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Cartoon Network’s 2017-18 Upfront recap

New series

  • Apple & Onion (from The Amazing World of Gumball’s George Gendi)
  • Craig of the Creek (from Steven Universe’s Matt Burnett and Ben Levin)
  • Summer Camp Island (from Julia Pott)
  • OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes (from Steven Universe’s Ian James-Quartey)
  • Ben 10 (reboot)
  • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (series)

Shows that are comin’ back

  • We Bare Bears
  • Steven Universe
  • The Powerpuff Girls (reboot)
  • Mighty Magiswords
  • Teen Titans Go!
  • The Amazing World of Gumball
  • Adventure Time (and another miniseries!)

Shows that aren’t comin’ back

  • Clarence
  • Uncle Grandpa

Plus games!



You quickly unbuckle your seatbelt and push the door open. You’ve been waiting to get out of the car for hours. You smell the fresh air of the woods. Before you have the chance to explore your other friends pull up in their car as well. You see c/n’s mom and dad hop out of the front and they give you a welcoming hello. You wave back.

“Hey y/n sweetie come help us unpack the coolers,” bringing you back to their attention. You sigh and grab your small duffle bag and set it next to the bench. You look and find your Chapstick and put some on.

Looking around, you look around at your environment. There is a dirt patch for tents, and not too far were the bathrooms and showers. You turn behind and notice the big lake as well.
“Hey y/n,” c/n says causing you to turn around before you greet him with a hug.

“Hey c/n, I missed you a lot since last time”. “Me too,” he says as you both pull away from the hug.
“Hey kids come on get your swim suits on the sun won’t be out forever,“ you hear one of your parents say. You guys walk over to your stuff and go walk to change in the bathrooms.
You had trouble tying the back of your bathing suit so you called for c/n. “Hey c/n can you help me tie my bathing suit?” You ask. “Yeah sure,” he says turning you around, grabbing the two strings. You feel his breath lightly hit your neck and his fingers occasionally graze your skin. He chuckles as the goosebumps rise on your skin from the contact.

You guys arrive at and head to the dock.
You look and see both your little sisters who are basically connected at the hip laughing and giggling while their feet dangle in the water. You spend too much time looking at them to react to the force of your body hitting the water.

You gasp for air and see your siblings and c/n laughing their asses off.
“You better get in here c/n or you might want to keep an eye open tonight,” you say while your teeth chatter from the sudden temperature change. His sudden smirk disappeared when he noticed you most likely weren’t joking. He pulls his shirt off, and dives in beside you. He jumps up and flips his hair out of his face before stepping closer to you.

“Please don’t be mad, you know what happens when I see you frown,” he says, inching closer as you back away. “No please don’t c/n. I know what your up to,” as the fear is evident in your eyes. It’s too late. His hands gripped your bare skin, quickly moving his fingers back and forth causing you to fall down into the water. Your laughs were contagious to him as he then started laughing as well.

Your movements were out of control and your arms were just not strong enough to pull his away from you. The voice of c/n’s mom brought your attention away from each other when she said, “Well aren’t you two just the cutest, now don’t be too cute in front of the little ones,” she says and a blush rises in both your cheeks.

You guys took showers and dried off. As your walking back to the camp you notice only 3 tents were set up instead of 4. There is one for your parents one for c/n’s parents and then the small one. That’s bad. “Where is the other tent?”

You ask. “Well sweetie, we seemed to have forgotten the other one so it looks like now we have to take the little ones in our tents so you and c/n have a place to sleep. We would fit you in ours but your too tall,” your mom says. You turn and see c/n’s parents explaining the same situation. You grab your bag and put it in the tent before walking off to the fire.

“Hey y/n grab me a marshmallow stick,” he says as he sits down at the one of the few logs surrounding the fire. You take two of the sticks and hand one to him before taking a seat next to him. You admire the golden fire as the glow reflects onto your skin, giving you a warm feeling. “Uh y/n, your marshmallow is on fire…and now it’s in the fire.”

“Aww dang it, now I have to make another one,” you say reaching for the bag. “No just take mine instead, mine is done,” he says handing a s'more to you.
“okay kids get into your sleeping bags. We’re going fishing tomorrow,” you dad says.

