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Osomatsu-san VA Cast

Whoever decided to have the sextuplets voiced by an all-star cast is a genius.

Osomatsu (voiced by Takahiro Sakurai)

Ichimatsu (voiced by Jun Fukuyama)

Choromatsu (voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya)

Karamatsu (voiced by Yuichi Nakamura)

Jyushimatsu (voiced by Daisuke Ono)

Todomatsu (voiced by Miyu Irino)

Super Fun And Not At All Scary Harry Potter Fancast feat. Relevant Political and Public Figures:

-Lord Voldemort - DJT
-Bellatrix Lestrange - Steve Bannon
-Lucius Malfoy - Paul Ryan
-Dolores Umbridge - Mike Pence
-Rita Skeeter - Tomi Lahren and/or Kellyanne Conway
-Cornelius Fudge - Sean Spicer
-Rufus Scrimgeour - Hillary Clinton
-Alecto and/or Amycus Carrow - Betsy DeVos
-Fenrir Greyback - Richard Spencer
-Draco Malfoy - Marco Rubio
-Peter Pettigrew - Ted Cruz
-Severus Snape - John McCain
-Albus Dumbledore - Barack Obama
-Minerva McGonagall - Elizabeth Warren
-Alastor Moody - Bernie Sanders
-The Quibbler staff - Teen Vogue staff
-Amelia Bones - Ruth Bader Ginsburg
-Charlie Weasley - the National Parks Service
-Kingsley Shacklebolt - Chuck Schumer
-Nymphadora Tonks - Kamala Harris
-Fred and George Weasley - the entire cast of SNL
-The Golden Trio and the DA - us

That Damn Speech

Someone released another gifset with more praise of that speech in that scene. It’s like my own private torment.

I am labeling this ‘anti stiles’ even though it isn’t actually against the character. The scene in Lies of Omission was totally in-character for Stiles.   He’s always been emotionally and physically aggressive when confronted with terrible situations. He’s always neglecting his emotional health in the hope that it will go away.  He’s always held Scott to an unrealistic standard of behavior because of his own deep-set insecurities.

What drives me crazy about this scene isn’t that it happened, but rather the fandom response to it.  All the wailing and gnashing of teeth about ‘how dare Scott not ignore his own fragile emotional state and bow down to our poor little innocent woobified baby.’

As anyone who delved deeply into my blog should know, the flashpoint for my rage is always “Some of us are human.” Again, not the speech itself,  but fandom’s reaction to it.  As if it was something good.  As if it was something to praise: Stiles’ cruel and callous attempt to dump his own guilt at Scott’s feet and make it the alpha’s fault.

I wish the Stiles fandom would just take a moment to look at this from Scott’s standpoint.  Forget that it is their woobie-baby-fandom-bicycle talking and listen to it from the point of view of a person who’s lost his girlfriend Kira, failed to rescue his beta Liam and his girlfriend Hayden, and essentially given into his darker desires by probing Cory’s mind against his will.   Just try.

Stiles: Yeah, because you’re Scott McCall! You’re the True Alpha!

Scott’s POV:  Stiles is telling him he’s an arrogant sod that’s gotten everything handed to him.

Stiles:  Guess what? All of us can’t be True Alphas. Some of us have to make mistakes!

Scott’s POV:  Stiles is telling him that it doesn’t matter that you’ve let over a half-dozen teenagers be taken, mutilated, and murdered, that the girl you love is in terrible danger and gone somewhere so you can’t help her, that you invaded Corey’s mind, and that you’ve lost Liam’s trust.   Stiles is saying that being your friend is a burden that he doesn’t want any more.

Stiles: Some of us have to get out hands a little bloody sometimes.

Scott’s POV: Stiles is saying that it doesn’t matter that he has to resist the urge to kill every full moon, that he had to fight off Peter’s attempt to make him a killer, Deucalion’s attempt to make him a killer, and Kate’s attempt to make him a killer in which he nearly butchered Kira.   Stiles is saying that you have no idea what it feels like to take another person’s life or even want to.

Stiles: Some of us are human!

Scott’s POV:  Stiles is saying you’re a monster and a freak and where do you get off judging me?

