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I have just realized that there are only four issues that are usually used to summarize Tim and Kon’s Friendship. Batman-Superman #26 (Tim’s eulogy at Kon’s funeral), Teen Titans #37 (cloning Conner, though it started in 34), Adventure Comics #3 which I’ve talked about in length myself (the “I know you and support you” issue) and Red Robin #9 (the hug and gazing at each other’s eyes issues). But besides AC#3 they’re all mostly about Tim, so how about I give you one good “summary” issue of their relationship but for Conner.

Superboy v4 (2011) #7.
In this issue Conner helps Psionic Lad who intercepted a space ship calling for help. Basically Conner ends up being a victim to the lifeform found on the ship which makes him see his worst fear play out as if he was in a virtual reality game. In his case, he “travelled to the future” only to find that he really is Lex’s boy and he ended up destroying the JLA and most of the other heroes only leaving “C-list” ones.

Basically this nightmare could have taken him at any point of this ‘future’ but he ended up in a destroyed Smallville with one of his civilian friends (his cousin, no matter how they try to pass it since she is Lex Luthor’s niece : Lori) being deadly afraid of him (for good reasons, as I said, Conner has killed pretty much every one and everything he loves). Which is when we get this :

Here we see that Conner truly believes that Tim can turn any one into worthy heroes, that’s his level of faith in the guy. He also believes that if anyone can survive him, it’s Tim because he’d have the knowledge (as his bff) and the intelligence to deal with Superboy but also because obviously it didn’t happen all at once which means that the little ‘good’ part that was left in him is what kept Tim from being a direct victim…. at first.
Mostly, as I said, this nightmare could have taken him at any point in time during his killing spree :

He could have found himself at the moment he killed Cassie (while I don’t like the ship and think they were mostly crushes and not actually in love -which is another story- they still cared a great deal about each other and at this point either were together or had just broken up). But he didn’t.

Because his worst fear is the moment he gave up enough good that he tried to kill Tim, that Tim Gave Up on Him. Tim doesn’t give up on Kon. He’s the one person whom Conner trust to keep him from going too far, to stay by his side. But here ? Tim gave up to the point that he doesn’t hesitate to get Conner killed. Tim ! the one person who couldn’t stand Conner’s death.
It also shows how well he understand Tim, again. That he knows Tim can get to the point where he’ll have someone killed if they go too far, as we see in Red Robin #26 which was released 4 months after this issue, but in RR he’s still at the point where he gives himself excuses, where it’s insidious. Here Conner drove Tim to the point where he asks for Conner to be killed without a second thought, without an excuse, directly. Well he still asks for someone else to do it which supposes that maybe Tim can’t bring himself to do it.

And Tim gets killed because of him. Because of his plan.This is Conner’s worst fear. Not just killing everyone he loves. Being responsible for Tim’s death, for Tim’s descent into “coldness” (here’s the guilt for dying on his friends yay), for taking away everyone Tim loved. 

Despite being about Conner’s general fear of his Luthor genes taking over :

[BTW this is Simon, Conner’s best (and pretty much only aside from Lori) civilian friend who apparently goes on to become Conner’s greatest friend and greatest enemy according to the Legion (which I will only accept if this is because his friendship with Tim can’t be put into this simple of a category). He’s pretty much a boy genius. Apparently he’s been helping Conner wipe out everyone.]
So as I was saying, Despite it being about Conner’s general fear of turning into a Luthor, it focused heavily on Tim, on how this change would affect Tim, on how Tim is used to represent the effect on the hero community and the world in general.

Bonus point of this issue : when Psionic Lad tried to reach Kon through his “dream”, his voice took Ma Kent’s form instead of Superman, making Ma Kent the Anti Lex Luthor in Kon’s eyes.

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Would you please explain why Starfire is not a Mary Sue? I do not think she is but I would like to be sure

Oh Force almighty, Mary Sue discourse jshhshhhfhkajhgggghhhhh.

Fandom has basically made the term “Mary Sue” lose practically all of its meaning, mainly by lobbing the label at every single usually female character that has ever existed ever, for various reasons that almost always essentially boil down to “I don’t like her.”

