Cody Christian | Roses and secrets

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Warnings: fluff LIKE FLUFF!!!!

A/N: I decided to make them both high schoolers so here ya go love♥ After not posting for so long here it is ♥

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Can you do a cody christian cute imagine where you two are dating? I love your blog 🤗

Author: Katerina ( @littlealphawolf )

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«But Y/B/F, my parents! What are they going to say,» She looked down as she voiced her concern, her eyes tired from the countless hours spent talking to young boy, secretly looking from the corner.

«Nothing! Cause you don’t have to tell them!» Her best friend argued, stopping for a second and turning around to look at his friend. His face seemed curious; his eyebrows frowned and lip caught between his lips. 

«What if you tell them you are going with me? They know me, they like me. They won’t say no to going with your best friend, will they?! »

«No, but-» « No ‘but’s Y/N. Live your life a little bit. You are senior,  it’s your last chance to experience typical school girl stuff that you will remember when you are old and grey. Worst case scenario you sneak out.» The boy threw his hands in the air in irritation. It was as if he was talking with his hands, something usual for him.

«Think of it this way. You’ll have your make up done, you’ll wear a fancy dress and look like your going to the red carpet! You’re going to be showing the photos to your grandchildren one day remembering the days you looked… decent» He joked, laughing along with the girl as she swiftly slapped his arm.

«Οk, οk!»

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Cody Christian AU: He does a Live stream at 2AM while staying over at your place

Me too Stiles, me too.

Can you imagine how different (and better) Teen Wolf would have been if it had been Derek’s story? 

Just imagine that Teen Wolf was a series about Derek, starting from when he’s a young teenager trying to deal with his powers, wanting to learn the way his mother and Laura did but eventually having to rely on Peter’s manipulative teachings to twist his emotions. Imagine getting the full story of him falling in love with Paige and then losing her.

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Imagine the story of him living every day in fear of hunters, constantly watching his back because everyone knows who the Hales are, but he knows no-one.

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Imagine the full story of Kate abusing him - no brushing over it, but giving the abuse the attention it needs and showing people its not okay, not sexualising it by having Tyler stripped bare and chained up but showing that he was sixteen or seventeen years old when Kate started abusing him.

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Imagine getting the full story of the Hale house fire and all the emotions that come from it. Imagine Derek feeling so alone, knowing that he only has a comatose uncle and Laura left. Imagine seeing Derek’s reaction when he finds out that Laura was torn in two by his uncle.

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Imagine him spending years on the run and hiding away int he ruins of his old family home as he tries to hold onto the memories of his family while fearing that every firework or poacher’s rifle could be a hunter coming after him.

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Imagine getting his side of the story when it comes to Scott being a bloody idiot: ignoring his advice and dating an Argent.

Imagine seeing his perspective as he falls for Stiles and finally reaches a point where he feels comfortable and safe enough that he can open up to someone and let himself love again.

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Imagine everything that could have been and cry.


Cody Christian AU: Dating him


Wolf!Stiles Sterek AU: Stiles gets the bite to save his life and wakes up in the hospital to find that he’s now officially part of the Beacon Hills supernatural club. He knows there are a million reasons he should be upset at the moment, but all he can think about is the fact that when he looks in the mirror there’s going to be a constant reminder of all the terrible things he’s done. 

An au story where Scott doesn’t get bitten and the Hale fire never happened but the Hale’s are still werewolves.

Somehow Stiles befriends them all and he figures out that they are werewolves like three days into their friendship. There is a lot of smelling and touching and weird wording and don’t even get him started on the rabbits and deers they cook after a full moon, okay.

But he doesn’t tell them; instead he makes bad pun after bad pun waiting for them to figure out that he knows but they never do.

Until he is invited to the Hale’s for dinner where everyone gathered in the living room and seems serious as hell. Stiles puts on his best poker face.

They sit him down and share some glances between them before Talia seriously proclaims “We are werewolves.”

Stiles keeps his poker face until they fidget and shuffle around, anticipating his reaction before he says in the most deadpan voice he can muster “Yes. I am ‘a were’.”

Dead silence settles over the room for a few seconds before Stiles starts cackling so hard he actually falls of his chair.


“Derek never hated a day as much as the one, when Peter proposed to ask none other as Stiles Stilinski for help. Mage and insufferable pain in the ass.”

It’s finally finished :D


Cody Christian AU: He facetimes you

Imagine; Out of all days, you woke up feeling sick on the day of the VMAs. The first VMAs that Cody was invited to. That morning he immediately realised that you weren’t feeling well so he made sure you stayed in his bed to get some rest, even though you were supposed to be his +1. A few hours of your him being gone and you lazing around in his bedroom, you get a facetime call. He’s in the car on his way to the event, checking up on you. What he doesn’t admit is that you’re the only one who can calm his nerves and now that you’re not there with him, he at least wants to see your face before he walks out on the red carpet.

I dedicate this one to @codlena and @hakunamatatalltheway cause you guys made me smile so much with your comments :D ❤️‍

Sterek museum AU where Derek Hale is the director of the Beacon Hills Museum and the local expert in the fields of anthology and archaeology. 

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Stiles is the enthusiastic college student who visits the museum almost every other day, studying among the exhibits and looking for job openings.

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Derek dismisses him at first, but then one day, Stiles accidentally leaves his study notes at the museum and Derek finds then when he’s doing a final sweep of the museum. Curious about what Stiles is studying and why he’s so intent on being at the museum, he takes a look inside and finds a mix of notes from entomology to archaeology. All the notes are really in depth, colour coded and at a level of study that should be beyond a college student. He hates to admit it, but he’s impressed.

The next day, Stiles comes bustling in and Derek is waiting for him at the front desk. 

“I don’t know about job offers,” Derek says, offering Stiles back his thick book of study notes. “But if you’re looking for a supervisor for your dissertation, I’d be happy to take you on.” 

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