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endless list of plot bunnies: The Elementals - Elsa Kirsch, Adriana Marin, Kaia Woods and Bri Matthews

“We should call ourselves The Elementals.”

“Alright Sailor Moon we’re not trying to start a pop group here.”

Four girls each hailing from a different social clique, who have never been friends are suddenly thrown into the mix together when they discover that each one of them has the ability to control one of the four elements. 

As if learning to deal with new found powers wasn’t enough, Elsa, Ade, Kaia and Bri have to put all their differences aside when it comes to teaming up with not only each other but with Scott McCall and his band of merry men in the war against the Dread Doctors. 


“I was scared Stiles. I wasn’t sure how you’d react. It’s one thing to have a best friend who’s a werewolf, but a kitsune girlfriend? That’s something completely different.” You explained, your stomach was going crazy, you felt nauseous, this wasn’t how you’d wanted to tell Stiles you were a kitsune.

“No, no, you’re right, hearing it from Kira’s mom who, by the way, sends her regards to the special one is so much better, right? I thought you trusted me (y/n). It shouldn’t matter what you are, what matters is who you are. I just can’t believe you’d keep something like this from me.” Stiles said you knew he was more hurt than he led on. 

“I was going to tell you, eventually. I was just waiting for the right time. You don’t understand Stiles; you’re human, you’ve never had anyone hunt you down for what you are. I should have told you sooner. I’m sorry.” You said reaching for him. 

Stiles didn’t push your hand away, so that was a good sign, but he didn’t exactly reach out to you either. “Please don’t leave me.” You whispered you were scared that because of your cowardice you’d lose him. 

“I’m not gonna leave you. I may be hurt but I love you. I just want you to trust me.” Stiles said as he spun around to face you.

Stiles cupped your cheek and made you look up at him. “I think I can make it up to you.” You said as an idea came to mind. 

“What are you doing?” Stiles asked confused as you stepped away from him. 

“Just watch.” You said.

You felt your bones breaking and mending, molding themselves into your fox form, the process didn’t hurt, but judging by the look on Stiles’ face he didn’t know that.

Stiles’ eyes were wide as he took in your transformation. “Wow.” He whispered looking down at you. “Can I–” You nodded your head, knowing he didn’t know how to complete the question. 

You felt him stroke the soft fur, and it felt comforting, you liked him being the first in your group of friends to see your form. You nuzzled against his hand as he pet your head. 

You took a step away from him and focused on transforming back into your human form. 

“That was…wow.” Stiles said unsure of how to continue. 

“Was that what she meant when she called you special?” Stiles asked referring to Kira’s mom. 

“No. There’re different types of Kitsunes; Kira’s a thunder kitsune while I well…” You snapped and watched as a small flame appeared on your hand. 

“Fire? That’s awesome!” Stiles looking at the flame in awe. 

“I’m not done yet, darling.” You said. You closed your eyes and focused on getting the air around you to create a small tornado leaving the two of you in the center. 

Stiles laughed. “This is–” Before he could continue you cut off the wind and lifted the two of you up off of the ground. 

“My girlfriend can fly!” Stiles shouted making you laugh. You set the two of you back down on the ground gently. 

“I can do a lot more, but it takes quite a bit out of me. I’ll show you the rest some other time. Okay?” You asked not wanting to let him down. 

“You mean you can do more than just fly? I’m falling more and more in love with you by the second.” Stiles said as he wrapped you in his arms. 

“Well I’m happy to hear that, but maybe we can take a nap. I’m really, really tired.” You said as you rested your head on his shoulder. 

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So how about a fic where Stiles & Derek have been dancing around the idea of getting together for awhile, but something always happens to keep them apart. Neither of them are great with emotional talks, which is just adding to the problem & the building tension between them. Stiles finds a spell that he thinks will help…. 

Below is a very bad ficlet/barely a prompt cause i’m not a writer so someone fix it if you want <3!

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Elemental - Teen Wolf (Stiles Stilinski) Part 3

Part 1

Part 2

You couldn’t sleep. It really was just the night after the breakup night all over again. The picture of them kissing imprinted behind your eyelids, and of course the sound of stones hitting your window. Stiles had been going at it for some minutes now, going on your nerves. Which you knew he was aware of. He was alone though, you could feel that. Thank god for that. 

Danny was awake as well, you could tell he was getting irritated at Stiles now. You could say Danny had a shorter temper than you, which says a lot, because Danny’s temper isn’t even close to short. But here you both were, lying in two different rooms, listening to the never ending sound of small stones hitting the glass, and of course the sound of Stiles shouting your name from time to time. 

