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Imagine being an alpha who was more powerful than Deucalion and helping Scott and Derek out when they meet the other alpha pack members


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You were with Cora and Derek watching them talk when abruptly, you three heard a noise. That noise was the alert that there were others. You knew it was Deucalion and two of his members. You were standing back and watching the altercation betwixt Kali and Derek when she stuck the pole through him. You grimaced at the sight a bit and turned your attention to Deucalion.

“Well, well, well, To what do I owe the pleasure miss Y/N? Were you really thinking that you were going to help this alpha and his pack out? And yet you couldn’t even help out your own alpha, nor your own pack, and nor your own-”

“ENOUGH! I am here because he wanted, maybe even needed me here. Might leave later on. Might not. But you don’t have any right to talk about my past.” You say and cut him off.

“Wow. Not even going to face your own demons? That’s not the person I thought nor remember you to be dear Y/N.” he says while grinning maliciously.

You had heard enough. Derek was trying to tell you to not do anything stupid, but you were stronger than any of them thought. you rushed forward and knocked Kali to the ground. You began to pull the pipe out of Derek and had it out of him when you swung it at her, knocking her flat on her face and you put your foot on her neck and tossed the pipe away. Derek had collapsed onto the floor and was slowly starting to heal.

“Stay down bitch.” you say as you lean and put ore pressure on her neck as she began to writhe. You looked up to find him staring at you and he had begun to talk to Derek. You had drowned him out until he stood up. You glared at him and he motioned for you to move.

“Gotta say the magic words sweetie.” You say, while giving him a sickly sweet smile.

“Please get your foot off of her. Now.” He says, whilst looking annoyed.

“Fine. But let’s make sure you don’t pull this crap again, alright?” you ask.

“Alright.” Kali replies after receiving a look from Deucalion.

They left and you knew you should go and watch over Scott and Isaac.

Later on….

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You saw Ethan and Aiden standing there across the hall from Scott and Isaac when they shifted and ran over and picked them both up. You had started to walk over there and growled, making your fangs show and your eyes were glowing a brilliant red. They turned to look a you and dropped them. You let out a small, but still kind of loud growling roar.

“You should watch who you go after, boys.” you murmur. “And know who else is around before you start attacking them.”

They had begun to shift back out of their combined form when you heard Deucalion coming up behind you.

“My dear, you would be a wonderful addition to my pack. I would be absolutely delighted to have you with us. After all, hardly anyone can get them to shift back. You’d be a valued pack member. Would you consider joining us? Even after the, previous altercation.” He asked, hoping you’d accept. But like every time before, you rejected him.

“No. Your ‘pack’ is pointless. It is ludicrous to even consider joining that I would have to be dead before I’d ever think about it. You know, same old, same old. And it will always be the same answer. No.” You reply.

“Damn. Alrighty. Good-bye. And, see you soon.” he says and walks off, with Ethan and Aiden following after him like the obedient little pups they are.
You snort at the sight and both Scott and Isaac jump up and demand to know who you are.

“I’m Y/N. That’s all you need to know right now. Now, go back and continue living your life as semi-normal teenagers. See ya both later. If you have any questions, go to Derek. Bye.” You say all of that swiftly and then walk off and wave behind you.

Hope you all like it. Sorry for any grammar/spelling mistakes. Let me know what you think!! And you can send in any requests you want an there is a drabble list that I have shared and have been using.

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Have you guys also noticed?

In this season there were 2 girlwerewolfs. Which made it cool and look badass.

I didn’t expect Derek’s little sister. I found her very beautiful young lady. And Kali I found terrifying.

What I don’t understand is… Why is Cora fucking ugly when she becomes a werewolf, all hairy and stuff. She looks like a grandma or a witch, while Kali is so much more beautiful when she turns into an alpha werewolf. She is very hot for a werewolf lady.

So I hope they will change Cora’s werewolf looks in season 3B. Just as Scotts. So thank you Jeff Davis if you could do something about it. Sincerely, The fandom, Teen wolfies..


