Touch - Derek imagine

For the anon who inspired the idea for this and which wouldn’t leave me alone until i finished it. Enjoy! Ps. The cookies are a little shoutout to one of my favourite authors who first came up with it and I have no accepted that as fact. Also, you cannot convince me Derek isn’t secretly a cuddle monster. 

Requested: Yes. Word count: 1838. 

It started off as an experiment after a random comment from Stiles, caught up in one of his usual rants about stuff random facts he stumbled upon during one of his deep dives into wikipedia. Pretty much like most everything that had happened to you, it was totally the energetic teenagers fault.

“Hey, did you know that hugs can actually reduce stress for weres?”He paused long enough to stuff some curly fries into his mouth.

“Really?” Scott questioned.

“You shouldn’t believe everything you read online.” Lydia commented, not lifting her gaze from the book she was reading. And that right there was pretty much like a dare. And if there was one thing you could always count on, was that the sheriff’s son would never back down from one.

“Okay, so let’s try it out.”Stiles stood up, gesturing for Scott to get up on his feet and pulled him in right there in the school cafeteria. “Hey there buddy.”

“Well, did it work?” Stiles prodded as the duo pulled apart.

”How are you feeling Scott?” Isaac spoke up, eyes flicking between the pair.

“Good. Really good.”

“Holy crap, that actually worked.”

Shortly after that, you somehow became the unofficial pack plush toy, surrounded by cuddly monsters who craved your attention and touch. It was everything from a quick hug for Scott before his Chemistry test, to comforting Isaac after a nightmare. You didn’t know exactly when it happened, but somehow your room had turned into a hotel, wolves coming over for sleepovers. One time you ended up being pushed out of bed because there was too many people, after that you started putting mattresses on the floor instead so you could spread out and sleep in a pile. Another thing you never saw coming. Though you had to admit, it was nice how the bond grew stronger, as you got closer. Even Peter tried to get in on the action though you promptly shot him with Allison’s bow because hell no. The only one who didn’t partake was the younger Hale, not for lack of trying though. Stiles’ hugged Derek and got punched in the face, since that no one tried repeating it.

You could see right through that sulky facade and the furrowed eyebrows in annoyance. He was jealous, he wanted it just as much as the others but for some reason he was denying himself. It was with a pang you remembered that his last pack died years ago and no one had probably shown him any kind of affection since then. You had a bit of a breakdown after that one, resolving to fix this immediatly. You knew he would never ask for it, so you decided to do something about it because you couldn’t take it any longer. You waited for a while, biding your time to find a good moment before shutting that down realizing that was never gonna happen. So, instead, you struck one day after a particularly testy day fighting fae. Everyone was in a bad mood after that, so you did what you do best; cheering them up. You stuck around after the others had left the loft, cutting him off from whatever he was about to say, pouncing on him before he had a chance to react or move away. He promptly froze, though easing up after a little while of you refusing to let him go, you only squeezed harder. He was a werewolf, he could have pushed you off easily or picked you up and thrown you out the door but he didn’t. He just stood there, arms against his side, and let you cuddle him. Afterwards you left without a word, throwing him a soft smile over your shoulder as you left but that was that. He wasn’t much of a talker, and you didn’t want to force him into doing something he wasn’t ready for.

That was the catalyst, now adding the grumpy alpha to your list of strays showing up in your bedroom for some cuddles. Though with Derek it was different, you took things slower, not wanting to startle him and undo all the progress he’d been making. He would only ever come over when you were alone, he’d promptly left another time when Isaac and Scott showed up, and he would only stay for a little bit at first. You were used to your window being used more than your actual front door, so it didn’t surprise you anymore when someone showed up. At least Derek gave you a soft knock of warning before coming inside, most nights anyways. That first night he actually stayed over, he tumbled in, bloody and clothes torn with the most emotion you’d ever seen in those hazel eyes. You acted on instinct, pulling in into a firm hug, before cleaning him up and getting him some clothes and wrapping him up in blankets, laying down next to him, careful not to press against his wounds, but close enough for him to feel your body heat and picked up the book you were reading and gently ran your fingers through his dark hair with your free hand. His peaceful breathes helped calm your nerves and you fell asleep to the sound of his heartbeat. He was gone by the time you woke up, and avoiding you for a couple of days before you confronted him and told him he was an idiot and you were expecting him tomorrow night, no excuses.

