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Everyone in Beacon Hills high school saw you as the quiet and shy newcomer. You did your school work, you paid attention to the teacher better than the smartest student in the school yet your grades weren’t perfect. They were average at best. No one really tried talking to you as you kept to yourself, so no one really knew the reason behind your hard work.

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Take Care - Lydia Martin Halloween Costume Smut

Fml I’ve never felt worse, forgive me for I have sinned.

Request; Smut-ish Lydia and reader getting kicked out of the school Halloween dance for inappropriate costume and dancing maybe s little smut at like an after party or what have you

Warning; swear words, f/f smut

Happy Halloween! :)

I’ve changed this so it’s total smut because tbh it kinda just spiralled and it wouldn’t have been long without it. and i asked andgot an anon message asking for the full thing so here you go. don’t judge me omg, this is the first time writing like this. i named parts of the female anatomy, are you proud of me?

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“Wow,” you breathed out as Lydia walked into your room with her costume. She was wearing a nurse costume that while reached mid thigh, showed a hell of a lot cleavage and she wore a set of high heels that made her legs look amazing. “Holy shit, when you said you had a costume for me, did you mean something like that?” you asked, taking in her appearance.

“Well, similar,” she shrugged before handing you a skirt, a white tee shirt and a pink jacket. “Dead pink lady?” she offered as you smiled before getting changed in her bathroom. The shirt was revealing, also low cut, and the skirt was a bit shorter than hers. You pulled the jacket on, which pulled attention to your boobs before you walked out, pulling the skirt down so it was at the desired length the school set. All they said was no tank tops, no showing of the mid section and mid thigh skirts or shorts. They said nothing about chest and cleavage, which gave Lydia the perfect excuse. Your black bra showed through the white material of your shirt, and as you walked out, Lydia looked up at you from her mirror where she was just applying lipstick. She had put white contact lenses in and had blood trickling down her lip which fit the same blood red lipstick she used She was also a greenish, grey colour, a little like ash, which added to the whole effect, her hair pulled back in a nurse headband.

“I quite like it, but isn’t it a little too revealing?” you asked, looking down at yourself.

“No way, it fits all the criteria,” she shrugged with a grin before walking over to you and guiding you to her chair. She sat you down before applying your make up to look like the perfect zombie pink lady, putting your hair behind a band, like hers. “There, you look hot,” she turned you towards the mirror and your jaw dropped a little at how different, yet still nice, you looked. You weren’t sure that this would be allowed, but you didn’t care. You felt confident, and Lydia knew it. You didn’t even look ‘slutty’ or anything. Sure it was a little revealing, but it was nothing bad. All it was, was that your legs were on show. The cleavage wasn’t even much, it was just the legs and the high heels that Lydia made you wear.

Walking into the party at school, you both caught a few stares, but ignored them, immediately going to dance. While doing so, you and Lydia has pressed yourself close against each other before you were grinding just like a lot of other teenagers around you. You turned and put a hand at the back of her neck, pulling her close to you, moving your hips in the same rhythm as her, your eyes concentrating on your constantly meeting hips as well as her cleavage as she smiled to herself at the fact that she made you pay so much attention to her. It was her plan all along, since even though you guys flirted a lot, you’d never done anything except kiss at one party before.

“Girls! Stop!” a teacher had called you out as you were just about to kiss, and then ranted at you for the inappropriate costumes.

This was how you ended up grinding in the same way at Derek’s loft where the school’s afterparty was held by Scott and the rest of the boys. Some had already made their way there instead of to school, so you weren’t alone.

“Did I mention you look smoking in that costume?” you asked Lydia over the music and she only smiled.

“Can I kiss you?” she asked, making you grin before you kissed her first, continuing to move your hips and she helped to slip your jacket off so that you tied it around your waist and pushed your own hands into her hair before she bit your bottom lip.

“Shit, Lyds why did you have to dress like that?” you asked, only just louder enough so she understood.

