Stiles x Reader

“Stiles Lydia says we need to stop the bus.” You sighed down the phone.


“Yeah well I tried that and coach said no.” Stiles I could stop it.


“I could stop it.” You offered and he made an inhuman noise caught between a shrieked no and a desperate plea.


“Just give me a minute ok… do not use your powers!” He yelped and hung up.


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Imagine: Being Stiles’ sibling and telling him you’re dating Jackson. [x] [x]

Stiles: Jackson? You’re dating Jackson?! 
Y/N: Ur.. Yes. But, Stiles, you have to understand that-
Stiles: -Understand what? That he’s somehow magically become less of an ass and is a genuinely nice person?
Y/N: Yes? Look, you don’t need to understand it… I just need you to know I like him and we’re together.
Jackson: Y/N! Hey babe. *kisses you on the cheek* Stiles. *smiles*
Stiles: D-did you just smile? At me?

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Top Ten TV Shows

10. Glee 

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9. House M.D 

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8. Flash  

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7. Arrow 

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6. Grimm 

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5. RuPaul’s Drag Race 

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4. Supernatural 

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3. Grey’s Anatomy 

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2. Criminal Minds 

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1. Teen Wolf 

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(By the way this list changes every week)

kiashii  asked:

What are your predictions for 6A?

Okay, so my full list is a mix of things i’m pretty sure will happen, things that i’d like to see happen, things i’m afraid will happen, and things that will never in a million years happen. Some of these are very carefully considered predictions, others I have absolutely no basis for. 

  • Stydia kiss in 6x01 (practically a gimme)
  • An “I love you” from at least one of them this season
  • Theo redemption arc (vomit)
  • Parrish and Theo play a role in getting into/getting back out of the Underworld
  • Lydia says Stiles’ real name
  • Reunion kiss
  • At least one great Scydia hug
  • Sheriff/Lydia hug
  • Sciles flashback
  • Melinski
  • “Don’t kidnap her” - less of a throwaway line than we originally assumed. Maybe re: Lydia?
  • Stiles/Peter talk about Malia
  • Stiles/Peter talk about Lydia
  • “Let It All Go” actually does play
  • Another Gabrielle Aplin song
  • Theo sacrifices himself
  • New opening credits for Lydia
  • New opening credits for Stiles
  • Ross Butler is actually Scott and Kira’s time traveling son
  • Parrish tries to make a move
  • And gets deniedddd
  • Return of the red string of fate
  • Callback to “what the hell is a stiles”
  • Pre-taken scene with Natalie being nice to Stiles
  • Words “emotional tether” are spoken
  • Malia gives Stydia her blessing
  • Big character death: maybe Malia?
Imagine dying and Derek feeling it

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Derek’s P.O.V.

“Derek, are you okay?”

Wincing through the pain, I look up at Scott. He’s staring worriedly at me as I hunch over the table.

I swallow and nod my head, but immediately after, I’m hit with an sword sharp burst of pain in my chest. I clutch my chest as I drop onto the ground.

The pain starts to escalate as I lie on the dirt, spreading through my entire body and making me go numb. “Call Melissa!” I hear someone yell just before another shot of pain travels through me and I black out.

When I come to, there is no one. I’m lying on the back seat of Stiles’ Jeep, a pack of ice set against my chest. As I sit up, I notice how sore I am, especially my chest. Every beat of my heart hurts.

“Oh good, you’re up.”

I turn and see a dejected Stiles approaching his Jeep. Allison, Lydia, and Scott follow, their clothes stained with blood. Whose, I don’t now.

Off hand, I notice something off about the trio. “Where’s Y/N?” I ask.

If possible, Stiles looks sadder. “I’m so sorry Derek,” Lydia whispers as she looks at me. “She died a couple hours ago.”

“Died?” I repeat, unable to comprehend. “No, not Y/N. She’s strong.”

Allison releases a shuddering breath and Scott pulls her close.

“I’m so sorry, Derek.”

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