoke inhalation, like Parrish says. 

-Elias Stilinski spent his time in the war quite literally “burning bridges.” His job was blow up any bridges to halt movement of any kind by the enemy. It’s quite possible that Mr. Douglas, a Nazi, could have been killed in an explosion set by Elias. Maybe?

-Most of the new intro features clips from season 3, particularly the second half which was very much centered around WWII. This could be a clue as to what we should be thinking about while watching this season.

-Eichen House used to be the remnants of a fictional internment camp called Oak Creek, which housed Japanese-Americans. This is yet another connection to WWII and the victimization of a very specific group of people.

-The two people that Lydia has seen in her visions have been an older woman, quite possibly old enough to be a first generation survivor of the Holocaust, and an Asian woman who could be a 2nd generation survivor of the Oak Creek internment camp. We’ve now seen a a young boy showing Lydia the entrance to Stiles’s room. Again, he could be another person of a group that was or still is ostracized. I’m not sure what the connecting factor is for all of the people who have been taken by the ghost riders. But, there has to be something that signals who should be taken. Everyone at Liam’s party saw the ghost rider, but will they all really be taken? Or will only certain ones be taken do to that mysterious connection that could possibly be related to the WWII storyline?

-In literature, trains are often used to symbolize a spiritual journey, a departure, or a journey to the afterlife. This would make the train station a sort of “in-between” state for the souls there. For example, in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Kings Cross train station is used to symbolize the state between life and death. It’s the place you dwell in while your fate is decided. Will you take the train and move on? Or choose a different path?

-Historically, trains were used to transport the Nazi Regime’s victims during WWII. Anyone and everyone outside their strict ideal of perfection was transported to concentration camps by train. Many 1st and 2nd generation survivors cannot stand to be inside a railway car or confined space for this very reason. It’s interesting that they specifically chose a train station paired with the rest of the storyline. The writers tend to make these choices very deliberately and the connections are there!

-There’s been a recurring theme concerning the human soul. Mr. Douglas is taking the pineal gland from the brain of his victims. As Chris said, it’s considered the seat of the soul. Therefore he’s stealing souls. In mythology The Wild Hunt sweeps through towns taking the souls of all those they come across. Two separate entities in Beacon Hills stealing souls? What’s the connection? Is it possible that they’re working together? Or are they competitors of some sort?

-The Germans have their own version of The Wild Hunt as well, which I think could be important to note. It’s very similar to the Welsh/Irish one, but there are variations as to who the leader of The Wild Hunt truly is.

-Theories concerning the Sluagh have been very popular this season and I’m so on board with that. The Sluagh is very much associated with The Wild Hunt and would easily fit into the storyline. The security system for the supernatural unit of Eichen House was compromised in season 5 when Stiles and Lydia visited Valyk in his cell. The Dread Doctors were able to enter, therefore it’s very possible that the Sluagh could have escaped, especially as it can disguise itself through the use of the faces of lost or damaged souls.

-It’s very possible that fake-Claudia (I do not believe that she’s really Claudia), is the Sluagh. Claudia suffered from frontotemporal dementia, which destroyed her memories and her reality. It’s possible that her soul constitutes as as a lost or damaged soul because of the state of her mind when she passed away. Plus, remember how the pineal gland is the seat of the soul? Is it possible that her pineal gland was affected by the deterioration of her brain, therefore damaging her soul? The pineal gland releases melatonin into the body, regulating sleep and wakefulness. Dementia is known to decrease the amount of melatonin released in your body because of the damage to the pineal gland. 

-It’s also important to note that over the duration of the series, dreams and waking dreams have been a recurring theme. As we’ve seen so far in season 6, they can be a tool for remembering. Sometimes it’s difficult to discern reality from dreams. I think this will factor in somehow as the season continues. 

-Claudia loved her son. We don’t know much about Noah and Claudia’s life together prior to her death, but I do believe that she wanted and loved Stiles. If Noah’s memory/dream is anything to go by, then we know that she wanted kids. The “Claudia” we’ve seen in season 6 doesn’t fit the picture of Claudia that Stiles and the writers have painted for us. This Claudia seems possessive of Noah and somewhat aggressive towards all of the others. When Noah gets to the station and is told his wife is there to see him in 6x02, he seems surprised for a moment, even confused. The Wild Hunt may be able to remove people from reality, but they can’t bring people back to life. I think the Sluagh is using Claudia’s figure as a tool to halt the search for Stiles and the other victims.

