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To give you an idea for how badly Teen Wolf has disappointed its LGBTQ audience, let me tell you a story about this year’s PaleyFest. 

My fiancee was assigned to lead and conduct red carpet interviews at the event for HereTV, which is a premium network targeting the LGBTQ community.  This channel exists under the same corporate umbrella as Out magazine and The Advocate, and its crew will occasionally film and provide exclusive footage to both of these companies as well as broadcasting said footage on its own channel.

He was told to do interviews for shows like Modern Family, Arrow, and the Flash, but not Teen Wolf. The network didn’t want to cover Teen Wolf–the show that in the past has publicly flaunted its existence in a homophobia-free world.

If that doesn’t show how badly Teen Wolf has tarnished its reputation–not only among fans but on a corporate level–I just don’t know what will.

leave it to derek hale to have enough money to buy a house

but instead buys a creepy motherfucking warehouse

can you imagine that poor real estate agent?

“i’ll take it.”

“…really? you want this loft? it’s kind of depressing i mean-”

“no i want the whole building.”

“and you’re not going to murder anyone here right?”


“nevermind i want to plead innocent.”

does jeff davis know that only making queer side characters that get five minutes of screentime a season and then disappear forever whilst not making any main characters queer does not actually count as queer representation

can we talk about last episodes brason scene tho?

  • brett just casually came by to chit chat with mason
  • like he just went to their school to taLK WITH MASON
  • imagine mason having his phone number and texting him like “u wanna come over”
  • and mason didnt even mean NOW but brett saw the message and SPRINTED OUT OF SCHOOL
  • he was like “i’m not gonna let my bb wait i dont even care i wont even change my clothes i’ll stay in my school uniform”
  • and then they meet at BH HS and mason sees brett in his school uniform
  • and brett is like “did smth happen”
  • while mason still tries to grasp how cute and good brett looks in his uniform he’s like “nah just wanted to chill sry if u thought its important”
  • and bretts like “THIS is important”
  • and then they just sat together and talked and watched liam train
  • its so cute its so so sos so cute what cute dorky babies

jordanparrish asked:

let's talk about derek's thumbhole sweater

God, Derek’s thumbhole sweater. The worst best  decision the clothing department ever made.

It's so cute and soft looking and it’s such a contrast to what he usually wears but it just makes me want to snuggle him

why does he even have it I don’t understand but I love it. 

And I keep seeing Derek in that thumbhole sweater with that messenger bag over his shoulder and I see a disgruntled college student, annoyed by the party-loving, irritating, loud freshmen who have no respect for their elders, especially that weird cute pale kid who walks like a baby giraffe and is constantly in his way and is a smartass in lectures and Derek wants to spread him out on his bed an ravish him even before he sees Stiles grind his hips

I’m sorry I just have a lot of feeling about that okay

spaggel asked:

I am now stuck in a Soft Sweater Gentle Alpha!Derek and Aggressive Cage Fighter Omega!Stiles endless loop of want because of you. Are you happy now? ARE YOU HAPPY?


also because that allows me to flop on you and whine about alpha!derek nesting before his heat really sets in, gathering all the soft blankets and fluffy pillows into his bedroom. or about him making thumbholes in ALL HIS SWEATERS EVER because an alpha showing off a lot of skin gets him catcalled on the streets. (SOME OMEGAS ARE SUCH ASSHOLES OKAY.)

and stiles has lived his whole life being snubbed by alphas. scott tells him that he’s a little too mean – you know? his tongue is too sharp and his temper too fast. alphas want someone strong, but scott tells him again and again that he needs to cool it sometimes, that there’s a difference between strength and the flat out violence that stiles wants to inflict on some of the assholes he knows.

okay SO STILES FINDS AN APPROPRIATE VENUE FOR HIS AGGRESSIVENESS. that’s maturity, right? so much better than taking it out on classmates by picking fights in the locker room with the other omegas. scott approves anyway, which is the best sign that stiles could hope for.

