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Teen Wolf AU: In which finals are looming over Stiles’ head like the sword of Damocles and he turns into the cliché college student who pulls all-nighters before the exams, mostly running on energy drinks and fear. Luckily, he has Derek to slap him over the head and remind him to get some sleep once in a while. 


So I know I already did a Sterek Valentine’s Day artwork post, but I wanted to draw wolfy!Derek again. It’s alright, bby, Stiles will accept your chocolates even if they are smushed and muddied and a little bit ripped up because goshdarn it, you’re too cute with that mug of yours.

Hope everybody has a lovely day today! ♥


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Summary: Derek and reader celebrate Valentine’s Day in a special way.

Author’s Note: This is just a gooey little think I came up with for the holiday! It’s rather short and sappy, but I hope you enjoy it! c:

Warnings: Lots of implied smut, no actual smut


The smell of food roused me from my peaceful sleep. With a quiet sigh, I stretched out like a cat. A few of my joints popped in protest, my muscles flexing out. I still felt a little sore from last night’s activities, but I didn’t mind one bit. It was definitely worth it. 

I grabbed one of Derek’s shirts and threw it on, padding toward the kitchen. My lips turned up at the sight I found. There was Derek, standing in front of the stove shirtless, flipping pancakes. I leaned against the wall and just admired him for a moment. His sweats were slung low on his hips, the dip in his back prominent. I watched as his muscles flexed under his tanned skin as he worked. Boy, was he a sight to see.

“Well, good morning, master chef,” I said, heading toward him. Derek turned, his green eyes wide as they landed on me. He smirked as I made my way over, gaze traveling over my body. 

“Morning sleepyhead,” he greeted, flipping another pancake. “I was going to bring you breakfast in bed.”

“Babe, you’ve done enough this weekend, really.” I wrapped my arms around his waist, placing light kisses to his back. I felt the vibrations of a chuckle rumble through Derek’s chest as he continued to prepare our breakfast. 

“Go on and sit,” he told me, jerking his chin toward the small table. I peeled myself away a bit reluctantly, plopping in one of the chairs. I smiled to myself as I took in the candles that had Derek had lit last night before we ate, only little wax nubs now. My flowers were in a vase, making a beautiful display. And the tiny velvet box was still sitting on the table. “Here you go.”

“Thank you, Der,” I said, pulling him down for a quick kiss as set the plate in front of me. “It looks delicious.” He had made pancakes and put some cut up  fruit on top with a little whipped cream, one of my favorite breakfasts. We ate our food together in a comfortable silence, our bare feet tangling under the table.

“So, it fits okay?” Derek asked, eyes flicking to the silver-banded engagement ring on my finger. I smiled as I admired it myself before meeting his gaze again.

“Perfectly.” We held our stares for a few moments, soft, unspoken words traveling between us. “I love you,” I finally whispered, leaning closer to him.

“I love you, too,” Derek replied, meeting me the rest of the way to press his lips to mine a lingering kiss. He hummed into it, and I could’ve stayed like that all day. After breaking away, I giggled a bit and we finished off our meal. 

“So, you have anything special planned for today?” I asked, helping him clear the table. Derek chuckled and shook his head, putting all the dishes in the sink before turning to put his hands on my hips.

“I figured we could just stay in bed all day, relax, do whatever we wanted. If you want to go out and do something, that’s fine,” he explained. I stepped closer to him until my body was flush with his, reaching up to wrap my arms around his neck.

“No, staying in sounds perfect.” My voice was low and soft, my eyes half-lidded, waiting for Derek to lean down and kiss me again. Thankfully, he didn’t take long to get the hint, his hands moving down to the backs of my thighs and lifting me up. His tongue slid into my mouth, tasting and exploring as if he hadn’t already done it a thousand times. “Let’s go back to bed,” I whispered, breaking away for a moment. Derek nodded, pressing a peck to my nose as he headed that direction. 

My lips were moving all over Derek’s neck, licking and biting and tasting. I was drawing little noises from him that only spurred me on further. I smirked to myself when I heard a tiny growl deep in his throat, his lazy pace picking up. Once we were finally in the bedroom, Derek laid me down and pressed his lips to mine before pulling away and standing up.