If someone had told you a couple of months ago that you would be sharing a bed with Derek Hale, you’d have laughed in their face. You didn’t have much of a relationship at first, more like tentative allies than partners, but it had blossomed since you started spending time together without threat of imminent danger or saving each others lives. You would count him as a friend now, getting to know Derek the person and not Alpha Derek who’s angry and doesn’t know what he’s doing leading a pack of teenagers. You were talking a lot, about the pack and you tried helping him out the best you could, but also non-werewolf related things like books and movies. Or you’d just sit in silence, enjoying each other company reading or watching a show. You learned that Derek was not a microwave popcorn kind of person, they taste better in a pan, and he loves gingersnaps. Seriously, he ate a plate of them you’d made for a bake sale, managing to look guilty when you walked into the kitchen and caught him redhanded, crumbles on his shirt. 

He volunteered to help you make more. He’s now banned from the kitchen. 

Things were getting better though, in general, and with the pack. Since the others were able to smell Derek’s scent lingering on you, and after a serious talk, they started to include the sour wolf in things as well. Group hugs were now a mandatory thing after a successful day of kicking butts, or after a rough one. The pack had grown closer, and you could see the change in Derek as well, he seemed to be breathing a bit easier, more sure of himself and his place in the pack and as a leader. This wasn’t just a group of people forced together fighting, it was a pack. A family. The first time you saw him smile was after that group hug, it was half a smile but it was genuine, you could see it in his eyes. And it was beautiful, you wish you’d brought a camera so you could freeze that moment. Sadly it was promptly cut short by Chris Argent showing up.

The thing about being a human running with wolves, you were a weakness and therefore also the target of everyone trying to hurt the pack, or just general assholes who got their kick out of hurting kids. Frankly, with the amount of hospital visits since you moved here, you should have earned a free one by now. Mrs McCall was not amused by that suggestion, muttering about idiots as she finished changing the dressing on your arm. This time was a close call, and you would have a constant reminder everyday you looked in the mirror. The big bad of the week had almost succeeded in removing your heart. Thankfully Scott came bursting through the door and saved the day and you passed out, supposedly being carried by Derek all the way to the hospital. Yeah, there was a conversation that you did not want to have, but it couldn’t be put off any longer. You were officially discharged and sent home, ordered to rest and not doing any strenuous activities.

Which is why you were in your pajamas at 3pm, hair up in a messy bun having a Netflix marathon and stuffing your face full of snacks when something crashed on to the floor, startling you. Looking up, your eyes locked with familiar pools. If looks could kill, he’d glare a hole in your head. Oh boy. He looks pissed. You had seen him angry before, but not like this, not at you. You jumped up, subconsciously moving back towards the door like he was a wild animal. Though, to be honest in that moment he was.


“What the hell where you thinking? Are you actually insane? Do you have some sort of death wish?”

“I was thinking that he needed to be stopped before someone else got hurt.”

“Someone did.” Which, fair point. Then suddenly, he was moving towards you rapidly and something inside you told you to run. Derek Hale is finally going to tear my throat out. Shit.

“I’m sorry I-” Something crashed into you, if it weren’t for the arms around your waist holding you upright you’d be on the floor right now. It took you a moment to process what was happening, then it hit you. Oh. Derek’s hugging me. He had never initiated one before. Now, he was clinging to you like you would float away if he let go and you realized he wasn’t angry, he was scared. Scared for you. Before you made the choice, your arms found their way around, returning the hug and you burrowed your face into his neck, his scent filling your nostrils. 

You weren’t sure of how long you stayed like that, but when he finally took a step back and fixed you with a stare, you missed his touch already. 

“Don’t ever do that again. You’re pack. They need you.” I need you. 

“I promise to try my hardest not to die. Okay? You won’t get rid of me that easily.” I’m not going anywhere. He scoffed, shaking his head. 

“Why did it have to be teenagers?” He sighed. 

“Oh hush you big teddy bear, you know you love me.”

“I tolerate you.”

“Okay, whatever you say sour wolf. So, are you staying?”



Soulmates Imagine

Imagine:On everyone’s 18th Birthday a Tattoo of their soulmates name appears.-Part 5

You all sat in a circle, staring at each other awkwardly.
“I’m not your soul mate"Malia stated blankly as she folded her arms. Stiles rolled his eyes.

"It’s never wrong"Scott shook his head.

"Yeah well it’s not me because-
Lydia quickly stepped on Malia’s foot, causing her to howl loudly.
You sighed, tired and upset you just wanted to go home and bury yourself in your bed.

"Well at least you got your tattoo"Theo smirked as he walked into the room.
You stood up ready to confront him about why he was still in Stiles’ house, Stiles did the same. Allison and Scott pulled you both back down to your seats.

"What are you still doing here, the party ended hours ago?"you hissed.

"Relax I was just helping clear up"he held his hands in the air as he walked to the door.
You all watched as he casually walked out of the Stilinski’s house.