*creaky grandma voice*  In my day the only Sues running around were the ones in terrible fanfiction!

Okay, but to be serious, the way I learned it and the way I define it is basically a Mary Sue is an unrealistic idealized wish-fulfillment character, often a self-insert, around which the universe bends in order to accommodate and narratively reward.  The vast majority of the time they are fan-created, foreigners to and invaders of the universe they are thrust into.

There can be canon characters that have a lot of Suish traits and you’ll get people calling them Mary Sues based on that.  Personally I don’t consider those kinds of chaaracters Mary Sues just… badly written wish-fulfillment characters.  For me, a Mary Sue is always going to be a character that does not belong in the narrative, but is shoved in there anyway and made to be the most important element over everything else.  Bella Swan is a boring shell of an MC but she still feels like she fits in the world of Twilight.  Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail pulls a Deus Ex Machina out of his ass almost every single arc but he’s so quintessentially Shonen Hero in a Shonen series that we as an audience just kind of accept, “Screw you I refuse to lose!” as sufficient justification.

So yeah, generally if you’re asking me if a canon character is a Mary Sue my answer is pretty much going to be no.

IN TERMS OF STARFIRE though, since that’s what you asked about (and I apologize for my tangent)…

About her only Suish traits are that she’s shown in-universe to be ridiculously attractive and that she’s also so genuinely nice and all-loving that people are naturally predisposed to like her.  She’s a better fighter than Wonder Girl but she also easily and realistically gets taken out by stronger or smarter opponents.  She’s proficient in a few key skills that contribute to the team, but is not a master of everything.  She has character flaws that are explored, but not glamorized, not excused or pardoned without justification.  In spite of her niceness, characters are still allowed to dislike her (or at the very least be annoyed by her) and they are not demonized for it.  She doesn’t suck all the narrative attention and focus and she doesn’t spontaneously develop new skills or powers that magically solve the plot.

Aside from her being gorgeous there’s really nothing Suish about her.

The amount of people who romanticize Roy and Jade’s relationship is really gross. Nobody would do this if it was a man abusing a woman, but because it’s the other way around, people romanticize Roy’s manipulation and abuse, both physical and emotional, by a sociopathic sadist who sees him as more of an asset than a person. 

Like, seriously, not only does she not love him, she cannot love him. She’s a sociopath, she’s very good at faking it but in the end it’s all to serve herself. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love their relationship from a storytelling point-of-view, but it’s horrifying, not romantic. 

So I saw a thread on 8chan talking about Teen Titans Go and how the only people who hate it are the butthurt fans of the original series.

I find this statement to be hilarious because it implies that the only reason people hate TTG is because they’re upset over the cancellation of the old 2003 series, now to be fair yes there are people who are like that but for me personally I don’t dislike TTG because it’s not like the original series, I dislike it because it’s not funny.

Comedy is hard, it’s a genre that needs perfect timing and good jokes to make it memorable and TTG just fails on all fronts as a comedy series.

Most of the jokes fall into the “Let’s be random for the sake of being random” cliche with some annoying pop culture references thrown in there for no other reason than said thing existed, seriously one episode has Robin recapping The Karate Kid and quoting it randomly at the end when he’s beating up the other Titans in a random fit of rage.

I don’t mind dark humor, but TTG fails at pulling off any good or memorable jokes, seriously having Robin wack the other Titans with his staff while screaming “Staff meeting!” is just not funny and the less said about that godawful Waffles episode the better.

So TL DR: I don’t dislike Teen Titans Go because it’s not like the original series, I dislike it because it’s an unfunny mess of series.

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Rose Wilson made her first appearance on the small screen recently in an episode of Teen Titans Go! : Cool School. All things considered, I would say this was a successful debut for the daughter of Deathstroke. I especially loved the voice they gave her, spot on. I also liked the little hints of daddy issues. So happy to see more of the Wilson family in the spotlight.

I’ve only posted the one clip, but there are several more of the episode from the same channel. Give it a look!