-Finally, I have a theory about Claudia that I haven’t seen yet and although it doesn’t necessarily relate to the storyline right now, it could factor in later. Stiles has always blamed himself for his mother’s death. But, why would he blame himself if it was the dementia that killed her? In season 5, in Stiles’s memory/vision/dream from his past, his mother appears to be suffering from what Lydia would call “sundowning.” She has difficulty separating reality from the affects of the disease, leaving her vulnerable and lost. Before Stiles’s dad appears on the roof, Claudia attempts to hurt Stiles and then accuses him of wanting her dead. During that moment, she’s standing on the edge of the roof as if she intends to jump. I’ve always wondered if Claudia committed suicide somehow while in the hospital. It would explain why Stiles feels guilty despite her death not being his fault at all. But, I could see Stiles blaming himself for being present in the hospital when her death occurred and I could understand his fears that his father would blame him as well. If that were true, it would be even more reason for the Sluagh to take her form. A weakened or darkened mind is easier to take than a sound one.

These are just my ramblings and thoughts on season 6 of Teen Wolf. I’m a nutter, I know lol I literally just vomited my thoughts onto paper without even editing or reading over it, so hopefully this makes sense. If you have any thoughts on what I’ve said or just other theories and ideas, please send them my way! I’d love to see what other people are thinking.


“Why don’t you tell me your name?”

This is what Sheriff Stilinski says to Stiles, with the irony being that Sheriff is about the only person who even knows Stiles’ *real name*.

We have been told this season will finally reveal Stiles’ true name, and it was said that Lydia would be present when it’s announced.

I believe the foreshadowing that Teen Wolf has given us is that Sheriff Stilinski will have to remember and call out Stiles true name, in a claim to pull him back into reality.

Names have power. And that’s exactly why Lydia was able to save Mason from the beast, by calling his name and making him remember who he was. That’s the cure for damnatio memoriae, which we learned last season.

I’m fairly certain that Sheriff will be the one to call out Stiles true name, since he’s the only one that really knows and understands its origins.

We will see the season come full circle then, beginning with the sheriff forgetting Stiles name, to him finally being the one to reveal it after 6 long seasons.

Either sheriff will be the one to call his name, or sheriff will tell Lydia so she can use her banshee scream to say it.

Theo’s hair signals a new change for him

Evil Theo

His hair is swept back and stuck up. He is confidant and sure of himself. He is groomed as the pampered Prince Chimera he thinks he is, he is the First Chimera and Theo here is sure of himself, his abilities.

This is from when Theo returns, however his hair is styled as before. I don’t think Theo is choosing to look like this, due to the black hoodie and his hair. He is shooting Malia in the stomach to make her remember Stiles possibly.The hair and hoodie are there to trigger her memories. I don’t think Theo is putting his hair like that because he wants too, same as when he is trying to trigger the Sheriff into remembering Stiles.

As for his hair when he returns from hell, it’s a world away from how he used to have it, because I think Theo is a world away from the person he used to be. I think at first Theo will try to hide how much hell has effected him, until he cant no more and breaks. Once that happens, Theo adopts a new look. It’s less groomed, he isn’t confidant anymore, he doesn’t want to draw attention to himself, he wants to hide under his hair. 

After all, before the Dread Doctors, he had a similar style. Is this the hair Theo would always have, if the Dread Doctors hadn’t forced him to change, both supernaturally and emotionally. 

The Morrígan

Okay, so I mentioned the Morrígan in my meta post here about the Wild Hunt. But, since Lydia decided to name drop that the Morrígan and the Wild Hunt are related, I decided to dive back into my research and bring you a post dedicated solely to the great phantom queen herself. For the sake of this meta (and as a prediction of how Teen Wolf will handle things) banshee and Morrígan are going to be considered to be more or less the same and the Morrígan being a banshee who is considered the protector of a location. 

Quick recap: the Morrígan represents the idea of fate in battle, similar to the Valkyries of Norse mythology. She may appear on the battlefield (perhaps in the image of a crow) to signify the death of a particularly important warrior, and this portending is how she’s related to banshee. But not only that, the Morrígan can influence the outcome of the war itself. Perhaps this is why the Wild Hunt fears and tries to placate powerful banshees: they have the power to stop them. The Wild Hunt traditionally has a leader, but we haven’t seen one yet appear in Beacon Hills. Maybe the Wild Hunt has gone rogue, and a banshee, a Morrígan, must step in to lead them? Another role of the Morrígan is that of the goddess of sovereignty and protecting the land and its people.

