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Rule One - Red-X/Raven Mini Shot (Complete)

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“You okay, Little Bird?” He murmured, fingers fluttering against her checks. His tongue curled in soothing strokes against her neck, patiently waiting for her tremors to fade.

Her violet eyes blinked back pearls of sweat from her vision. She whimpered feeling the sharp pleasure of his teeth against her neck. “I-“ She breathed heavily, arching closer to him. “Jason, I-“

His forehead came down against her own, silver eyes piercing down. “What is it, Raven?”

The violet haired woman inhaled sharply. “He knows.” She whispered, head falling back against cool satin sheets. Her eyes slowly met his as her breathing calmed and softened. “Robin knows.”

The thief was silent; his fingers drawing gentle patterns against her stomach.

“Robin knows,” Raven spoke softly. “And he along with the JCPD will be serving you a search warrant tomorrow evening when you get back from class.”

“No matter what,” His fingers traced her collarbone and down her arm. Their fingers laced, his other hand pushing her back her damp locks. “We agreed no work talk just sex and mockery.” His head lowered to the crook of her neck, nuzzling tenderly.

Raven sighed as her eyes drifted shut. Pale hands pushed up his back, tangling in his dark hair. “I know.”

“Then why did you tell me?” She knew better than that. 

The empath was silent, teeth sunken into her bottom lip. Her free arm coming over her face as she felt her face flush.

“Raven,” Jason’s voice grumbled, interlacing her hands and pinning them to the sides of her head.

Eyes opened slowly.

“Why?” He asked again, lips ghosting against her own.

“I love you.” She confessed.  

I really hate that people only know The Teen Titans from the cartoons.They don’t know about other Teen Titans like Wonder Girl, Static, Red Robin and AquaGirl. Two generations only know The Teen Titans from the cartoons. When you ask a kid or a teen who’s their favorite Teen Titan they say someone from the cartoons. The Teen Titans are so popular they will probably have another cartoon after Teen Titans Go! When they do have another cartoon they should stay away from The Titans that have been used in cartoons. Because The Teen Titans in the cartoons aren’t Teen Titans any more in the comics. Superhero cartoons are suppose to help kids and people get into comic books and learn ,know about other Superheroes. Only Raven and Beast Boy are still Teen Titans in the comics. I want to see Static in a Teen Titans cartoon. There are rumors about a Teen Titans movie. I really want to see other Teen Titans in the media besides the ones in the cartoons.

I really love their friendship, though I don’t ship Robrae. But they definitely have the most well-developed relationship in the entire series. I do think they love each other, and I think both of them would sacrifice themselves for the other, they’re just not in love with each other.

(however, I do get insanely fangirly whenever I see Robrae scenes and that’s why my blog is covered in them)

Am I the only Naruto fan who hates Naruto SD/Springtime of Youth? Not only does it have the same problems I have with Teen Titans Go! (over-exaggerated character flaws/OOC characterizations), but its humor mostly derives from incest and pedophilia jokes, and that’s just fucking gross! The chibi designs are cute, but that’s the only thing I like about it.