«Y/N!» There he goes again, you though.

 Some shuffling were heard from Danny’s room, before his bedroom door was opened and he proceeded down the stairs over to the front door. He was talking to Stiles outside for a second, before they both went inside again.

He invited him inside?! Is he nuts?!You buried your face in the pillow. Sometimes, just sometimes your cousin could be a pain in the ass because of his constant need to fix things. Only this time, it was maybe more his precious sleep. 

«Y/N?» It was Danny, he was standing outside of the room you were sleeping in. He didn’t wait for any answer before he entered though, knowing full well you wouldn’t have answered him in a million years when you were in this mood. He sat down on your bed, a hand reaching out to your shoulder.

«You know you will have to face him in the end right?» He said softly, trying to reassure you.

«But the end is not now, Danny.» 

«It’s the end of my patience, so in fact it is the end. You know I need my beauty sleep!» He half-joked, which made you smile for once. 

You let out a deep breath, turning to face your cousin. 

«Okay, okay, I will talk to him.» You surrendered, standing up from the bed, not caring what you were wearing at all. 

Stiles was pacing back and forth in the living room, looking more nervous than that one time he had planned this very complicated date. He was more in his own world, so he didn’t even notice you when you came down. 

«You’re going to ruin the floor if you keep going like that.» You said, almost making him jump from surprise. 

«Y/N.» He said, relief in his voice. Stiles didn’t spare a second before he walked over to you and embraced you in a tight hug. As if on reflex you hugged back, burying your face in his neck. 

«God, I’ve missed you.» He whispered into your ear, his voice sending shivers down your spine. When you finally pulled apart, he looked you up and down, seeing your red irritated skin all over your legs and arms. This usually happened when you used to much flame energy. 

«Are you okay?» He looked at you with worried eyes. 

«As good as I can be.» You kept your face straight, not showing any emotions, especially not the pain from your burned skin. 

«Doesn’t look so good then.» Stiles said, taking your arm in his hand, making you hiss slightly.

«Didn’t you stand out of reach for the flames.» He asked while studying your arms more closely. You wanted to hiss from the pain, but thought better of it. 

«I did.» You tried not leaving him any  information. The less he knew the better. Your world was a lot more complicated than his, even though he had the pack to deal with. 

«Then why?» He looked confused up into your eyes again, his brain working on overdrive. 

«There is always a price to pay, Stiles.» This time, what you said had a double meaning, and it seemed that he picked up on his, as he straightened his back.

«Y/N, listen. I…» He sighed, not knowing where to start. 

«I’m sorry. I’m so sorry that it all happened. I didn’t mean to. But it just did. And I know nothing I ever say could pay for what I did, even if I didn’t have control myself. That’s still no excuse. But I am truly and honestly sorry.» He looked so sincere, his eyes wet as if he was going to start crying any second. 

«It’s too late, Stiles. What is done is done.» You looked away, not taking it to look into his gorgeous brown eyes anymore. 

«I know, I just….» He sighed, seeming to have no words for once. You knew you had to tell him at least some of the truth, because the truth was, you knew why he was at a loss of words. You knew why he had kissed Malia. And you knew, that it had only been a kiss. Because you knew he had rejected her. Or else he would have smelled of her. 

«Do you know what I am, Stiles? Have you figured it out?» You asked, completely changing topic. You went over to the couch, sitting down and patting the spot next to you so Stiles could sit. He looked at you with confusion, not really understanding where you were going with it. 

«If you’re not a wizard, then I have no idea.» He said, as he sat down. his eyes still a little glossy. 

«No, wizards aren’t real, but I am the closest thing you get to one.» You gave him a weak smile, seeing he was still listening. 

«I’m something called a Elemental. Which ruffly says I control the elements. It’s different from each person to what or how many of the elements you possess the power to control, but I have all of them. Leaving me to be the strongest at the moment.» You looked over at the picture of you and Danny on the table.

«And if you are wondering, Danny is one as well. You will have to ask him yourself what his elements are, I’m not allowed to tell.» 

«An Elemental…» Stiles was still taking everything in, but for a human boy he was doing good. Which was expected from someone who had seen as much as he had. «

Now, over to what I really wanted to tell you with all of this.» You paused, seeing you still had his attention and not that his thoughts hadn’t completely captured him. «You’ve heard of Soul Mates right?» 

He nodded. «Well, those excist. Only a slightly different.» «You see, there are three types of them. We have the most common one, which mostly happens to the loyal ones aka werewolves etc. This is the common Soul Mates as we know.» Stiles nodded. 

