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This is Rosalee’s recommendations where I recommend blogs and fictions. 
If you read ANY fictions or one shots, even writing blogs, please let me know so that when I do this next time, they can be added. 

With my excessive amount of followers (almost 10k) decided, I wanted to praise some other writers, who I think are amazing and you should look into. 


Master List

Recommendations of stuff: 
Steve: Your music sucks and you sucks, get over it. | Bubbly One & Two | Miss Me?* NSFW |
Bucky: 3am Sandwich | Silver Blood*, Part Two | Life Isn’t a Fairytale |
Chris Evans: I’ve Always Hated That Lamp Anyway*
Avengers: Valentines Day Headcanons | Being On Your Period 


Master List

Recommendations of stuff:
Mixed Signals* | Surprises | Ferris Wheel* NSFW | Keep It On, Cap NSWF| Saving Water* NSFW
Bucky: Heartbeat* - series | White Roses | Bang For Your Buck NSFW | Disney NSFW series*: A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes + A Whole New World + Under The Sea + Can You Feel The Love Tonight
Steve & Bucky: Decades Dance*
Matt: Blindfolded 


Master List

Recommendations of stuff:
Bucky: Say You Love Me | Choices | Laser Tag | You’re My Mission* - Series |
Steve: For You Will* | Romantic Bath | Better Half
Clint: Do We Have a Cat?* | And We Meet Again |


Master List

Recommendations of stuff:
Bucky: Tequila* | Stab Wound | Secrets | Girl Like Her- Series* |
Steve: Lava* | Dear Diary | Try Again* - series | 
Steve & Bucky: Mall Rats - series*
Sam: The Interrogation


The Bus: The Cruise | The Green Eyed Monster | A series that I think is great, involves Marvel characters, it’s on hiatus at the moment but I think you need to follow. 


Master List

Recommendations of stuff: 
Bucky: The Five Times You See Bucky Barnes Shirtless *| Do Me Favour - series | Sweet Mornings | Toothbrush* |
Steve: Ghost Problems* | Thunder Buddies | Running Into You* One & Two |
Scott Lang: Shake Your Head Yes* 


Master List

Recommendations of stuff:
Steve: House of Gold | A Thousand Years | Work From Home NSFW | Star Spangled Duo |
Chris Evans: A Date Like No Other* -series | Mrs. America
Bucky: Broken Hearted | Thinning My Patience NSFW | Welcome Back |


Master List

Recommendations of stuff: 
Steve: Birthday Present *NSFW | Fluffy Surprise | Kiss The Saviour* | Partners In Crime
Bucky: We Should Play* NSFW | Trapped* | Kiss Me Goodnight | In Trouble* |
T’Challa: Touch*

Writing Blogs Taking Requests- Shout Outs.


A new imagines blog that writes for; Teen Wolf, DC, Marvel and Supernatural. Go over and show some much-needed love for a new writer. 


A blog taking Marvel requests. Go over and request stuff for us to all fawn over and read.

 I don’t really ever have time to read as much as I used to, which is a damn shame, so most of these are recommended by my friends who do read. Unfortunately, spare time is used for writing but I do love these people, love their stuff. - Rosalee (also because I feel bad for my mental breakdown and wanted you guys to have some awesome stuff to read)

The Interview

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Author’s Note: Coach smut because I can and I want to!!! Lol I hope you enjoy it ;) Took me awhile to get it to where I wanted, so I hope it’s worth it!

Tagging @xteenwolfwritingsx because COACH SMUT

Warnings: Language; so much smut; holy shit the smut


The decision to return to my old stomping grounds had not been a difficult one. After graduating from college and applying for the job, I was excited to hear back almost immediately with an offer. Beacon Hills High was comfortable and familiar, something that I felt would be good for me to start out my career with.

Since I had graduated several years ago, I didn’t know any of the students. A couple younger siblings bore resemblances to kids that I had attended school with, and most of the staff was still there from my high school days, so it was like a not-so-fresh fresh start.

The position was easy enough, heading up the school paper and news website. It was like being an editor, only my authors and photographers were high school kids. I enjoyed the work, which was all that really mattered.

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