teen stuff

What it’s like to be a teenager;

I’ve hit “that point”.
The point of no return honestly.
Where you feel stressed and you don’t know why.
Where you feel like crying and can’t give anyone a reason as to why you just started balling in front of the whole class for no apparent reason.
I’m stressed beyond belief.
I don’t care about classes for next year.
I don’t care about finding my career in the next few years.
I don’t care about filling out surveys to find my perfect college.
I just don’t care.
Let me not worry about this stuff for a while.
I’m already stressed enough.
I just want to be a teenager.

Hell (a) yeah! lol  <~ That sounded cooler in my head… but everyone should be told this every single day.

do you still play the piano?
i’ve learned the ukulele since we’ve stopped talking.

what happened to the blue sweater you always wore?
i still have the beanie you used to love wearing.

are you taller now?
you always said you were taller than i was, but we were the same height.

how’s your family?
i remember meeting them, briefly.

how have you been? you okay?
hope you’re always happy. i loved your laugh. best laugh i’ve heard.

do you still have my phone number?
i still have yours. sorry i messed up.

call me, please. i miss you.

—  “questions i’d ask, only if you’d answer” by @itmakesmyheadhurt
I’ve always wanted to be adored and loved. I don’t even care if it’s just for a day, or for a minute, or even a second. I just want to know that I matter.
—  quote to the book I’ll never write