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Interesting Kori is the first to recognise Damian’s self sacrifice for the Titans, and the purity of his motivation despite his very disagreeable disposition. Especially since she herself is someone who was sacrificed by her people in their name, here Robin effectively does the same but of his own accord.

Also I love that we get to find out more about Tamaran with these comparisons and references. We got one last issue too (is it me or can everything on Tamaran be made amazing or delicious in some way?):

*Makes note of Hy’tt blossom and Mio’non mushroom.*

Both of her Tamaranian references have been of plants/fungi, and we know from New Earth canon that Kori loves gardening; it looks like they’re bringing back/acknowledging this aspect of her character :3

Teen Titans (2016) #4 & #3


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One of my favourite Kory moments. 

My money’s on Robin, Cassie and Superboy winning but man I would have loved to have seen that fight play out

Teen Titans (v3) #3

since it’s canon that Jason tries to blame things on Tim I feel like Damian would use the same tactic and they both would try to blame things on Tim but like really mundane happenings (like a broken cup or Titus chewing up Bruce’s shoes) 

and then they both try to blame him for something at the same time and how would Tim manage to accidentally start a fire in the cave  while also spreading apple pie crumbs all over the living room’s couch when he was actually sleeping in his WE office working with Bruce on new marketing strategies aka sleeping jk jk

(and that’s when Jason and Damian realize they have to coordinate better okay you take Tuesdays and Thursdays and I want the weekend)


I think you mean ‘what’s your best creation in MC’

The roller coaster, Teen Titans Tower and the cloud arena am working on. (Haven’t played this in ages, I lost interest)
(The Tower got flooded by, you know who you are, and also I only play the PE edition)
Also a picture I found before the tower got flooded

The signs as The Teen Titans

Robin: Leo & Libra

Starfire: Virgo & Gemini

Raven: Cancer & Sagittarius

Cyborg: Capricorn & Taurus

Beast Boy: Aquarius & Scorpio

Terra: Pisces & Aries

Black History in Animation:

Cyborg from Teen Titans (voiced by Khary Payton)

Cyborg is the eldest member of the Titans and the second in command after Robin. Half of his body is composed of cybernetic parts, allowing him increased strength, agility, and durability. He is also a walking arsenal equipped with many weapons including a sonic cannon, his weapon of choice. As the Titans’ technical engineer, he is responsible for making the communicators, T-Car, T-Ship, and even the Tower itself. He was also the leader of the Titans East for a short period.

Find the other characters I’ve honored here

That Sweater

A Beast Boy / Raven thing I did recently for all my fellow BBRae shippers. Keep on keeping on. 

Full story under the cut.

Summary: When a certain empath is overcome with chills, the resident green teen of Titan Tower makes a gesture of friendship with a measly sacrifice. Little does he know that he’s never getting that sweater back.

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                When Iris was recruited, it was for her enhanced marksmanship. Archers like the Green Arrow had trained for years to become masters of the bow, meanwhile Iris just had to pick one up. The trajectory the arrow would have to take became a guide, and with a swift movement, the arrow she fires always hits its target. Every thrown knife hit the target, every bullet fired hit perfectly, every paper airplane and Frisbee made it to the exact place Iris wanted it to land. It must have been infuriating, she often thought, that a young girl could walk in and always hit her target, regardless of the projectile.
                They weren’t prepared for the shapeshifting. Sure, Beast Boy was thrilled to have someone else that could change form, but it was likely a shock to the others the first time she changed form. Iris had kept that part secret for a long time, doing her best not to shift when she was busy chasing down a wanted murderer back home in Portland. Eventually, though, her shapeshifting simply became another talent that was easily accepted.
                “You’ve seen what I can do as a bear and wolf –are you sure you want to come between me and my prey?” she asks with a laugh and smile, her eyes pointing towards the plate of leftover pizza.

breathes heavily because september is still way too far away

edit: pretend ladybug is wearing her mask because for some reason i didn’t notice that was missing until literally 12 hours after posting. geez marinette get a more complex costume i’m forgetting really obvious things