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Traffic with the batfamily
  • *In a car*
  • Damian: Dont you do it Dick, you know how he gets
  • Dick: what? So I cant play..-
  • Jason: Hey, whats that CD?
  • Damian: WHAT THE FUCK DICK!!
  • Dick: DONT CUSS AT ME YOU ONLY 10!!!
  • Damian: IM 13!!
  • *Dick about to insert disc*
  • Tim: *gasp* Dont do it.. think about us, okay just take a moment..
  • Dick: there is no going back..
  • *Inserts disc*
  • Jason: Is this.. is this what I think it is
  • Tim: I am sorry Damian I tried to stop him
  • Damian: *Whispers* I actually dont understand the notes are quiet
  • Dick: *Whispers back* Do not act like you dont blast history maker in the car
Bruce cant joke
  • Damian: Why is everyone so stuck up here?
  • Jason: Look who's talking
  • Damian: yeah but I've eased. I mean I have never seen Father make a joke
  • Jason: He made you
  • Damian: ..
  • Dick: Oh god Jason, shock me, actually say something intelligent
Tim and Tom Holland
  • Jason: I cant believe you dragged us to this premiere, I just dont understand-
  • Damian: I am not speaking
  • Tim: ITS TOM, ITS TOM OH MY GAWD!- *Burst through people on the red carpet while making his way to Tom*
  • Tim: Move uncle ben *Shoves to be side to side with Tom*
  • Dick: Oh my god he just pushed a old person
  • Damian: is he actually crying..
  • Jason: Tom looks frightened
  • Tom: ... Hey Tim..

I’ve wanted to do one of these for  /FOREVER/, and i finally got up the courage to actually tackle this challenge!

I really wanted to pick styles i liked, and styles that inspire my own style!
This was so damn fun, and i had a blast working out these. I learned so much, and i really want to put some of these techniques and styles into my own work from now on!

I’d love to know which is your personal favorite! /mine is the YuGiOh, my 10 year old self would be so happy to finally be a YuGiOh character! /

Did it mean anything?


Lamia Marley Wayne was many things. She was a former Gotham street rat. She was Jason Todd’s best friend. She was Bruce Wayne’s first adopted daughter. She used to secretly be the second Batgirl. She was international supermodel. She was Cyan.

She was absolutely fucking done with this family of hers.

Her story started years ago when she met a small street rat with bright teal eyes harden by the life they live trying to pickpocket the money she had just pickpocketed from Dopey Don. She didn’t barely spared him glance except for the glance at his eyes before her fist connected to his face.

Honestly, it was the start of a beautiful friendship.

They shared more punches and kicks and curses with each other than anyone else. And if you asked, they’d always say the other started it. He tried to steal from her (with a 50% chance of succeeding) and she’d catch him (with a 50% chance of failing) and then she’d beat the shit out of him while he defended himself accordingly but only with enough punches and kicks and grabs to restrain her and make her back off.

It wasn’t until Pig Head Patrick tried to make a move on her did everyone realize (and this included the two of them) that the fights between them were more friendly than antagonizing. Like a street fighting version of Catwoman and Batman without all of the sexual tension.

Patrick had caught her while she had been distracted in her scheming (one of those Uptown Gothamites ventured to far away from their castle) and she was planning on making her move on that pretty diamond bracelet on the lady’s wrist when he nabbed her.  She put up a good fight, but she was small, starving, and exhausted and he eventually overpowered her. She nearly gave up all hope until her golden brown eyes caught sight of incredibly familiar teal eyes. She gave a small, almost unnoticeable nod and her teal eyed friend came flying out of the shadows armed with Batty Bryan’s favorite bat and swung it right upside Patrick’s head. He went downwith a painful yelp that was followed by another as the two of them both aimed a hit at his private.

They escaped down the side street (with Lamia still managing to slip off with the diamond bracelet) and eventually came to a stop at one of her various hideouts. It was awkward for a couple seconds before she mumbled out a genuine thanks.

“Names Lamia, by the way,” she included as she placed the bracelet in the box with the other valuables that she played to go sell the next morning. She had turned her back to him a sign of clear trust breaking one of the number one rules of the streets. Don’t trust anyone.

“Jason,” the boy replied after a while. She peeked over at him and noticed the way he was looking at Meghan. The only working girl besides Christina and Erica and Rocky that fought in their heels for their respect and own protection. She was also one of the only girls around that cared about the children running around. Always bringing food for them and making sure they had some place warm to stay during the winter months.

“I’m going to regret this,” she sighed mentally. She didn’t say anything, but grabbed the bracelet and handed it over to Jason before pushing him over to Meghan. She watched with a small smirk as Meghan caught him before he fell and how her mouth dropped open in shock at the bracelet he presented her. Her smirk only grew wider at the embarrassed smile and blush that made its way to his face as Meghan kissed him on the cheek and ruffled his hair as he slip the bracelet on her wrist like a true gentleman.

When he came back with the blush still on his cheeks and mock-glare thrown her way at her amusement, they both really understood that it really was the start of a beautiful friendship.

