teen wolf cast photos

Although the finale had me screaming and pissed, I’m here in my room crying my eyes out. I was okay until I went on Tumblr and then chose to write a goodbye and I just broke down because it’s really settiling in that Teen Wolf is over and no new promos, cast photos, interviews, sneak peaks, tweets, live tweets, episodes nada. I can’t seem to stop crying unless my mind goes somewhere else and then I remember something about Teen Wolf that brings me to tears.

I’m going to miss this show so much so so much! I love this show, it has become a part of me and I will forever be rewatching and remembering how I felt the first time around. I can connect this show to parts of my life and it is a part of my history, so has being in this fandom.

I love and am dearly going to miss this show ❤️

-Anna C. Abarca

Sunday, September 24, 2017 10:21 PM

Who's the guy in the orange T-shirt?

I ask because you see him often with Tyler and with his Family. He was also on a photo with most of the male Teen Wolf cast.

He is probably just a close family friend, but what I noticed is that most pictures, when they’re next to each other, he’s touching Tyler’s neck or juncture with his shoulder which is a very intimate place to touch

which he doesn’t do with Tanner

But he was in a cute picture with Bryler.  Then again it’s his and Tyler’s faces that are touching.


Because there’s always needless controversy about the use of refs, I thought I’d put these out there. I usually try to link to the references I use on dA and LJ, but they don’t always make it to my tumblr posts. THERE IS NOTHING BAD OR SHAMEFUL ABOUT USING PHOTO REFERENCES, OK? Life drawing from live models is fantastic if you have the means and opportunity, but most of us have to settle for a photograph and there’s absolutely no shame in that.