teen wolf artwork


(It’s finished. Another one for my Nöck AU.)

Btw, for those who haven’t read it yet, @thisdiscontentedwinter has wrote an incredible small story to this AU and the first artwork.

All Derek want is having an alone time reading the book he picked up from the library that is until Stiles disrupted his quiet time. To make things worst, Stiles took his book and sat on his lap and starts reading it out loud. At first, he didn’t like it later he finds himself soothing while listening Stile’s voice. Thus ends up listening him read for three hours.

Originally plan to post this on Book Lovers Day but the original file was corrupted and I have to redo everything.



Derek takes Stiles out on a date. Let’s just say everything goes smoothly especially when Stiles enjoying his strawberry cake he didn’t notice the icing on his face. Derek wants to lick the that cream off and kiss him instead he gives Stiles the strawberry.

Inspired from my friend’s story when he told me a long time ago about a group of friends and saw one of the guys giving the strawberry to another guy.


Ah Summer best time of the year to have fun and get laid and forget all the troubles. But staying under ridiculously scorching sun…. for frigging hours TIL DEATH is not fun for Derek. AT ALL! Luckily his boyfriend, Stiles saved him by giving him the extra popsicle he bought on his way. Just when he was about to devour it, his eyes laid on Stiles with his popsicle in his mouth. To the eyes of many it look nothing just a guy eating ice cream except for Derek, as his mind think otherwise…. earning his face ten times redder before he notices his popsicle about to melt.


So kind a sequel or prequel to Sunflower Date in my last post. This story was really old it resurface when I found an old notebook(like way back in 2011 I had some ideas of Sterek scenes in Summer). 

Anyone interested some Summer Sterek adventures?



Hey lovelies~

I’ll be doing a vendor table at Wolfcon in two weeks, and I thought I might as well make a pre-order post for these prints :) I’m going to be selling many more goodies at the con, such as buttons and stickers (also with these designs), but for now this is for prints only.

The prints are available in 2 sizes:

A4: 21cm x 29.7 cm ( 8.3″ by 11.7″) €7.50

A3: 29.7cm x 42 cm ( 11.7“ by 16.5“) €15

Contact me via ask or email me at juga_commissions@hotmail.com until the 24th of April. After that, it will be impossible for me to fill any pre-orders and I will only have a limited amount of prints at the convention.

This is ONLY for people attending Wolfcon, as I have no idea how to get prints shipped properly yet from here. But once I have this figured out, I will update the post :) All leftover prints will become available on my Etsy after the convention.