teen princess cadance

Aw, its OK, little Honey. ‘Bacon Mane’- um.. I mean… Sunset isn’t used to being around fillies and colts. She never was. I’m sure she still loves you, and your other aunt… who is the filly I foalsit for… who’s pregnant…. and I’m your mom? Uh… Alright. *Hugs little filly*

((Been following Sci-set daily which is awesome and so cute, and had to post a little cheer-up-tumblr-confusing-universe post for this little cutie Honey Crisp. Another would be daughter… but different father! Haha. Love these great little stories mixing together. And Cady calls Sunset ‘Bacon Mane’ cuz I would imagine they didn’t have the greatest relationship in their youths, if they ever met at all. Might address that eventually.))

“You may not be my mommy @teenprincesscadance but you know how to feel better just like mommy does…”


Responding to this lovely art right here –> http://teenprincesscadance.tumblr.com/post/162886925178/aw-its-ok-little-honey-bacon-mane-um-i - … assume this takes place after the whole ice cream thing… she loves her mommy so much even a younger version that’s not her mommy exactly!

New Years food coma continues…

Or mod is just slow. Lucky ponies sleeping under a warm kotatsu blanket.

And with this, I propose a new format for Teen Cadance. Let’s try to explore the story more. I know everyone is confused by her being born an alicorn so let’s explain that more. I will do more in depth picture updates explaining the story behind the story that was made just as the Brony community was introduced to the third alicorn princess named Cadance aka Mi amore Cadenza who used to foal sit for Twilight Sparkle and married her brother. We still  thought that Celestia and Luna were the only princesses in Equestria. We didn’t know about the making of an alicorn princess, or where this new princess had come from, so I sat down and made her story. And I want to share it with you all through this tumblr along with the fanfiction.

Please send in asks about who Cadance is, her family and why she is an alicorn. Once these answers are properly addressed we can show more about meeting Twilight and finally officially introduce Shining Armor who kinda just pops in now. I can still answer cute fun asks about Twily and Cadance on the side, but I do hope to focus more on the story this year. 

Thanks for sticking around everypony! Hope to see you all soon!

Happy Rainbow Rocks premiere!

It was a great movie even if yours truely wasn’t in it. At all. Not even as a match making pony. *sigh*

So me and Twily decided to make our own band. She helped pay for it with her tooth fairy money. Look at that little gap tooth. <3 

Shining Armor and his fugal horn was not allowed in. Poor Shiny

Shake your tail, everypony!