And if that is not enough, Stiles turns around and has the nerve to beg Scott to believe him.   Stiles knows he just got finished telling him he’s inhuman, self-righteous, and he wishes he wasn’t his friend,  that he’s been deceiving him for weeks, but that doesn’t matter, because right now, the only thing that is important to Stiles Stilinski is that Scott exists to validate his existence.  

Again, given the Nogitsune trauma, given what happened with Donovan, given his own insecurities, this is totally within character.   It’s not even an unreasonable response to the stress he is under.

What is unreasonable is to ignore the stress that Scott is under for that scene, for the fandom to actively share in Stiles’ conception of Scott as a flawless superhero (and then turn around and condemn him for being a boring and unrealistic character), and make this entire scene with all the cruel, vicious words Stiles spews completely and utterly about Scott not believing Stiles.    

Yeah, yeah, it drives me mad.   But I suspect that someone on the Teen Wolf writing staff noticed that it was a bitch, because they seem to be falling over each other trying to make us think that Stiles is a good friend.

Some padawan Mira sketches. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Can the voltron fandom not be on fire for like five seconds or what

A few less-popular cartoons’ progressiveness.

Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero, has featured three kids with equal roles in their career. Has shown two of the main male characters say they love each other (without adding any “no homo” junk). Have a female and male character at an equal level of friendship of the first males (she’s also a main character), without any romantic tension. Many of the female characters on this show have diverse body types and characterization. They once had two minor characters get married with the woman proposing to the man.

Wander Over Yonder (created by Craig McCracken, who you may know for creating the PowerPuff Girls), shows how helping and accepting anyone leads to positive relations and outcomes. Has two main characters who are female and male, who have one of the closest bonds I’ve ever seen, and they have no romantic tension at all. The main character Wander, is constantly helping others and loving and accepting of everyone because he just knows its the right thing to do. Even the person who keeps trying to kill him he holds no ill-will to.

Star VS the Forces of Evil, showcases a female protagonist who is incredibly out-going and self-secure. She’s really silly but can fight when need-be. Her best friend Marco is always at hand (think Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable, only not as much “romantic tension”). The show really gives the vibe of just being yourself to kids, and the same idea that Earth (where the main character isn’t from), is this wonderful place with people, where you’re free to do whatever (which is another lesson Steven Universe has been showing).

Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja, has two teenage protagonists that act pretty much like that; teenagers. It’s one of the most accurate portrayals I’ve seen of kids entering high school. Because of this, they’re not very clever, and get into plenty trouble considering they’re trying to protect the world. This show lets kids know it’s okay to make mistakes (LOTS of them…), but never give up no matter the odds.

Clarence, has shown multiple characters with different family settings, including divorced parents, poor house-holds, and even same-sex couples. The main character even has a single mother who is dating someone who he very much admires as a parental figure. Another of the main characters has OCD who has two mothers, and the other lives with a family of 12 siblings. The first time I watched the series I found it incredibly relatable from multiple character’s perspective. Not to mention the array of body types for both children and adults.

The first 4 shows air on DisneyXD which Disney has said is targeted at pre-teen boys (though the staff on this show might say otherwise, Disney is targeting the channel at young boys), which makes these shows even more important, since we have a show staring a female as the main character, multiple series that show it’s okay to be opening loving, and accepting, and so-on, being shown to young boys.

Just because a series isn’t the most popular thing out there, doesn’t mean it’s not progressive.

And not every progressive thing needs to be mind blowing, because sometimes a kid just needs to be shown a cartoon character that has the same family-structure as them, or that it’s okay to make huge mistakes without being the end of the world, or that they can tell their friends they love them without it being romantic, or that it’s okay to be nice even if someone else isn’t, and that it never hurts to help.