“To make you make a move,” she told you, letting you take in her smile before she had placed her lips on your neck and you let you head fall back before you had enough of this, and pulled her to a room upstairs. Finding a room with no one in, you finally closed the door behind you and locked it before Lydia pulled you to the bed and you sat down on it, letting her straddle you as she kissed you, hard, meshing teeth and tongue together as your hands pushed her back to you. He chest pressed against yours as she took the jacket from around your waist, throwing it onto the ground and you then felt her unbutton her own shirt.

“Take care of me, nurse?” you asked as he giggled but agreed, revealing her white bra, which you dove into, pressing kisses to her skin while she had her fingers in your hair, taking your headband off and letting it fly elsewhere. She let out constant moans, starting to move her hips as you licked, sucked and massaged her breasts, taking in her praises as she urged you to carry on.

“Fuck, Y/n,” she gasped as your hands travelled down to unbutton her dress all the way before you opened it, revealing her underwear as she let it fall to the ground with the hairband. She pushed your head back as she pulled your shirt off before attacking your jaw and neck with kisses, eliciting groans and moan from you too before her warm hand had slipped up your thigh and into your underwear, her fingers slipping between your folds and circling your clit, drawing a gasp from you.

Pushing you to lay back, she climbed on top of you and pulled your skirt off, following it with your underwear, throwing both to the ground carelessly before she slid down your body to place kisses up your legs, working her way up before you let out a whimper. “Lyd-“ her mouth was placed onto your clit as she sucked, her finger tracing your slit and collecting your wetness before she pulled away and you looked down to see her licking her finger off.

“You taste so good,” she told you before climbing up your body and making you taste yourself, a finger diving into you as you gasped and pushed your boobs against her, making her bite her lip before she kissed you again.

It was all rough, not tender like you thought it would be. She knew what she wanted and you were happy to give it to her. He fingers constantly worked inside of you, curling and pushing in and out while one of your hands passed over the curve of her ass, pulling her into you while the other undid her bra in a swift movement, making her moan. You tugged at her underwear before she hit your most needed spot and you let out your loudest moan yet. “Lydia- I’m gonna-“

“Don’t,” she said, pulling her fingers away. You were left panting on the bed as she stood up and pulled her underwear down, the only clothing on either of you being your bra, but she left that on.

“Shit, that’s cruel,” you sighed out before she just lay above you, smirking, seeing you like that making her feel better already. She was already wet just from the sight of you, but you needed her to know what torture she put you through. Catching your breath, you rolled the two of you around before you placed yourself between her legs, making both of your cores slid against each other as you started moving.

“Fuck!” Lydia let out as you smiled to yourself, happy to see her in the position while you moved faster, reaching down to rub your clit more as she whined, doing the same as you. As you both released, you leaned down to kiss her once more before you both broke away with a few swears.

“Oh my God,” you sighed, falling back onto the bed.

“Holy shit that was amazing,” she told you.

“Good. I’m planning on repeating it sometime,” you said with a smile at the thought.



          [ requested by anon ]

He sneaking into your room at midnight praying for Derek not to enter and see you while making out, stolen kisses, seeing you at secret places…it was funny and romantic having a secret relationship with Isaac, or it had been at least until some few seconds ago when Isaac said a comment about you two by acciendent.

“So your uh..your sister and I…” - the teaanger tried to explain to the big werewolf that you two were dating in the most softly way he could, but when Derek’s eyes turn to him he was pretty scared.

“Do you know that she’s my sister, right Isaac? My baby sister? You’re not going out with her, Isaac. Not a chance.”


You ran through the tunnels and you were breathing heavy from the swift running. You never expected Theo and his pack to come after you, and you had no idea why they even wanted you. You thought for a moment as you hid under the metal stairway that led to darkness.

Why do they want me? I didn’t do anything wrong. Is it just because I’m in Scott’s pack?

