teen momz

You shld be more mad about YOUR HOMiEZ tryin 2 get at me behind YOUR back, rather than be mad if dey like my picz or statusez STUPiD! GOOOD LAFF 2 START THE DAY WiTH PPL ARE ALWYZ GOiN 2 SCANLUS WETHR U LYK iT OR NOT YOU OF ALL PPL SHLD KNO FUCKiNG STALKERZ!
—  Status of a bby mama I’m friends with on Facebook.
ima hot head il fucking loze my head an lozing my head wldnt b worth lozing my baby! Honestly the ONLY person im waitin 2 hear from iz my daughtrz dad evn tho he cheated on me during my pregnancy evn after i had my daughtr with the dirtiest most scanlous bitch evr named VERE so honestly idk y i stil trip off him when he did me so dirty hiz thought shldnt matter! Im juz scared hel b a hater an wen he haz my daughtr he wont wana giv her back or sumthn ;( juz cuz im preg
—  Status comment from the bby mama I’m friends with on Facebook