«Then we have Twin Flames, being the more powerful bond than Soul Mates.» « Lastly we have Twin Souls, which normally don’t involve anything romantic, and are twins only in soul. They can’t be separated.» You stopped for a moment, waiting for Stiles to actually get all you were saying. 

«Now You and Malia…» You stopped, this was the hard part of all of this. «are Soul Mates. Which is a love bond, but can be rejected, which is not commonly known, only with rare cases. As if one part had another part in the other soul mate categories.» Stiles frowned, still not knowing where all of this was going. «Now you see Stiles, Twin Flames can only happen to some spiecies. Like Elementals. But one part can be human.» You looked at Stiles, seeing him realizing where all of this was going. 

«Flame Twins are passionate lovers, and can’t be rejected. If one of them dies, the other dies as well. The bond is extremely strong. and dangerous to play with,» 

«Are you saying that we…?» He didn’t finish his sentence, as he was in too much of a shock. 

«Yes, Stiles. We’re Flame Twins. Which is why you were able to reject Malia as easily as you did. Which is why you are in a lack of words when it comes to us.» You finished, feeling the burden being lifted from your shoulders. He finally knew the truth. No more secrets in that category. 

«Does that mean that you forgive me, or take me back, or what does it really mean?» Stiles looked beyond confused, and to be honest, you kind of enjoyed it. 

«As I said Stiles, there is always a price to pay.» You tried to hide your smile, knowing that Stiles was so confused, looking more and more like a little lost puppy by the second. 

«With time, Stiles. With time.» You said at last, seeing Stiles relax, letting out a big breath. For the second time this night, you found yourself hugging Stiles. His arms securely wrapped around you, almost afraid of letting you go ever again. 

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What about a fic with Stiles the werecrow and Peter the werewolf working together. Stiles could have powers similar to your fic "i am addicted to death (so remind me what it’s like to live)".

I decided against Stiles having death-ish powers since I couldn’t think how to fit it in without this thing blowing up into something epically long, so have some werecrow!Stiles with werewolf!Peter, the most successful pair of detectives on the west coast:)

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can we pretend that your version of the bedroom scene happened? Also, you're writing teen wolf next season, right? *goes and cries in a corner because stydia will never be as perfect as in fics*

You don’t want me to write Teen Wolf. Here’s what I would do with Teen Wolf: 

  • All supernatural elements would be used not for fighting evil, but for a pack-wide prank war. 
  • Everybody in Beacon Hills would randomly just give Scott McCall cupcakes. 
  • Theo’s serum would be used to bring Allison back to life and Scott would date her while Kira dated Malia (shout out to @trashstiles.)
  • Stiles and Lydia would have rip roaring fights over Star Wars folklore. 
    • After these fights, they would bang. 
    • Like, a lot.
    • Fluffy banging
    • Angsty banging 
    • All the banging  
  • I would bring Isaac and Christ Argent back from France and they would sit with Mama McCall and they all would crochet together.
    • Isaac can, to nobody’s surprise, crochet a mean scarf. 
    • He gives all members of the pack scarves for their birthdays every year. 
    • There is no mystery left in Beacon Hills. 
  • Derek would be the pack cook for their movie nights. He makes healthy alternatives and is known for his hand popped popcorn. 
  • I would add a diner called Beacon Hills Diner. They would have really big cups of coffee which Scott would bodily wrestle away from Stiles, who thinks he is grown up enough to drink coffee, but he is not, and he never will be. 
  • Lydia Martin would be Jewish. 
  • Beacon Hills would magically turn into Stars Hallow. Everybody would ship Stydia. 
  • Pack secret santa. 
    • Stiles’ gift would be a scarf because Isaac got him. 
      • He’s mad until he finds a box of condoms wrapped in a scarf. 
    • Scott McCall gets cupcakes and a shirt that says ‘a cupcake for a cupcake.’
    • Kira would receive a box set of Marvel movies so she can finally reach her fully geeky potential. 
    • Malia would get deer, because Scott got her and he’s just thoughtful that way.  
  • Danny and Ethan would get married. 
  • Jennifer Blake would return as a lesbian and bone Braeden because Derek is now employed as Scott McCall’s cheerleader and it’s a 24/7 job. 
  • The main conflict of the season would be who gets to snuggle with who at pack sleepovers. 
  • ALSO– Coach Finstock would, in an astounding plot twist, reveal Greenburg to be his son. Then he would bitten by Jackson Whittemore, who stays long enough to find out that Stiles Stilinski is banging the shit out of his ex, which would seriously piss Jackson off, and he would need to bite someone.