teen wolf family tree

When someone disses your show

Pretty much exactly me 💁🏻😂

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Teen Wolf Family Tree

Scott:The Dad

Stiles :The Mum

Derek:Stiles’ second husband that he tells Scott not to worry about

Liam:The son(Forcefully adopted)

Isaac:The son who wants Dad all to himself

Theo:The twice removed cousin who sits in a corner plotting world destruction

Malia:The over protective Stepmom

Jackson:The cool cousin who’s tried to remove himself from the family

Peter:The crazy uncle who won’t go away

Top 20 television characters

Hello everyone! I want to make a “Top 20 television characters” thing and I would really like if you would vote for different characters. Just send in the characters name you vote for (please add the TV-Shows name just in case) in my ask and I will fix the rest.

OBS! When you vote, you have to write example: “Vote: —” or “I vote for —”, I think you get it.

You may vote for different characters.

You can vote until December 31st, 2016.

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