"I need my bed"you mumbled as you gathered your things.

"I thought you were staying over"Stiles stood up with you as everyone parted to collect their belongings.

"Uh yeah I’m not feeling very well"you explained, picking up your phone charger. Getting flustered, you tried to pack your things faster so that you could get out of there.

"Y/n are you sure your okay?"Stiles stopped your rushing by grabbing your shoulders. His arms ran down your sides down to your wrists.

Your eyes widened as his looked down to where your bracelet was. The tattoo was comfortably hidden underneath. He was about to brush the bracelet aside.
Yanking your hand back you ran towards the door leaving some of your things behind.

"I’ll uhh- I will see you later"you choked out. You ran to Lydia’s car and locked yourself inside. Banging your fists against the steering wheel in frustration, tears came out of nowhere as you sobbed against the steering wheel.

You just had to deal with the fact that the boy you loved, was your best friends soulmate. There was nothing you could do about it.

3 hours later.
You shoved your clothes in a suitcase, throwing anything you were leaving behind on the floor.
You had decided to take a last minute holiday to Europe.

"Running away is a stupid idea y/n"Scott spoke out leaning against your bedroom door.

"It’s a brilliant idea"you mumbled.
Scott walked into your room and sat down on your bed, watching you pace around your room collecting things that you would need. Lydia and Allison were joining you but Malia and Kira were staying behind to finish their school year.

"I saw your wrist"he added.

"I know you did"you replied.

"You should tell him"Scott said sadly.

"Why Scott? So I can sit there and listen to the rejection? His soulmate is Malia my best friend. Not me"you sighed, sitting down next to Scott on your bed.

He reached over and gently picked up your wrist, turning it over to reveal the swirly ink.
"Scott, I think I love him and it’s the most horrible feeling in the world but it’s also the best feeling"you groaned.

His arm wrapped around your shoulder.
"No, you know you love him and you really need to tell him about this"Scott pleaded.

"I can’t"you shook your head and stood up, proceeding to pack your things.

"No offence but You and Allison, you’re different to me and Stiles everything goes right for you two, me and Stiles are just the best friends who observe. We don’t get to be happy"you mumbled.

"It’s not like that y/n"Scott stood up from your bed. Holding the door open for you as you dragged your suitcase along your wooden floors.

"Scott we both know it’s true and it’s fine I’ve learnt to deal with it"you shrugged.

"Running away isn’t dealing with it"He sighed.

"Scott I’ll see you when we get back"you mumbled, wheeling your suitcase to the boot of your car.

"Please don’t do this”

“Bye Scott"you spoke to your friend before driving away.
Scott fumbled through his backpack searching for his phone.

Meanwhile Stiles was in his bathroom, brushing his teeth.
He was concerned about you, you had been distant ever since his soulmate had been revealed.

Suddenly he felt a burning sensation on the back of his neck, his hand immediately shot up to touch it, the toothbrush fell out of his hands and he yelped. Stiles being Stiles stumbled around his bathroom like it was the end of the world.

His dad rushed into the bathroom, his gun at the ready.
"Stiles whats wrong?!”

“My neck it burns"he hissed.
Noah dropped his gun, walking over to Stiles.

"Move your hand for a second"The sheriff instructed so that he could get a closer look.
Stiles took his hand away, revealing smudged sharpie and a fresh new tattoo underneath the mess.

"What is all of that?"Stiles looked down at his now inked hand.

"I’m guessing you didn’t know about this"his dad raised his eyebrow as he ran water onto a towel.

"Knew about what?"Stiles asked confused as the mess on the back of his neck was washed away.

"Your soulmates tattoo was a fake"Noah explained.

"So It isn’t Malia?"Stiles sighed with relief.

"No it isn’t"Sheriff Stilinski read the back of his son’s neck, a small smile etched onto his face.

"It’s y/n"He replied, Mr. Stilinski already approved.
Stiles’ eyes widened and he suddenly lost his breath.
You were his soulmate and everything was adding up now, why you had been acting strange. It was all clear to Stiles. His heart started to race, maybe you did feel the same way?

Stiles was about to say something to his father but a strong vibration coming from beneath his towel interrupted his thoughts.

It was Scott.
Stiles looked up at his father expectantly.

"You should probably take that”
Stiles answered and pressed his phone to his ear.

“Scott, okay calm down why are you shouting?"Stiles asked quickly.

"What do you mean y/n’s leaving, she can’t go now!?"Stiles yelped as he pulled on his jacket, ignoring the toothpaste around his mouth.

