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Fans of the new groups should not be disrespectful to those groups that opened the doors to international recognition.
To say that a group is old, not become obsolete, it becomes a relic.
After all, it’s because these groups that their favs are where they are now.
I remember mentioning to many new groups admiration for: H.O.T, GOD, Shinhwa, TVXQ, SUJU, Bigbang, SNSD, etc. 
Not looking for an fight, just I hope there’s more respect, because all the old groups have a history that opened the way to new groups.

English is not my first language, so sorry for the mistakes.

Fight Club | street fighting league au (pt. 1)

You never intended on spending your weekends helping your not boyfriend-boyfriend Jay run his underground fighting league, but over time it’s become a part of your life. At first Jay wasn’t too keen on having a girl around, but he’d soon realized you were a big help. You were attending university with many of the teams of fighters that competed in Jay’s league, so you were a great way to help get information out to all of them.

Jay also used you to help “recruit” new fighters. At first you thought it was strange that Jay was so okay with you having to flirt and hang all over guys to get them to join, but if it gets more fighters into the league, he didn’t mind it. See you two weren’t together, but you were. Jay wasn’t ever one for relationships, and since there was a bit of an age gap between you two, not putting a label on things just made it easier.

Over the years, Jay’s league had grown pretty big. Groups of guys forming teams, making up names, training together, and trying to recruit more people to make their teams stronger. Some teams even had guys who were like their managers, and guys who made shirts for them. It had really grown into something bigger than Jay had probably ever imagined.

“Hey guys.”

You set your bag down as you took a seat in your psychology class, Bobby and Hanbin ignoring your hello as their eyes were glued to a video playing on one of their phones. “Um, guys. Hello!” Their eyes quickly flashed to you as they gave you a quick hi before pausing the video. “What’s that? Highlights from last week? You know how Jay feels about you guys recording video.” They just laughed as they pulled out their books. 

“It’s a video of this guy that just went viral over the weekend. His name is Minsoo I think, he goes by C.A.P supposedly. But at his old school, they ha a fighting league, nothing close to Jay’s but similar. Well, he got in trouble a few times for getting caught, and then this video got leaked and he got kicked out of his school.” “Just let her see it Bobby. Isn’t this guy great?” You took the phone, watching him take on a guy who was quite bigger in size, and he wasn’t doing a bad job, but you could tell he was still a newer fighter.

“He’s not bad, could use work.” The boys smiled at one another, then looked back at you. “Well, why don’t we hep him out a bit?” You looked at them confused as you scrolled through your phone. “Bobby forgot to mention this guy goes here now.” You sighed jokingly as you caught on. “Let me guess, you want me to talk to Jay about letting him join the league?” “Yeah! I mean, ever since Luhan, Tao, and Kris left we’ve been needing more fighters. Sure we picked up Jooheon and Wonho, but we could always use more guys.”

You shook your head, still a bit unsure. “I don’t know, you guys know how Jay feels about newbies.” “But he’‘s not new, he knows how to fight, he was in a league already.” “Plus, we know he’ll do it. He needs the money. We did a little digging and I guess his brother is sick, he needs money for the medical bills and stuff.” You just listened to them ramble on as you watched more of your classmates file in, your eyes going towards one in particular. “Well, why don’t you guys just ask him if he wants to join then?” They looked at you like you had two heads as you opened up you notebook to jot down what your professor had started writing on the board. “How? We don’t even know the guy.” “Plus it’s a big campus, it’s not like-” “Guys he’s right there.”

Bobby and Hanbin’s eyes quickly flashed to a seat just across the room, smiles coming across their faces. “You gotta ask, you’re a recruiter. Plus we don’t need another fighter on iKON. You do it.” They both kept pestering you until you finally caved. “Fine! After class.” “Yes!” The both cheered as they high fived, then turned around as class begun.

You had Bobby send the video of Minsoo to Jay, and after class you called him to get his opinion. “So?” You heard him sigh on the other end. “I don’t know. He’s rough, got some good hits in now and then, but I’m not sure.” You groaned as you walked to your car. “Please Jay? Can’t you just give him a tryout or something? I don’t know how it works, but the guy is good. And he will want to join, he needs the cash.” “Don’t we all..Look, you want me to give him a tryout like I did with every other guy, fine. But if he can’t hang, he’s done.” “Fine.” “Invite him to the fights tonight, I’ll give him a shot.” “Thank you Jay, I know he’ll be great.” “Yeah, we’ll see.”