“Where are you going?” I asked, confusion and disappointment in my voice as he smiled down at me. 

“I’ll be right back,” he said, turning and heading back out. A few seconds later, Derek returned. I was sitting up against the headboard, watching him as he walked back in. “Happy Valentine’s Day, baby.”

“Derek,” I breathed, a soppy grin making it’s way to my lips. He handed me a card and a box of chocolates, making me laugh. “I thought I already got all my presents?”

“Well, I wanted to give you something on the actual day,” he told me, leaning over and kissing my cheek. I moved into his touch, humming in delight as I pulled open the box and popped a chocolate in my mouth. The flavor practically exploded, making me moan as my eyes fluttered shut.

“Oh my god.” It was muffled around all the candy, but I was sure Derek heard it by the loud laugh he let loose. “These are amazing. You are definitely getting laid, but not until I eat a few more of these.

“You are such a sucker for sweets.” 

“And engagement rings,” I added with a playful eyebrow wiggle. Derek chuckled and leaned over, slowly forcing me back down into the mattress as he began to place tiny butterfly kisses all over my chest. My eyes closed and I sighed softly. 

“I can think of a few creative ways we can use these chocolates,” he husked against my skin, lips burning a hot trail. I smirked down at him, loving the dark look in his eyes.

“Oh yeah?”

Chocolate and mint -Theo Raeken Imagine

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Request: Hiii! If your request are open could you do a theo’s imagine using this prompts: “H-How long have you been standing there?” “I never believed in soulmates until I met you.” thank you xx 

Pairing: Reader x Theo Raeken

Word Count: 1313

Warnings: None

A/N: Thanks for requesting! Hope you like it :)

“Your boyfriend is here” Maya whispered to Y/N while she was cleaning the tables at the back of the room. Y/N looked up at her friend before stealing a glance towards the door, and just like promised she spotted Theo making his way inside. 

“He’s not my boyfriend” she huffed, but smiled.

“Tell him that” Maya teased before watching Y/N walk over to the counter.

“Good afternoon Y/N” Theo greeted with a small nod and a smile. 

“Hi Theo” Y/N replied, drying her hands on her apron. 

“The ordinary?” she asked, grabbing an empty bowl. Theo smiled. 

“The ordinary sounds great, please” he winked. Y/N began putting the ice cream in the glass bowl, feeling his eyes on her as she worked. 

“So how is your day going?” She asked as she placed the ice cream in front of him. Chocolate and mint, one of her personal favorites. 

“Great now that you’re here” he replied while paying for the cold dessert. 

Y/N felt herself blushing at his words, hopefully he didn’t notice.

“Come sit with me?” He asked. 

“I guess I could sit down for a few minutes” 

Theo took a seat next to the big window, his usual seat. He had been coming to the shop for weeks now, always ordering the same thing.  

 "Who’s that?“ Maya nudged Y/N. Walking inside was a guy neither one of them had seen before. Y/N had to admit he was good looking with his brown hair and charming smile. 

“I have no idea” she responded, eyeing the stranger. Maya walked to do the dishes, leaving Y/N to deal with the boy. He made his way to the counter and smiled when he spotted Y/N on the other side.

“Hello” he said. 

“Hi, what would you like?” Y/N asked, picking up a bowl. 

“Chocolate and mint, please” 

“Alright, just a second-?”



“Nice to meet you Y/N” Theo smiled.

The pair talked for a while before Y/N had to get back to work. Maya smiled knowingly at her when Theo left, knowing that Y/N looked forward to seeing him again tomorrow.

A few days later, Theo walked into the shop as usual. There were a few people seated near the door, and a pair of teenagers near the windows but other than that it was empty in the room. The first thing he noticed was that he couldn’t smell Y/N’s perfume, the scent of strawberries. Looking around he spotted her friend, Maya standing behind the counter instead. Theo frowned but made his way over there.

“I’m looking for Y/N” He said. 

“She’s sick today” she responded with a sigh. 

“Oh” Theo replied, trying to be cool. It must have failed because Maya smiled.

“I can take your order” she offered to which Theo shook his head.

“Actually, I just remembered that I have to be somewhere. Excuse me” he said before walking out throught he door.