Could Kali be the overlooked one?
Out of all five of the alphas, she has the least of a background or a storyline.
- Deucalion is the alpha and we know that he has this big plan, and is not overlooked.
-The twins are have active storylines because of Lydia and Danny. So they show up at school alot.
- Ennis has a very small bit of a story. But in the flashback had a big part into shaping the whole show( By biting Paige, then Derek having to kill her thus bringing Kate into seeing Derek’s blue eyes)

(Although I’m hoping for Stiles)

Kali has a strong potential of being overlooked in comparison to the rest of the alphas. Or that she has something that is being overlooked.

(Remember when Lydia said to one of the twins on how they Killed Boyd. The twin mentions that is Kali, and Lydia didn’t seem to care. Maybe cause she doesn’t see Kali as something to the rest of the alpha pack) (again maybe a clue) (And the Teen Wolf account saying that Kali has a big part in next week’s episode her being a badass)

Imagine being thought of as a soft alpha but you really are not


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You are an alpha, but you were one of the sweeter ones. But that didn’t mean you couldn’t be harsh. When you became harsh, hat was when people knew they fucked up.

“Kali, what are you doing here?” you heard Alicia ask.

She was your best friend, who was also a beta. The next thing you heard was a gasp and the sound of a body hitting the floor. You rushed out of the kitchen to find Kali standing over your dead friend’s body, with blood on her claws. You slowly licked your lips while staring at her body, and glanced up at Kali before you lunged at her, fangs bared and claws out. You swiped at her back and successfully drew blood before she backed away. She hissed in pain before kicking her foot out to get back at you when you caught her foot. You held it in place for a few seconds and she stared incredulously at you until you used both hands to grasp her ankle, and flipped her hard onto the floor. She let out a gasp, having the wind knocked out of her. You got onto her back and raked your claws into her back once more, making sure to dig deep enough to make it last a while, and leaned down lose to her face.

“The next time I see you or anyone of your alpha pack near me or mine, I will kill every last one of you. One at a time. Leaving you for last so you can know that the pain your brethren went through, is only a scratch, compared to what you will receive. Now, make sure to tell Deucalion this.” you murmur in her ear.

Then, hearing the timer go off, you say, “Oh would you look at that, the cookies are done. And tell him not to go to Beacon Hills. That is where I will be heading after a funeral.”

You let her up and she scrambled away. You went and took the cookies out of the oven so they wouldn’t burn and turned the oven off. Then you slowly walked over to her body and picked her up, and took her to be cleaned up.

Long after the funeral was over you decided to call a pack meeting. No one showed up for the funeral and you dearly hoped they would for the meeting.

Again, no one appeared. You went over to each of their houses to find them devoid of any signs of life. Then, when you got to Alicia’s house, the lights were on. You walked in to find a blood bath, with all of your pack members laying on the floor, in several pieces.

You knew it was Deucalion and his pack. You could smell them. So, you grabbed a few items and got into your car and began driving to Beacon Hills, where you would find Derek Hale, an old friend who would absolutely take you in and help you kill them all.

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Part 2


tw ladies + their animal counterparts

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Scott McCall;

Stiles Stilinski;

Lydia Martin;

Liam Dunbar;

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You Meet Him For The First Time;

Scott McCall Imagine~Just shut up about it!



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Ask or Request

 Words: 1.775


Paring: Scott x Reader 


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Request: Could you do an imagine where y/n is Scott’s girlfriend and he forgot her birthday because of all his trips to Mexico. When he comes back she is mad and he doesn’t know why. Then they have a fight about it. You can make it further. Could you also put a lot of fluff in it?


A/N: Well I did my best and I hope you like it. Italic lettertype are flashbacks and texts. 


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Y/n’s POV.