You hung up and threw your bag in your car, looking over the hood as you saw Minsoo walking your way. You called him over and he was a bit shocked that you were talking to him and not someone else.

“You’re Minsoo right?” He just smiled, shaking his head, his hands tightly holding the straps of his bookbag. “Well, I couldn’t help but notice that you are new around here, and I thought maybe you’d like to get to know some people from here?” “Well what did you have in mind?” You leaned against your car as his soft smile still appeared on his face. “A bunch of guys from this school, they apart of this like, club? And they have parties, kind of, every Friday night. There’s one tonight, and I thought you might like to go.” He laughed at your unclear explanation and you were sure he’d say no. “Will you be there?” You could tell he was flirting, and you knew that if you wanted to get him to go you had to flirt back. You’d done it plenty of times before with guys like Bobby and Hanbin. “If you want me to go, I guess I could make an appearance.” He smiled wider as he shyly looked towards the ground. “Okay then, I’ll go.”

You smiled as you gave him your number and the information of where to go, saying goodbye and that you’d see him later.

You anxiously watched the entrance of the abandoned warehouse Jay used for the fights, waiting to see Minsoo arrive. Music blasting, people all gathered around, waiting for things to begin.

“Times ticking, your boy better show.” Jay teased as you just rolled your eyes. “He’ll be here.” You went back to watching the door as Jay and his team, AOMG, were looking over the brackets for the night ahead. Come on Minsoo, come on- “Minsoo!” You quickly ran out of AOMG’s section to meet Minsoo at the door. “Hey, you made it. I was beginning to think you wouldn’t show.” He just smiled as you tucked some hair behind your ear. “I wouldn’t dare stand you up.” You took his hand as you led him through the crowd to introduce him to Jay.

“Jay, Minsoo is here.” Jay just smiled as he signaled his friends to do something while he stepped down to meet you two. “Hey, I’m Jay. This whole thing we got going on here is my doing.” Minsoo looked around shaking his head. “It’s impressive. Must be a lot of work.” Jay just laughed as he led you two out to the middle of the crowd. “Oh it is. But trust me, you haven’t even seen the best part yet.” Jay smirked as the music cut off and he was handed a microphone.

“Ladies and gentleman, I know we all want things to get started for tonight, but we have a special treat. First things first, let’s turn our attention to the big screen over there behind Gray.” He pointed to a large screen and even you were a bit confused as to what was going on, but you went along with it. As you looked at the screen, a familiar video began playing and your heart sunk. It was the video of Minsoo that had blown up online over the weekend. You looked to him and saw a look of anger and confusion forming. “What the hell is this? What’s going on?” You tried to explain, but you didn’t know what to say, you didn’t know Jay was going  to play the video.

“Is this some kind of joke? I’m out of here.” You tried to grab his arm but he was too strong for you. “Minsoo! Minsoo!” You called out to him, but the crowd was cheering too loud. “C.A.P!” He stopped in his tracks as he turned to look at you. As you two stood in silence, the video finally ended and Jay began speaking once again. “So, what do you say? You wanna show us what you got?” Minsoo just stared at Jay, his fists clenched as all eyes were on him. “I’m not gonna fight you. I didn’t come here for that.” Jay laughed, becoming a bit annoyed that things weren’t going how he wanted.

“If you’re not here to fight, then why are you here?” He raised an eyebrow as Minsoo’s eyes traveled from Jay to you. “Ohhh, I see.” Jay walked over to you, grabbing a hold of your chin and tilting your face towards him. He smirked as h leaned in, pressing his lips to yours, earning oo’s and ahh’s from everyone in the crowd. “This is awkward now, isn’t it?” “Jay stop!” You pushed him back a bit as you apologetically looked towards Minsoo. “Whatever, I’m out of here.”

He tried pushing through the crowd, but he didn’t get far. “Come on C.A.P, we know you were in a league before. We know how you need the money. For your, your brother is it?” “Jay!” You firmly spoke as you knew where he was going. Having had to provoke guys for fights before, he was pretty good at it. “That’s enough Jay.” Minsoo walked back over as Jay got up closer. “Yeah, he’s sick right? And your family can’t afford his medical bills. Well, you could join this.” Jay motioned to the whole crowd as he smiled. “But you didn’t come to fight, so. That’s okay. You can go then. Tell your brother I said hello.” Jay turned back, a cocky grin on his face as you shook your head. You saw Minsoo quickly move towards Jay, his fist ready to punch, but of course, AOMG guys were there to step in.

