teen titans season 1


Teen Titans: Beast Boy x Raven moments ( season 1 )

The first time in my whole life I’ve fallen DAMN hard for a cartoon couple!^^ But I can’t help it! XD I just love the fact that they’re actually very similar to each other despite their different behaviour. I think they both see themselves as outcasts which she tries to cover with indiferrence and he being the jokester. And besides they both have this control thing with their abilities which shall stop them to completely lose their human side. Raven is trying desperately not to let her demon side leash out and Beast Boy his ultimate Beast self. And this is what I find interesting about them ‘cause even though they’re such different personalities, they complete each other in a way nobody else could since they have kinda the same sorrows and troubles with themselves!^^

In short, the chemistry between them is just AWESOME and I also read and saw that they kiss in the original Teen Titans comic story and that’s just AAAAWWWW!!!!^.^

I SERIOUSLY would LOVE it if they would make a real-life Teen Titans series with real actors and everything!!!!^^ I bet this would be the PURE gold mine and I mean if Arrow, Flash and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D ( of which I’m actually not very fond, sorry ) are such a great success, then why not Teen Titans too? Because in my opinion, it’s one of the best cartoon series in history!!!!^^

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