ANYWAY MY POINT IS: STILES GETTING SWEATY AND BLOODY AND BRUISED (MY FAVORITE) while other omegas are crowded around the cage, shouting encouragement and making bets on who will win the fights. 

and pressed up near the chain link fencing is derek, this fucking alpha. just his presence is making the omegas to either side of him straighten up and shove the others back, giving the alpha some room for god’s sake, no one jostle him.

and after stiles wins the fight (OF COURSE), he’s got blood on his knuckles. he feels feral. he presses right up to the fencing in front of the alpha and curls his fingers through the links, claws showing and fangs bared. he rumbles at the alpha, lungs filled to the brim with pride.

and idk, derek nearly climbs onto the stage to get their eyes even, breathing deeply and through an open mouth, scenting all that mind-spinning omega sweat before his throat closes down on a punched out sound of want.

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I don't think TW was ever a cutesy comedic show BUT! it was a lot more light hearted in s1 and s2. now its just a constant barrage of 'horror' and 'dark' and 'ARE YOU SCARED YET?' which doesn't grasp my interest at all because the story is so bad and theres no focus on the characters anymore

(i got struck by a thing that i wanted to write, so have a thing.)


peter bites two boys in the preserve, one right after another, and shows how pleased he is with the action by baring bloody fangs at them and snarling at them until they scramble together and run from him. he isn’t sure how he knows – perhaps it’s alpha instinct – but he feels as if chances are good that both of them will turn.


he chases them through the school shortly before the full moon. it’s exhilarating, to be honest, even if it means tearing through unfamiliar territory. he corners them and loses them in turns before they decide to part ways, splitting his attention. 

peter catches one in the gymnasium and roars in his face. he can feel the frightened flutter of the boy’s presence in his mind through the budding pack bond. peter shoves his demands through the bond, and the beta’s eyes glow yellow. innocent, but not for much longer.

peter leaves him there, confident that the shaking boy will soon be taking the lives of his friends, and goes in search of the other.


peter finds the second beta in the halls. the boy is trying hard to be quiet, breathing through his nose in slow deliberate breaths, but the beat of his heart is so loud that peter finds it impossible to resist making it beat faster. 

so he toys with this one. it’s a small bit of payback for all the bravado that got shoved in his face earlier. the beta isn’t so fearless on his own, without a barricade between him and peter. by the time peter pins him down just short of the exit, the boy is nearly exhausted from running, and his eyes barely manage to reveal their true color, flickering in the face of peter’s low growling.

when he sees the color, peter sits back. his fur and bulk ripple away until his face is more human, better designed for speaking. "you’ve killed before,“ he says softly, words slightly slurred around his fangs. "that’s interesting.”

the boy goes abruptly still, staring up at peter in horror. he starts shaking when peter taps a clawed finger under his eye.

“your eyes are blue. that’s how i know,” he says.

the struggle begins anew. “i have no idea what you’re talking about,” the boy spits out.

peter hears a shout from behind him (“stiles!”) and it’s soon followed by a threatening roar that echoes down the hallway. pushing his alpha form to the surface again, he turns to face the yellow-eyed beta from before.

“scott!” shouts the boy peter still has pinned – stiles, apparently. “run, you idiot!”

scott just stands straighter, all the more bold for his reckless, stupid courage.

peter has to let stiles go in order to fight scott down, but he doesn’t worry about it. he has to get his priorities in order. first, he’ll have to break scott, but once that’s done, he’ll have two perfect betas in his pack – ones that are willing to kill.

anonymous asked:

I think that they're going to make Braeden save him, or like sacrifice herself for him, because the relationship between them it's the only thing that the writers seem to be interesed in from the Derek situation.

Unfortunately yeah, I agree, Draeden seems to be the thing they’re most interested in. 

Like, the season began with the pack all looking for Derek and driving to fucking Mexico to get him back and basically none of them have talked to him since??? He hasn’t told them??? Like wtf is this??? I hate that Derek is constantly on the fringes of everything, that he’s never truly included, that no one cares enough.

Even him losing his powers and dealing with that (a storyline that could be very interesting even though I gotta admit that I don’t like the idea of human!Derek very much, because I cannot separate Derek from being a werewolf) isn’t a major plot point. We never truly get to see him freak out about it? Like, he seems surprisingly chill, and hey, we get Braeden teaching him about guns and it ending in hanky-panky out of it ain’t that great. (That’s not to say I don’t like Braeden. I think Braeden is a fucking badass, but it feels, as you said, like they’re only writing that storyline for him to get him with Braeden, and I just want more for both characters. They deserve better.)