Being Stiles’ Sibling Would Involve...

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Being Stiles’ sibling would involve:

  • In many ways, you’re like a little Stiles- in personality more so than looks, but just like him you’re an avid reader and conspiracy theorist. You love piecing mysteries together- especially if they involve the supernatural.
  • You’re best friends with Lydia and Allison, and you share everything together. It often annoys Stiles because how did you get Lydia to like you so easily?? He’s been trying for years and nothing! You say hi- and you’re bbfs. Honestly, he doesn’t understand…
  • Discovering that Scott is a werewolf and being shocked because werewolves are… are a thing now! But, you’re also super excited because supernatural things are real!!! And, your conspiracy theories could be real.
  • Being part of the pack.
  • Meeting Isaac and him flirting with you, much to the annoyance and disapproval of your brother. You don’t mind Isaac flirting with you, and often encourage it.
  • Your dad being so protective over you and your brother, and always telling the both of you to watch out for each other.
  • Meeting Derek for the first time and asking him loads of questions about werewolves. He doesn’t know if he should be annoyed or not- he does find you endearing, if not a little forward.
  • Stiles being utterly confused when Derek likes you.
  • “How do you get people to like you so quickly?? And he has so much trouble?? Like Derek is sourwolf?? And, he’s smiling for you??”
  • Welcoming Mason and Liam into the pack. Being fond of the boys.
  • Liam develops a little crush on you, despite Stiles’ very clear instructions to stay away from his sibling.
  • Finding Liam cute, and him being flustered when he’s around you.
  • Always knowing what your brother is thinking, even without words. You can communicate a whole -a complete lengthy conversation- is just a few seconds of eye contact and a couple of gestures. 
  • Apart from your dad, your the only one who knows Stiles’ real name. It’s M… Well, it’s a secret.
  • Being really close with Stiles. Despite the arguments and fights you get into, you do love each other, and you’re always there for each other.
Getting the Girl

Request:  Can you write #48, “Is there a special reason, as to why you’re wearing my shirt?” And #32 “I’m so stupid to make the mistake of falling in love with my best friend.” With Liam Dunbar please. Thank you!

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Word Count: 1998

A/N: This went a lot farther than I had ever meant it to go…I was gonna go some cliche route and then my mind was like BOI YOU BETTER NOT.

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Liam was…protective of you.

And by protective I mean he’ll rip someone’s throat out with their teeth if they were mean to you or looked at you the wrong way.

And that was before he became a werewolf.

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