"Why didn’t you stop her, okay I’m on my way"he almost cried.
Noah Stilinski looked just as alarmed as his son did.

"We’d better take my car, I can get us there faster"Noah offered.

Part6 anyone?-Lol I know i said Part 5 was the end but I couldn’t resist.
I’m extremely sorry this is late:(

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61 with Theo Raeken please?💗💗

Theo Raeken - “Welcome back. Now fucking help me.”

You had a problem. You had a big problem. You had a huge problem and the only one who could solve it was Theo Raeken.

And the only way to get Theo’s help, was getting him back from wherever Kira had sent him.

You knew that Scott probably wouldn’t like the plan. You knew that the rest of the pack would probably like the plan even less and you couldn’t blame them for it either. You might have been on the receiving end of Theo’s affection and love, they had most of all seen the price he was willing to pay to get a pack, to get his own pack.

He had not gotten it. Instead he had been sent away. He had been rotting away who knew where.

“Good, let’s do this.” You were mostly talking to yourself. You were gathering all the courage you could find and you were getting used to the weight of the sword in your hand.

The cold metal was heavy, heavier than you had thought it would be. Kira had been wielding it around like it was nothing but a weightless feather, but you were certain that it was more than just a few pounds.

You tensed all your muscles though and lifted the sword above your head. Once more you breathed in and out and then you dropped the sword, piercing the floor beneath your feet.

A few long seconds passed. A few long minutes passed. The ground was cracking, breaking, squeaking and the earth was shaking. Earthquakes weren’t that common in Beacon Hills, but it was very likely that this moment would go down as one.

“(Y/N)?” Theo stretched out his bloodied and damaged hand and you curled your fingers around his wrist to pull him out of the hole you had created. “Thanks…” Theo curled his lips up into a slight smile, but the usual fire and lights in his eyes were gone. Whatever he had been through, it had costed a lot more than anyone had imagined. “I knew that eventually you’d come for me.” His smile brightened and once he stood safely on the solid floor he wrapped his arms around you and pressed you tightly to his chest.

“You better make sure I won’t regret this. It took me months to get Scott’s trust back. I’m not gonna risk it again for you.”

“Well, at least that’s clear.” Theo stepped back and his glance hardened a little. He crossed his arms over his chest and cocked his head. “Then I assume you didn’t just get me back because you missed me so much?” He raised his eyebrows and you shrugged your shoulders.

“I love you, Theo. That didn’t change.” You licked your lips. “But you did try to kill Scott and you did try to tear the pack apart.” You locked your glance with his. “You can’t blame them for not being big fans of you.”

“I don’t care if they’re fans of me. I only care about you still loving me.” Theo squeezed his eyes a little while his eyes rested on you. “Do you still love me?”

“I do.” You nodded and then you took a deep breath. “So, welcome back.” You shifted your weight from one leg to the other. “And now fucking help me or I won’t be able to prevent them from sending you back there.”

Face From The Past *Part 4*

Theo Raeken X Reader

Word Count: 1557

<< Part 3

External image
You woke up the next morning and you wanted to go to school you would miss something if you weren’t there but when you walked into the kitchen you realised that you were in for a fight “Where are you going?” Rebekah asked as you reach for the cereal in the cupboard.

“Getting ready to go to school.” You mumbled.
“I don’t know if that’s a good idea,” Hayley said as she continued to feed Hope.
“Well, that doesn’t matter.” You answered. “Where are Klaus and Elijah?”
“They figured that they would help since it’s the only way that they are going to find Mikael,” Rebekah explained.
“So we were out looking for the boy that went missing,” Elijah answered.
“A boy went missing?” You asked.
“The one that was arrested,” Klaus added and your eyes widened.
“Donovan?” You asked and Klaus nodded. “Great, look I have to go to school.”
“You haven’t eaten yet!” Rebekah called and you waved your hands but Klaus caught you around the waist.
“Eat something.” He ordered and you rolled your eyes grabbing an apple from the kitchen and biting into it.
“They’re eating something, bye!” You said grabbing your bag and leaving.

You walked into the school and put your apple core in the bin and then went to your locker and put all of your books away. You were unfortunately good enough that you were able to be in AP classes and that was why you were sitting in AP Biology next to Scott. “(Y/N)!” The teacher called from the front of the class.
“Huh?” You asked.
“Did you do last night’s reading?” She asked and you looked at her before shaking your head.
“Any reason why?” She asked.
“Not a particular reason.” You smirked. “There was a number of reasons one of them being the friend that was in the hospital.”
“I know that moving back here is hard.” She started.
“Yeah, I know adjusting is the way of the world I get it.” You cut her off rolling your eyes. The teacher then when on to talk about drop forms, she never handed you one but you weren’t going to drop anyway.