‘Hey, Garcia?’ I say entering the black room. She texted me saying to meet her in this exact room and this exact time, where the hell is she?
'Morgan?’ I hear a man’s voice entering the room from the door in the other side of the room. Suddenly he turns on the lights and I see he’s Spencer. I also see a little table in the middle of the room with two seats and some roses.
'Spencer? What are you doing here? What the hell is this?’ I say referring to the table and all of that.
'I don’t know. Morgan told me to meet him here’ He looks as confused as me.
'Well, Garcia texted me to meet her here’ we both look at each other for a second and then we look at the table, then everything makes sense.
'They set us up’ he whispers
'They totally set us up’

Requested ↴

samanthaofanarchy: Can you do a Criminal Minds pref where you are a genius, just like Spencer, and you end up working for the BAU on the team and you and Spencer have feelings for each other, but neither of you can really see it, but Garcia and Morgan do so the try to set you up together? Then you get sent on a case in your hometown, Beacon Hills (sorry I’m having crossover feels :) ), and the team meets your dad, the Sheriff, and your baby brother, Stiles, and your dad tells you he approves of you and Spencer?

[As itold you, I’m doing in in two separate parts. This is the first part where Morgan and Garcia set you up and then i’m going to post the second part with all the ‘Teen Wolf’ staff]

You can send me your requests HERE

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Old friends and new friends

Summary:  Reader is Sherock’s old friend but they haven’t seen each other in ages. Then reader meets an handsome stranger and things start to get complicated.

Pairing: Moriarty x Reader

Word count: ~2290

Warnings: None

A/N: It’s also up on my wattpad ( SherockOfMidgard) so please don’t accuse me in plagiarism, thanks. ( I wouldn’t be saying it unless there wouldn’t be quite a few people accusing me in it, so yeah)

Originally posted by sungl0ry

You’ve known Sherlock and Mycroft since you were 6 years old. It doesn’t matter that you were only a 6 years old girl, you will always remember the day you met Sherlock. It was a sunny day, you were wandering around in your new neighbourhood, with your brother. You had just moved into a small village and you didn’t know the people or places there. Your brother Jake, was 5 years older than you and he always managed to get on everybody’s nerves. He always tried to be overwhelmingly funny, too bad that non of his jokes were as good as he thought.

“ Why are you so quiet today sis?” Jake asked.

“ I miss all of my friends, I’m probably never going to see them again!” you never wanted to move into this place but it’s not as someone is going to listen to a small girl who’s still wearing slippers with unicorns on them. 

“Stop being so over dramatic Y/N! We didn’t move to a different planet, we didn’t even move to a different country!” Jake was already a bit mad on you. 

“I can’t make friends in here, I even don’t want to make friends! I haven’t seen a single kid who is about my age.” It was true, you had only seen one kid who looked like she was about 16 years old and then a bunch of old ladies. 

“ What’s wrong with that boy there? Why can’t you go and say "Hey, be my friend, since my brother is very tired of babysitting me and I’m new here.” would it be that hard?“ When you left out all the sarcasm, then of course your brother had a point. You hadn’t noticed this boy, he was sitting on a bench, by the river and he was counting something on his fingers. There was a big dog next to him, later on you found out that it was an Irish setter. He seemed to be about your age, maybe a few years older, you couldn’t tell. He had brown and curly hair. Your brother went home and there you were standing and struggling to make a friend.You walked up to him and said:

 ” I like your dog, my mum said that since we now have our own house we might get a dog someday. My name is Y/N.“ The boy looked really surprised and a bit confused.

 ” And you’re telling me that because?“ now you were the one who got confused.

 "Because I have no friends here and I thought that maybe we could become friends.”

“ You want to be friends with me?” you felt like you had confused the boy even more. 

“ Well, I’m not talking to the dog or am I? What’s your name?" 

” My name is Sherlock, and this is Redbeard. Are we friends now?“ 

” Nice to meet you Sherlock! Well, yes. I think that we are.“

Sherlock was different from all the other kids in this village. He didn’t seem to worry about the things that other kids used to worry about, things like new toys and sweets. He only cared about his dog and world problems. At the age of 15 when other teens started to have parties, started dating and do all the staff that teens do, Sherlock hadn’t changed. For you, that was the fact that made you like him so much. He also didn’t have many friends, to be honest you were his only friend. You were the person that Sherlock came to when he needed to talk. Back then you didn’t realise that his parents and his brother took him as "the weird kid”, but he wasn’t weird, he was special. He always managed to spot small details that no one else saw.

