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4295. At one point, Raven began writing and illustrating comics and publishing them under a pseudonym. Her comics were good, but they didn't take off until Beast Boy took over writing the scripts. Beast Boy's writing and Raven's art became a runaway success, and they are regularly invited to attend comic conventions under their pseudonyms, which they do wearing hologram rings.

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talk to me about polyamorous bbterraven though

  • beast boy and terra falling asleep on raven’s lap while she’s reading
  • raven smiling @ her dorky bf and gf when they’re joking around with each other and playing video games
  • beast boy, terra and raven putting their heads together while trying to figure out how to cook an edible dinner and failing miserably
  • “raise your hand if you don’t want tofu for lunch" “oH C’MON GUYS” “sorry bb you’ve been outvoted”
  • beast boy and terra having sleepy playfights across raven’s body when they’re cuddling and raven’s just “calm down children”
  • cuddling each other on the sofa and watching dumb tv movies when one of them has nightmares (mostly because of slade. honestly. fuck slade)
  • raven and terra catching onto the trick of scratching beast boy behind his ears whenever they want him to calm down and on the one hand it’s a little annoying to him but on the other hand that feels really nice and he emits little purring noises when they do
  • beast boy learning guitar from jericho who also helps him to write a song and serenade raven and terra and it’s just so dorky and charming
  • raven and beast boy can’t help but find themselves playing with terra’s hair like it’s just so nice and soft
  • raven and beast boy wearing “#terradefensesquad” shirts in public and being the first two people to aggressively come to their gf’s defense when people talk shit about her
  • raven teaches terra to meditate to deal with her nightmares (again: fuck slade) and improve her control over her geokinesis and beast boy sitting in on their meditation sessions and trying it out himself but he just ends up falling asleep on raven’s carpet
  • no love triangles
  • no jealousy
  • only cuddles and love

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request!!! :) bbrae. it's a team camp-out thingy and beastboy and raven are flirting all night long then in the morning when they wake up everyone is staring at them because they fell asleep cuddling :)

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Beast Boy’s stare followed the line of her arm up to her finger, watching as it traced the invisible outline of the stars. He cocked his head to the side and hummed under his breath, as if he didn’t quite believe her. He pulled a bit toward her warmth, the fire burning down to nothing more than dull, red embers at their backs. He shivered a bit, and Raven pushed against him, offering a fraction more warmth. 

That thin, wispy chill of late summer was starting to settle over the night, leaving them inching closer to each other to keep away the cold. At this distance, Beast Boy could smell the scent of fire still clinging to her skin, and the fresh jasmine of her perfume. He licked his lips and glanced at her from the corner of his vision, taking in her relaxed expression and lingering on her lips for before following the line of her arm back up to the sky again.

“How can you tell? It’s just a bunch of white dots in the sky?” He waved his hand a little towards the stars. “I mean, not that it’s not pretty or anything, but it doesn’t really have any kind of order.”

“We make order where there is none, that’s how the human mind works. We see patterns and beauty in chaos and nothing, and we create stories to remind us of all the things that are important.”

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4294. In "How long is forever", Beast Boy's downward cycle began when he left the Titans, moved to another city, and befriended Terra. When she betrayed him and destroyed the city, everyone blamed him for it's destruction, and he blamed himself as well. The Titans had already broken up, and he had no friends to help him deal with what he'd gone through. He didn't have enough confidence to succeed as a hero after that.

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May I ask what's your art story? Like when did you start drawing, the progress made between one of your first drawings and your most recent one? What got you into drawing?

Let’s have FUN WITH THIS!! :O 

umm..the earliest I remember drawing was when I was 3 years old. I had a unicorn coloring book and I was terrible at it. The next big step for me was learning to color INSIDE the lines. I remembered the distinct day and place where I was when I discovered that it was easy to stay inside the lines! XD It was at my cousin sam’s house in the country during summer in the kitchen lmfao XD I had an ant-coloring book. 

I had a love for animals and animation ever since I can remember. I guess that’s what got me into drawing and coloring. Just the fact that I could create my own stories and other realities. I was a very imaginative kid when I was little and I wanted to show people my imaginary friends so I guess I’d draw them lol. My earliest drawings were mostly of powerpuff girls and kidsnextdoor. I used to draw animals, people, and oc’s believe it or not. Meanwhile watching Animal planet, cartoon network, and WB kids. Yugioh, PPG, Billy and Mandy, ed edd n eddy, Dragon Ball Z…all that shit was my jam lol 

Ancient-as-dirt art from me lol: 

this is apparently an attempt to draw a cat and dog: 

Here is an art meme I did that features my art from 2005-2011! I didn’t get serious about art until around 2004-2005-ish. 

as you can see, Teen Titans kinda began my infatuation with anime and the particular style I have now. HELL I found this in a box at my grandma’s house after she passed away: 

Then I got into NARUTO and this is the very first NARUTO drawing I ever did: 

umm….This is the very first digital art I’ve ever done: 

yes, that is arekusu lmfao xD; I used to use photoshop to draw and this was the beginning. My photoshop work was HORRID but people still liked it for some reason. 

I think a major turning point in coloring, style and technique began when I started using paint tool sai-the current program I draw in now. (I’ve been using it for a little over 3 years now! ) 

Here’s the last thing I drew in Photoshop before moving on to paint tool sai: 

and here’s the first thing I drew in Paint tool sai: 

As for improvement, Idk how it comes about but it comes REALLY SLOWLY for me D: ….I’ve only used paint tool sai for 3 years but I’ve seen the most growth in my art style so far. This is how I draw / color in paint tool sai now: 

Compare this: 

to this: 

to this: 

to this: 

:) Keep drawing-Keep posting and save your old stuff!!!!! It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you keep working hard! ;v; xoxoxo