I’m sitting on the couch watching Netflix on my TV. My phone suddenly starts making noises. I grab my phone and I see that Scott sent me a text. ‘Can we talk?’ NO! Of course we can’t. He forgot my birthday! My eighteenth birthday! The others sent me a card and that is still something but Scott didn’t even do anything. When he came back he also didn’t do anything. I tried to give him hints but he didn’t understand them.


“Scott, you’re back!” I say. “I know. I missed you! Did something special happen when I was gone?” he asks. “Seriously?” I ask. Did he actually forget my birthday? “You’re right it’s Beacon Hills,” he says and he gives me a kiss on my cheek. He walks away and I stay standing with my mouth open of amazing. He actually forgot my birthday. “Did look at the calendar?” I ask. Maybe with a hint he remembers it. “No, but I know every important birthday and we don’t have one close,” he says. That’s just rude! “It’s cute how you think of everybody.” Apparently I’m the only one here who does that. He walks into the kitchen. “So do you have something for me?” I ask suddenly. Maybe another hint helps. “Of course I do!” he says. Yes! He didn’t forget my birthday after all. He kisses me. No, he forgot it. I pull myself out of the kiss and I grab my stuff. “What are you doing?” he asks. “I’m going,” I say and I walk away. “But… Y/N! Wait!” he calls but I go to my car and I drive away.


That happened a few hours ago. I don’t want to talk to him. I don’t want to see him. I don’t even want to think about him. I start an movie and I see another message coming on my phone. ’Y/n, come on!’ I put my phone with the screen down and I look back at the TV. My phone starts to make noises again and I see that Scott is calling. I make the noise stop but I get more and more frustrated. The phone starts to buzz and I grab it. Again Scott. Out of anger I throw my phone against the wall. The glass shatters and everything falls on the ground. The buzzing did stop but now my phone is dead. I grab a dustpan and a brush. I clean everything and I throw the pieces glass away. I put everything that is left of my phone on the table. I go back to the couch and I start the movie again.



Scott’s POV.


“But…Y/N! Wait!” I call while y/n is walking to her car. She steps in and she drives away.“Y/N!” I call again but her car is already gone. I have no idea what just happend. She said something about a calendar and over giving her something. Well I gave her a kiss. I walk back into my house and I see Stiles coming from upstairs. “Well that didn’t go well,”  he says. “You were listening?” I ask. “Malia was,” he says and Malia smiles. Lydia gives me a drink. “Why was she mad? Did I miss something?” I ask. “Dude, she’s a girl. They are just complicated,” Stiles says what is giving him death glares from Lydia. “Scott, don’t be so mean to her and give her, her present,” Lydia says. “Why should I give her a present?” I ask. “Scott! Stop it!”  Malia says. “Oh my god!” Stiles says and he face palms himself. Lydia hits me on the back of my head. My mother walks in and she stops walking. “What did I miss this time?” she asks. “Mister McCall here has forgotten y/n eighteenth birthday,” Stiles says. “OH MY GOD!” I say and I face palm myself. My mother also hits me on the back of my head. “I have to go to her right now!” I say and I grab my car keys. I run over to my car and I start it. I drive to her house but her car isn’t there. I get out of my car and I walk to the door. I ring the bell and I also knock on the door but there is no one opening it. I grab a piece of paper and I write something down on it. 'I’m so sorry! Let me make it up to you, please? Love Scott’ I put it on the doorstep and I walk back to my car. I drive back home but before I’m home it starts to rain. I walk back in the house and I jump on the couch. “She wasn’t home,” I tell them.


It has been a week since y/n and I had a fight and I hate it. I had tried to talk to her all week but on some way she is able to avoid me. I texted her, called her, wrote notes to her, messaged her on any social media thing that exists and I went to her home every day but I haven’t seen her or talked to her since the fight. It’s late in the night and I see the moon shining in the dark. I’m walking to herd door and I ring the bell.



Y/n’s POV.