Something interesting to note: three is a big number in Teen Wolf mythology. “One’s an incident, two’s a coincidence, three’s a pattern.” Most recently, there were three Dread Doctors (Surgeon, Pathologist, Genetecist), and now we have three main Ghost Riders according to the credits for “Ghosted”. They are the Enforcer, the Outlaw, and the Ranger. 

And the Morrígan can be interpreted as a triple goddess, a trio of sisters. Although she can appear alone, her three separate names are Morrígan, Badb, and Macha (although there are several combinations of names used). On Teen Wolf, we have encountered three living banshees: Lydia Martin, Meredith Walker, and now Lenore. Like most triple-faceted goddesses, the Morrígan (sometimes pluralized as Morrígna) will appear as maiden, “mother” (adult) and crone. How convenient that our three banshees can approximately fit these archetypes, no? 

Ultimately, I agree with the theory that when the Wild Hunt hits a town where there is a banshee, they become trapped there because they are trespassers. As mentioned above, the Morrígan is associated with the protection of the land. If the banshee grants them passage, then they are able to move on. However, the Wild Hunt has grown, well, Wild. In order to pass on from towns with banshees in them, the Ghost Riders give them a reason to stay in the town and let them pass: the shade of someone they’ve lost, Caleb being returned to Lenore caused her to release whatever protection she held over the town. The Ghost Riders seem to have tried to prevent the pack from noticing Stiles’ absence by substituting in his dead mother, Claudia. She has worked as a subtle road block to the pack. I think most of the fandom agreed that, without Stiles, the Sheriff would’ve fallen apart and absolutely noticed the absence of his own son. 

But that still potentially leaves Lydia at the end of all this… alone in Beacon Hills.

I don’t know if the Wild Hunt would necessarily offer Stiles to Lydia. He’s someone they’ve taken, he’s theirs. They’re trying to make him become one of them.

What if instead, they bring Lydia into the white room in her mind (and that’s why Lenore kept saying “it isn’t real”, maybe they took her to that room in her head) and they’ll bring forward options for her to choose from. Her grandmother. Aiden. Allison. (Lydia’s scream when she was fighitng Lenore was her death cry for Allison in Season 3b). 

And Lydia will look at all these people she’s lost and she will look back at the Ghost Riders and say “No". Lydia will break away from the Wild Hunt’s attempt to control and placate her, she will say she wants to choose Stiles, not any of the shades of her lost dead. 

And the Wild Hunt will refuse to give him up and then Lydia screams, ready to fight. 

the most disappointing thing about teen wolf is the wasted potential of derek hale’s storyline i mean here we have an intriguing guy with PTSD who is a survivor of underage sexual abuse and trauma and comes from a family of werewolves and became an alpha of his own pack and even though he messes up sometimes he still tries his best and yet all we got was “that older hot guy with anger-issues” i mean really

wait a fucking second. you know what I just thought of? how fucking great it would have been to have Isaac and Liam on teen wolf at the same time. like goddammit can you just imagine:

  • like when Liam is showing everyone up at lacrosse at the beginning Isaac just fucking decks him to knock him down a peg 
  • Liam takes the bite, Isaac laughs at him while helping Scott hold him down, but then he gets real for a second and tells Liam “yeah, it hurts and for a while it’s really hard to control but it gets easier, Dumbar”
  • (don’t you try to tell me for one second that Isaac wouldn’t love calling Liam “Dumbar” he’d think it was hilarious and clever and it would annoy Liam so fucking much)
  • Liam develops PTSD symptoms after facing off against the berserker so Isaac invites him to chill at the McCall house more often and admits to Liam that he has PTSD too from his dad’s abuse and he understands how hard it is, but it’ll be way harder if Liam doesn’t let his friends help him
  • hardcore big brother-little brother relationship
  • Isaac is the one who dares Liam to wolf out and run around beacon hills naked
  • when Mason gets brought into the group Isaac is like fuck yeah lets rip on Liam together and Mason basically falls in love with him lives for it
  • Isaac brings up Liam falling in a hole pretty much every day at school stupid loyal wolf puppies who are both obsessed over Scott McCall and are constantly competing to be president of his fan club 
  • Mason tells Isaac about the whole Hayden things and how Hayden basically hates him so Isaac tells Liam that he once ended up dating a girl who stabbed him “like 20 times with knives- I mean, chinese ring daggers” so it’s never totally hopeless
  • Isaac Lahey and Liam Dunbar ending up best friends and brothers and saltmates together like wow (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