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crystalholland  asked:

Teresa, hi! First of all, I LOVED your new Stydia video def :)) And I wanna know where did you download those scenes cause I saw they are logoless and I've been dying to download scenes from TW that have no logo. Can you help me? :))

https://www.ulozto.net/Hi! Thank you so much!! I’m so glad you love it! :) I’m happy to help you! I only recently downloaded Teen Wolf logoless episodes, i love them so much…. amazing quality. I listed a few different sites bc some episodes don’t always have working links.

http://oneclicktvshows.com/teen-wolf/ (seasons 1-4)

http://www.megauploadagora.com.br/tv-shows-list/ (seasons 1-3)

http://rapidmoviez.com/ (current season)