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forgive me father for i have sinned with some sterek high school au with ian nelson. also sorry for any grammar mistake

Stiles Stilinski knows about Derek Hale’s type, okay? And he might find Derek really hot (“who doesn’t, Scott?!”), but that’s it! He’s not “easy”, he doesn’t believe in the “you’re the only one I’m talking to”, the cute eyes and cheesy pick up lines. That’s for idiots. Stiles is different, and he’s totally NOT falling in love with him!
Or the au where Derek has a huge crush on stiles and finally started doing something about it, but sometimes he’s a douchebag trying too hard. Also, he’s really bad at chemistry and Stiles is not.

because @howlnatural posted this about this firefighters posing with puppies calendar and i couldn’t resist

“I’m not a firefighter,” Derek snaps, for the hundredth time. The poor PA squeaks and runs off, burying her nose in her clipboard, and Derek rubs his temples in frustration.

The photoshoot is loud and chaotic and his poor puppies’ training is going right out the window because people keep disregarding his clear guidelines about what and what not to do. And Derek’s had to correct holding positions more than once and it’s a good thing this is for charity because if one more person asks him to take his shirt off he’s going to–

Laura punches him playfully in the shoulder, chuckling. “Dude, lighten up on the staff here. It’s not their fault they think you’re one of the dudes going in the calendar.”

Derek doesn’t respond, just rolls his eyes at his sister. Hale’s Home For Four Legged Friends is a no-kill shelter that takes in and fosters stray dogs and cats. They’re usually low on funds and the volunteers work way too hard, so when the local firefighter’s station called and wanted to set up this charity event, Laura had signed them up immediately. It was just going to be some pictures with a few of their most charismatic puppies, but they’ve been here for hours.

Derek keeps having to stop men from feeding treats to Risky, who’s on a special diet, and of course Burrton keeps trying to chew on the the crew’s wires and lightstands, and what some of the puppies need is some peace and quiet right now after so many hours of play but there’s just too much stimulation.

Laura had made a few jokes about hot shirtless firefighters but Derek’s honestly been too distracted to notice. It’s not that he doesn’t appreciate the view, but he just wants to do his job. It’s not like there’s anyone here that’s particularly tempting, Derek’s seen all the typical beefcake and abs combo already–

“Ah, please come back little dude, just– one minute and– AHHH!”

Derek turns around just in time to see a man trip over the light stand next to him; he reaches out and catches him, bracing most of his fall, and helps him to stand again, and then blinks.

“I’m so sorry, it’s just that this guy won’t keep still and Lydia keeps yelling about lighting us up perfectly and then the shot gets messed up and I–” the man takes a deep breath, looking up at Derek through long eyelashes, and Derek is a bit stunned by the warm amber color of his eyes. 

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we should just kiss (like real people do), a sterek high school au

by @moonwasours | i_am_girlfriday

an auction fic for @unightfog

with commissioned art by @geeky-sova​!!! give her some love for this beautiful piece!

complete, 9+k, rated t

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Stiles is the social zero of the sophomore class. Derek is the much cooler junior who befriends Stiles anyway.