You went to the same school, but since he was a year older than you, you didn’t go to the same class. You were not the popular type at school, mostly because you were friends with Sherlock. Everyone said that he was a freak. You even got to a fight once or twice because of that.  Sherlock didn’t seem to mind all the bullies, he kept it all inside. When the both of you had graduated, you went to school in Glasgow and he moved to London. The year that you spent alone in the school was one of the most lonely ones in your life. For a while you kept writing and calling from time to time but after a year or two even that stopped. 

You got Sherlock’s new address from Mycroft, he wasn’t hard to contact to. He seemed really happy about someone else but family caring about Sherlock. You even went for a quick coffee ( coffee for you, tea for him) and talked about your childhood. He told you that Sherlock had changed, what ever that was supposed to mean.

Here you were now, in London, in front of 221B Baker Street. It felt so weird to think that you were living in the same city again. You knocked on the door and an older women with a kind face opened the door. 

“ How can I help you dear?” she asked. 

“Is Sherlock at home?”

“ Oh, yes he just came. Just go upstairs and you’ll find him dear." 

"Thank you madam!”  

“Oh just call me Mrs Hudson.” You went upstairs and there he was, a bit taller and a bit more muscular but still the same old Sherlock you had known. 

“ Hey, I haven’t seen you for a while now.” You knew it’s not the best line to start a conversation with a long lost friend but you couldn’t come up with anything better. He turned around and for a second I thought that he didn’t recognise you. Then you saw a spark in his eyes.

“Y/N! Where have you been all this time?” He seemed so happy, you went up to him and hugged him.

Now you understood what Mycroft meant when he said that Sherlock had changed. You remembered him as a teenager, a skinny boy with curly hair. He was a man now. He had really serious eyes, messy but still curly hair and as always he was wearing classy clothes. 

“How long are you going to stay in London?” he asked. 

“Actually I moved away from Glasgow and I’m living here now. At Crawford Street.”

“ That’s not far from here, it’s nice to have you back around” That’s of of the cutest things that Sherlock had ever told you. 

“ Is it?” You’ve noticed that you are one of those people who just can’t say a simple thanks when someone compliments you.

 " Of Course it is. It would be nice to have someone around who I can discuss my cases with.“ He made a cute grin, he truly had changed. 

” Wait, what cases?“I asked. 

” I’m a consulting detective.“ he said with a proud face. 

” A consulting detective? Who are you consulting then?“ I couldn’t stay serious anymore, a consulting detective, really? 

” The world’s only consulting detective! And mostly I consult the Scotland Yard and also some personal clients.“he said. 

” Scotland Yard? Wow, and I thought that I was doing great with my life and career. I’m very happy for you.“ Suddenly you heard someone coming up the stairs, when you turned around you saw a man, shorter than Sherlock, but probably a bit taller than you, he had kind eyes and he was wearing a knitted cardigan.

 ” I’m sorry Sherlock but we have to go right now!“ He said while looking at Sherlock. 

” I’m afraid that you must go now. I hope that you’ve told all the details of your problem to Sherlock already. Mrs Hudson will lead you out.“ He was now looking at you. 

” Not so quickly John, She’s not a client and I haven’t finished my conversation yet.“ Sherlock said. 

” For Christ sake Sherlock this is an emergency!“ brilliant, now this John guy got mad. This situation was already so uncomfortable so you said: 

” It’s totally fine, I was going anyway.“ 

” No you were not, I don’t even know your exact address yet. Oh and this is John, a colleague and flatmate of mine.“ He said it with an absolutely calm voice, I never understood how could he stay so calm when someone was practically screaming in the same room. 

” John this is Y/N , an old friend on mine.“

 ” I thought you didn’t have friends" John said.

“John, Dr. John Watson, nice to meet you Y/N. As Sherlock told you I’m his friend, flatmate and college.” He shook your hand , he seemed really friendly and nice person.

 " I’m Y/N, just one old friend of Sherlock’s. Nice yo meet you too.“ you replied. 

” Just a friend?“ he asked with a grin.