“Did you get in to see Lydia?” Scott asked.
“No. I tried using my free period but she’s still in the ICU and no one outside family is allowed in.” Stiles explained.
“You should have said I could have asked Klaus for help.” You said.
“How?” Malia asked.
“Compulsion.” You answered. They all looked at you. “It’s a vampire thing.”
“We got one thing though,” Malia said putting the bestiary on the table.
“Anything in here about half-werewolves, half-Kanimas?” Kira asked.
“The Chimaera,” Scott mumbled.
“Um, what?” Stiles asked.
“Chimaera. It’s a creature made of incongruous parts.” Scott answered.
“And if Liam said he found two burial sites, it means Tracy’s not the only one.”
“Who’s the second Chimaera?” Kira asked.
“Donovan.” You whispered to yourself.
“What?” Scott asked.
“Nothing, just something I have to check later.” You answered.
“Why would they bury them?” Stiles asked.
“Deaton thinks it’s part of their process,” Scott answered.
“The people in masks,” Malia said. Then there was a phone call, it was Scott’s mum and she said that something happened and that he would probably want to see.
“Guys I’ll meet you there but I have to go get Klaus first.” You said.
“Why?” Stiles asked.
“Well, it could be Mikael and the only way we’ll know is if we show them and Klaus could help if you need it.” You explained.

When you got home you put your bag down and walked into the living room to see Klaus was looking after Hope. “Klaus something happened!” You called as you walked into the kitchen.
“What are you talking about? Are you okay?” He asked.
“Yeah I’m fine something happened at the Hospital and it might be Mikael so you have to go see.” You answered. “Where’s everyone else?”
“Rebekah and Hayley went out shopping or something and Elijah went to make sure that they didn’t get into trouble,” Klaus explained.
“Who’s going to look after Hope?” You asked.
“We’ll have to take her with us.” Klaus sighed picking her up.
“What? Really?” You asked.
“So what happened?” Klaus asked getting Hope ready.
“I don’t know yet Scott and Kira when to find out.” You answered.
“Well then let’s go,” Klaus said walking towards the door.

“Mum, what’s happening to him?” Scott asked as they walked through the halls of the hospital.
“It’s the pain,” Melissa answered. “Nothing’s working.” Just then the screaming stopped and they all frowned fearing the worst they run into the room and when they did they saw Klaus standing over him. “What did you do?”
“Compulsion love,” Klaus smirked and you rolled your eyes.
“He’s basically made sure that he doesn’t feel the pain anymore.” You explained.
“How did you get in here?” Melissa asked and Klaus smirked.
“Compulsion again.” You answered. “Klaus can get whatever he wants through compulsion.”
“Let me see it. Let me see his arm.” Scott ordered.
“- Holy - What is that?” Kira asked.
“That looks like a scorpion sting,” Klaus mumbled.
“How did you know that?” Melissa asked.
“I’ve been alive for 1000 years, I’ve seen it all,” Klaus answered.
“Scorpion?” Scott asked.
“I know. But that’s not the weirdest part. Because a sting this bad means that he should have been dead 10 hours ago, and the scorpion that stung him would have been 10 feet tall.” Melissa explained.
“Please tell me that doesn’t mean there’s a giant scorpion running around Beacon Hills,” Kira begged and Klaus raised an eyebrow.
“Is that a possibility?” Klaus asked.
“Everything is a possibility here.” You smiled. “This place is crazy.”
“Lucas It was Lucas.” The boy on the bed mumbled.
“Hey, Corey. What Lucas did to you, he’s gonna do it to someone else, and it’s gonna be much worse. We need to know what happened.” Scott said as you played with Hope.
“I don’t really know. He’s never been like that before.” Corey answered.
“Like what?” Scott asked.
“Aggressive. We were taking it slow, but it wasn’t me. He was the shy one. Then we’re hanging out today and it’s like he was a different person. Like,” Corey explained.
“Different how?” Scott asked.
“Like, super confident. We were just kissing and then I felt this sharp sting on my arm and And then I looked up at him and I swear his eyes turned black.” Corey continued, you could see that Klaus was becoming unnerved by the new information if there was someone running around stinging people his family was in danger.
“You mean totally black?” Kira asked.
“The whole eye. But it was only for a second. And then he said sorry, that he’ll see me at the club tonight and then he just left. And then a few minutes later, I’m in the worst pain of my life.” Corey finished.
“Hold on, you said club.” Scott remembered “What club?”
“Every Friday night. Sinema.” Corey answered.

