teen op

this disgusting man is calling it “homophobia” because there was a sizable backlash for Teen Vogue publishing an article that calls teenage girls “non-prostate owners”, and omitted the clitoris entirely. He’s really got to do some fancy footwork to announce that criticizing an article that dehumanizes teenage girls & grooms them to be okay with boys using their bodies as masturbatory devices *somehow* has something to do with the anal sex he had as a gay man in his youth.

What a gr8 man, really helping out his straight male bretheren. I personally liked the part where he mocked a woman for burning a copy of the magazine when the article was online. Uh, do u understand those are both connected?? They’re both Teen Vogue?? Burning the magazine is symbolic of her distaste for the company??

“That’s another ten points from Hufflepuff.  Honestly, Stiles.  The amount of times I catch you breaking the rules.  You should have been a Slytherin.”

“Hey!  That’s discrimination!  Lydia’s a Slytherin and she’s never broken a rule in her life.  Besides, you’re one to talk.  Mr. I-Speak-Six-Languages.  Should have been in Ravenclaw.”  

“I should just give you detention.”

“Only if I can serve it with you.”


Dylan O'brien on set of Teen Wolf (03.03.2015)

The thread is even worse. Apparently teen girl’s (sorry, “non prostate owners) anuses being used for male pleasure = "queer”

Piccardi’s acting like an article that dehumanzied teen girls & encourages them to be okay with teen boys using their bodies (while ignoring their own pleasure & anatomy) somehow has something to do with his own experiences as a gay man. The article isn’t about teen boys having anal sex.