Everybody heads off to their tents and c/n walks in first. You walk into the tent awkwardly. Once you’ve settled down in your sleeping bag, you realized how cold it’s become without the fire. “Gosh it’s freezing in here,” you say with your teeth slightly chattering. You try shuffling without bumping into (c/n) in the small tent. “Here why don’t we open up the sleeping bags so it’s warmer,” c/n says turning to you. You nod quickly and unzip your sleeping bag laying it on the ground while c/n lays his on top of you guys.

You felt so nervous being this close to c/n, and it wasn’t helping that you guys were completely alone. You were facing away from him, scared of what would happen. He sets a hand on your side and asks, “is this okay?” “U-uh s-sure yeah that’s ok yeah sure,” you say while mentally slapping yourself for being so nervous. “You don’t have to be so nervous y/n. We’ve known each other for so long,” he says fiddling with a part of your shirt. He pulls you closer to his chest with the heat radiating off his body.

“Sorry, I guess I’m just nervous,” you say now wrapping your hand around his that’s draped over your stomach, relaxing into his touch.

“don’t be sorry. I just have a hard time admitting that I really like you. I don’t want to take away what we have,” he says while nuzzling his face into your neck. Your surprised by what he’s just admitted “I like you too, it’s just that being this close to you, not being able to kiss you when I sort of want to,” you say with a nervous laugh.
“Can I kiss you now then?” c/n asks.

You don’t say a word. You turn around and lean your body against his so your half on top of him. Looking into his eyes you set your hand on his jaw directing his lips to yours. You plant your lips on his and feel as the butterflies ease from your stomach but erupt all throughout your body. It was a quick kiss as you both pulled away. You felt a smile form on your lips and craved his lips once more. With more force you planted your lips back on his. He relaxes into the pillow beneath him and rests his hands on the small of your back, bunching up a small section of your shirt, allowing his hands to graze your skin.

His lips were cold from the air but the both of your lips together created this electrifying heat. It wasn’t your first kiss and it most likely wasn’t his. You pull away, laying down beside him, breathing in sync from the kiss. He smiles greatly and kisses the side of your head. “Does this make us a thing.” He says to in a small whisper. “It makes us way more than a thing,” you say rotating. You return back to your original spooning position, and with that, you both fell asleep.

You feel small light on reflecting onto your face. You ignore it and bury your face into the pillow to ignore the light. The shuffling of your head causes your hair to tickle c/n’s nose. He grunts before pulling you slightly closer and continuing his soft snores. You suddenly feel something, against your butt. You shuffle around only to realize that it’s c/n. With morning wood. Your cheeks blush ferociously but you decide to have some fun so you slightly push your butt back into his crotch, slightly grinding against it. He grunts again and this time you hear him gasp.

You hear footsteps appear closer to tent. You try to stay still as you don’t feel like talking to anybody this early in the morning.
Hearing your tent unzip, you then hear c/n’s mom say, “Hey kids rise and shi- oh well would you look at that. Hey (moms name), look at these cuties, come take a picture to show these little lovebirds”.

“Well aren’t they just adorable. Well I guess we should just let them sleep in and go fishing without them,“ your mom says and you hear a subtle ‘click’ of the camera before they close the tent once again. You sigh and open your eyes, trying to adjust to the light.
“You heard that too?” You hear c/n now say in his sleepy voice.

You laugh, “yeah, I can’t believe they just took a picture, especially while you had a hard on” you say turning around to face him. You notice his ruffled hair and sleepy eyes. “Well that just shows the things you do to me,” he says pulling your hips closer, pulling you on top of him.

“Well what should we do now horny boy,” you ask pushing the hair out of his eyes,feeling his boner is now gone. “I’m thinking we make out a little bit, then sleep some more,”.

“Let’s make out a lot then sleep some more,“ you say watching his eyes light up at your idea.
“Fine by me, but let me warn you, once we start theirs no stopping. “ he says turning so your on your back. You pull him down from his neck and begin to kiss him slowly.