Klaus asked Melissa to look after Hope for a few seconds before taking you to the club “you have to go back.” You said.
“What?” He asked.
“To Hope.” You said. “You can’t leave her, Scott will be here in a few minutes you have to go back.” Klaus had a looked torn as he looked back and then at you. “You trained me, remember.”
“Be careful.” He warned before disappearing. You walked into the club ignoring the alarm that you set off and started looking around but you heard the growling before you saw anything following the noise, you found there was another werewolf, you pushed the guys away from him and crouched. “Are you okay?” You asked.
“I will be.” He answered, you helped him up and pulled him away from the fight that Liam had now joined when you turned you saw Liam on the floor and knocked the guy away again, he growled at you and grabbed you around the neck, that was when Kira and Scott appeared.
“You’re a little late,” Liam said and Scott knocked the boy away and another fight broke out you but as the fight ended Kira almost killed him and Scott stopped her but before you guys could move him an arrow went straight through him and you looked up to find that there were three masked figures like Malia had said.
“Oh, what the hell is that?” You asked.
“Why did you do that!?” Scott asked looking up at them.
“His condition was terminal.” One of them said.
“What does that mean!?” Scott asked.
“Failure.” They said before they disappeared.

When you got home you didn’t actually stop for very long before you were out of the door again, you grabbed a coat and left again only stopping momentarily to make the decision not to tell the others where you went it seemed that they were having a rare moment where they could act normally and be a normal family. You phoned Stiles “Hey where are you?” You asked.
“I’m at the school why?” He asked and you growled.
“Um, I think someone coming for you, you have to stay inside.” You ordered as you started running.
“I’m already outside.” He said.
“Hang tight I’m on my way.” You said hanging up.

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Dear No One.

Prompt: Writing challenge from @myteenwolf-world. Song: Tori Kelley “Dear No One” – Character: Scott McCall

Dear No One.

I like being independent
Not so much of an investment
No one to tell me what to do

I like being by myself
Don’t gotta entertain anybody else
No one to answer to.

(Y/N) was very independent. She’d practically raised herself from the age of fourteen to her present age of nineteen. A dead-beat dad and a mom who put her career first, she didn’t really have any other option. So, she got herself through school and managed to score a 4.0 GPA, which got her the hell out of Los Angeles and into UC Davis – the school she’d been dreaming of going to ever since she decided to be a veterinarian when she was twelve. Thanks to scholarships, (Y/N) only asked very little from her mom – to pay the rest of her tuition and books and first and last month’s rent for an apartment of her own. After that, (Y/N) found a job as an assistant at a small, local animal shelter so she could make the rest on her own.

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||Fuck Me|| Aiden Steiner Imagine

{Requested: Hi :) Can I request a imagine with Aiden Steiner, like something cute or with angst? I don’t see much imagines about him. Thank you!}

