Stiles: Can I go home now?!

Y/N: I’m almost done! How does this dress look?

Stiles: *gif* oh wow….you look….gorgeous 


Introducing… James Amelia Thorne.

“My life was fucking perfect before, you,” I jab my finger in his direction, “Scott McCall, and your drama entered my life!” I exclaim, throwing my hands up into the air in frustration. And what I’ve just said is no lie, my life was perfect. I was the most popular girl in school, I was dating the hottest guy on the lacrosse team, well, after Jackson Whittemore but, whatever. Sure, my best friend Lydia and I bickered like an old married couple about our boyfriends and who stole what sweater from who but things were perfect, okay?!

Scott looks a little bewildered, and stares at me with his eyes as wide as they can possibly be. “Um, look, James I’m really sorry. I didn’t want to drag anyo-” I hold up a hand at him and he stops talking immediately, looking terrified. 

“The damage is done, McCall. Your little furry problem is mine now too.” I sigh, a few minutes ago I had felt like the floor was falling out from under me when Scott started talking about werewolves and strange creatures that can temporarily paralyse you with a scratch but now a sense of calm is descending. I am James Thorne, and I can handle anything… I think.


teen wolf plot bunny: Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Tanner

Lizzie Tanner was enjoying her junior year pretty well until her boyfriend was slaughtered. One moment Lizzie was planning a romantic date night with Kyle and the next thing she knows she is being interrogated by the odd kids Scott and Stiles over the status of her dead boyfriend’s virginity.

Determined to discover the truth about Kyle’s death, Lizzie suddenly finds herself way over her head with werewolves, banshees and daraches in the form of her crazy English teacher. Not to mention the odd butterflies in her stomach whenever a certain brown-eyed wolf glances her way. 


Teen Wolf AU: The pack decide to take a road trip to try and forget about all the bad things that have happened to them over the past few months. Scott takes it upon himself to document the trip, recording everything. Everybody is happy, nobody’s dead and everything is beautiful.  (part 1) (part 2)