teen vogue editor

Mimi with the School of American Ballet in “Strictly Ballet” for Teen Vogue’s web series, 2014. Photograph by Will Davidson/Teen Vogue.

Mimi wears a Louis Vuitton jacket and headdress. Teen Vogue editor in chief Amy Astley is responsible for the magazine’s latest foray into the world of intense ballet training. As a teen, she studied at the Joffrey Ballet in NYC and at Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet’s summer program.

Teen Vogue May 2014
View, Editor: Jane Keltner De Valle, Fashion News Feed ft. Elliphant,
Photographed by Clarke Tolton,
Fashion Stylist: Kris Zero,
Hair: Charlie Taylor for Living Proof,
Makeup: Adam Breuchaud using Chanel Les Beiges

i was up for a job i’m realistically under qualified for but for whatever reason the universe allowed someone to take a chance on me ! so around fashion week i’ll start as the associate fashion editor at racked, helping them reinvent their entire brand and be the start of their proper market team 💭💫💸🙋🏽