Y/N didn’t show up to work for the rest of the week and neither did Theo. He would walk by the shop, trying to see if she was there but of course she wasn’t. Monday came up and Theo walked by the window as he did the week before. Then he saw her. Cleaning the tables at the back of the room, was Y/N. Her hair was braided as usual and she was talking to Maya, who was picking up empty bowls and cups. Theo smiled and made his way inside. Y/N looked up and said something to her friend before greeting him at the counter.

“Hi Theo” she smiled.

“Hello Y/N, you’re friend told me you were sick last week. How are you feeling?” 

“I’m fine, thanks. Just a little tired.” she responded. “The ordinary?”

“The ordinary” This caused Y/N to chuckle. 

Later that night Y/N was the only one left at the shop. It was her turn to close and she was sweeping the floor in the middle of the room, dancing to some music. She moved her head around as she sung along to the lyrics. Moving to put away the broom, she spotted Theo standing in front of the door. Her eyes got wide at the sight of his signature smirk. 

“H-How long have you been standing there?” Y/N asked, taking off her headphones while blushing heavily. Theo took a few steps closer.

“Long enough to see your moves. I must say, you’re a pretty good dancer”

Y/N looked away, groaning.

“I’m sorry you had to see that” she said, very embarrassed. “What are you doing here? And how did you get in?”

“I’m here to ask you something, and I came through the door” he replied, while nodding towards the entrance. Y/N frowned, hadn’t she locked the door? She must have forgotten.

“What was it that you wanted to ask?” 

“Would you like to go out with me sometime?” 

“What took you so long? You’ve been coming here for weeks” Y/N teased.

“I don’t know, maybe I just wanted an excuse to come back” He winked. “So is that a yes?”

“It’s a yes” 

Y/N looked out the window once again, nervously waiting for Theo to arrive. She had spent the day picking out an outfit, which included a pair of black flats and a stylish red dress. Her hair was natural, the only thing she had done was to braid a part of her hair at the back of her head. The outfit was cute but not too fancy.

Biting her lip she paced around her bedroom when she heard the sound of a car engine. She walked to the door and opened it, a smile forming on her face when she saw Theo on the other side. 

“Hello, ready for our date?” He asked, handing her a bouquet of red roses. Y/N gladly accepted the flowers.

“Hi Theo, I’ll just put these in some water. It will only take a second” she replied and walked into the kitchen, putting the roses in a vase. Y/N then walked back to the door, locked it and followed Theo to the car.

The pair spent the evening at a nice restaurant, near the sea. And after dinner they decided to go for a walk on the beach. Y/N took of her shoes and walked barefoot in the sand. 

“I’ve had a great time tonight” Y/N said, walking next to Theo. He took his eyes off the water and looked at her.

“I’ve had a great time too” 

“You know why I always come to the shop?” He suddenly asked, looking down at his feet.

“Why?” Y/N asked curiously.

“Because you’re there. You know, I never believed in soulmates until I met you.” he said and stopped, taking Y/N’s hands in his.

“The first time I saw you, I remember thinking that you were the most gorgeous person I’ve ever seen. You seemed so happy about life and your smile, it could light up the room. Now I realize that there is so much more to you than just a pretty face. You’re incredibly smart and funny and you have a very good taste in ice cream. You make me feel like a nervous little boy and honestly, that scares me a little. But in a good way. I’ve never been in love, I have no idea what that feels like but if this is it, I want to be able to experience. it everyday. Will you be my girlfriend?” 

Y/N smiled while nodding.

“That was so sweet Theo, of course I want to be your girlfriend” 

After a few minutes of walking in silence Theo decided to speak up again.



“You’re the mint to my chocolate” 

I just realised something

I don’t care what ships are endgame. I just want them to be happy. Even if it’s stydia, stalia , marrish, scira. I saw many people arguing on what ship is the best, and at one moment I disliked some of them,too. But then I was thinking. I saw them growing up. I saw how many things they have been through. They deserve to be happy. They deserve to end up with who they love even though it’s not my favorite. They should get marry and have beautiful families and lots of puppies. (I mean…Can you imagine Stiles’ kid naming one of the puppies ‘Scott’ after his dad’s best friend?)

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So that’s it. I don’t care about who ends up with who anymore. I just hope that my precious cinnamon rolls will be happy in the end.