Your entire body was shaking. It was freezing in the tunnels and you were wet from the dripping water and the wet concrete walls you had to touch in order to stay balanced. You had to step in deep puddles of dirty water. As you were shaking under the stairway you felt a slight burning on your right thigh. You looked down and there was a long cute along your thigh. It was bloody and it definitely needed stitches. You tried to hide the groans from the strong pain. I guess the person who said you don’t notice the pain until you stop was right. “Shit.” You whispered to yourself. You had nothing to wrap around it, so you had to walk around without it being taken care of. You didn’t know when it was safe to crawl from under the stairway. You heard footsteps and they got louder and louder by each step. You covered your mouth, hoping they wouldn’t notice you and just pass by. The pair of shoes stopped directly in front of you. The person squatted down and grabbed you by the arm and threw you out of the hidey hole. You looked up and it was Stiles. You stood up and looked him in the eyes, it wasn’t Stiles. It was void Stiles. You knew it was him because Stiles was pale and there was purple under his eyes.

“Hello, darling.” He smirked and looked up as he heard multiple footsteps get closer.

“I’ll get you out of here.” He whispered as he held you close. You hated yourself in that direct moment. You felt safe with void Stiles, like you never wanted him to let go. You felt like you wanted him to hold you forever.

“What do we do now?” You asked him in a whisper. You started to chew on your nails from the harsh anxiety.

“We wait,” he said and leaned against the wet wall. You raised an eyebrow and crossed your arms.

“What do you mean wait? There’s a pack of creatures coming after me and we’re just going to wait for them to rip us to pieces?!”

“I think you underestimate me, little bird.” He looked over at you and then looked around the corner and saw the pack coming down the hall.

“It’s show time.” He laughed and walked down the hall to meet them in the middle. He looked around the corner. You were scared for void Stiles. You didn’t want him to get hurt, you also didn’t want Stiles himself to get hurt. You just wished that maybe the nogitsune would find a different good looking body instead of Stiles.

“So let me get this straight Stiles, you’re going to try and negotiate with me. Let me make this easier for you; get out of my way or I will rip you to pieces.” Theo growled.

“This isn’t exactly Stiles, I mean; I’ve been in Stiles ever since I possessed him. I believe that you wanted void Stiles in your pack?” Void Stiles said and smirked as he crossed his arms and looked deeply into Theo’s burning eyes. Theo grew nervous as he realized that it was the void inside of Stiles.

Void Stiles grew tired of the wait and grabbed Theo by the throat and bashed him against the slippery wall. Theo’s assistants tried to help him, but the void turned and looked at him, he threw them down to the hard concrete; instantly knocking them out. He went back to Theo, and started to squeeze down on his throat.

“Listen to me little one,” the void growled, “You need to run for away from here and never come back, and if you do come back,” the void laughed, “we’re going to have a lot more fun than this time.” He smiled and let Theo go, Theo coughed and tried to breathe after the strong grip that was held against his throat.

“Now go,” the void looked over at him and Theo managed to run away until he was out of sight.

You looked down and you felt void Stiles looking over at you. The void walked closer to you and grabbed your chin; he forced you to look into his eyes.

“You’re safe now, kitten.” He smirked and grabbed the back of your neck, crashing his soft lips against your and you set your hand on the back of his head and ran your hand through his soft, dark brown hair. He pushed you against the slimy wall and made the kiss even deeper, and ran his hand down your back and into the back of your pants; he grabbed your ass and massaged it. You moaned slightly as he broke the kiss and attacked your neck. He nibbled on the side of your neck to make sure he left a few marks. He sucked on your neck a few times and then started to bite you roughly. His teeth sunk deep into your neck and you moaned from the horrific pain he brought upon you. You squealed and he kissed all over the marks and the deep teeth marks.

“I just wanted to show you that you’re mine, and will always be mine.”

“I thought you hated Stiles, so why would you save his little sister?”

“Because you’re something different, little one.” He kissed your forehead softly.

The Future - Scott McCall Christmas Fluff

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stiles being the wingman he is tbh ^^^^^^

Request; ARE YOU STILL DOING CHRISTMAS IMAGINES?? Because if you are can I request something?? (^) (*) can you do one when the whole pack is over for Christmas somewhere and you all open gifts and Scotts is a rig to propose to you?? THANKS COOL HAVE A GOOD DAY

Warning; none, fluff

Note; It’s only drabble length bc I’m so sorry I just messed up totally and lost this, but I found it, so merry christmas anon, I’m so sorry, I think I lost it bc you sent it like little after I closed requests, but it’s cool, because I just read it late that’s all… I hope you enjoy love :) This is a year after you both finish university/college and it’s a christmas gathering at the McCall place with everyone.


