teen titans


Happy 4th of July from the Teen Titans!

Did You Know?

In the Teen Titans episode Switched, it was originally planned for Raven and Starfire to not retain their voices in their new bodies, but have the voice of the body they were swapped with (Like with the Goku/Ginyu swap in DBZ: Abridged). Tara would have voiced Raven with Starfire’s bubbly personality and high pitch, while Hyden would have voiced Starfire with Raven’s gloomy personality and raspiness. However they found that Tara Strong and Hyden Walch did such a convincing job capturing the other character inside their own, that they sounded almost identical and thus people would still have thought a voice swap had occurred. So they decided to just have the two switch characters to make it simpler for people to follow.

The signs as throwback kids shows
  • Aries:Samurai Jack
  • Taurus:Camp Lazlo
  • Gemini:Round The Twist
  • Cancer:Recess
  • Leo:Teen Titans
  • Virgo:The Power Puff Girls
  • Libra:Tutenstein
  • Scorpio:The Grim Adventures Of Billy & Mandy
  • Sagittarius:The Proud Family
  • Capricorn:Johnny Bravo
  • Aquarius:Rugrats
  • Pisces:Courage The Cowardly Dog

Witch Gems !!

So I finally finished my Klarinx gemsonas and their fusion. Klarion is Benitoite, while Jinx is Spinel. Their fusion is Bornite. Tbh they’re probs a couple of rouge gems, who don’t care about anything but themselves and crash in a forest near a large city, where they’re close enough to something to spread chaos, but far enough that they can retreat comfortably. Idk I haven’t thought out this Steven Universe Crossover completely.

RobStar Week 2015 starts tomorrow!  Remember to tag your posts #robstar or #robstarweek to make sure I don’t miss any of them.

This year’s prompts:

  • Day 1, July 5th: Circus
  • Day 2, July 6th: Meeting Batman
  • Day 3, July 7th: Naughty
  • Day 4, July 8th: Nightstar
  • Day 5, July 9th: Awkward
  • Day 6, July 10th: Haunted
  • Day 7, July 11th: Proposal

Have fun everyone!

Something that bugged me about Teen Titans (original show)

Okay so Beast Boy can turn into any animal right? Well in the episode Betrothed he uses his powers to turn into an alien creature, scaring off some guards. So he isn’t even limited to Earth life. Also I have heard in the comics he can turn into in universe fictional creatures and stuff, but that isn’t what I’m talking about,

And like, my mind went to - could he turn into aliens? Cause like humans are animals, and he does return to his human form, so could he turn into other intelligent life? Like in a pinch - the Titans need Starfire but she is somewhere else, could he turn into a Tamaran? Like with all her powers? Or like the chips are down - he goes and becomes a Kryptonian, or a Martian? Like, what are his limits? What definition of animal do his powers depend on?

Cause like with that idea in mind he becomes a lot more dangerous.