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Batfamily TV shows/Movies  headcanon


-has a guilty pleasure watching teen titans even if hes in it                                 - Sometimes teen titans go even if it makes him cringes                                   - May have watched criminal minds in one day                                                   - Young justice is his shit                                                                                       - ships spitfire so hard just so hard                                                                       - birdflash moments makes him question why hes blushing about it                    - cried hard during red hood                                                                                - Wonder women man… he may have cried even more.                                      - Wonder women made him want to visit her and cry                                           


-adult swim everyday                                                                                            - Rick and Morty is his favorite                                                                              - Disney who lmao???                                                                                          - might have seen riverdale a few times                                                              - doesn’t understand why he isn’t in young justice                                                - Notebook gets him every time                                                                            - kinda into bones                                                                                                - calls himself a doctor after seeing greys anatomy 


- DEATH NOTE IS HIS GUILTY PLEASURE                                                         - stays up til 5 am watching the flash                                                                    - knows all the words to Steven universe songs                                                    - In a relationship with dipper pines                                                                   - has seen breakfast club 3487293 times                                                             - only seen the season of young justice where hes in it                                        - lapidot is fucking everything                                                                              - acts like he never has seen a episode of Steven universe                                - watches old Disney channel shows


- YURI ON ICE EVERYDAy                                                                                   - Yurio is the bomb                                                                                               - occasionally watches Steven universe with Tim                                                 - more into adventure time                                                                                    - Only got a ukulele cause Steven universe                                                         - acts like he doesnt know who the fuck Marco Diaz is                                         - Jon and him watch host club together                                                               - More of a titanic guy                                                                                           - has seen every disney movie in a week                                                             - seen Hercules 683658 times                                                                             - Secretly has seen fifty shades of grey


lol so I’ve finalyl released my designs for the next gen. I hope they’re nice to look at v///v; Reblog to support me if you’d like. I just want to know if they are cool lmfaooooo XD; Click on the pictures to expand them and read a little more info. PLEASE DO NOT REPOST-REBLOG INSTEAD!! :)  

I like theseeeee so much x////x; I would love to see them drawn in others’ styles. vuv~ 


Hex-  Nathan West.
Height: 5 ft 1 in.
Age: 15

The Love Child of Kid Flash and Jinx-He is a constant reminder that redemption of evil is possible. His mother being an ex-villain gives him lots of insights on how the criminal mind works. He may look like his mother, but he mostly acts like his father. He is fairly confident and has a bright disposition and positive outlook on life. His superpowers include flashes of light and beams of energy like his mother, but sometimes he can run really fast like his father in very short bursts. He cannot sustain that running skill for very long. He can transform into flashes of light if he runs really fast. His favorite color is pink and will always tell you that it is a manly color.

Agent- Samson Stone.
Height: 6 ft 0 in.
Age: 16

Samson is an adopted son to Cyborg. Cyborg could not have children, but decided to adopt Samson after deeply connecting with him after a mission. Samson is very level-headed and mellow. He is very much like a gentle giant. He enjoys technology and music and frequently has earbuds in his ears. He is fully human-but wears a tech suit his Father and him have built. His arms have the classic Sonic canon that cyborg wields-But also can push out blades from the side for slashing. His censor is built into his visor-He can read heat signatures and pull up GPS in front of his eyes. Samson has a habit of saying “booyah!” He enjoys children and loves to play videogames. He can fly with jets and he builds robots in his spare time.

Starshine- Kara Grayson.
Height: 5 ft 6 in.
Age: 19

The team leader, she has a level-head and speaks eloquently. Inheriting her father’s leadership skills, and her mother’s cheerful disposition, Starshine is the most compassionate of the group. Starshine makes hard decisions at times, which her teammates respect her for. She has super agility and has all the powers her mother had before her-and she absolutely loves visits home to planet Tamaran. She talks like a normal, average earth teen, unlike her mother, and is the only other person besides Starfire to see her father’s face without his mask. She is good at keeping secrets and her teammates often confide in her.

Beastia- Rora Logan.
Height: 5 ft. 3 in.
Age: 17

The first child to Beastboy and Raven, Beastia had a dramatic first encounter in the world. She takes after her father the most, and uses her powers to shapeshift into shadows and animals alike, sometimes morphing into a combination of the two. She can shadow jump from shadow to shadow and phase through objects. She doesn’t have much skill in telekinesis like her mother or brother, nor can she fly unless she is transformed into an animal that can achieve flight. Beastia has minor healing abilities and some foresight into the future. She is mostly withdrawn, and is very hard on herself unfortunately. She enjoys being support, and doesn’t like the limelight or being a leader. She deeply loves her family.

Entity- Galen Logan.
Height: 5 ft. 0 in.
Age: 15

Entity is the second child born to Beastboy and Raven, and is much more powerful than his older sister. He can shapeshift, but he chooses to mostly use magic. He does not have healing abilities, but can fly and teleport and shadow jump. However, his morphing abilities do not stop there. He can immitate voices and people and can even transform into different people with a combination of magic and his shapeshifting for a short amount of time. He is very strong but weak to peer pressure and temptation. He is the most emotional of the group and can have a hot head. He enjoys videogames and plays them often with Agent. He doesn’t understand sarcasm and it goes right over his head. Entity likes to improve his magic and will get stronger by any means…

Tim and his memes
  • Tim: *Spends hours in room looking at memes, come out to have breakfast*
  • Damian: Oh wow look who actually came to visit the city
  • Tim: England is my city
  • Damian: What hell, is your hairline higher then your iq
  • Tim: Dont worry one day you'll go far- and i really hope you stay there
  • Bruce: dont get your panties in a bunch Tim
  • Tim: dont worry i left them on your mums floor
  • *Awkward moment of silence while everyone stares at him*
  • Tim: What?- OH- I AM SO SORRY! I'll just leave!
  • Tim: *mumbles* what has gotten into me..