I’m lying on my bed. I can’t sleep. I can’t stop thinking about Scott. It’s a week after our fight. I was really mad at him but I do miss him! I love him. Even after he forgot my birthday. I can’t call him because I broke my phone. Did I forgot to tell that my laptop is dead too? I had a bottle with water and I tripped. Last week I tried to avoid Scott and it did work. A bit.

I’m standing by my locker. I’ve had great excuses to avoid Scott but now I’m pretty much running out of them. “Scott, has been looking everywhere for you!” Malia says. She wants to continue talking but I raise my hand. “I’m officially mad at Scott so don’t try to change my mind with how he has to tried to contact me,” I say. “He is walking towards you,” Malia says. “WHAT?” I turn around and I see him walking slowly towards me. Meanwhile the others are standing with us. “What do I have to do?” I ask. “Talk to him,” Stiles says. “NO!” I grab my stuff. “Does anyone has an good excuse?” I ask. “You know he can here you?” Liam asks. “Good point,” I say and I start to run. “Y/N?” Liam calls but I ignore it and I run further. Just running away from him and them. I don’t care to what happens next. Just run.


I was panicking. I always run when I’m panicking. Suddenly I hear the bell ring. Why would someone stand for my door on this time of the day. Probably a rapist would. My parents where this week gone for some business trip. This week I haven’t been home lately. I stayed at the park. I walk downstairs and I open the door. It’s raining and a wet Scott is standing on my porch. “Come in!” I say and he walks in. “Come upstairs so you can dry yourself,” I tell him and we walk upstairs. I give him towels and some clothes from him that he gave to me when I needed them but I never returned them. I sit on the bed and he walks out of the bathroom. He goes sitting on my chair and there is an awkward silence. 

“I’m so sorry about forgetting your birthday,” he suddenly says. “I know you were just being busy with the pack so you forgot about someone else you cared about,” I tell him. “Cared?” he asks and he grabs my hands. He goes sitting on his knees in front of me. “I still care about you! I’ve never stopped caring about you and I never will!” I put my arms around Scott’s neck and I feel he is very surprised. He puts his arms around me too. I just needed to hear those words. I hoped and I knew he cared about me but I just needed to hear it. We stop hugging but he stays sitting in front of me. “I promise you I will make it up to you,” he says. “I know you would,” I tell him. “I have to admit that this was much more easier than I thought it would be,” he says. “I wasn’t mad just hurt. And all this day I wasn’t really mad anymore,” I say. “Why did you never respond or called me?” he asks. I grab a box where I put my phone in and I show it to him. “I also accidently killed my laptop,” I say. “Why did you ran away?” he asks. “I panicked,” I tell him and he start to laugh. “Last question, why did you never open the door?” he asks. “I wasn’t home but in the park,” I tell him. “So what did you thought about my notes?” he asks. “What notes?” I ask. “The ones I left at your door,” he says. “Never found them,” I tell him. “You know what. It doesn’t matter. I love you,” he says. “I love you too!” I tell him and I kiss him. After the kiss he grabs his jacket and he has a little box in his hands. “What’s that?” I ask. “I saw this in the store and I had one made. I wanted to give it to you for your birthday but I was being an asshole so I couldn’t give it to you,” he says. He gives me the little box and I open it. There is a small golden medallion. There is a wolf carved on it and I open it. There is photo of me and Scott in it. ‘y/n & Scott’ That’s standing on the other side. “It is beautiful!” I tell him. He puts the necklace around my neck and I kiss him. “I’m still really sorry and…” Before he could finish his sentence I kiss him. After a few minutes of kissing I pull back and I rest my forehead on his. “I forgive you. Now could you just please shut up about it?” I ask and he kisses me.

teen wolf meme friendships (6/9): Boyd & Erica & Isaac

“Boyd, what do you think will happen to us during on lunar eclipse. They last for hours, you know, because it’s just the earth’s shadow. I wonder what will happen to us. Maybe it’ll make us stronger? I hope it will make us stronger. Boyd”