“Why have you been hanging out with Stiles so much?"Aiden asked as I opened my locker.
"Good afternoon to you to babe."I mumbled, slamming my locker on his fingers.
Aiden cursed out loud as he removed his fingers from my locker, glaring at me with rage.
"Seriously (Y/N)?"He asked.
"Stiles is an interesting angsty human who entertains me with his paranoia and ability to stress over the simplest of things."I answered, glaring at him.
"Since I answered, it’s your turn. Why are you hanging out with Lydia so much?"I asked, balling my hands into fists.
"I’m trying to earn her trust, you know, using her to get into Scott’s pack."Aiden answered
"Hmmm and is that why you have red lipstick on your neck?"I asked, making Aiden’s eyes widen.
I grabbed his hair and slammed his head against the locker next to mine.
"If I find out you kiss her again, you won’t live another day to kiss your precious red headed bitch."I spat before walking away.
Two years ago, Ethan and Aiden had murdered everyone in my pack but me and my alpha. My alpha was an absolute dick so when Aiden told me he’d let me kill my alpha instead of him and his twin brother doing it, I did it. I found Ethan who had just walked in on Danny and some random guy making out.
"Seriously?"Ethan asks.
"Tsk tsk Danny, we both know Ethan is way better. No offense dude."I said, smiling at the guy.
I wrapped my arm around his shoulder and dragged him out of there.
"I say we throw a party, a great party to forget all about this!"I suggested, making Ethan grin.
"You just want a reason to party."He mumbled, rolling his eyes.
"Ah, you caught me. Cmon Eth, it’s not like a party ever killed anyone."I told him.
"Actually Lydia almost died-”
“Shut up, that was like a school dance thing, not a party."I muttered as Ethan and I walked to P.E.
"Someone doesn’t like Lydia…"Ethan teased, making me snarl at him.
"Someone doesn’t like Ethan…"I teased as Danny walked by.
Ethan glared at me, making me smirk. We parted ways, going to different locker rooms. Once we got changed into our P.E clothes, I met up with Ethan who was by Aiden.
"What’s the deal with coach?"I asked as he screamed at Greenberg.
"Greenberg spilled water on the floor."Ethan answered, making me grin.
"Oh Greenberg."I mumbled, laughing as Coach continued to scream at him.
I looked over to see Stiles, Scott, and Lydia. I never even noticed when Aiden left us to go stand by her side.
"That’s why someone doesn’t like Lydia."Ethan whispered, smirking.
"Oh look, Danny is waving at you."I lied, making him look around.
"Not funny."Ethan grumbled as I walked over to coach.
He started saying some crap about how Greenberg got on his nerves. It wasn’t until I heard Coach’s whistle go off that I snapped out of my daydream. I groaned as I covered my ears.
”(Y/L/N), you’re on McCall’s team.“Coach said , making me cheer.
Scott smiled as I walked over to them, amused at my delight to be in his team.
"What, I like being in the winning team."I shrugged only to make him smile wider.
"Do you even know what we’re playing?"Stiles asked as I rolled my head back, cracking my neck.
"Don’t care, as long as I get to win."I answered, making Scott laugh.
Coach brought out red balls and I swear my day had gotten better. Ah, dodgeball, the sport I could get away with throwing balls at people and not getting in trouble.
"Oh no…"Stiles mustered, fearful of getting hit.
"Don’t worry Stiles, I got your back."I told him, making him cheer up.
Once Coach blew the whistle, Scott and I dashed to the middle of the gym and grabbed as many dodge balls as we could. I spotted Ethan reaching down to grab one, making me throw it at him.
"Really?"Ethan asked as he started walking away.
I smirked until out of the corner of my eyes I saw a ball flying in my direction. I immediately ducked and threw it at Greenberg. Greenberg groaned as the ball his his face. I expected Coach to give me a warning but instead he gave me grin and a thumbs up. Soon enough the only ones left on the other side were Aiden, Lydia, and some girl hiding in the back. Lydia hid behind Aiden, making me glare at her. Scott, Stiles and I were the only ones left. Stiles threw the ball at Aiden, unfortunately Aiden caught it.
"Dammit."Stiles muttered before walking away.
Ethan walked back in, glaring at me.
"Shit."I muttered knowing I practically had a target on my back.
Ethan threw the ball at me and luckily I caught it, making Stiles cheer as he walked back in.
"Told you I had your back."I mumbled, patting his back.
Out of the corner of my eye I saw Aiden grow tense before aiming at Stiles. I immediately in front of Stiles, catching the ball as I fell on top of Stiles.
"I want you on my team forever."Stiles spoke up, making me laugh.
Scott threw the ball at the girl hiding in the back, so only Lydia was left. I clenched my jaw as I saw her widen her eyes.
"I got this."I muttered before launching the ball at her.
Lydia stumbled back as the ball hit her face. She grabbed her nose as blood trickled down.
"McCall wins!"Coach yelled, making Scott and I cheer.
Stiles immediately ran over to Stiles side, helping her up from the floor. Scott noticed Lydia bleeding and followed after Stiles.
I lifted my shirt, wiping the sweat off my face before walking back to Coach. The whole rest of the class was just us running and playing dodgeball. Lucky this was the last class of the day, so when the bell rang, I ran off to the locker room. I quickly changed and started walking out until I found Lydia wiping blood off her p.e shirt. I frowned as I felt something new, I felt guilty. Aiden is using her, no girl should be used.
"Hey Lydia, I’m sorry about the whole nosebleed situation."I spoke up as I walked over to her.
"Just keep your werewolf strength under control next time."Lydia mumbled, not looking up at me.