“Okay, wow, gosh, settle down, Stiles, stop being such a child,” you laughed as you stood in front of the tree, watching Stiles and Liam argue about something. “I don’t care who is your favourite jedi, grab one of your presents and give it to someone,” you laughed once more as you took yours for Kira and bounced over to her, grinning brightly.

This went on for a little while, some laughing about their presents, some crying, some smiling and thanking the giver before all presents were given out. You didn’t even realise, but you were one present short.

“Hey, Scott, buddy, have you given yours to Y/n yet?” Stiles asked with a smirk on his face.

“Oh, yeah, here,” your long term boyfriend smiled and gave you a big wrapped box which you took from him with a big grin before pressing a kiss to his cheek. You unwrapped the present to see a picture frame, but there was nothing in it. You furrowed your eyebrows, not understanding before you looked up and saw Scott down on one knee, a ring box in his hand as your heart stopped for a few seconds and you stopped breathing. Scott, hearing both of those things, immediately started talking. “I know you may think this is surprising, but to be honest, we’ve been together for a long time. I’ve grown to know negative and positive points about you, and even the negative ones I love. The way you get stressed over a book and its ending, how addicted you get to tv shows, how much you know about a few certain celebrities, but I don’t care. I’ll take everything you think of a flaw and I’ll always see them as one of the perks of having you around. I love you, Y/n Y/L/N and I don’t ever want to let you go, even if you think that you’re not pretty enough, or smart enough. You are enough. In all ways, I love you so much, and I want to spend my life with you, so that I can wake up next to you, and have Stiles asking me about when he’s going to be an uncle and have Lydia plan a baby shower. I want to fall asleep with you in my arms, and wake up to your smile, but I want a ring on your finger. I want to be the main reason for your smile every single morning, and I want to protect you forever. I know we’re young, but I know you’re all I need. I love you so much, and your heartbeat is what I want to be my life’s rhythm. So, Y/n Y/LN, will you marry me?” he asked with a smile, probably listening to your heartbeat.

During the speech he managed to make some of the pack laugh, some aww, and you saw Lydia practically crushing Kira and Stiles’ hands, while Liam and Stiles themselves were smiling ear to ear. Well, maybe Stiles’ was a little pained - Lydia is a strong girl, after all - but they all looked happy. Even Malia, who you thought would just find this cheesy.

Then you looked to Scott, the love of your life. You wanted all of those too.

“Yes, of course, is that even a question?” you grinned as he stood up, slipped the engagement ring onto your finger and pulled you into a soft kiss, which only made your heart melt more. “I love you, Scott McCall,” you whispered to him, knowing he’d hear.

“I love you too, Y/n Y/L/N, so much. Thank you,” he whispered back as he pulled you into a hug.

“I’m gonna be an uncle!” you heard Stiles cheer as you just chuckled and the two of you pulled away, taking in the congratulations from everyone.

“You’re gonna have such good looking kids,” Mason teased.

“Oh shush,” you grinned back, ruffling his hair to the best of your ability.

“You both look so happy,” Malia told you.

“We are, I think,” you said, looking at Scott who was smiling wide, talking to Liam, his grip on your hand with the ring, playing with it.

“I can’t wait for this!” Lydia squealed as she fell into your arms and squeezed.

“Me neither,” Kira told you.

As everyone had fallen asleep in the McCall living room, you were cuddled up to Scott as he played with the ring on your finger. “I can’t believe you finally have it on,” he told you.

“How long have you been planning this?” you asked, smiling up at him.

“A little over a month,” he told you. “Stiles was pushing it, quite a bit,” he added.

“Well I’m glad you finally did it. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us,” you said, leaning up to kiss his lips again.

“Me neither,” he smiled.


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