Okay so I am at a camp right now but I wrote this before hand so you guys could have something because I hate to warn you guys but school is not far. This is not requested but I wrote it for my other blog that I decided not to post for so consider it a little treat. My next imagine will be within two weeks stay hot babes. xx

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Hi, do you know the fic where Stiles somehow ends up at a secret summer camp for werewolves but doesn't know obvi, and talia places him in a cabin far away from everyone so he doesn't find out and it's with derek. I think he ends up being dereks mate but dereks super mean to him and secretly steals his shirt? Thankyou and sorry that's all I remember 😂

@mis15o found this one for you!

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wanna wanna wolf by bleep0bleep

(1/1 I 3,893 I Teen I Sterek)

The boy looks like a dream, the way the sunlight streams through the open door, lighting up his silhouette as he strides into the cabin.
If Stiles didn’t already know he was bisexual he definitely would know now.
He closes his mouth. “Okay, dad, I changed my mind, I’ll stay for the summer,” he says hastily, and hangs up the phone.

wanna wanna wolf - bleep0bleep - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

The door to the office swings open, and Stiles swears time stops.

The boy looks like a dream, the way the sunlight streams through the open door, lighting up his silhouette as he strides into the cabin. The other teenager is dripping on the floor, tossing his hair back with an annoyed scowl. His white t-shirt clings to his chest, and water droplets fall to the wooden beams in the floor in a steady plop plop plop.

Sharp cheekbones, dark hair, gorgeous green or gray or blue eyes, and Stiles would love to get closer to see exactly what color they are, and ugh, that body.

If Stiles didn’t already know he was bisexual he definitely would know now.

He closes his mouth. “Okay, dad, I changed my mind, I’ll stay for the summer,” he says hastily, and hangs up the phone. It waddles in the dock, curly cord dangling until it stops moving.

The newcomer walks right up to Talia’s desk, leaving wet drip marks all over the floor, and a slack-jawed Stiles in his wake. He wasn’t at lunch earlier, because Stiles definitely would have remembered.

“Mom, what’s this I hear about a hu—”

Stiles can’t hear what Talia says to him, but the boy turns around sharply and locks eyes with Stiles. His mouth falls open a little bit and his nostrils flare.

“Derek, for the last time, you need to properly towel off before you enter any of the cabins. And why were you in the lake fully clothed, anyways?”

Derek scowls. “Laura pushed me in.”

Channel Surfing

After thousands of years of seeing the same old songs and dances, Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond have grown bored with their Pearls. Yellow Pearl and Blue Pearl, fearing that they’ve become obsolete, are desperate to stay in their Diamonds’ good graces and find inspiration in Earth television transmissions beginning to reach Homeworld. While the Diamonds are pleased with the reenactments of ‘TGIF’ and ‘Must-See TV’ shows, it’s the Pearls’ recreation of a certain summer camp teen drama that soon has the Diamonds completely captivated.

Total drama started off so pure. Teens at a summer camp. Cute ships whose only drama was when are they gonna kiss already. Regular teen behavior, talent shows, the Canadian wilderness, tiny hidden friendships behind the scenes, snippets of past conversations during challenges that we never got to expand on but proved that these kids were probably spending their free time just talking to each other. The beginnings of relationships that could have been so healthy, teens just basically wanting to prove themselves capable of success… and then the writers started doing drugs.

five summer reads

Summer time finally feels like it’s here. The suns out and the weather could not be more perfect. Here are a few of my favourite books to read while under the shade of a tree with the sun shining so bright. 

1. Everything, Everything

This book is basically about a girl who can’t go outside because she is allergic to everything. If she goes outside she could die. In seventeen years she hasn’t stepped outside her house. And one day a tall, lean, black shirt wearing boy named Olly moves in next door. This book had a cute romance and funny dialogues coupled with cute little illustrations through out the book. It was overall a fun time.

2. A Thousand Pieces of You

Marguerite’s parents are known for their research in physics about an invention called the Firebird. This device allows a person to jump into multiple universes. All is going well, until her father gets murdered and the person accused is Paul - her parent’s handsome assistant. It’s an adventure about how she survives each universe trying to find her father’s murderer. I expected the book to be more of an adventure novel but it was more of a cute romance with a little bit of adventure. If you like science fiction and romance, give this book a read.