 ” Just a friend.“ You told your address to Sherlock, said goodbye to both of them, had a short chat with Mrs. Hudson and left. We’ll you must admit, that this meeting was not as awkward as you had thought it might be. You started walking home, after all you still had some things to unpack. You were so deep in your thoughts that you didn’t see a man who had stopped in the middle of the sidewalk to tie his shoelaces. You accidentally stepped on his coat and in that exact moment he stood up. Well you can imagine what happened, anyway you both fell onto the pavement. You started apologising but he just started laughing. He helped you up and said:

 ” Oh, that could have happened to anyone, but I must tell you that I’ve got a feeling you own me a drink now.“ Let’s face it, he was a really handsome guy, of course you wanted to go for a drink with him. Too bad that you had almost ripped half of his coat off in your first meeting. 

” Well, it seems like this to me too. I’m Y/N by the way. “ He smiled at you and said: 

” What a beautiful name, my name is Jim, Jim Moriarty. Shall we go then?“ He smiled again.

 ” Of course.“ You said, and smiled at him.

” I don’t know London very well, so I guess that you must choose the place for the drink" you said.

“ Oh don’t worry about it, I know places. Are you just visiting London or what?” he said with his perfect smile.

“ I just moved here from Glasgow. So where are we going?”

“ To one of my favorite bars, I’m sure you’ll love it Y/N.” Why is he always smiling, it’s so distracting!

You noticed that we were heading back to Baker Street. “ Is it far from here?”

“ Not really, just around the corner,” he said.

You walked on for about two minutes and you saw Sherlock’s apartment again. A cap took off in front of 221B’s door. You hadn’t noticed this place earlier but next to Sherlock’s apartment there was a sandwich bar called “ Speedy’s”. Jim opened a door for you, you thanked him and smiled at him. You stepped into this “Speedy’s”, it looked really cozy and home a like. You liked this place. Suddenly you felt Jim’s hand on your shoulder, he was standing right behind you. “ Why don’t we go and sit over there?” He said with a really deep voice.

“ Sure.” At least you didn’t see his face because you were 100% sure that he was smiling again. The two of you sat down in the corner of this bar. Now let’s get this fact straight this place didn’t look like a bar, it looked like a really lovely cafe.

“ So what would you like to drink?” he asked.

“ Probably a black coffee but shouldn’t I be the one asking it?” you said with a cheeky smile.

“ Well, I changed my mind and decided to buy you a drink instead.”

“You changed your mind? Do you remember that I almost ripped half of your coat off?”

“I’m just so changeable.” This smile is going to be the death of you.

He ordered you a coffee and an Earl Gray for himself. You stayed there for 3 hours, you’ve never met someone who’s so easy to talk to. When you left Speedy’s it was already dark. You looked up saw a light in Sherlock’s window. Jim suggested to walk you home. For obvious reasons you agreed. In 15 minutes you had reached your doorstep.

“ So that’s it.” you said, while looking at him.

“ If you say so Y/N.” He replied with his deep voice.

“ I hope that we will go out again,” he added after a little pause.

“It would be lovely, wait I don’t even have your number jet."He wrote his number on a little paper, handed it to you, kissed you on the cheek and gone he was. There you were standing on your own doorstep, totally confused.

You opened the door, went upstairs and took a bath. When you came out you heard a little buzz from your coat pocket. Someone had texted you.

” Stay away from that man Y/N ! I’ll explain tomorrow! Please stay away from him! -SH" God, you didn’t even think about the fact that Sherlock had probably seen you. Well, fuck. You text him back “Did you stalk me? - Y/N”

A reply came in seconds: “ Just stay away from him! -SH” you threw your phone on the bed. “ Well ain’t that a sticky situation?” you said out loud.

End of part 1

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Instagram 101

“Maximize your Instagram experience”

• Timing is everything:
Plan to post accordingly when your followers are most active.

• Plan your selfie release date:
Let these bitches know when your about to bless their feeds.

• Know your angles:
Every angle is not for every face. Find what works.

• How to get more followers:
Be attractive; if you’re not, pretend to be attractive, someone will like you.

• Personal Hashtags YOU think are funny:

• Using “I woke up like this” as a caption:
You did not.

• Posting Selfies with friends:
Make sure YOU look good, it’s war. And remember…cropping is an option.

• Maintaining a good follower relationship:
“These hoes ain’t loyal”, but make sure you are with your followers, hit the like button.