“Okay I know you don’t like me (Y/N), it’s obvious. I don’t want to talk."She snapped.
I sighed and started walking away until I turned back around.
“What?"She asked, sighing.
"Don’t trust Aiden, Aiden is only using you to get into your pack."I warned, making her furrow her eyebrows.
"I know because he told me."I mumbled, making her clench her hands into fists.
She shoved her t-shirt into her gym bag before marching over to me.
"Why are you telling me this?"She asked.
"Because you’re a girl, and I always hated the competition between girls. Everyone knows I love competition, but not when it’s between to girls. I believe all girls should be untied, they should be a team and not competing against each other."I explained, making her facial expression soften.
"Thanks for warning me (Y/N)."She whispered, smiling.
"You deserve to know."I said before walking out the door.
I felt someone hit the door, making me rush out.
"Oh god."Stiles muttered as he held his head.
"Stiles where you waiting outside the girls locker room?"I asked, realizing I had hit him with the door.
"Me, pfft, no, never."Stiles answered, trying to regain his ‘cool’ composure.
"Maybe?"Stiles mumbled as Lydia and I glared at him.
“Okay, fine, I was! You happy?"Stiles asked, making me nod.
I exited hell-oh I meant school, same thing though. I walked over to my car and waited for Ethan. Ethan raced over and grinned widely as he hopped into the passengers seat.
"Lydia is embarrassing Aiden in front of the whole school."Ethan said, making me grin.
I stepped on the gas pedal and sped off, leaving him at school. Once we had gotten home, I had ten missing calls from Aiden. I kept ignoring his calls and headed out with Ethan to buy stuff for the glow in the dark party we were secretly having at Derek’s place. Ethan had invited Danny, no wonder he was such in a good mood. Once everything was set up, Isaac, Ethan, Danny, and I invited everyone we knew. Soon enough, Derek’s loft was filled with people. Scott and Kira were talking outside while Ethan and Danny were dancing with glow in the dark paint on them. Stiles and I were currently dancing horribly, covered most of our body with glow in the dark paint. After awhile of dancing, there was a loud bang. Stiles and I immediately grabbed onto each other. We all turned our heads to look and find Derek glaring at everyone.
"Oh shit."Stiles muttered.
"Get out!"Derek yelled, making Stiles and I flinch.
Everyone ran outside while Stiles and I hid under a table. It wasn’t until I heard a growl that Stiles and I peaked out from under the table.
"Guys, they’re all looking at me. Why are they all looking at me?"Aiden asked as Oni stared at him.
"Stay here."I whispered to Stiles before shifting into my werewolf form.
Derek, Scott, and I attack the Oni. Derek manages to break one of their necks but was thrown across the room. Isaac and I took out our claws and attacked one Oni at the same time. The Oni pulled a sword out which made Isaac back away. The Oni swung its sword at me, making me duck. The sword just barely misses my head, making me let out a shaky breath. Before I could even move, an Oni behind me swung his sword down at my shoulder. Aiden screamed my name as I screamed in agony, blood gushing onto the floor. Isaac grabs me and pulls me out of dangers way. I start screaming as I see an Oni pull a sword out of his chest. Aiden falls onto his face, making tears stream down my face. I shove Isaac off of me and rush to his side as sun comes up. The Oni disappear into thin air as I pull him onto my lap.
"Aiden, Aiden?"I asked as I shook him.
Aiden wouldn’t move, making me sob uncontrollably as I held him. It wasn’t until I heard his heart start to beat. He gasped for air as his claws sunk it me, grabbing onto me tightly.
"What happened?"Aiden asked as he looked up at my red teary face.
"You fucking asshole, I thought you were fucking dead!"I screamed shoving him off of me.
"How’s that my fault?"Aiden asked.
"Don’t fucking die!"I yelled, making everyone snort.
"You were scared for me?"He asked, making me furrow my eyebrows.
"Are you fucking kidding me? I broke down and started crying uncontrollably and you have the fucking audacity to fucking ask me the stupidest question I’ve ever fucking heard?"I asked, making Aiden smirk.
"You care for me-”
“You ever try scaring me like that again, I’ll kill you myself."I warned, making him grab my face and smash his lips against mine.
I shoved him off of and slapped him.
"You dare kiss me when I’m clearly upset with you?"I asked in disbelief.
I cupped his face, smashing my lips against his.
"So are they together or is she free?"Isaac asked.
"They’re not officially dating but they are possessive over each other."Ethan answered as Aiden and I pull away.
"I fucking hate you."I growled as Aiden rested his forehead against mine.
"You fucking love me."Aiden growled, cupping my face again.
"Damn right I do."I muttered before climbing on top of him.
"That’s our cue to leave!"Ethan yelled as I ripped Aiden’s shirt off.
Everyone ran outside while Aiden ripped my shirt off.
"I fucking love you too."Aiden whispered as his teeth grazed against the skin on my collar bone.
"Fuck you."I muttered as he ripped my jeans off, making him smirk.
"I think what you were trying to say was, 'fuck me’.”——–
Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this. I hope you enjoy it and have a wonderful/night!


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Everything on this list is +18

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Stiles: “I’m gonna grab some tea for you. You stay here, just don’t move, okay? Don’t move.”
You: “You don’t..-”
Stiles: “Don’t.. I thought you..”
You: “No Stiles! I didn’t move. I wouldn’t dare to move.”
Stiles: “You’re mocking me, aren’t you?”
You: “I totally am.”