3. The Truth About Forever

Macy is has everything planned out for her. She’s living her life perfectly. After her dad dies she discoveries that being perfect is not how she wants to be living. She gets a totally unexpected job and meets unexpected characters who make her understand the way she wants to be living instead. A cute little romance about expecting the unexpected.

4. When Dimple Met Rishi 

So I haven’t actually read this one yet, but I’ve heard amazing things. This book is about two Indian American teens who attend a summer camp but a marriage arrangement and culture steeped in old traditions hangs between them. 

5. Furiously Happy

Furiously Happy is an autobiography by Jenny Lawson about being content with whatever life throws your way. Her philosophy; to be ‘furiously happy’. After being depressed for so long she decided to force herself to be happy. This way she was able to go on many adventures and meet new people. A funny read which will leave you feeling inspired.

Getting REAL SICK AND TIRED of Hitler’s beliefs taking hold in the world again.

What’s next, we gonna invite people’s down syndrome children and teens to “summer camps” they’ll never come home from?

Living Up To The Family Name.

There was nothing worse than being trapped sitting between two ultra-competitive people during a game especially when those two ultra-competitive people just so happened to be world class footballers.

James was to my right, wearing reading glasses he didn’t even need to be wearing. I guess he was trying to look smart and stylish because he had a scarf wrapped around his neck as well. Cristiano sat to my left somewhat disguised behind sunglasses and his normal garb. Maybe it was because the match was so early in the morning that there weren’t that many people sitting in the small stands but I was glad there weren’t many parents and family there. The last thing I wanted was a mob of fans approaching us and disturbing us watching my son play.

Lucas sat in the goal, dressed in that bright green kit that stood out amongst the sea of white and yellow that all of the other players wore on the field aside from the opposite goalkeeper who was in bright red.

Though our son was still young, this was considered to be a ‘big’ match by James’s standards which meant he was already on the edge of his seat even just a few minutes into play. He had kept me up all night last night as he got Lucas to join us in our bed so he could talk tactics and strategies with him. It seemed every time I rolled over and thought the two boys were going to sleep, he just found more advice to give him.

I wanted my son to be into sports. I understood the power it had and how it developed someone off of the pitch as well in terms of learning how to become a leader and other desirable characteristics but did I care if his team won this match? Not really.

I wasn’t the most competitive person in the world. The closest I got to sport was partaking in a tennis tournament in my teens one summer during camp. Needless to say, I lost but hey I got a pretty nice consolation trophy. It was clear my husband was the competitive one and I let him be that, only stopping him when I felt he was going a little too far with our young son.

It wasn’t like he was pushing football on him. Luke loved football more than anything. It was all he seemed to think about doing when he got home from school but I also wanted to make sure he realized that this was meant to be a fun experience and not a stressing one, especially for someone of his age.

I took a break from following the action to reach around Cristiano and hand his mini-me Junior some of the fruit snacks from the bag that was in my hand. The adorable young one immediately broke out into a bright smile as soon as he saw what I was holding and reached his little fingers inside. Cristiano turned slightly to look behind him once he realized what we were up to. “Oh gosh. Don’t get him on a sugar high this early.”

“Aw come on. You dragged him out of bed this early in the day the kid deserves some sort of sweets.” I winked at Junior before returning my attention forward to the action on the pitch. I turned to my right and held out the bag to a zoned-out James. “You want some?”

“No thanks.” He shook his head and didn’t even bother to look at me as he declined, simply holding out his hand to signal his refusal further. He always got like this during the games. He wouldn’t entertain me with much conversation unless I wanted to talk formations and his thoughts on what was going good and bad for the team. Usually all I wanted to talk about was what our next meal was going to be.

He had a partner in Cristiano this time though because as soon as our side got close to the goal only for the opposing goalkeeper to make an incredible save, or what was deemed incredible by how fast both he and Cris shot up from their seats, he leaned over me and began talking with his teammate.

I zoned out of the conversation then, just munching on my candy and following the game as James leaned sprawled over my lap with his elbow practically digging into my thigh. I let him stay that way largely because of the pleasant smell of his cologne that filled my nostrils with how close he was now.

My oh my, he was a hot husband even with that stupid scarf on.

