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She’s a little odd - Dylan O’Brien Imagine [Request]

A/N: requested by @loveislouder14. I hope you like it. I really like the idea, so I hope it turned out well.
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It all started off with one simple tweet. People got used to Dylan O'Briens girlfriend – the Teen Wolf super-fan, but things got strange once they learned about me shipping Stydia. The day it finally happened on show not only I went totally nuts but also questions over-floated. They always kept wondering how I could be so supportive, when it actually came to my man kissing some other woman and when fans hearts stopped as wishes and dreams finally came true, I was one of them. I felt it becoming one of the most discussed topics in fan groups or even Tumblr, but to be honest I never got their point.

First of all this was part of Dylans job, so there was actually no chance I got jealous about him kissing someone else. Well, to be honest at first I had to get used to it, but it didn’t took me this long. Apart from this I simply didn’t care as long as I knew who his heart belonged to.

Now that months have passed, each day advanced towards Comic Con. In fact Dylan offered me more than once to accompany him, but I declined kindly every time he asked.

To anyone else there haven’t been much of a reason for my behavior but to me and my best friend (Y/F/N), this has been our event for ages now and I wouldn’t want to break with this tradition for anything – not even Dylan.

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The “It” Couple

“So, Ms. Y/N,” the interviewer started, “How are you and Dylan O’Brien doing? Or should I say Dylan O’Bae?”

The audience laughed and you allowed yourself a little chuckle at the comment.

Yes, you and Dylan were dating. After being outed by T-Pose last month during an MTV after hours, the whole world knew that you and Dylan O’Brien were and item.

The internet went wild when they heard the news, many of the fans got to work immediately on their fanart and collages. By the end of the day, you and Dylan were the number one trending thing on the internet. There was a day where the entire cast decided to comb through your tag on tumblr and was forever scarred of the several drawn images of smut. 

“We’re good,” you said to the interviewer.

“Things on set must be pretty different now that the whole world knows about the two of you,” he said. You nodded slightly.

“A lot of people are sending in messages to Jeff saying that our characters should be together,” you confirmed. “And I’ve been getting a lot of people asking whether or not things are awkward between Shelley or Holland and it’s really not. I find it kinda funny because even though I’m his girlfriend and I’m on the sideline while their filming the Stalia and Stydia scenes, I really don’t care because I know it’s strictly professional and that Dylan sees them as good friends.”

“What about during panels?”he asked. “Do things ever get weird when he’s being asked all these questions about who he’s dating and whether or who Stiles is going to end up with?”

“Well, keeping our relationship a secret was a mutual decision since it was all so new and we didn’t want things to blow out of proportion. So when people asked those kind of questions during panels, I just kinda hoped he wouldn’t spill the beans. But since we have a panel coming up soon, I expect there to be a lot more questions regarding the two of us.”

The rest of the interview went on pretty well. He asked questions about your role on Teen Wolf and even allowed the audience to ask you questions. Many of their questions were on topics related to your upcoming role in a new movie and what your coworkers were like on set. Their were some scattered questions about you and Dylan before time was up and you said your goodbyes.

There was lots of interviews like that afterwards. You and Dylan would often sit next to each other if it was the entire cast, indulging in the slightest bit of PDA while the audience awed at the two of you. When there was a question about your relationship, you’d often blush while T-Pose or Sprayberry revealed some embarrassing stories. The next Teen Wolf panel, the fans cheered when you and Dylan walked onto stage. There were one or two jokes and at one point, T-Pose patted Dylan on the back, commenting that he was a really lucky guy. The last question came from the most adorable little fan who thought your and Dylan were cute together to which the audience and cast awed and basically melted.

“We’re the hottest thing on the internet,” Dylan commented one day when the two of you were hanging out on set. You had been scrolling through the tag once more and looked up at your boyfriend.

“I would have never guessed,” you said, tone dripping with sarcasm. “Considering all the fanart and fanfiction there is of us.”

“Shut up,” he chuckled. 

I encourage anyone who is feeling down about Bob not going to Comic-Con to remain positive.

It’s okay - no need to panic: Bob is a main, this doesn’t mean anything about his future role on the show. Yes, it is disappointing, but Bob is busy, he has other commitments, and in the chance this IS about how comfortable he feels at cons, than maybe it’s best for him to stay away (I heard someone say he has an anxiety disorder too but don’t hold me to that). For all we know, JRoth decided that having Bob and Eliza at the same con would be problematic because of how bad the shipping wars have gotten. Maybe there’s another reason for Alycia dropping out of that con with Eliza awhile back. If that’s the case, it really sucks, but c'est la vie.

In any case, if you are AT the con today, and were going to ask Bob about Bellamy, ASK JASON. I know a lot of people don’t like him, but this IS his show, and he knows all of the characters. So ask him, especially since his voice has kind of been lost ever since 3x07.

