teen summer reading program

During Old Oak Doors, Lauren Mallard proudly declares, “Also, we know everyone fears libraries in Night Vale, which is why Strexcorp will tear down the library, destroy the dangerous librarians, and replace it with StrexBooks Purchase Centers!”

If only Lauren had paid more attention to episode 29, she would know that if destroying the Library were that easy, it would’ve happened long ago. Night Vale already burns the building to the ground every few days. Even Tamika Flynn could only save so many people from the Summer Reading Program. What chance does Strexcorp think it has?

Under the cut, by request: all the canon information we have about the Night Vale Public Library – its policies, its surrounding businesses, and its Librarians.

Complete through episode 54.

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Thanks for watching Pitch Perfect at our Summer Reading Kickoff Friday!  Here’s an interesting way to learn the cup song.

Or not. 


The summer reading party may be over but we’re just getting started! Hey teens, now it’s your turn to celebrate.

Join us for a Teen Summer Reading Celebration at the Dongan Hills Library on Friday, September 6. Pizza, giveaway prizes and a FREE movie screening of the Great Gatsby for those participating in the Dongan Hills Library Summer Reading Program. Movie Rated PG-13; 142 minutes; Drama/Romance

Program starts at 1:30.