That stupid anxious feeling I always seemed to get when I watched games fluttered in my stomach as I saw the opposing team moving closer and closer to our goal this time. It seemed only seconds later that ball soared in the air and to the goal.

Into the goal.

Cheers erupted from those supporting the other team while our side began to sulk. I didn’t bother to sulk. I offered an encouraging clap and yelled, “That’s okay! It’s just one goal, boys. Keep going after it!”

Too bad it wasn’t one goal.

The rest of the match felt like I was watching a slaughter and by half time I think some parents had already retreated to their cars to maybe down a drink they had hidden in their backseat. The score was a measly 3-0 but the lead felt insurmountable and watching the way Lucas walked off the field with his head held low showed he was already chalking this up as a defeat.

His performance hadn’t been up to his usual and maybe that was because he was tired. Or it was extremely early in the day compared to his other match times. Or maybe I was just making excuses that only a mother could come up with.

I didn’t really care. I was still proud of him and so when the final whistle blew and the score line read 5-1, I still got up from where I sat and loudly clapped in support of the boys. James wasn’t too enthusiastic so I left him and Cristiano to talk while I took Junior’s hand and led him on to the pitch, the young boy finishing up my bag of fruit snacks from earlier with delight.

“Lucas!” I called out his name to get him to look up from where he sat on the grass, his head hanging low while he stared at nothing in particular. He got up when he saw me, probably figuring that if he didn’t do it I would do it for him. He still had that pitiful look on his face though.

“Aw, sweetie.” I drew him into a tight motherly hug, kissing his cheek. “I’m so proud of you.” I let him go and Junior greeted him next with their signature handshake. The two were a few years apart in age but still had a fond friendship similar to the one their fathers had. You tended to make a lot of friends when you were stuck at the Santiago Bernabéu so many weekends when you’d rather be at home watching cartoons.

“You played great!” Junior echoed with an enthusiastic smile. It got Lucas to at least crack a small smile. “Thanks,” he responded.

It didn’t take long before everything was wrapping up and we were able to head back to our cars. Cristiano and Junior said their goodbyes before James, myself and Lucas got into our Mercedes truck.

James had been on the end of quite a few heartbreaking matches, quite a few that I had to help him through myself so trust me I knew how bad they were, and the way he looked now was as if he considered this one of them even if he himself had never set foot on the pitch.

He was silent for the most part until we got in the car and began spewing off all of the things Lucas could have been doing better.

“Keep your eyes on the ball.”

“Never let an opponent psych you out.”

“Be confident.”

“You’re the leader of the team. This loss rests on your shoulders just like a win would.”

And I knew it was meant to be helpful but this just wasn’t the right time. I turned in my seat to see Lucas looking out the window seeming close to tears and I turned back forward before glancing over at my husband. “Maybe we should talk football later. How about we grab something good to eat?”

“Not hungry,” they both responded in unison. God, they were so alike it was annoying sometimes.


I didn’t have time to complete my statement because James was breaking out into another rant about what Lucas needed to work on for the next match. “This just wasn’t what I expected out of you. You’ve been doing so well lately. Are you even sure you want to play goalkeeper?”

Lucas burst out then. “I’m sorry I can’t be as good as you all the time!”

He didn’t say anything else after that. He just turned back to his little window of comfort and the car had this awkward silence that made me squirm in my seat. I wanted to yell at James for being so hard on our son but I didn’t really want to do that in front of Lucas.

I whispered to James from the passenger seat. “Maybe you should relax. It’s really not that bad.”

He didn’t bother to respond. He just continued silently driving on as if I hadn’t said anything but at least I could relax with the fact there was no more football talk.

As soon as we arrived to our home, I quickly released my seatbelt, grabbed my purse and got out of the car to head for the door. It wasn’t until I reached the door that I realized the pair weren’t behind me. I could see from where I stood James turned around in his seat as he talked to our son. I was worried, worried enough to almost walk back to the car, that he was talking football again but I stopped myself. I just continued watching as I fished my keys out of my purse.

I turned the key into the lock soon after and when I turned back around, I saw my smiling boys exiting the car, James putting a pat to Lucas’s back before laughing.

That was what I liked to see.