If you had a question about Bob as a PERSON, that’s a little tricky, but if it’s about things the cast does, you could ask Richard, as they are very close friends. Or Marie. Or Eliza. Or anyone.

If you have a question about Kane and Bellamy’s relationship, ASK IAN! He rarely comes to cons, this is a great opportunity. Take it!

If you have a question about Murphamy, ask Richard.

If you have a question about Bellamy and Clarke’s relationship, ask Eliza.

Hell, if you have a question about the Blakes, Marie is right there for you.

This isn’t the end of the world, and yes, it is disappointing and I will admit that my own enthusiasm about the con decreased too, but we still have lots of opportunity to get in some great new info on Bellamy going into Season 4.

If you’re a fan of Teen Wolf, just look at their panel. There’s a huge fan base for Stiles, and Dylan O'Brien couldn’t be there either. They still made the most of it.

Why are people like this though?

*Names of cast members attending the Teen Wolf panel is announced*

“Fans”: Wow what a trash panel

Me: I wish I had money so I could purchase tickets for the thousands of real TW fans who want to attend the panel (no matter whose there) but can’t. 

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Fan Panel Contest Winners!
Hello all! This is Marisah and I’m here to talk about the Fan Panel Contest we had! The original rules of this contest stated that the top ten finalists would be subjected to a public vote to determine the one winner of this contest. However, due to a lower-than-estimated number of submissions and the amount of duplicate ideas, this became an impossibility. Originally we planned on lowering the number of finalists for the public poll to only three, but instead have decided to let all three of these finalists run their panels! We really want to thank everyone who submitted a panel idea and we hope that you understand why we amended the rules this way. And now, the winners!

1. Girl Power in Beacon Hills: The Women of Teen Wolf (hosted by Becky P.)
Basically, a fan panel dedicated to the women of Beacon Hills and how kick ass they are: Melissa McCall, Victoria Argent, Allison Argent, Lydia Martin, etc. I caught up on Season 1 before Season 2 started and have been watching ever since. I’ve noticed a distinct lack of … damsel in distress-ness from the women on this show. They’re strong, defiant when needed, loyal, take charge … for example, where Gerard was scared of death and sought the Bite, Victoria got the Bite and embraced death, asked for it. The women on this show are amazing and I think actually very good role models and I think their kick ass-ness needs to be discussed. 

2. (hosted by: Alicia A. & Dani T.) Our topic idea is to take a condensed version of Joseph Campbell’s idea of a heroic monomyth and applying it to the characters of Teen Wolf. How our favorite Monday night companions fit the shoes previously filled by juggernauts like Gilgamesh, Hercules, Achilles, Batman, Frodo, Spock, Han Solo, and so many more.

The panel will also draw from the Lord of the Rings series for examples as well as Homer’s Iliad, and the Harry Potter series. This secondary list is likely to change as these will just be used for examples.

3. Revolutionary Visuals of Teen Wolf: The Gender Equality of the Gentle Derek Phenomenon (hosted by Teo M.)
This will be a partially lecture- and partially discussion-based panel regarding the usurpation of gender roles and performative identities in the Teen Wolf fandom. The panel will explore the implications of reversing normalized social rhetoric and the development within fandom that has resulted in more egalitarian practices within fanfiction. The panel will draw on sociological and media studies texts as well as user-generated content on tumblr. The panel will begin with a discussion of the development of the gay male image and its progression through tropes across multiple fandoms to the rise of the Gentle Derek ideal within Teen Wolf specifically.

So there you have it ladies and gents! We’re so excited to have these lovely folks bring their panel ideas to life!

Teen Wolf Fanworks Panel at SDCC!

Teen Wolf Fans! Exciting news: we will be hosting a Teen Wolf Fanworks panel at San Diego Comic Con later this month.

The official blurb:
Friday, July 25, 11:00a.m. - 12:00p.m. Teen Wolf Fanworks Discussion: Join panelists daunt (artist), febricant (Not As Described), magneticwave (we knew every line), rashaka (The Next Level Is Real), the_deep_magic (Pack Up; Don’t Stray), and zjofierose (Holding Your Own Weight) for an in-depth discussion on Teen Wolf Fanworks. We’ll talk about process, tropes, controlling one’s own fandom space, interacting with other members of the fandom, the challenges vs joys of creating fanworks, and more. Room 29A

The unofficial blurb: EEEEEEE;ASDKLBNlsl;anbrfs;lkjdfna;asl!!!!!!

If you can’t be there, but want to ask our panelists a question, we (melooza1 [our brilliant organizer] and eamestrousers [our questionable moderator, aka me]) have a handy form for you to use to submit them. We can’t guarantee to get to every question, but we’ll at least use them to inform our discussion.

There will not be video of the panel, but I’m certain there will be live-tweeting and tumblring, and we’ll try to do a wrap up post after it’s all over.

I hope you can come join us!!!