Jay laughed as he knew what was going to and did happen. “You ready now?”

They gave Minsoo some gloves, and Jay quickly put on his, itching to fight. Jay was practically retired now, just focus on running things. But whenever he wanted to give a guy a tryout or test their skills, he was more than willing to put the gloves back on.

At first Minsoo was holding his own, but things quickly began going Jay’s way. As Minsoo got tired, Jay took advantage. Toying with him, slapping him across the face, pushing him back to the ground whenever he tried to get up. This was never what you imagined his tryout being like. Jay had never been like this towards any other fighter before, and you wished you could step in and do something.

You could see Minsoo was done, there was nothing left in the tank, and Jay knew it too. But he didn’t care, he wanted to get one last hit in. As Minsoo tried one last time to get up, his face bruised and bloodied, Jay walked over, leaning down to get face to face with him. “You know, it’s gotta end with you looking like a bitch.” He smiled, laughing as he took a few steps back, shooting you a wink as he then ran forward, his knee making contact with Minsoo’s face, leaving him motionless on the ground.

Your breath catching in your throat as you were afraid he wasn’t going to get up. The worst part about it all was that you caused this, you brought it onto him. Jay smiled, walking over and kissing you before you could push him away. “Sorry, your boy just couldn’t hang.“

As Jay walked away, you grabbed another fighter from the crowd to help you with Minsoo. “Jackson, grab his arm. Help me take him outside.” Jackson helped you carry Minsoo out to his car, setting him down in the passenger seat. “Thanks.” You smiled as he quickly left to go back in and get ready for his fight. You knelt next to his car, tears almost forming as you looked at his broken down form. You felt horrible. “I’m so sorry Minsoo. I didn’t think things were going to go this far. I thought he would give you a fair shot. This is all my fault. I had no idea he was planning on doing any of that you have to believe me.” He didn’t speak for a minute, he just sat there, holding his side as you looked for something to clean up the blood on his face.

“Please just say something.” You pleaded as he looked at you, his face emotionless but his eyes full of pain. “Just leave me alone, please.”

You didn’t want to just walk away, but you respected his request. “Okay, I’ll leave. I’m sorry.” You sighed as you reluctantly walked back into the warehouse, seeing that the fights had already gotten underway as Jackson was fighting Ravi. You walked back over by Jay, sitting next to him as he just cheered on the fighters. “How’s your boy? Hope I didn’t rough him up too bad.“ He laughed as you you shook your head, scoffing at his remark, not knowing what to say or do. Without thinking, you slapped him across the face before walking off, his friends all stepping up to make sure he was okay as he just licked his lip laughing.

“It’s alright, I’m alright. I probably deserve that.”

You wanna play girl?
Don’t think of anything.
When I first saw you,
your tears and your face grew cold.
She’s a poison spider.
Y'all know what it is.
Aha! Listen boy!
Girl, you’re fantastic, you know that?
I’M IN LOVE! I’m blind by my love, babe.
Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry

~ it was going so well and then it just failed ~

- warning sign : teen top
- butterfly : bts
- sweet girl : b1a4
- good bye bye : nu'est
- spider : vixx
- hero : monsta x
- gee : girls’ generation
- fantastic : henry
- bae bae : bigbang
- sorry, sorry : super junior

12 Stages of biasing

1. Oh hi there, you’re cute who are you

2. nahww you’re so handsome and funny, so precious

3. I like you so much 


5. Oh look you’re sexy too! so perfect omfg

6. wait

7. what are you doing



10. /nervous breakdown/




It’s funny how people call exo or BTS the new kings. Like no. Sit the fuck down. There’s not just moving on and calling new groups kings. The kings of kpop are Big Bang. Just like the queens of kpop are 2ne1. Then there’s the legends, gods, and goddesses. The majority of these people are within the second generation of kpop. Super Junior, Shinee, SNSD, TVXQ, and some lower ones like Infinite, 2pm, Teen Top, and possibly 2am and just maybe B.A.P Not this third annoying generation of kpop. Newer kpop groups can never earn these names because groups in the past made it easier for them to be world wide. You only know about them because of older groups.