teen speedster


Barry’s always been an o u t c a s t. He shouldn’t have preached that his dad was innocent and his mom was murdered as a kid, but the damage is done, and now everyone keeps their distance from the crazy kid who WON’T ACCEPT REALITY. He’s fine with that too, he can keep going on his own path without them. 

But then the new girl comes to his school. Daisy Johnson. Rumors spread like wildfire, that she’s an orphan and a freak, an outcast just like him. Of course, he doesn’t do anything about it, because he’s a lone wolf still. 

He spends his lunch periods in the computer lab, working on research on colleges and other projects he’s interested in, especially those that relate to forensics and investigation. So that day, when he spots Daisy out of the corner of his eye, he’s almost g l a d he’s there, because maybe he can take Joe’s advice and MAKE A FRIEND for once. 

The seat next to him is the only open one at the moment, so when she sits down next to him, dropping her bag, he smiles to himself. But what does he say? He can’t just introduce himself, that’s weird. God, he’s still so awkward. Screw it. He turns to her slightly, smiling a little more. 

DAISY, right? I’m Barry. We have history together?”


Everyone in the school knew about what happened. Poor Sav, scarred the entire side of his face because of an accident during a chemistry lab. Well, the “poor” part was lost after a day or so, and it just became reason for everyone to make fun of him. So he spent the time he wasn’t in class ( especially lunch periods ) in the library. There was a small table in the corner, where no one would bother him and he could sit in p e a c e

But he could usually tell when someone was looking at him. They ALL were.

He felt the hairs on his neck stand up that day, and he turned his head, locking eyes with a girl he knew from his chemistry class. Kaylee. “What do you want?” He asked, clenching his teeth.